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Hi friends…had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Seeing your almost four hundred comments on my birthday post made my heart feel so full, so appreciate all that love, made my day! For the giveaway, congratulations goes to-

Beverly Rowntree

Please email your info to [email protected] so we can get your goodie box on it’s way!


I felt showered by love from family and friends and got such beautiful gifts and flowers (the way to my heart) and overall it was just a great day. Especially since the day before  was pure mayhem,  thankfully we had/have extra elves working over time to be sure all orders shipped out right away! Today will be more of the same as we work hard to get all current orders out on their merry way.

I was able to  to take a quick trip to Palmetto Bluff last week with a few good friends.  It was fun introducing them to  my wonderful little happy place and seeing it all over again through their eyes, they loved it. I never ever get tired of going there and it was magical with all the beautiful Christmas decorations up!

The progress as this stage of the game is getting really far the most fun! Lots going on, most of the cabinetry is done, confirmed all the stone for the counter tops which will be delivered in a few weeks, wood floors going in, etc…LOTS of good things happening. Took tons of pictures so here we go-


Love the blue lacquered cabinets in the back kitchen/pantry, can’t wait to see it with the stone and backsplash!

Wine rack cabinet had just come in (above)

Bottom kitchen cabinets, wood floors being installed

So in love with these Chippendale influenced cabinets

My bathroom….coming along just as I had envisioned!

Stopped by the stone fabricator and feel so  lucky to have found these beautiful slabs, it was also fun to get a crash course in how fabrication is done!

The boys vanities, one pale gray, one navy and one soft white

Back mudroom/cubby

Closets well underway

A happy mess:)

Husbands bath cabinetry is a beautiful walnut color, now working on hardware

So I pick a topic to talk about every time I do a post on PB and today is about stair railings….mostly iron is used down there though originally I had in mind wood,  but since the iron is part of our contract, iron it is. I wanted to apply the same idea of a Chippendale inspired railing to the iron so the talented company they work with has come up with a few ideas.

This was my beginning inspiration for the wood it’s a little busier but gorgeous and in wood might be too much with the floor to ceiling shiplac

This was an iron railing the company we are working with did for someone else, it was not quite what I wanted but along the lines-

I wanted something simplified with vertical slats in between and this is what they came up with,  which I like quite a bit. I am seeing if they can possibly show me a version with a square center as well as another option-

And I also thought this could be a pretty accent “square” between the vertical slats

So really this is my long winded way to saying I am obsessing over these details and more confused than ever! Actually I am not really that confused, as I feel we are honing in on the perfect rail.  I know I love this direction but also know I don’t want it to be too fussy and yet I love the detailing of a Chippendale influence. Doing it in wood would be a bit heavy with all the shiplac so the iron is a little lighter, I may not even do black but might do a softer black/dark charcoal iron.

This is a gray, its a little softer


This is a decision that has to be made almost right away as we are less than 2 months away from finishing up the house and we obviously cannot move in without stair railings! How about you? Do you have any say on the matter? Always love to hear your thoughts, thanks for stopping in and wishing you a great start to your week. Until next time…..

Stay calm, try and enjoy the joys and wonder of this beautiful season, because before you know it it will all be over and you will start seeing Valentine’s Day cards and candies, lol.

PS One last chance to get gift wrap and ornaments (free shipping for all overs over $75) use code FREESHIP) Click here for gift wrap and here for ornaments.


Until next time….

Sweetest dog ever!






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Adrienne on

I actually prefer the last photo. Love the details here – a perfect example of “less is more”. In my opinion, the other designs are lovely but compete with things that are going on with the rooms.

[email protected] on

Everything looks great! I like the iron and agree the wood may be too heavy, I also like the idea of using grey iron instead of black to lighten it up a little bit.

Have a great weekend Tina.

Piper B on

Hi Tina…Look through the history of Chippendale Fretwork. You’ll notice some simple and some ornate designs, but all are light. The two wood examples look heavy and distract. The black, metal needs tweaking for sure..I’m sure you’ll get it right and we will all swoon! Continued good luck on your project!

franki on

There’s a whole lot of work going on!!! franki

Katie Clooney on

I’m so glad that you had a wonderful birthday! OMG your gorgeous home is really coming along. I especially love your bathroom and also the gorgeous railing. And the cabinets in your pantry are gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear Tina.

