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Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well, it’s been crazytown in my office, we are working like elves on steroids and preparing ourselves for the giftwrap and ornament shipments next week. We will have extra elves on hand to get orders out the door ASAP as I know the gift wrapping marathon season is just about upon us!

As we enter my most favorite season for dressing, I have done a little closet tune up lately. All my white linen-y types of summer clothes have gone into hibernation and coming out are all my sweaters, coats, scarves, etc……two things that are absolute staples in my winter wardrobe are coats and boots. I always buy myself a new coat/jacket or two every season and I love boots and there is no quota on that:)

There is a great promo going on at Neiman Marcus, the more you spend them more you save. It expires tonight at 10pm. Be sure to use the code GC4YOU-

I found some especially great choices lately and many of them are unbelievably on sale, which is a sweet bonus. Thought with many of you being in the same predicament this might be timely, so today is all about coats, jackets and boots. Your turn to choose your three favorites-


CHOICE 1 I think I need these boots, love them plus they have a bow and you know i love bows. To know the brand Aquatalia is to love them, they are all weather proof and hold up beautifully. I have had pairs for years and they are still going strong. These are not only pretty but so practical for every day, click here


CHOICE  2. How good looking is this shawl collared reversible beauty? In my most favorite color combination, it’s like getting two great coats for one! Click here


CHOICE 3 How pretty are these? And I bet very warm too, reminds me of something i got from Tory Burch a few years back, have to bring those out. Click here

CHOICE 4 A great looking practical black suede bootie for every day dressing, at a great sale price…..perfect. Click here

CHOICE 5 . This beauty in gray is not cheap though it’s almost half off of it’s original but this is a classic and the kind of coat you will keep forever, looove this color! Click here

CHOICE 6. Almost half price these are a steal at $119  offered in brown or black, click here

CHOICE 7. Love this styling and this beautiful rich brown color, great collar too. Click here

These are some

CHOICE 8. Own a lot of things from Vince, like their simple, well constructed classic style and this belted reversible beauty is as pretty as it is practical, click here

CHOICE 9. How beautiful is this mesh coat by Tahari for an evening out? I love this! Click here

CHOICE 10. This is one good looking vest in navy or black shearling, a great piece to have all winter long. Click here

CHOICE 11. For our cold NY winters these are a must. I have worn these for years, they are good looking and soooo warm plus waterproof! Click here

CHOICE 12. I like this vest and really like the sale price:) Looks like such a practical piece that you could easily layer, very smart looking. Click here

CHOICE 13. These are as pretty as they are practical- waterproof affordable boots with a bow,plus they look super comfortable. Click here

CHOICE 14, Love this FAXU fur coat by Kate Spade, very good looking and could easily go day to night, love the flounce hem detailing. Click here

CHOICE 15. These are so cute, and practical, always drawn to anything quilted. Click here

CHOICE 16. This is a beauty when you want something a bit more dressed up looking but staying warm in the process, it’s a love. Click here

CHOICE 17. Fell in love with this new over the knee Hunter boot and had to order them, good looking indeed! Click here

CHOICE 18. Want to take a walk on the wild side, this smart looking leopard wool coat is on sale and a great value, really sharp looking. Click here

CHOICE 19. Own these from a few years ago (waterproof Aquatalia)  and must admit, they have had it….I wore them nonstop last winter. SUPER comfortable with the lug sole and so warm, just a very easy to slip on very comfortable boot, time for a new pair, click here!

CHOICE 20. Oh this is so elegant, nothing as pretty as winter white. This s one sharp looking coat from Haltson Heritage, click here

OK your turn to choose your THREE faves if the closet fairy paid you a visit, which three would you most love to have?



I have to admit even though the last really cold day we had I was cursing winter under my breath, this post has me kind of excited about winter afterall.  At least until that first snowfall……..which is always magical. If you are going to brave the elements, might as well do it in style. Be sure to use code GC4YOU if you see something you cannot resist, click here to see all the beauties at Neiman Marcus.

Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a really good day and a wonderful and calm start to the official holiday season. Buckling my seat belt and hanging on for the ride:) Until next time…






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You can shop for me any day pretty lady! We share the same taste in clothes AND design. Ordering those great quilted boots right away, a little late birthday present to myself. Always enjoy these, have a nice day.

Beth on

I love this mini fashion show…it is fun to see what others picked for their favorites with the poll results. And of course, best of all…sweet Teddy smiling. This is our first Christmas without our loved pooch too…dwell on the good memories. on

Love it all Tina! (…and I have a few of these items already!) Hope you are enjoying your week;)

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