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Hello friends, first I want to announce the lucky winner of the La Prairie giveaway, congratulations goes to-


Please email [email protected] your shipping info so your prize can be on it’s way


Today is an exciting day because I am introducing to you our most recent and super beautiful shipment of chinoiserie tole. I must say, this is truly an exceptional collection. This was a long time in the making. Each piece is carefully hand made then hand painted, an art that is not easy to find anymore with so much being mass produced/machine made.

These are very very special pieces and I tell you with confidence that the few places that carry this type of product, they are more than four times the price of what I sell them for.

Since I design and import directly this means tremendous savings for you the customer. As I always do I hold either a presale or an arrival sale. Today for two days is our arrival sale, so many exquisite items being offered including the magnificent Provence planters (new style) and you better believe four have already been put aside for my PB house:)

Please read over the rules before placing an order-

  • Call in or email your order 800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)  or email [email protected] (calling in your order is advised)
  • If you are emailing your order- you MUST include your name, address and phone number in your email AND must pay you invoice within 12 hours
  • When ordering, please refer only by item number and quantity
  • Limited numbers of items, subject to availability
  • Each piece is handpainted
  • This sale is on until Saturday morning, Feb. 10th (no extensions, sorry)
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours (we have a few people who do this and it’s not fair)
  • All items are now in stock
  • Orders over $500 get 10% off their order
  • Wholesale orders- please contact us
  • International orders must contact us via email or phone 800-804-9565
  • Any questions- feel free to give us a call 800-804-9565


ITEM 1. Just in love with these exquisite REAL gold leaf scalloped planters, the height of elegance if you ask me. They are hand painted with a beautiful chinoiserie scene including a beautiful bird. So elegant,  perfect for orchids or any flowering plant. These are very very special.   Two sizes-

Medium- 12.5″ x 7.25″ x 10″ $90.00

Large- 12.5″ x 8.25″ x 12.5″ $105.00



 ITEM 2. Smitten with these oversized  new trays, the pierced trellis metal border just adds that special extra touch, and these are a must have whether for decorative purposes or to use as the ultimate entertaining tray. The size is generous……..can you imagine serving a round of drinks or cocktails on this? Way to impress your guests!

Measures 25″ x 18″ x 1.5″

$115.00 any color

Offered in blk/gold, ivory/gold or pale blue/multi

ITEM 3. How about these fabulous new pierced metal rimmed umbrella stands. Every entrance needs one of these!

Measures 25″L x 19″W x 2″H​

$120.00 any color

Colors- Ivory/gold, black/gold or pale blue/multi

ITEM 4. Fabulous wastepaper baskets.  Can’t think of a prettier way to dress up a powder room than adding one of these spectacular footed beauties.

4A.I had to take one of these home right away for my powder room, REAL gold leaf handpainted on all sides featuring a classic chinoiserie scene with a pair of birds.  The gorgeous scalloped shape along with the beautiful elegant feet make this such a pretty piece. 9″L x 9″W x 11″H  $105.00

4B. This wonderful wastepaper basket is a scalloped squares shape and features beautiful feet and elegant lion head rings on  either side…fabulous! 9″L x 9″W x 11″H $95.00

Item 4C. Wonderful  oval pierced rim wastepaper basket. Love this new piece, a most elegant oval wastepaper basket. Offered in three colorways. the timeless chinoiserie scenery is depicted on the entire piece. Just beautiful!

Measures 10″L x 8″W x 12″  $95.00

Black/gold, pale blue/multi, or ivory/gold


ITEM 5. These fabulous mid sized oval pierced rim planters are amazing. Perfect size for so many things, including orchids, plants, flowers, an elegant way to display rolled up guest towels for a powder room, a great mail holder/catchall or an elegant magazine holder. Love the beautiful pierced border and that they are footed.

Measures 10″L x 8″W x 7″H

$80.00 any color

Colors- Black/gold, ivory/gold or pale blue/multi

ITEM 6. One of my all time favorite planters, this extra large planter is a beauty in all three colors. I have mine planted with orchids and have used them with boxwood balls and have even used it as a most elegant wine cooler. A true beauty.

