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Hi friends! Hope you are having a great and relaxing weekend. Mine has been busy but fun and today I am looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing well actually I take it back will be working on my taxes a good part of the day, ugh! Did have a fun city day yesterday, just took a new design job which is going to be a lot of fun, more on that later.

I actually look so forward to my Sundays all week long:) Hope whatever you are up to is relaxing and fun. Have a busy week ahead, getting our anticipated new porcelain container in on Tues (unless we get another snowstorm please say it ain’t so), have a few functions this week, including the fun Mary McDonald event, going to be a busy one! Let’s get started with our Seven on Sunday….



1. ROMAN AND WILLIAMS GUILD IN NYC I am going in the city next week and plan on carving some time into my day to go here, when I first saw pictures of this most beautiful place, it took my breath away.  It is a mercantile space, a cafe and a flower shop all rolled into one beautiful package.  Not only is it really pretty, but it was a part time dream of mine to open up something similar, a bakery/cake/shop and thy did it! And boy did they do it! This place is just gorgeous.

They have just opened and will serve French country food (naturally)! The flowers will be by Emily Thompson flowers and there will be a large area designated for retail items, furniture, accessories, etc…..Incidentally Roman and Williams decorated the ultra chic restaurant Le Cou Cou which I have visited and wrote about last year. This is absolutely on my list to visit next week! Click here to find out more


2. A  FAVORITE NEW LINE OF BATH PRODUCTS. I love Antica Farmacista as you know and have them all over my house but I am also in love with another line and one extra perk, this particular scent is packaged in blue and white! I was given the bubble bath as a gift and the rest is history. The scent dream smells soooo good and the bubble bath is super luxurious, even a small capful yields a tub full of luxurious bubbles, what a treat. And let me tell you I have been indulging in my share of bubble baths since discovering this wonderful product.

I went out immediately and ordered the EDT and hand lotion and am in love. The scent “dream” is heavenly and powdery/musky/floral. Heavenly!! Click here to see


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST I am never at a loss of beauty to share. I love sourcing my absolute faves of the week on Instagram, always enjoy finding new accounts to follow too. Just not enough hours in the day!


4. SILVER PROGRESS This next order of silver is going to be a showstopper, featuring new planters, my gorgeous Chippendale tray and the much waited for small tabletop lamps in tw0 fabulous designs. But while we all admire the beauty, I think what often gets overlooked is the unbelievable workmanship behind these.

These are NOT mass produced, they are completely done by hand right down to the etchwork. I  know it makes me appreciate my treasured  of silver pieces that much more. Thought you too might enjoy seeing these “behind the scenes” pics as we so often enjoy a product but don’t see the labor behind it. I find this amazing….

5. DINE AT THE JAMES BEARD HOUSE. Most people have heard  of the name James Beard, a name synonymous with the best in the culinary world. There is actually an entire building in NYC for the James Beard foundation, and all kinds of wonderful and delicious things go on there. I was invited to a special dinner a few years ago and it would be an understatement to say it was an amazing experience.

I don’t think a lot of people know that they offer regular dinners prepared by well known culinary masters, a different chef every time from al parts of the U.S. and sometimes beyond. Needless to say, it is a real honor for a chef to be invited to cook there.

You can choose your cuisine or chef, whichever is more important. It is a unique and wonderful NYC dining experience. We actually just booked it for a small group in April. Click here to find out more.

6. MY FAVORITE CAESAR SALAD RECIPE EVER  And speaking of food…..having people over next week and on my menu will most certainly be this heavenly and easy to prepare Caesar salad.  I have featured this a few times and some have asked for it again so here it is. This replicates my most favorite Caesar ever found at The Waterlot Inn in Bermuda. If you love Caesar, you will adore this, I promise! So so good, feel like making some today!


Small tin of anchovies or anchovie paste
3 large garlic cloves
3 generous tablespoons mayonnaise
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
Freshly squeezed lemon juice (2 lemons)
Worcestershire Sauce to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
1 1/2 cups good mild olive oil
1/2 -3/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, plus additional cheese to mix in to the salad
Romaine hearts (I use 3-4)

For the dressing, place the garlic and anchovies (dump entire tin with the oil) in the food processor and blend until smooth. Then add mayo, mustard, lemon juice, Worcestershire, salt, and pepper and process until smooth. With the food processor running, slowly pour the olive oil through the feed tube and process until thick. Add 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese and pulse 3-5 times.

Croutons can be purchased or made easily- get a loaf of French bread, cut into small 1/2″ square cubes, drizzle a little olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and bake at 350 for about 12-15 minutes until crispy. Voila, you have your very own homemade croutons!

You can refrigerate dressing up to one day ahead but generallyl I make it the day of. I wait until I am actually ready to serve the salad before I dress it, to not get soggy. If you like a little extra “tang” squeeze some fresh lemon over it and sprinkle a bit more Parmesan. Enjoy!


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY Ahhh the subject so many of us don’t like, exercise. I must admit I am not a huge fan before I do it but feel great after. While I don’t mind a beautiful walk outside on a gorgeous spring or summer day, the idea of going to a gym on a regular basis just doesn’t do it for me. I wish it did!

I am high energy by design so I know I burn some calories during the day, I am trying hard to incorporate more exercise into my life as I know how important it is and how good it is for you mind, body and soul. Wondering where you stand on the subject of exercise and how often you do it?

Well, that’s a wrap for this weekend. Off to enjoy my nice leisurely day today, and that might even include a walk as the suns out and its fairly mild but still brisk (as mild in March goes)! Hope you have a wonderful day, until next time…….

