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Good Saturday morning to you, hope your weekend is off to a great start. Nice to see the sun shining, still snow on the ground but spring is not far. Today I am excited to be talking a much admired designer and a special upcoming event. Do you have a favorite designer? One of my  favorites of all time is no doubt Mary McDonald, one whose work I have featured here a number of times.

It is no surprise that this award winning designer is repeatedly hailed as one of the “top 25” among many other accolades. She has a very distinct style and I can almost always distinguish a “Mary room”.   She has quite successfully shown time and time again how to use a traditional vibe but allowing it to feel very current with modern elements mixed in. Her keen ability to mix styles and periods is one to aspire to.

She has proven to be a genius at using bold color and her rooms often leave me breathless. Her look is very relevant to how people like to decorate today  and her book is the kind I go back to over and over for reference. She loves blue and white, geometrics, chinoiserie themed elements, and dramatic spaces so it’s no wonder she is a favorite. She has had a number of highly successful licensing deals including her latest with Chaddock Furniture company, a wonderful U.S. based company that manufactures beautiful well made, built to last furniture. Their classic styles go hand in hand.

So not only am I thrilled to feature her work here on my blog but I am doubly excited that I am getting to meet her and serve as a moderator of sorts for a special event she is going to be a part of at Safavieh in Stamford, CT, If you are by chance in the area, we both would love to see and meet you! Details on bottom. In the meantime let’s take a look at some of Mary’s extraordinary work. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy getting lost in the beauty of Mary McDonald’s amazing work…….


And this book has many earmarked pages that I go to time and time again, a definite must have for any design book enthusiasts

Always super stylish, Mary is indeed a trendsetter

And here is Mary at home with her absolute precious pooches….love how they are front and center! All photos below are taken by photographer Jean Randazzo



Yes she is one talented lady and aren’t her dog posse just the cutest? She is a master at her craft and I am so excited to be able to meet someone who’s design work I have long admired. If by chance you are in the tri state area, please join us and RSVP to the email address up on the invite. It’s free but they must know if you are coming:)  There will be a Q & A with Mary, great giveaways, food and drink…a nice evening is in store!

Click here to find out more about Mary McDonald and click here to see her exquisite new furniture collection with Chaddock.  Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and great start to the weekend ahead. Until next time…..

PS A brand new promo has started, all silver is 20% off! And that includes all the new arrivals, great time to add to your collection for spring entertaining (even the new chargers are on sale). Click here to see


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Megan on

LOVE Mary MacDonald! Wish I was going to be in Stamford! Congrats on moderating this event. What a fabulous opportunity!

Eve on

What a fabulous post! Thank you! Love Mary’s bedroom!

Dana Feiock on

No wonder she is such an inspiration, I could look at those pictures over and over. Absolutely lovely. I have seen her work in many magazines, but they seldom have enough pictures. I can’t imagine what fun you will have at the event. Fabulous post!

Annie on

Tina I so wish I lived closer because I would be there in a heartbeat, I have been a long time fan of Mary McDonald’s work, in fact the house next-door in our neighborhood was partially done by her and I remember the first time I walked in it stopped me in my tracks !
I would also love to meet you – two people whose work I greatly admire wish I wasn’t on the West Coast today ! Hope you have fun and thank you for sharing highlights of her beautiful designs .

Betsy on

Tina- I LOVE Mary (and you!) I surely would have flown out for this event had I only had more time! 😢 Please give more notice next time, I’m sure it’ll be wonderful!

Peggy Thal on

Great book and great designer!

Teresa on

Her work is absolutely amazing! I don’t believe I have ever seen anything she designed that I didn’t love!
Have a wonderful evening. I look forward to seeing your post.

Marci on

In a word……breathtaking! She is extremely talented. What a great post!

Linda Cashman on

How lucky you are that your family owns Safavieh and you have the clout to get her. Love her pug posse!