Measures 18″L x 11″W x 7″H  $110.00 any color

Colors- black/gold, ivory/gold or pale blue/gold

ITEM 7. So excited over this, the most beautiful tole chandelier I  have seen in a long time. This is an updated twist on an traditional style. Offered in four wonderful colors, accented with gold leaf, features 6 arms (40-60 is recommended for optimal lighting).

I cannot wait to put one in my closet, these are beautiful for powder rooms, vestibules, imagine the pale pink in a girls room or the pale blue in a boys room. Love them! VERY special price today $290.00 any color.

Measures 20″h x 18.5″ x 19.5″

Colors- Ivory/gold, black/gold, pale blue/gold or pale pink/gold

ITEM 8. Just in time for spring planting!! I can barely wait to start fiddling around with mine…I love these so much, one of my favorite products of all time. I have planted mine with boxwoods, ivy and white inpatients, these are fabulous indoors or out.

The newly arrived magnificent  new style of Provence planters are finally here! Features four legs and four acorn finials. This is such a classically elegant​ planter, they are made of metal and have four drill holes on bottom for drainage. They are painted in a weather resistant pant but adding an additional sealant is recommended. Just calling for a large boxwood, a topiary, lemon tree or big round orb……adds instant elegance wherever they are used!

Medium- 20″ x 20″ x 20″ special 2 day price $355.00

Large -22″ x 22″ x 22″ special 2 day price $385.00

Ivory- med and large

Mayflower blue- medium

Black- medium and large

Pale blue/gray- medium and large

We also have 4 only  of the ivory/gold finials and black/gold finials (the black is boxed up) but they all have gold finials- (these will not go online as we only got four of ivory/gold and 4 of black/gold)

Large only 22″ x 22″ x 22″ $395.00

ITEM 9. PRESALE (THESE WILL ARRIVE EARLY APRIL) The new style planters are in production. The beauty of pre ordering them is you can choose your color and get s special all time lowest price.

Either style-

Med 20″ x 20: x 20″ (finial  is approx 2″) special presale price $355.00

Large 22″ x 22″ x 22″ (finial is approx 2″) special presale price $375.00

Extra Large 24″ x 24″ x 24″ (finial is approx 2″) special presale price $395.00

Colors- Ivory, black, pale blue-

Custom colors are available for a $45.00 upcharge

9A. This beautiful trellis with floral detail planter is available in 3 sizes. You have a choice with or without finial as well as choice of color.

This is shown with button feet, the actual feet will be on the pictures as shown below

CHOICE OF WITH OR WITHOUT FINIAL- (shown in raw state before painting)

With finial

Without finial

Med 20″ x 20″ x 20″

Large 22″ x 22″ x 22″

Extra Large 24″ x 24″ x 24″


9B. This beautiful more transitional styled planter will be featured in 2 sizes. With or without a finial, the finial on this one is a plain shape (see below). Your choice of color.

Med 20″ x 20″ x 20″

Large 22″ x 22″ x 22″


You have the option with or without finial, the new finial designed for this planter is below-




The Giveaway-

One very lucky winner will win one of the wonderful oval mid sized tole planters in their choice of color, all you need to do is leave a comment here stating what your favorite chinoiserie tole new arrival is and you will be in the running. I will announce a winner on Sunday!



 So much to love, I cannot possibly name a favorite, can you?  I am really thrilled with this shipment and naturally had to take a few home, afterall I worked hard to make this happen:)

These are now all online, so after the 2 day special pricing sale, you can also purchase them on the online shop. Thank you for sharing this fun adventure with me, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time…….

Gone but never ever forgotten

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Debbie on

Item 1, the large footed planter is divine! I can see it with ivy, and seasonal potted flowers, on the entrance table in my foyer. So elegant!

Karen W. on

The umbrella stand is beautiful…such an intricate design.

Elinor on

The chandeliers are my favorite!

Marsha on

Absolutely wonderful new goodies! I could seriously use one of everything. The serving trays are fabulous, and the lovely chandeliers are just perfect for small areas. I’m thinking …

Mary M on

Love love love them all!!!
I’m thinking of ordering the footed wastepaper basket but not sure because everything is so beautiful!

Marsha on

That precious Teddy ❤️

Janice Gallaway on

All of the pieces are out of this world beautiful! What a beautiful line! I love, love the oversized tray,

Deb Harris on

I love the new wastepaper baskets! So elegant.

Jackie Wolfe on

Hard to decide. But love,love the gold leaf waste paper basket!!!