PS Last day to take advantage of 20% off all silver (includes all the new pieces and new chargers) use code “shine”, click here

PPS If you are in the are do join us on Thurs to welcome Mary McDonald for what is sure to be a wonderful night!

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Teresa on

Love the Sunday post! Always fun!
I had to laugh about the exercise questions. At one time, I was an exercise queen.

Lisa on

Hi Tina,
Your Seven on Sunday posts are a wonderful way to begin my day and I look forward to each and every one.
Thank you for sharing the Caesar dressing recipe. I love recipes that aren’t necessarily completely from scratch but mostly. Meaning I am happy I can do this with a pre-made mayo 🙂 I’ll probably be making it for dinner tonight because it looks that flavorful.

Debbie on

Love your Seven on Sunday. So much fun! I have to say that I think exercise is the most important thing you can do for yourself, as you age!! Long walks are great. Just keep moving!!!

Beverly Rowntree on

Try Jazzercise! You will be hooked. One hour of cardio, strength, and balance.

Susan on

Obsessed with those silver in the making pictures, I had no idea they were done by hand to that extent! Amazing Tina that you got those pictures, you are right makes you appreciate the workmanship.
Going to try your Caesar salad recipe, looks delicious and every recipe we have tried has been a winner.
For exercise, I do Pilates 3 times a week, didn’t like it at first but I stuck with it since I bought a package (a good way to stick to a plan btw). and now cannot imagine my weeks without it! It is a good way to start my day 3 x a week. I also love to walk and try to take a long walk with my husband and 2 pups 1-2 times a week. Most important thing is to keep moving and you seem very active which is good- good for your bones!

Mary Baker on

Hi Tina, love your post today. Your Caesar salad recipe looks yummy. All the Seven on Sunday pictures are beautiful. Love that nursery picture, so elegant and fun. I play tennis and that is the extent of my exercise. I really don’t enjoy the gym experience, much prefer group activities. Have a great day and thanks for sharing your post today.

Ccchintz on

I really like Lollia produces. They have been around for a while. I can feel things all ready getting geared up. Ouch Day light savings time! I know most of it is mental

Celia Becker @ on

WOW Tina, what a fantastic post. Where do I start?? First off, thanks so much for the tip about the Roman & Williams Guild. What a beautiful space!! Could it be anymore perfect? I’ll be putting it at the top of my list for my next trip to NYC. And as if that weren’t enough, you introduce me to The James Beard House. Who knew? How lucky you are to be going in April! Finally, I love Caesar Salad and was planning on bringing it to my Book Club on Friday. I’ll be using your recipe! Can’t wait to try it. Enjoy your Sunday:)

Peggy Ekena on

Seeing Teddy, in his bunny ears, reminded me of something. When can we expect the blue and white bunnies? Enjoy your relaxing Sunday.

Alicia on

I’m so happy that you still include Teddy in your posts!

Polly on

Can’t wait to try the salad recipe. Looks delicious!

Norina on

Re exercising-I joined an exercise program that I do from the privacy of my home. It’s as if you have your own personal trainer.
It’s on line and the name is GROW YOUNG FITNESS and Deron is the trainer. I’ve told many people about it and some of my doctors are participating in the program. I love it because you exercise in the privacy of your home and you create your own schedule.

Elaine Civera on

Your special ending at the bottom of each post is so heart warming.
I miss my special boy every day. Have a great Sunday Tina.

Liz on

EVERYTHING is so beautiful! I want to go that restaurant and then the next night eat at the James Beard house!

The silver pictures were fascinating, what a time honored craft they do, and lucky you to be able to have them in your shop.

When you have a husband who is a marathon runner, you feel a little guilty by not exercising, haha. I do not like it but my husband bought me a Peloton bike for my bday in Jan and I have to admit I like ti a lot more than I ever expected to. They really vary up the classes, teachers and you can challenge yourself as much as you want to. I TRY to do it 3 times a week but most its 1-2, but let me tell you when I am done, i am drenched!
Happy Sunday to you Tina.

Marci on

Your salad recipe sounds amazing……must try!


Love your post!!! And I love seeing Teddy at the end. I hope your heart is healing. As for exercise I go grudgingly but leave with a spring in my step!! If you haven’t tried a Barre Class it’s great fun and strength training.

Linda Wall on

I miss Teddy. Thanks for the bunny picture ?

Elizabeth on

Wonderful post, Teddy is always the perfect ending.

I would fall into the category of “exercise-aholic”. I lost about 20 lbs 2 years ago and since then having seen the tremendous benefits (mentally and physically) of exercise, I incorporate it into my day at least 5 days a week. I do Pilates, run about 3 miles (treadmill) a vigorous walk and always some kind of strength training. Some days its 20 min other days it’s an hour. We built a gym in our home that our entire family uses religiously. It is a way of life and everyone should make sure to get their heart rate up at least a few times a week.

Going to try your salad recipe that is my husbands absolute favorite (actually only salad he likes)!


Arell on

Always love your Sunday posts!

Sally on

Hello dearest Tina

A very happy Sunday and especially as it is Mother’s Day today in the uk, so happy Mother’s Day to you and all the lovely moms over there.
Just to wish you a most wonderful week, Tina I almost fainted when I saw that you are entertaining Mary McDonald, I Love her!! Oh my goodness, how exciting for you. I have followed her career a long time now and have her books. She is such an inspiring decorator. I hope you will have a fantastic evening, and tell us all about it.
Sending love
Sally xx

[email protected] on

Mary McDonald! That is going to be a blast without a doubt! Follow that evening with a Lollia bubble bath – I love that stuff too. 🙂

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