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Hello friends! Before I begin want to announce the winner of the blue and white giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

#37 MARY S.

Please email to provide you shipping info so you prize can be on it’s way.

By the time you get this I will have been in sunny Florida (it better be sunny and hot) for a few days for a bit of relaxation  first to see my son then going to a good friends home on Fisher Island. As I always do I share seven things on my mind this Sunday, so here we go…..


1 AN BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING STORY I was so moved when I heard the story of the officer who came across a couple who were addicts, and she was pregnant. Turns out this guardian angel of an officer ended up adopting the baby and sending the couple to rehab who are now having a second chance at life.

It is such a beautiful and uplifting story of humanity and empathy at it’s finest. It is tragic and heartwarming at the same time.  Click here to read the entire story, you will be glad you did:)

The precious little girl, Hope who was lovingly rescued and now part of a wonderful family

2. MY AMAZINGLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS I am always in awe when I get pictures from my super talented customers, they have such superb taste.

I really enjoyed this batch and thought it was worth sharing, think you might agree! Have your own pictures to send featuring products from The Enchanted Home? Please send to

3 NEW PRODUCTS ALERT! I am a such a scaredy cat when it comes to facial hair waxing, hate doing it but its one of those things you simply must do…….until now!  So I discovered this little gadget Flawless for facial hair removal and it is AMAZING.

I haven’t been this excited over something in AGES!  It does not hurt one iota and is so easy to use…it really is brilliant and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I bought this one at Ulta, click here to find out more.

I sometimes wake up, not unlike many with  under eye puffiness and when I see an article about a self help idea, I am all ears. I have been seeing a lot about the needling/micro rejuvenation being super effective as well as something called a jade roller, never heard of it? Neither did I! Here is one interesting article about trying 6 different methods and a few which came out batting 1000. Here is one specially on needling for under eye puffiness/dark circles, click here.

I bought a Glopro almost a year ago and have to say I think its really making a difference on my skin in general, I am not super religious about it but do it a few times a week and think along with my amazing La Prairie products which I totally swear by. I must say my skin is looking good and I do get compliments on my skin so guess I am doing something right. So now I am going to start using it under the eyes and I will be sure to report back! To find out more about Glopro click here.

And then finally there is a product called a jade roller that some are saying is amazing for under eye puffiness and dark circles, I have not heard of it but might need to “investigate” 🙂 There are many articles on the subject, so maybe it really is something to know about, if you know about this would love to hear your take.

4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful roundup this week with some newly discovered accounts included. I like to post a little of this and a bit of that……lots of beauty this week-

5  NEW ITEMS! So many exciting things happening at TEH. Wanted to share these with you as some items have just come out of production and I am over the moon about them….hot off the presses and stay tuned for much more.

On the silver front,  here is the first batch of new items coming in later in Feb. So love these chargers-

This new arrival, pierced charger is such a beauty!

How chic is this new  style,bamboo octagon charger?

Beautiful  top selling square charger is coming back.

And how beautiful are the floral and petal flatware for spring/summer!  I can see your beautiful luncheon table set with these… ooh la la!And the very popular reeded ball flatware is coming back-

I introduced these beginner sets a few months ago and they have done really well. We just introduced two new sets. These are a huge savings and take the guesswork out of putting pieces together. They can be used as shown to create an instant vignette or separately. A fantastic value. Click here and here for info.

6. ONE DELICIOUS SOUP  I love soup and make it often in the winter, usually make a large enough amount to where I can freeze some for safe keeping.  I had a feeling the recipe for this red lentil soup was going to be good and I was correct .And best part is that this one is not fattening, but super hearty and honestly could double as a meal, especially if served with a loaf of crusty bread.

I love the flavor the turmeric gives it and added extra lemon for a little tang.  Click here to visit Delish Knowledge for the recipe.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. I happened to read a few articles lately about trends, mostly in interiors, furniture, etc…..and it was thought provoking to think about how I look at trends myself. One of the questions was about the blue and white trend and I am happy to say the vast majority said not only is it alive and well but here to stay and will always be classically beautiful (yay)!

Then there are other trends, the color gray, mixing all kinds of patterns, white kitchens (to me not really a trend), mixing super bright colors, it goes on… now it’s my turn to ask you. Are you a trend follower? Or a rule breaker? Do you take note and consider applying trends to your lifestyle or disregard them all together. Here is your chance to weigh  in-


That’s a wrap for today. Hope you enjoyed the post and I always appreciate you stopping by, wishing you a fantastic day and great end to your week. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping wherever you might be. Until next time……

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Donna D on

I think blue and white is here to stay. It has survived in popularity since the ancient Mesopotamians by reinventing the style, fabrication techniques and cultural appeal through the centuries. Many different countries later added their own cultural aspects, elegance and polish to the story of blue and white. It seems to ebb and flow in popularity but never goes out of style.

Eve on

Another wonderful post! I was wondering if you are bringing back the wicker salt and pepper shakers. I can’t seem to find them on your site.

Laura Kent on

I love your emails ‼️♥️‼️

Alice Genzlinger on

Thanks for the recipe, will try it as soon as I get back to Colorado. Spending a week in beautiful Cabo San Lucas in the sun. I love the set of blue and white and will order that when I get home. Bought some jewelry yesterday and my credit card company had a hissy fit. Got it taken care of so on with the shopping while hubby and friends take in the game. Look forward to every post but my favorite is your Sunday post.

Mary Baker on

Blue and White is alive and well. I see it making a big comeback this year from clothing, fabric, decor and more. I was at at outlet mall yesterday and the Tory Burch Store was decorated with Blue and White vases that look like they came from your online store. Simply beautiful placed among all the shelves. Enjoy your vacation and love the picture of Teddy.

Anne on

Blue and white is classic and timeless. Sixty years ago, I admired it as a child. 10 years ago (and at other times), I heard people say “that is so old fashioned”. I just smiled as I knew there would be another “trend” of it for those who had not discovered it yet.

Tina, I love the melamine I won!! It is so pretty and just want to thank you again. I will be placing an order tomorrow for more of it. What a delightful treat!

Janet on

As a former giftware buyer and trade magazine editor, trends were a way of life. I really had to stay on top. This was especially true in the tile industry when I edited one of their publications. However, on a personal level I have always been a bit more classic. I am a long-term collector of things, so trends tend to get in the way. That said, I consider blue and white a classic (hence my transfer ware collection), but I did just repaint my house in warm grays and I love it! Maybe trendy but lovely to live with. Have a great week!

Susan Kayden on

Always look forward to your Sunday post! I have the Herend china in green and it looks so fresh combined with my blue and white things. Have a fabulous vacation!

Annie on

I love these post and look forward to them every sunday morning. I loved the inspiring story and all the beautiful new silver items- the chargers are so beautiful and very hard to find.
Not a big fan of trends unless I happen to love what it is- blue and white is not a trend in my eyes but a timeless classic that defies style or color limitations.
Have a nice time away!

Tracey McCauley on

Thank you Tina for all your stunning inspiration today! Happy Super Bowl Day!!! ???

Rosalind Laird on

I too was so touch by the police officer and his wife adopting baby Hope and was so glad to see our President and First Lady honor them at the State of the Union !!
I always appreciate our policemen being applauded for their service.
Thanks for posting their story

Kathleen on

I would also like to know more about the wicker salt and pepper shakers please! LOVE the bamboo silver chargers too! I always enjoy your site.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Blue and white together is beautiful. It never grows old.

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