Gail Hayes on

Love the Provence planters especially the one in Mayflower blue

Martha E. M.meem on

All are gorgeous and so hard to decide but will go with the pale blue wastepaper basket. Would be beautiful in my bedroom or guest room.

Jill on

#1 is gorgeous

Anne on

I love, love, love the black waste paper can…my guest bathroom needs a new one!

Martha E. M. on

All are gorgeous and so hard to decide but will go with the pale blue wastepaper basket. Would be beautiful in my bedroom or guest room.

Megan Bobbitt on

Well, once again, love it all!
Thought the new waste paper basket was lovely. Would add so much to a powder bath.

Lisa P. on

Love the Provence planters and the umbrella stands.

Shannon Mccormick on

I love the umbrella stand in the black, but really love it all!

Denise on

All of the tole is so pretty that it is hard to make up my mind.

Fran W. on

It’s all beautiful, but my favorite is the oversized tray. Just gorgeous!

Laurie on

I’m in love with the chandelier! It’s all just beautiful.

Kathrine on

Overwhelmingly beautiful items. My everyday favorite is the Classic Black planter.

Robin Primm on

I absolutely love the new planters—elegant and timeless!

Gay Dean Lundin on

Just crazy about all the black! What a great way to pull my husband into my chinoiserie love affair! I can see so many of these pieces in his office! How Exciting!


The trays and the chandelier are simply beautiful. Your designs take my breath away.

Paulette P. on

Items 2 and 3 are my favorites. The black chinoiserie tray and umbrella stand are so lovely. The large size of the tray makes it quite useful for those party days, and the umbrella stand situated near a front door provides a perfect spot for those dripping wet umbrellas. Thank you, Tina.

Susan C on

All gorgeous items, but my favorite is the gold chinoiserie wastepaper basket. Love the style and beautiful painted birds!

Eve on

Love #7, the tole chandelier. Also, #1. both in black and white!

Jeannie on

I love the oval midsize planters. They are the perfect size to completely hide any pot inside.

Linda Owens on

The waste baskets are so elegant. I love them. And I love Teddy. Keep including his picture. ❤️

Linda Plemons on

Lovely!! I want them all.

Ingrid Yardley on

Everything is so beautiful! The wastebaskets are gorgeous!! However, my most favorite item is the tole chandeliers- I need a pink room for the pale pink one!

Liz on

Love items 5 & 6! I need a new planter on my bombay chest in my entry. The black would be perfect!

Sandy w on

They are all very pretty but the trays are special. Also the new planters.

Mary Balagia on

I have been looking for a black tole tray for months! Yours is the perfect size for my ottoman. Thank you!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

The Chinoiserie oval tole planters, new arrivals are lovely. I especially love the black planter. I feel the black would ground the room and with a pretty plant in it, it would be refined.

Mary on

I love the tole planter in pale blue and green. It would go perfectly in my dining room. This is a beautiful tole collection.

Lynn on

I love the chandeliers and the pierced edge planters?

Megan on

The Provence planters are stunning! Especially with the finials! Even love them unpainted. All the tole is beautiful!

Kelly W Miller on

The gorgeous Provence planters make me look forward to spring and summer!

Sharon on

Hi Tina,

I love the oversized tray (#2) but did not see a price for it. Great job, once again, of designing some lovely products.

Cheryl Barbour on

I love, love, love the chandeliers!

Carol on

Oh my, the new chinoiserie is just beyond beautiful. Well done!

Katy on

So, so lovely. Everything! I couldn’t chose a favorite item. I think I have a place for one of each. But I do think my fave color is ivory/gold….but I could easily change my mind…lol

Carol on

I think I will need a large tray for my bedroom…just beautiful!

Regina on

Actually I love the pale blue waste paper basket. I’m going to completely renovate my master bathroom and this would be so lovely in my new bathroom!

Lynne OBrien on

OHHH it is so hard to choose! I absolutely adore the wastepaper baskets! They are fabulous!!! But if I could I would gladly take one of everything!

Joy Jensen on

The chandelier in my guest bathroom would be stunning!

Carmen B on

The new wastebaskets are super cool.

Yolanda on

All are adorable, particularly in love with the transitional style planter.

Lauren on

The wastepaper basket painted in the blues and greens. Beautiful!

