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Hello friends…glad I prepared this ahead of time because tonight is our Christmas party and needless to say, I am going to be super busy getting things ready! I will be sure to capture as much as I can via pictures and videos. So without further ado, here is this weeks Seven on Sunday……



1 ONE INSPIRING STORY THAT MAKES MY HEART HAPPY When I read about this coffee shop and the story behind it, my heart soared…such a beautiful story and the kind that makes you want to run out and do something really good for someone. I am in utter awe of the Wright family whose own two kids with Down’s Syndrome gave them the inspiration for helping those with handicaps to overcome their disabilities and have the same opportunities.

This is where the now iconic bakery, Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop comes into the picture (even love that name)! This is what makes me have faith in mankind and reminds me of just how many amazing people are out there in our great big world Was thrilled to learn they are one of the top 10 chosen for CNN’S heroes, recognizing ordinary people changing the world.  I just love a great “feel good” story, you must watch the video, I promise it will warm your heart!… here to visit their site


2 MY FLOCKING OBSESSION CONTINUES! I shared last Sunday how I flocked a wreath and some greenery, well I didn’t stop there. I kept on flocking….from faux and real greenery to pine cones, which it does wonders transforming. Never did I think a single can of creamy white spray paint could work such magic!! Next year, it will likely be my tree and who knows what else, my husband, kids, nothing is off limits:)

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beauty today…it is always hard having to narrow it down to a handful but given the season, these felt most appropriate and for those of us still putting the finishing touches on our holiday decor, they might even give you a few ideas! I could not possibly pick a favorite this week because these are all out of this world beautiful-


4. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT TAGS! I cannot wait to get mine, even if you are in a pinch and need some last minute, Dixie Design Collective delivers! I cannot imagine a more beautiful gift tag than these, and their cards and invitations are off the charts beautiful. Most definitely one of my most favorite stationery lines ever! Click here to see them all

Look at these amazing designs-

And here are those gorgeous gift tags-


5. TOPIARY FEVER. If there is one thing I love it’s topiaries. I cannot seem to get enough, whether they are myrtles, azaleas, or fruit topiaries you are sure to find many of them around my home, especially around the holidays!


6. COCONUT CAKE! Having had this coconut cake from the famous Peninsula Grill in Charleston, I can attest to how unbelievably delicious this is! I just ordered mine for Christmas eve. Their chefs are now busy at work to send out their heavenly cakes all over the country…..sorry if you are hungry reading this:) Click here to order


7.  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So….this is a holiday question. Now that we are a week and change away from Christmas, do you find yourself slowly relaxing a bit more and allowing yourself to enjoy the joys of the season? I find that by around Dec. 20th or so with most of what I have needed to do being done, (except wrapping gifts)  I find myself getting a renewed sense of energy and excitement over the holidays, albeit slowly:)

I think the pressure of the beginning of the season starts to leave me, and I seem to be able to truly enjoy the beauty of this wonderful season instead of stressing and staying up all night obsessing over details. And you?


Well friends, that about does it for this Sunday. This busy elf has loads of work to do…so wishing you a beautiful end to your weekend and hope your holiday season is off to a merry merry start! Until next time…..

PS For anyone who still wants to order gift wrap and/or ornaments, it is not too late! We are still shipping them out fast and furiously.  Plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75.00. Click here to see it all.


Decking the halls

Holiday Love round 1

Holiday Love round 2

Holiday Love showdown









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Shirley Craine on

I love all of the flocking you have done! It looks beautiful- too funny that nothing will be off limits!

Alexandra T on

I think I’ll get flocking! Beautiful!

Kristin on

Best cake ever!!

Gina on

Love Topiaries, all kinds, all colors and all sizes.

Sandy W on

That cake is so good. One of my favorite things. Makes me want one!!!!