Valerie on

Wow! Beyond fabulous!!!! I love the chippendale influence and the softer grey as well. You will have an amazing 2nd home.

Donna D on

I like the small square best, seems more in harmony with the simpler lines of the shiplap. But I know whatever you choose will be right.

Alice Genzlinger on

Love the Chippendale, less fussy squares.

Michelle K on

How fun to watch the progress on your lovely PB home! None of the sample pix show shiplap walls so I can see where they were putting the focus on the rails. A “clean Chippendale meets the last pix rail” could look best. If the floors and walls are fab, then simplify the rail. The shiplap has a more casual feel to me. Love it!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Martha Steinbrueck on

Beautiful home! I personally prefer the simpler iron rail best (not the squares), the shiplap adds lots of character (as well as lines), I think with art and perhaps furniture in the foyer anything more would be overkill. You always nail it Tina, I’m sure it’s going to be fab!

Donna A. on

I can see how it’s easier to get away with a busy pattern when it’s in white wood since white tends to disappear, but the same busy pattern in black iron made me think of spider webs. I’m leaning toward soft and simpler. That said…go with your gut because it’s looking great so far!

SuZann bumpers on

I like the idea of a round center to soften all the lines. A softer black or dark gray would be lovely.

Peggy Ekena on

Your new home will be beautiful!

Lynne on

Hi Tina,
Love the photos of your new home. Everything is coming along great . I am a little concerned with the railings, if they are going to be just on the staircase or are they going to be all along the top hallway like you show in one of your examples. I find if the latter then I would not go so fussy. But that is just me and so far I always like your choices.. so take what I said with a grain of salt.

CorrieMae on

Hi Tina, Your home is coming along beautifully. I love the color of the cabinet in the second picture, can you share the color. The railings are all beautiful and I think something more simple would be great. I am sure you will decided on the right choices and we will all be in love with the railing. So glad you had a wonderful birthday.

Arell on

Tina, I love what you came up for your railing. I also like the picture you posted right above your example. Your home is looking so good!

Marvin on

Go with your instincts. It’s obvious that has been the key to your past successes. You inspire fans like me.

Eve on

Love the idea of a softer color for the iron .

Melissa Hebbard on

The art deco period used iron railings to great effect. Have a good look on Pinterest as they were a great reviver of Chinoiserie elements and will give a good idea on Chinoiserie in iron work.

Deborah on

Love chinoiserie, love the different designs in the iron railings but, personally, don’t love them with shiplap! If iron is a must, would go with the simplest design. The cabinetry and tile choices are beautiful! Received my ornaments today and love them!

Grace on

Love the pic over the window- the last one. I think dark Grey would work well in your space. It wouldn’t be too dark in with your soft color palate. Palmetto Bluff is truly magical. I see why you love it so.

Southern girl on

I think simpler is better. I like it being iron. Don’t mess up your pretty house with too uch going on.

Jo Anne on

Pretty. But I agree with those who have chimed in with the last design of straight gray iron for a simpler look. I normally adore the Chippendale look but think it will read formal with the casual shiplap walls and be a discordant note

Roxanne on

Only two months to finish?! Wow, then the real fun begins….furnishing it and LIVING in it! Lovely home!

Ken John on

Everything looks beautiful but I definitely think a wood chippendale bannister is ultimately the best way to go and the look that will make you the happiest over time. Maybe you can get a credit for the iron one and apply it to the wooden one. Would love it with the shiplap. Good luck on your decisions!

Lisa on

Your PB house is looking wonderful! For railings, I like the next to last photo, with fewer vertical pieces between the “x” sections. I also like the very first photo in The Traditionalists’ post on Chippendale:
especially how the octagonal element spans the posts, making a continuous pattern.
More Chinese railings from Thomas Chippendale are at the following link, on photos 158-161:;p=Chippendale;i=157
He really was a genius, I love all of his designs.

Celeste S Hayes on

I’m a pushover for Chippendale anything???

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