YB on

Wonderful new selection. The prettiest I’ve seen!

Mary on

Love the trellis planters!

Donna on

Ohh what a sweet treat to see your collection of beautiful eye candy this morning! You inspire me Tina!

Marion on

So hard to choose but the pale blue/multi wastecan gets my
favorite vote!

cheryl on

I love the new gold leaf wastebasket! Perfect for my chinoiserie bathroom!

Judith Phillips on

#4a. Will be perfect in my powder room!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Can’t decide between the toile waste baskets which I love more. May have to order a few!

Leslie K Gross on

I am in love with all your new chinoiserie tole. My favorite color is the black and gold, as that would match my home decor. I do not have any cute planters and this would be such a wonderful addition to my home. I will keep my fingers crossed. Have a great day!

Cindi T on

Thank you as always for your beautiful products and great ideas. I love using the extra large planter with orchid arrangements but now thanks to you can’t wait to use it as a wine cooler as you suggested for an upcoming wedding shower I am planning. .

Peggy Bryant on

Hi Tina, without a doubt my favorite item is the pale blue umbrella stand. ?

Ariela V on

Love the tole chandelier! Would make such a statement in my foyer. Beautiful collection!

Grace Williams on

The gold leafed waste basket is gorgeous! Wow! I need one.

Elizabeth on

Everything is gorgeous! I love every piece.

Kathryn on

The navy 4Bwastepaper basket is so Emporer and #6 large planter is so versatile for many uses.

Marge K. on

Hi Tina,
Love the surprises I get every time I look at your posts! Beautiful blue tray, so soft in color, so practical for serving or leaning in my kitchen!

Christine on

Wow again! I love them all. I especially love rhe waste basket and umbrella holders, but the pretty blue or gold? Both are do beautiful!

Lillian on

The tray’s are absolutely beautiful!

Karen on

I love item #1 Which will look perfect in my entry. Also the large tray is exquisite!

Karen N on

Love the black umbrella stand.

Helen on

I think this is your most beautiful collection to date.
I’m dreaming of the umbrella holder in my foyer.

Kobi Hensley on

I absolutely love the wastebasket with the lion head rings!! Elegant with a touch of color, it’s perfect!

Peggy on

I love love love the large trays!!! Just beautiful

Bonnie G. on

I would like to plant a hydrangea tree in the #9A planter. That black serving tray needs to be on the bar cart!

lara on

The light blue is absolutely DIVINE!!!

Nadine Middendorf on

Love love everything, but the gold leaf waste basket is stunning!

Claudia McCauley on

Everything is so swoon worthy, but am wondering when the chinoiserie tray tables will be offered?
Must have one!!,

Mary on

All of the pieces are lovely I especially like the large black planter.

judy on

Love any of the tole planters, especially the one you are giving away!

Deborah on

The waste paper basket!

Karen L Chaudoin on

These are so lovely. I have never seen a chandelier like these. Simply lovely.

Dana on

Everything is fabulous!! Favorite is the chandelier!!

Cristi on

The black and gold planter is absolutely stunning!! ?❤️

Gretchen on

Waste basket it is a must. Maybe tissue covers next on your list?

Erika on

Love!!!!!!!!! The tole chandelier in white or black??????????? Just beautiful. ?

Bridgette Hall on

Just let me say “ I want your job”!! Beautiful things in a beautiful home. I love them all. Umbrella stand is my favorite.

Deborah Brown on

I love the black & gold tole with pheasants, just lovely ?

Jennifer S on

Everything fabulous-as always! The midsize planter has so many uses! Love the idea of using for mail!

Pam L on

Love the new pieces!

Sherry Morris on

Dear Tina,
All the products are lovely so trying for one is impossible . I have two very favorite items, the tray and the wastebaskets. I know I would use those every day.

Laura on

I love the mid size black toile planter. ? Love the birdies! ???

Grace on

I’m torn between the chandelier and the new planters. ??

leigh on

I love the umbrella stands and the planters…All are lovely!

Sandra smith on

All of these pieces are beautiful, but I absolutely love the tray. The size is generous making it very versatile regardless if being used for entertaining or an exquisite display piece. All three choices are lovely, but I personally prefer the white to allow for an easy blend with entertaining at different occasions.

Sandra on

I really like the wastepaper basket with scalloped squares shape and lion head rings on either side… Agree fabulous!

