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Hello friends…can you believe we are on chapter 28?  The fun part is just getting started, the long awaited finishing stages. This past weeks pictures really reflect how far things have come and it is super exciting to watch it happen.

Major progress this past week, namely the partial installation of all the kitchen cabinets, back kitchen and bathrooms. Thrilled with how it’s coming along. I hope we will get down there in a few weeks as we enter the home stretch and to meet with our landscape architect to go over landscaping ideas. Here is this weeks progress-


The trim work has continued and is just about done including all doors installed

The biggest news and most exciting thing for me so far is the kitchen/pantry….LOVE the cabinets so far


This is the back kitchen, how gorgeous are these pale blue lacquered cabinets….so excited I finally got to do these! (shelves not in yet)

Moving onto the bathroom cabinetry….and my gorgeous bathroom cabinet is even prettier in person than on paper.

The boys vanities are done, love the navy, pale gray and white….very happy now onto the hardware!

And my powder room vanity got installed, love it-


So this weeks subject is hardware both for kitchen and bathrooms. We are having to make these decisions soon so I have been looking all over the place for great looking hardware reflecting that transitional look that I am going for and I found so many things to love.

For the kitchen I am really liking the look of wide handles, always loved the look as well of bin pulls but feel that ‘s more traditional so I am focusing on handles for the drawers and pulls for the doors. But I know that I will have to “try” a few pulls/knobs for the kitchen before I can make a decision, the baths are a lot easier.


For the bath like clean classic shapes for my husbands and sons bathrooms, any of these would do beautifully-

I also think this lucite square pull is very pretty for one of the baths-

I will be doing lucite pulls for all the shower doors, not necessarily this one but this idea (there are many manufacturers that make them now)

And I am in love with this for my bath as I feel it has a slightly feminine edge, anything scalloped gets me every time! I don’t think I need to look any further

For the handles these are all very nice-

I like the look as well of lucite and polished nickel possibly for guest bath-

Restoration Hardware makes some nice collections as well-

And this glass/polished nickel pull comes in an 8″ for shower doors


This has been such a fun project for me (though at times nerve wrecking) as you really need to be able to trust your decision making ability from afar! It’s been a fun departure from my usual more traditional formal style and I must say I am liking it:)  I normally order one of each of the hardware pieces, once I narrow it down to a handful  and then tape them to the cabinet to make my decision, that way, I avoid making an expensive mistake.

I will likely get hardware samples ordered for the next time I go down there to play and see what will or will not work. It is exciting to be at this stage, much more to come. Thank you for following along and wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time……

PS The bag flash sale that started yesterday was a huge hit, there are 3 or 4 bags left click here to view.




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Love all of the gorgeousness! I know you must be thrilled to get to this point. One thought about any pulls for the baths…Perhaps it is just me, but I have found that any handle hardware fronts that continue past the stem(s) is prone to catch my blow dryer cord which I find most annoying. Love, love all of the lucite.

Restoration Hardware is such a good resource. You’ve obviously done this before because your choices seem spot on. So pretty, but still elegant.

The cabinetry looks just stunning. I love your choices those mullioned doors are everything.

Beautiful hardware picks too. You make the process look easy but I know it’s not for most of us, thank you for simplifying. I cannot wait to see this home completed.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Thanks for sharing your possible hardware choices. Great idea about how you make the selection. Would you please share the other companies you’re considering? I only saw RH listed

I know what you mean about making decisions and just praying they are the right ones! Not liking something after the fact can be a costly choice! But I bet that rarely happens to you, as you are so skilled in this process. I love your cabinet style, as I have the very same ones in my kitchen! They are so classic and will look wonderful with any of the hardware you select. That’s so smart to buy a sample before committing to the final purchase. The blue color paint you chose is stunning! Would you be able to share the paint name/brand? I’m thinking of going blue in my next fixer-upper.

WOW! It is going very fast now! I love everything and think you cannot go wrong with any of your hardware choices.

Just lovely. Great choices, wishing you health and happiness in your new home.

Is your house going to be in Palmetto Bluff? So beautiful there. I love lunch at Buffalos. I am moving to Bluffton from D.C. in a couple years, such a great area. Your new home is faboulous.

Just beautiful! You must be so excited to be in the home stretch. May I ask if the Pella windows are the Architect wood line? I am currently considering those. We have a lot of custom sizes and I’m trying to make the right decision. Thank you

Tina this is coming along so beautifully. A lot of progress has been. made from last week. In love with the kitchen already and that pantry with those beautiful blue cabinets is going to be so pretty, always loved that color.

I also really like the vanities int he baths and the colors you chose. Those doors in your bathroom are so pretty, will they be mirrored or glass? We are redoing our bath in a few weeks and I have always loved those doors but wonder if they are glass how it looks once real life sets in and you start to store things there. Just curious. Such fun to see this home take shape, really beautiful.

Cabinetry is just lovely!
FYI – not sure if this is happening at my end (Microsoft) or yours, but for some reason, your last two posts have gone straight into my Junk Mail.
Silver is really lovely: yes, those are stags on the wine coasters, but moose on the ice/wine buckets.

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