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Hello and happy Tuesday to you. I first want to announce the winner of the Decor Market outdoor rug giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


Please email your color scheme and shipping address to [email protected] and your new rug will be on it’s way!


Hope you are having a great start to your week.  Mine was going just fine until I came down with a nasty stomach bug. Thankfully it was short lived and I am feeling better. Can’t believe we are bracing for another noreaster, just when I was bragging about it being a fairly mild winter:) Anyway, I periodically share life happenings as seen through the lens of my iPhone that kind of tell a story of what’s new and exciting in my world. Very little narration necessary. So here we go….


 I love when I need to wrap a gift… papers just put a smile on my face:)

I am my happiest when in NYC on a flower buying trip, here is my “loot” above and below walking by, these below were on a sidewalk waiting to be carried out, so pretty!

Love this place above filled with every kind of branch known to mankind!

Our new candles have been a hit, they smell as wonderful as they look! (they are now online click here)

Got in a new style cherry blossom and must say these are amazing, a fresh and much needed dose of spring (will be up for a flash sale in about a week)

Get so excited when new arrivals come in, loved this custom shades so much for a client that I am having a duplicate pair made for myself:)


Even on a rainy day, I love NYC

Especially when I get to meet a friend at St. Ambroeus for a late day coffee and treat

Always admire seeing blue and white at Tory Burch

Got in a bunch of spectacular faux orchid arrangments for two local customer and honestly wanted to keep each and every one for myself!

Took this pretty shot sitting in my living room one day, which I rarely do, need to change that:)

Our last recent snowfall… to take pictures as everything just looks so pretty


So that’s. a wrap with what’s been going on over here lately. Bracing for more snow tomorrow, so that means more picture taking:) Wishing everyone a wonderful day, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Until next time…..

PS Today through noon tomorrow you can enjoy an extra 20% off ALL silver and all tole!!!  Not a single piece left out and this includes planters, all the tole lighting and lanterns, etc…..Great chance to get something you might have had your eye on:) Click here for tole and here for silver

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Anne Marie O'Connor on

Love your photos! New York is a wonderful place to shop and to just take in all the sights. Your winter scene shots are so pretty no matter what time of year but looking forward to spring. Cheers! ? Enjoy your day!

Teresa on

So much beautiful in one place! The cherry blossoms are amazing!

Elizabeth on

Tina, so happy to hear that you are feeling better. I think you should get some provisions and hunker down, they said up to 2 feet of snow in the North East. EEEKKK!

Love all of your flowers form the market.

Casey Noone on

Absolutely love looking at your photos!!

Karen Tortorella on

I miss Teddy. Are you thinking at all about a baby Teddy-2. I swore I never would, but I did and I love her so much. Dogs bring such joy. Every day when you open the door you are greeted by the most loyal love possible! It makes all of the tribulations of the day disappear.

Vicky on

Gorgeous post! I love these, so much fun to see a little of everything. My sister lives around the corner from St. Ambroeus so when I visit that is our go to spot every morning, I gain at least 5 lbs when I visit!
The flowers and snow pictures are sensational. Tina, when will the blossoms be for sale? I would love to get some!

Johnny Baron on

Do you ship to Canada? So many things I’d like to buy.

Peggy Thal on

Love your orchid plants. Orchids are plant that look faux anyway. All the tropicals are that way. I used to have so many orchids when I lived in Oahu. They where on my lanai and so easy to care for. Now I love faux! Your cherry Blossems are so pretty too. -New York City is always fabulous to have a day out. The flower market is amazing. I used to go once a month to NYC with the ladies at West Point when my husband was a Professor . Hope Spring comes soon!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on


I do love reading your posts. I have a request. Is it possible that the scents of your new candles have a more detailed description? It’s hard to determine what scent is more citrus, woodsy, etc. I’d like to buy one but didn’t feel like I knew enough, as candles scents are rather personal. Thank you.

Susan on

Omg. Love the lamp shades! Considering them for the shop????

Mo on

I do love the beauty of freshly fallen snow, especially against the backdrop of a bright blue sky. It’s the blue and white thing, right? 😉

Fatimah on

I love the planter with trellis/fretwork pattern in black!

Laurel on

Love your blog and am new to enjoying! Where is your amazing branch source located? Thank you.

Mary pickett on

You are just incredible! I just find you to be such a joy!

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