Kristen Katz on

The umbrella stands- because I live in Houston and we got 53″ of rain in four days last year, and besides all of the regular hurricane prep, I don’t have a decent umbrella stand. Seriously, this whole collection is gorgeous. Well done!

Lisa Brown on

Oh my!! All three are so beautiful, but I believe the black would be my favorite!

JoAnn on

Like the simplicity of #4, but love 5 as well!

Tamra Lee on

Your new tole collection is just fabulous . . .and that tole chandelier is my favorite love the pale blue!!

Linda Beth on

#1 is exquisite!

Teresa on

I love them all, but my favorite is the ivory umbrella stand.
Happy Thursday, Tina.

Mary Rhett Gottschalg on

The white background would be my choice but you chose beautiful colors for them all!

Anne on

My favorite is actually the oval mid sized tole planter! I love the black one!

Brenda M on

Loving the whole line. My favorite is the gold leaf waste baske, absolutely magnificent …

Lisa M on

The new umbrella stands are just fabulous! Been looking for something like this for awhile. Thanks for bringing them into the fold.

Deborah K on

So hard to decide. …. #3 the umbrella stand would look lovely in my foyer.!

Laura Walters on

I love the light blue umbrella stand, or the light blue wastebasket…….but all of the light blues are so pretty

Denise on

Would love one for my office!!!

Betsy on

You’re right- I can’t pick just one favorite! They’re all gorgeous.

Kristin on

Love the wastebaskets. Bought 1. Could have bought them all.

Connie Windham on

Difficult to pick from all the beautiful items, but am loving the pale blue oversized tray!

Lee Ann on

Stunning pieces but eyeing the black umbrella stand!

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

So much beauty, however I must treat myself to the cream colored tray?

Peggy Ekena on

Just love the photo of Teddy; he looks so happy frolicking in the snow. I love all the tole pieces, but really love the real gold leaf planter. The large one would look exquisite sitting on my kitchen island with white orchids in it.

Karen Gunn on

The oversized tray is my favorite but my only problem is what color I like the most! I think I would go for the black and gold tray in the end … it’s so dramatic!

Sally Vines on

They are all gorgeous, but I do love touches of black here and there. So…. my favorite is the black, and I have just the spot for it. ?

Brenda Bethany on

To me, wastepaper cans are always so hard to find. If I do find one I like it is usually very masculine looking. I am in love with yours!

Amy Callis on

The gold leaf scalloped planters are to die for!!!!

Mary Parshall on

Ordinarily, I love black tole, but your white tole is unique and has quiet elegance. My favorite!!!

Ellen H. on

Tina, every single piece in this collection is gorgeous. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think the gold/white wastepaper basket would look great in my powder room. Thanks so much for bringing us all these wonderful new products. Keep ’em coming!

Vickie on

OH yes! Excited.
Love both the wastebasket and umbrella stand..equally with this giveaway pattern.
Enchanting..and bottom color..perfect for my orchid.
Love the new pattern and color!

Joanna R. on

Absolutely love the new planters! The black and gold is my all time favorite but also love the new gold style.

Michelle on

My favorite is the gold leaf footed wastebasket number 4A. Love all of it!

Theresa on

These are so unique and absolutely beautiful!! I especially love the taupe on white. Looks old and collected.

Nancy on

I’m loving the gold footed scalloped waist basket!! It’s gorgeous!!

Beverly Rowntree on

I love the large oval tray in the cream color. It would be beautiful to use as a display piece, as well as to use as a serving piece. The design is exquisite.


LeeAnn on

They are all so pretty but my favorite is the extra large planter in the ivory, it is so versatile I can imagine a lot of uses!

Beverly Rowntree on

I love item #6. What a beautiful planter for orchids.

Meg A on

Love the wastebaskets–especially the crest with gorgeous blue!

Audrey on

Just love the Provence planters with gold finials. Beautiful!

Madeline Wills on

The pale blue planter ?

mariae on

Beautiful pieces!! all of the designs are fabulous and elegant, hard to pick.. my favorite, the trays.

Suzanne Ferrer on

Each piece is unique beautiful and so well priced!

Becky Mattingly on

What a lovely lot! It’s so hard to choose a favorite! If truth be told, my #1 would be the pic of Teddy galloping through the snow, but I think the extra large planters are just classic. You fill yours with orchids. I may have to do the same. As usual a stunning collection!