Michelle on


You are such an inspiration. I discovered you on Instagram two short months ago and thoroughly enjoy your daily posts on social media, your blog and website.
My birthday was on Tuesday, and the gifts given to me from my sons were from your online store. I just love your merchandise! You have such an eye for style and design.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate The Enchanted Home!

Enjoy your weekend.


Peggy Ekena on

I wish that I could attend the event, it would be so fun to hear Mary McDonald and meet you, as well. But, Connecticut is a bit far from Illinois. I first became familiar with her work, when she was on a television show, with other designers. I love her use of color and the way she combines furniture, from all different styles and periods, to bring a room together. If anyone is looking for another designer to follow on give Rebecca Robeson a try, on You Tube. She not only designs interiors, but designs rugs, doors, and so much more for her clients. She is located in San Diego, California and her work speaks for itself. Congratulations on moderating the event.

joy on

LOVE Safavieh (I own one of your oushaks), LOVE Mary McD (I already own the book purchased from another fundraiser) and lastly, as a former pug owner (I’m in the market again!) I LOVE her love of PUGS!

Christine on

Those statement-making outdoor blue and white planters!!! Please???

Ellen Mullarkey on

Thank you for the introduction to Mary!

Mary Baker on

Wow, what a wonderful post. Love all the pictures. Wish I could be there for the event. Please post some pictures of the event. Have a great weekend.

Celia Becker @ on

I sure wish I lived in the area and I’d attend in a heart beat. Congrats on getting to moderate the program. What an honor. Have fun!

Jane Giallonardo on

With may have to purchase her book. Thank you for sharing, she is amazing. A little formal for my taste but beautifully appointed and true talent. Loved this post. Many thanks. Enjoy the event!

Emily on

Hey Tina I am so upset! I would have loved to go and am in Southport, CT! But it’s spring break and we are off to the Bahamas next week with three other families. What a shame, I am also a fan of her work and got my kitchen inspiration from one she did a while back. I also love that book and have gone through it too many times to count.
I really hope you have fun at the event, sounds like a great night. Thank you for featuring MM.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Wow! “Mary MacDonald”, Her style and taste is beautiful. Thanks for the introductory.

Nathalie on

Mary is also one of my absolute favorite design goddesses and I was thrilled to meet her in person at an Atlanta antiques show last year. The charm and sense of humor that was evident on her Bravo TV show was in full force when she gave her presentation. I, too, obsess over every page in her book and anxiously await the next one. No one outranks her in my estimation except for one designer – the ultimate genius Tony Duquette who is the patron design saint of all Maximalists. Luckily his former apprentice Hutton Wilkinson is keeping Tony’s aesthetic going strong. Another interior design talent on a par with Mary is the incredible Michelle Nussbaumer whose store in Dallas – Ceylon Et Cie practically made me pass out from beauty overload. I know that these three are actually good friends from way back and they’ve shared exotic shopping trips and show houses together. In my fantasy dream world I’m shopping right there with them in India or Morocco or the Grand Bazaar in Turkey! In any case I can’t wait to see what Mary’s newest creations will be.

Meg on

Beautiful post on someone whose work I always have greatly admired. I met her years ago at the showhouse opening night in Santa Barbara, she was as charming and warm as she is talented. We were living there at the time and have since moved onto the Atlanta area.

I am happy you featured her beautiful rooms that as you said are most distinctive with that blend that Mary is so good at achieving. What fun to be part of her event, wish I was 7 hours closer! Enjoy it Tina.

Patti on

Oh those pugs are so adorable! When you meet her perhaps you could ask how on earth she maintains such beautiful rooms when pugs shed like no tomorrow!

Carool de Groot on

OMG, I wish I could come!! Absolutely stunning!!
Especially the combination with the beautiful antics!

Thanks for sharing Tina!

Tracy Dill on

Love Mary and your blog! Wish I could see her in person. Thank you for the great post.

Susan Farcy on

I’ll be there Tina! Looking forward to meeting you.

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