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Hello friends. As the full force of winter descends upon us, making sure I have plenty of warm clothing and footwear is of vital importance. Lately it has been absolutely frigid. The kind that goes right through your bones….kind of makes me long for summer again:)

I did a post on some favorite coats, but today it’s all about boots. I love boots and wear them often. I wear 0ne pair to my office almost every day and they have seen better days but my closet is loaded with boots that I wear when I am not working and on weekends. I love that you can dress them up or down and that they look as good with skirts as they do pants and leggings. And let’s not forget the most important thing….they are WARM!

So today you get to choose your three favorites and maybe even find yourself a new pair of boots:)


CHOICE 1 I can attest to how warm these UGG outerwear boots are…great deal in four colors! CLICK HERE

CHOICE 2 These are really good looking and priced so well that I ordered them right away, offered in black leather and beige suede,  love these. CLICK HERE

CHOICE 3 Love these waterproof booties offered in my favorite color this season, gray and black, priced so well too! CLICK HERE

CHOICE 4 Yes I love me some winter white, and these are so pretty! Best part they are under $100. CLICK HERE

CHOICE 5 When you need something a little taller and dressier, these charcoal/black suede booties would do the trick nicely. Beautiful shape and even prettier price tag:) CLICK HERE

CHOICE 6 Really like these luggage colored suede slip on booties from Coach, great color and they look comfy, which we all know is super iportanat! CLICK HERE

CHOICE 7  Always loved whipstitching detailing and it looks fabulous on these pretty practical black boots by UGGS, great sale price too! CLICK HERE

CHOICE 8 Own these and love them,  perfect for really cold or snowy days, super cozy and lowest price I have seen, CLICK HERE

CHOICE 9 Cannot believe these are $80.00! A suede black over the knee! CLICK HERE

CHOICE 10 Have a pair from Rag and Bone from last year that are gray and I adore them, these look great with tapered pants, jeans, leggings,etc…CLICK HERE

CHOICE 11  You rarely see Hunter boots go on sale so this makes this a particularly sweet deal, CLICK HERE

CHOICE 12 I gravitate towards anything with a lug sole…because they are super comfortable and lightweight. This good looking pair from Eileen Fisher looks like a great every day staple, CLICK HERE

CHOICE 13 These are so cute, and look like such a practical boot for inclement weather, CLICK HERE

CHOICE 14 Talk about a wonderful way to dress up a simple outfit! A little leopard to walk on the wild side:) CLICK HERE

CHOICE 15 This pair is calling my name, love the suede with shearling, looks so warm and stylish. Offered in two great colors, but best part is how reasonable they are!  CLICK HERE

CHOICE 16 This is like a trifecta of boots- they are waterproof, have a lug sole and slip on…love them and huge fan of Aquatalia. CLICK HERE

CHOICE 17 Must admit I avoid heels like I avoid someone with chicken pox however on occasion I have no choice, and must say these tall gorgeous boots from Via Spiga are really beautiful. They are so classically pretty,  I can only pray they are soft and comfortable (relatively speaking) CLICK HERE

CHOICE 18 Frye is known for good looking, super long lasting, beautiful leather boots and these could find their way on my feet on a daily basis, cute and practical. CLICK HERE


I could easily close my eyes and point and find a pair that I would be thrilled with. Best part they are all on sale….and let’s face it, we all love a good deal! So your turn to choose your three faves!

Thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and hope you stay warm as so much of our country is under this frigid spell, until next time…..

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Patricia Q. Patterson on

Have you not heard of UGGs mistreatment of animals? I can’t believe anyone would purchase
that brand if they had seen the news about them.

Susan Haidon on

Hi Tina! I’m down here in Jupiter, FL. No boots needed here. Terrific boot sale. I’m originally from New York so I can appreciate the use of some of those warm boots. I love the Hunter Boot, unfortunately they did not have my size. Personally, I like to be comfortable and cozy when I’m running around in that heavy thick, blusstery, cold snow. I love UGGS; and Suede are one of my favorites, so I picked the boot with “whipstitching”, dress up or down, great boot and fav price. So many great selections, you didn’t make it easy. Happy Friday! Make it a GREAT Day!

Lucy on

Yesterday was minus 17 on the thermometer!
Warmth is key!

Debbie G. on

Since I’m a Michigan girl, I can certainly relate to the cold weather that you are talking about. I really like the Uggs for warmth, number 4, looked warm and was cute too. The most stylish for me was number 7 because, I’m not big on heels and these looked like they would go with most anything in my closet. Thanks for sharing these great deals! Happy New Year🎉

Sherie Ward-Wiser on

I live in Texas, so we don’t need super warm boots. However, we are planning a trip to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade (my grandson will be marching-Keller HS band), and I need a comfortable boot that will also be waterproof. Just ordered No. 3 from Nordstrom’s. Thank you for the recommendation!!!!!

Ellen H. on

My three faves are 2, 4 and 7. Thanks for the great shopping tips. Happy New Year to you and your elves!

Peggy Ekena on

Too many attractive choices! I must have good taste, because every boot I looked at was SOLD OUT. Oh well, you gave us practical, comfortable, or stylish boots from which to pick from. I shy away from anything with a high heel, I like my feet to be flat on the ground if there is snow or ice on the ground! I did love the leopard bootie, but alas, it was sold out as well. I just got a dark, navy Michael Kors coat for Christmas and purchased some navy, suede booties to go with the coat. Purchased gloves to match the coat yesterday, so I am good to go. I also purchased a pair of black, suede boots with a shiny gold heel. They are very pretty and are a bit more dressy than the blue pair. Ladies, don’t forget to spray your suede boots with a water repellent spray. Happy New Year!

Beth on

That was fun looking at all of the choices….thanks for doing the poll also! It is nice to see what our other lady friends like too.

Michelle on

Great round up! You deserve a much more detailed appreciation and I aim to do so, someday, but instead of letting any display of gratitude and appreciation slide away I will say thank you for all you do and share and it has been so wonderful to see your brand unfold. I still feel like I owe you the greatest thank you for your wonderful posts regarding your sons. They have really been an insipration for so many reasons, Several early Autumns ago I was in a hormone flooded late in life completely surprise pregnancy and your post saved me in a way you will never know. Then of course the countless inspired posts before and after… Happiest of New Years lovely Tina. Thank you for sharing yourself.

Michelle on

Ahh. 18 and 16!

Lindy on

Hi Tina…Being in Central Florida, I know nothing about boots…so I focus on your beautiful Teddy instead. It’s amazing how he always poses so sweetly and looks right at you for his pictures! Thanks for sharing with all us animal lovers.

Marie Taylor on

Hi Tina! No need for boots in NE Florida, however I did have to leave kh glop glops in the closet and wear trainers for errands today. But your selection if boots were quite lovely.
Stay warm,

Carol on

This was a nice selection. Favorites were 4, 10 & 18.

Debra on

Lovely boots, but sandals for me. Beautiful blue skies and abundant sunshine here in San Antonio today. Sitting by the pool in a hypnotic trance cause it’s so gorgeous here today.

Mary Conroy on

HI Please help me. I cannot seem to get ANY Enchantment blog emails ever!! I was on line for years and then did not get any more. So was told to unsubscribe and then subscribe, sooooo I did and still NOTHING !
I’m not the only one this has happened to, so whats up ? Did you guys do anything new???
Please advise me. MIss you !!
Thanks, Mary

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