Laurene P. on

Really love #2, the oversized tray in Pale Blue. Would love to hang it in my French Country home as wall decor. Another beautiful collection!

Susan Malizia on

My favorite piece is that lovely pink/gold tole chandiler…thank you for the opportunity to win one of your planters. =)

Tanya Morris-Rosera/Maison Parfaite on

Love it all! The gold planters are fabulous, but I think the blue tray speaks to my overwhelming desire for Spring to arrive?????

Gidget Fletcher on

I love the unbrella stands!! I’ve been wanting a classic style for my entry.

Susan Kelly on

Stunning collection! So-o hard to choose, but I really love the gold wastebasket! 4A

Debbie H. on

The gold leaf scalloped planters are beautiful! Great work on the detail!

Natalie on

I love all of the beautiful planters!

Chandra on

Oh, my. The black with gold finials planter is fabulousness come to life.

Sherrie Parker Ochsenbein on

The black and gold wastepaper basket is beautiful.

Suzanne Ghosh on

The gold footed planters are fabulous. I’d fill one with an orchid plant.

Katy Stephens on

The gold leafed scalloped planter is beautiful!

dale on

I love all the planters!

Marilyn Cole on

I absolutely love the trellis planter! I can see it sitting on my front porch!

Tina on

#4a this gold leaf wastebasket is GORGEOUS! Love it love the whole collection, Tina you have great Taste!

Pamela Rhodes on

Hi Tina!
My favorite is #8! I can picture two on my front porch with topiaries in them. I love the black!

Ellen on

Tina this is a wonderful collection, you should be proud! I love it all….especially those new lanterns, the Provence planters, and the trays but must say every single piece is really beautiful, very elegant. I love that your things are so unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Brava to you!

Kathy on

I love them all, but the umbrella stand is so classically beautiful, just what my front entrance needs!

Molly Ellis on

Love the waste baskets. Definitely want this for my powder room. So many great ideas!!!

Nancy on

I’m loving the beautiful planter boxes!

Ann M on

I adore that gold footed powder room waste basket! And love your beautiful shop, home, and blog. Thanks for sharing!

Sherry S on

The umbrella stands are absolutely fabulous!!! Love everything as usual.

Deborah L on

Everything is so beautiful but, as I love anything with a swag, you had me with the swag planter!

lydia vergara on

The trays are lovely. Put on a stand would make an ideal side table.

Arell on

Everything is so beautiful! I would take them all!

Donna on

I absolutely love the trays and the umbrella holders. I will have to get these! Thank you for the beautiful products you offer.

Renee Williamson on

I LOVE the chandeliers!

Sonya O. on

The umbrella stands look great!

Doris on

9B love the new transitional planters.

Jeanne E on

I love the beautiful trays with the pierced rims. Gorgeous! Thanks for these lovely pieces.

Ccchintz on

I love the toile tray! It would be nice sitting on top of an ottoman. And of course, as a serving tray. Next fav is the waste basket. The planters are simple great. I have like toile we’re forever glad to see it’s coming around as beautifully!

Cheryl Timpano on

My favourite are the new gold leaf range ?exquisite

Jennifer Smith on

The gold leaf scalloped planters are my favorite.

Kathy M on

The waste paper baskets are absolutely beautiful!

Bettina Woodring on

Omg, the give-a-way oval mid size tole was my pick for favorite. Fingers seriously crossed!

Bettina Woodring on

Omg, the give a way was my pick for favorite tole. Fingers seriously crossed!

Emily on

I absolutely adore the planters, especially item 8!! The wastepaper baskets are also lovely, especially the blue one!

Carol Ann on

4B Royal Coat of Arms waste paper basket with lion head rings!
Just my style!!

Cindy on

So in love with the gold leaf scalloped planters!!!

Denise P on

The over-sized trays are beautiful, they could be used for afternoon tea, displayed on a plate stand on a counter, where it would be easily accessible if you would need it to serve dessert or after dinner drinks, or even on a dresser holding perfume, finger nail polish bottles and jewelry. All the colors are fantastic!

Cindy on

Such a beautiful collection, Tina! Can’t decide between the black Provence planter and the large tray!!!

Deborah on

The umbrella stands, wastepaper baskets and chandeliers are my favorites!

