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Hello, well it’s not been the smoothest week with being sick but hopefully am on the mend and I admit, I will be glad when this week is over, it was a  challenging one. I plan to take it easy over the weekend and hope to be good as new on Monday, ready to roll up my sleeves and dive into our porcelain arrival sale. I promise it’s well worth the wait!  The porcelains and the chinoiserie tole came in and let me tell you…everything is GORGEOUS!

Unfortunately, the porcelain arrival sale had to be delayed due to my illness and a few in the office being under the weather so it will be next Monday or Tues. when we are all well and ready to work!  The chinoiserie tole will be held the following week.

But you know what, I am not going to complain, when I see the horrific mudslides and loss of life in Santa Barbara county, it makes my woes pale in comparison. Prayers for all those in that path…California has been through so much between the fires and then the extreme of the mudslides. Sending my best wishes and prayers for all of our readers and customers in that area. Thee pictures tell the horrible story, unbelievable!

In the meantime, with having had so much down time at home, I did a little retail therapy and wanted to share some of the deals I found. Best part about today, is EACH PIECE IS ON SALE and I am talking heavily discounted, my favorite kind of discount! I wait all year for Neiman Marcus’s Last Call sale where everything is the lowest it will go. So your turn to choose your three faves, here we go….


CHOICE 1 Isn’t little woven jacket from Joie (a favorite brand) pretty! I was surprised to see it on sale as it’s more of a warm weather item, but think this is very chic and it’s almost 70% off and is only $107!! Could think of so many ways to wear this. Click here

CHOICE 2  These are great looking and I cannot believe they are $66! Such a fun and easy to wear shoe, best part is you  know they are super comfy! Four great colors, click here

CHOICE 3 Adore this trumpet sleeved lace top, could go casual to very dressy, priced so well too. Click here

CHOICE 4 One of my most favorite styles of dresses, easy and breezy with a few ruffles…lovely! This could be as great with a pair of boots for cooler weather and imagine it with white or nude stroppy sandals for summer! Click here

CHOICE 5 I really like this two tiered sweater dress from DVF, I bet it’s so comfortable and I love that it go more causal with a pair of boots to dressing it up with a pair of heels and a bit of jewelry, a great “go to” piece. Click here

CHOICE 6 Isn’t this a beauty, this is so  my kind of winter coat, click here

CHOICE 7  I am a big fan of Ferragamo for their classical styling and think this mules are really cute, click here

CHOICE 8 Think this is so pretty and elegant, great styling, length and you know I love lace when it’s done well. If they have your size, this is a great score, the kind of dress every lady needs in her closet, click here

CHOICE 9 One of my all time favorites boots, I have had a variation of these for year and years, and they are still they are waterproof. Love these, click here

CHOICE 10 A cashmere duster coat for $128? Wow..that’s a deal. Two great colors,  click here

CHOICE 11 This is so chic, love the detailing on the bottom…really pretty! Click here

CHOICE 12 Was thrilled to see this on sale…so “me” I immediately ordered it. Tops like this carry you year round, when in a pinch, pair this with a pair of black slacks or a pencil skirt and you are good to go, click here

CHOICE 13  Love cozy pieces like this fun leisure set, great together or as separates. What could be cozier than cashmere pants and a sweater int he cold months of winter! Click here

CHOICE 14 FLOORED that this exquisite beaded gown is on sale for $93! I kid you not, I had to do a doubletake.  There are deals, and there are steals and this is both!  click here

CHOICE 15 This is one of those purchases you don’t have to think about, $51! I will take both colors:) Click here

CHOICE 16 Love Delman shoes, they are styled so well and these beauties could easily go year round, click here

CHOICE 17 This is very smart looking and best part is its reversible. Click here!

CHOICE 18 Own these and cannot recommend them highly enough, they pull on, are velvet are super flattering and wear just beautifully dressed up or down. Click here

CHOICE 19 I could live in these all winter long, give me a great cashmere turtleneck and I am a happy (and warm) girl plus they are on sale at a great deal, click here

CHOICE 20  Just love these, was surprised to see them on sale as it’s more of a summer/spring item but guess I could see them in colder months with black slacks. Love the color, the beautiful embellishment, the heel and most of all that they are half off! Click here



That’s a wrap. See a steal you must have? I found a few… getting a great deal, just makes you feel good and generally makes for guilt free shopping is the way I justify it to myself, lol.  Click here to see all of the great steals and deals over at Neiman Marcus Last Call sale, where everything is the lowest it will go!

Thanks for stopping in wishing you a great day and end to your week. Until next time……

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Elizabeth on

Thank you for mentioning those in California, I am from Pasadena and my parents only live about 14 miles from where that was all happening, so frightening!
I love your taste in clothes as much as I do in home decor, got to have those Ferragamo flats, so cute!

Susan on

Love all your choices, that #1 jacket and the coat #17 have my name all over them, great choices!

Katie Clooney on

Forget the clothes – I want the model’s figures. I do love that sweet white jacket. Hope you feel better and stay warm, dear Tina!

Design Chic on

Love the coat with the feathers at the bottom – so fun. Happy weekend, Tina!

Teresa on

Getmwell soon, Tina!

Laurie Cordeniz on

Thank you Tina for your your best wishes and prayers for those of us in Santa Barbara. It has been a scary hard challenge evacuating from the fires and now this devastating unfathomable loss. I have my family and my home and all I can say is I am grateful My daughter is gathering clothes for the people who have lost everything in the mud slide – their stories of escape are unbelievable. Also donations to Direct Relief International is a wonderful organization where all $ donations go directly to the survivors. I have followed your blog for a few years now and I smile every time I see you in my in box. Thank you for letting me follow along! Get well!

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