Peggy Ekena on

You are too funny about the flocking and that you might even flock your husband! For some reason, I have found myself using a lot of spray paint this year too. Everything that was gold is now silver or white for this year’s Christmas. I am in a new home, and my topiary Christmas tree is decked out in blue, silver, and white. And, yes, I have my beautiful ornaments from you on the tree, as well. I am anxiously awaiting my Christmas wrapping paper, so I can begin wrapping the adult presents. Thank you so much for including the company, that makes gift tags, in your blog. I am going to order some, even though I doubt that I’ll receive them in time. At least I will have them for next year. Can’t wait to see the photos from your party tonight. Enjoy! 🙂

dana on

i love how you put teddys picture at the bottom of your posts. may he remain there and in your heart forever.

Susan Kayden on

Those gift cards are fabulous!

Catherine Christie on

Tina, I love al your holiday decor and wonder how you keep the draped garland (beautiful!) below your stone mantle. I would love to duplicate that look but not sure how to attach it. Thanks!

Ellen H. on

Tina, Teddy reminds me so much of our Lucy that I cry at the end of all your posts. I hope they are friends now and frolicking together in heaven. (We also have two grown sons who grew up with Lucy.) We did not get another dog for several reasons, but once PB is finished I think you may want to consider another Golden Retriever. It’s a bit early for you now, but I’m from SC, too, and by summer you will love watching a new puppy enjoying the Low Country life. Love and Merry, Merry to all your family!

franki on

Luv’d it all!! franki

Christine on

I just love Christmas, actually any holiday. How do I cope with the pressure? Just do it. I think of the joy my grnadaughters are going to have when they open their gifts and all the friends and family that will gather at my table (so it has to be beautiful- thankyou for great ideas) I love the love that everyone has and spreads around at Christmas. I try to remember that we are all in this world together, some of us have more struggles than others, but if I can give them a smile or say a prayer for that frustrated mom or dad or bring some cookies to a cashier that is always there year round waiting on me, showing everyone I meet and greet that I appreciate them and am glad they are part of my life!! Stress is just the wrong way to handle life! I watch the movie it’s a wonderful life when I do get down….and after a hundred times, I still cry at the end!

Lisa on

Your holiday decor is unbelievable!! Do you do it all yourself? It is so beautiful and I just love how you incorporated the blue and white. Love that story of the coffee shop, it is really heartwarming and if I lived near it I would go out of my way to go there.

Those gift tags are stunning and you have me hungry for coconut cake! Enjoy your party, cannot wait to see pictures.

Oh and got the gift wrapping paper on Friday, it is so very beautiful, even prettier in person, thanks for your creativity and good taste!

Jo Dame Shafer on

I’m an organizer and planner, so I’ve always allotted each week in December for specific things to do, such as shopping/shipping, decorating, addressing/mailing cards, baking, et cetera, so that there are episodes of quiet for contemplating this beautiful season.

Thank you for posting the story of Bitty & Beau Coffee Shop. I forwarded it to my sister whose two grown daughters both have Downs. The older one LOVES to cook and make up her own recipes. Wow!

Reviving Charm on

Tina – What a lovely Christmas post! I agree with you…I’ve always been a huge fan of the topiary and you’ve shared some wonderful images here. The round up of tags are great also (I love great stationery). The only thing I’m not a fan of is coconut but it does look festive this time of year. – Vanessa.

Arell on

Enjoyed your Sunday post!

AnnKay La on

I love all topiaries as well! Your blue & white collection is gorgeous! Thanks for introducing Dixie Design Collective.

Beverly on

The blue santas on your fireplace hearth are incredibly beautiful!

Nancy Pruett on

Merry Christmas!
Thank you for your transparency of heart!
Thank you for sharing so many beautiful pictures of your home and life!
As I look around our home I see the fragrance of you throughout!
New Year Blessings!

Debbie on

Beautiful. And…… sweet Teddy.

Celia Becker @ on

Tina, your home and holiday decor is simply stunning. You never cease to amaze me with all that you do! I too love the coconut cake from the Peninsula Grill. Never thought of ordering it for the holidays! Merry Christmas to you and your’s. Glad you can slow down a little bit now. Enjoy!

marjan on

i love everthing of you , on yr foto of the table there are 5 blue pots under it , i have the same one(2) ( in the middle) can y tell me what they were used for??

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