Martha McC on

I may have to find a place for the black light fixture… so cute…

Alexandra T on

Love the trays! How versatile!

Betsy on

The pale blue and gold oval pierced rim wastepaper basket! Too pretty!!

Kelley on

Oh my these are wonderful! I love the oval planter in pastels!

Deb Jeffers on

The pale blue/gold is such a serene, spa-inspired combination, that I would LOVE to incorporate in my master bath in my new home. Spectacular!

Caroline on

Definitely the Provence planters (though I love it all) but those are especially beautiful. I also know in Palm Beach there is a place that sells them for about $2500 each so these are a steal! My MIL has a lovely home there and got a few from that shop, I have told her about your site and now she’s hooked! Love all the colors you chose for your beautiful items, it is all just beautiful.

Tempie m on

Oh my! Love all as I use tole a lot. Need the pale blue/gold for my girl guest bedroom.

Mary on

I LOVE the oval shaped waste basket (4 B). The coloring and crest reminds me of our beautiful trip to Germany. This would fit perfectly inside one of their castles!

J Fain on

The Chandeliers are so pretty. I would to have the pink one in my daughters room . She’s not a fan of too much pink, but the color on your pink chandelier would be just the right touch in her room

Leanne Turner on

Oversized trays and umbrella stands for sure!

Marilyn on

Those planters are beautiful. The mint green is afavorite.

Marion on

Everything is so lovely. It is hard to choose a favorite.

joan on

I would love one of everything.

Kathy on

The chinoiserie tole is gorgeous…I think mostly because it takes me back to my grandmothers. They loved this style (both lived to be 99..maybe because they had happy style). I just so admire the scalloped planter. And all the pieces would be delightful in anyones home. Beautiful.


So lovely. All the toile is wonderful but my favorite has to be the pastel blue. You are so dear to gift a reader ?

Deborah G on

So many beauties to choose from! Bringing elegance into our homes is definitely your specialty. Love the black, as it adds a bit of drama to the space.

Sandy on

I dearly love 4a the gold and ivory waste basket. Gorgeous! Would love to own one!

jane braica on

These are all beautiful! My favorite piece is the pale blue wastebasket.

Nancy on

I really love the ivory/gold wastepaper basket !!!
However all the new pieces are lovely !!!!
Truly hard to decide which is prettier than the other.

Laura Gooding on

I love the black mid size tole planter! Would look great in my kitchen!!!

Jackie Walls on

The gold-leafed scalloped planters are pure sweetness!

Linda on

Love the extra large planter in ivory/gold. That would fit perfectly on my dining room table with an orchid!

Annette on

They’re all so pretty, but I think my favorite is 4A (REAL gold leaf handpainted on all sides featuring a classic chinoiserie scene with a pair of birds. The gorgeous scalloped shape along with the beautiful elegant feet make this such a pretty piece. 9″L x 9″W x 11″H $105.00).


Betsy on

The gold leaf scalloped planter is so versatile – perfect for orchids!

Ashley on

Love the umbrella stands!!

Nancy on

Everything is beautiful but I really love the serving trays! Can’t you just picture some lovely Waterford champagne flutes sitting on them waiting to be served to your guests!

Anita on

Wel how do you pick one from this collection! Although I really love 4B waste paper basket – beautiful and a little different

Julie L on

Love the serving trays! Beautiful! Julie

Edwina A on

My favorites are the waste baskets because beautiful waste baskets are hard to find. They would compliment any room.

Pam on

Love them all! My favorite is the tray in blue!

Karenann on

I just love the pierced planters, they are just so beautiful.

Susan K too on

#1 the gold leaf scalloped planters, and #7 the gorgeous chandeliers (in pink!!!) are my favorites!

Susie on

Loving the pale blue chinoiserie! Have a new home to fill, calling tomorrow!

Perfect offering on

The large trays are stunning!

Terry Harvey on

Spring comes soon and that means planting. You can never have too many planters and yours are all so beautiful it’s hard to decide which ones!

Donna on

A wonderful selection! I really like the large planters.

Pat on

Love all but especially the items in category 4!

Pat on

Love all- especially item 4’s!

Connell on

Love all but especially planters!

A Davis on

I love tole ware! Have collection of antique tray. My favorites have bird motif do would have to chose planter with pale green ground and two birds! All are lovely. Thanks for sharing

Amber Lipari on

I love the black and gold umbrella stand! But I would also love to have the matching wastebasket…

joyjc on

Oh my, there are so many beautiful pieces. You really outdid yourself on this collection. I would love the umbrella stand in the black and gold for my foyer.

Rachael W on

I adore the serving tray in the pale blue/multi color!

Elaine McCarty on

Love the gold leaf planters are my favorite❤️

Elizabeth on

Extra large gold and ivory number 6 love !

Jennifer Lopes on

I am a fan of your designs, decor and charm. I especially love anything footed and these planters are exquisite! Thanks for sharing with us.

Ashley on

Love the mayflower blue Provence planter! Absolutely gorgeous!

Stephanie E on

The lovely, versatile, Mid-size planters are one of my favorites. Too, Provence planters; they get my spring fever on!

Jhonay on

I loveee every single piece of the tole coleccion, it’s pure perfection… I’ve been looking for a medium sized planter for a while and now I’m so happy I found it! P.s. the black and gold combination is my Favorite!

Teri on

The black planter is my favorite-can really see the design the best, I think.

Peggy Kahle on

The planters are fabulous and chandelier is great too!

Amy Callis on

My absolute favorite-no contest-is the gold leaf scalloped planters. They’re show stoppers!

Linda Wishart on

Chandeliers are so desirable ?

Kesha on

I adore the chandeliers

Jenny on

New tole, ooooh my! The chandeliers are classy and fun. Much like the EH website itself !

Janet Masterson on

Another fabulous giveaway!!! My pick is the black and gold planter-#6. I just love the black tole pattern- a classic and traditional look that never loses its appeal. Plus this would look so fab on my feminine!

Kayln on

Love the wastebaskets! Necessities should be beautiful too.

Karen McLeod on

Love everything! Especially the new chandeliers.

Missy on

The whole collection is stunning. I have an affinity for the chandeliers.

Susan Hellberg on

The black tile chinoiserie chandelier is calling my name. It would be perfect in my small entry hall. All the rest of the tile pieces are beautiful but I have at least 3 of them already! Susan Hellberg

Mary Baker on

Love, love, love the pale blue/gold chandelier. So pretty and would look good in many rooms in my home. Also love each of the umbrella stands. Each would be so pretty in an entry way. Thanks for sharing.

Ellen H. on

I love all the new wastepaper baskets. The black one would be fabulous in my guest bathroom.

Susan in Marietta, Georgia on

Tina and Team,
As always, it is nearly impossible to choose just one favorite. I love the Provence planters and the extra large oblong planters, but the new gold leaf scalloped planters and new tole chandeliers are especially lovely.

So much fun looking at all of the beautiful new eye candy.

Sherry B on

I love the classic black and gold or ivory and gold chinoiserie tole. I would be thrilled to win the giveaway.

Janice on

The extra large planter in Black is truly a stunner! A classic that will never go out of style. And a fabulous price point!

Linda on

I like 9B, the traditional styled planter the most.

Leslie on

It’s so hard to pick a favorite! Love the planters with the finials. They would look fabulous with a Boxwood. Such eye candy ?
PS You need to get another pup one day to fill in some of that hole in your heart. ? ❤️

Michelle O. on

It’s all Beautiful! But that planter with the floral detail is gorgeous!!!

Mary Katherine Aronson on

It’s so hard to choose- I love them all!! The pagoda chandelier is divine and the large black planter is stunning!!

Nadine on

The black chandelier is my favorite. It would be pretty in a bedroom or in a dining room. Very rich and elegant.

Pam W on

I like the umbrella stand.

Kathleen on

I love item 4c. Pretty wastepaper baskets are hard to find! You have such lovely taste.

Warmly, Kathleen

Judith Poremba on

I love the oval mid size role planter in the blue color. It is perfect for my orchid.

Pam Norwood on

By far 5 in white is my favorite. So crisp and bright!

Marsha Cannon on

So hard to choose a favorite but I’ll go with that fab chandelier in black! Great collection!

Elizabeth on

So many many beautiful items!! I adore the large pale blue tray and the waste basket!!

Kay Parrish on

There are several pieces I really love but a favorite is the umbrella stand. How beautiful it woul look at my front entryway. All pieces are beautiful.

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