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Hello to my fellow blue and white loving friends. You are in for a treat, a BIG treat. We are posting later than usual as a special request by many of our West Coast customers. Our BEAUTIFUL container just arrived and we have been busy little elves getting all the presale orders out. So for anyone who placed an order, you are in for a beautiful blue bandwidth surprise in a few days1

As I do every time a container arrives, we hold a 1-2 day arrival sale of the entire container (some items are sold out or near extinction:) Items that are sold out that are coming back in April can be preordered.   With spring on our doorstep this is  an opportune time to add some blue and white cheer into or outside of your homes!




Whether you are already a blue and white connoisseur or just starting out, there is something here for everyone. Please read over the rules before we begin (especially if you are new to this)


  • There are two ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • IF YOU EMAIL- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • If an invoice is not paid within 12 hours it will be voided
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers  (and pattern if applicable)
  • This sale is on through Friday morning, March 16th (sorry no extensions past March 16th)
  • All porcelains are handpainted not machine made/mass produced
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • These items are in stock and ready to go!
  • Any order over $700 will receive 10% off
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Some items are available for international shipping you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)


With any purchase you can also buy our darling Enchanted Home mug (logo on both sides) for $6.00


any order over $400 gets a free mug


ITEM 1. Just in time for spring my newest style  village scene handpainted tulipieres are making a comeback and were an instant hit when I introduced them about two months ago. As this was a new style, I didn’t go crazy with the quantities  last time but more are on the way in all three sizes! I will be getting more in the April container.

Small measures 14.5″ $90.00 SOLD OUT

Med measures 22″ $195.00 LIMITED

Large  measures 32″ $245.00 LIMITED

ITEM 2. NEW!  Just love this amazing pheasant and floral wine bucket…..can you just see this on your spring and summer table? I sure can! 10,5″ x 9.5″ $95.00 2 LEFT

ITEM 3. NEW! Gorgeous trellis and paneled ginger jar, just love this jar, it’s beautiful from every angle. Measures 18″ tall $120.00 OR a pair for $230.00 3 LEFT

ITEM 4. The mini blue and white foo dogs are coming back…these super popular dogs are the cutest ones out there. Doubled up on my normal quantity, also makes one heck of a great pair of bookends! Mores 4″ x 6″
$90.00 for the pair VERY LIMITED

ITEM 5. Incredible village bowl, always sells out. This is very large and so grand, beautiful alone or filled with fruits, an orchid plant, so many options. Love it on a round table, kitchen island or dining room table 8.5 ” x  16″$140.00 VERY LIMITED

ITEM 6. NEW! these amazing containers/planters are ideal for things like a pretty potted plant or flowers. These also make great oversized utensil holders or perfect to hold a boxwood ball. Measures 8.5″ x 8″ either style $60.00

Lion/foo dog- 2 LEFT


ITEM 7. How pretty is this new lion jar! Measures 18″ x 1.5″ at its widest point. Hand painted on all sides featuring a classic lion/floral motif. A steal at  $120.00 OR a pair for $230.00 LIMITED

ITEM 8. The gorgeous open field chunky ginger jar is making a return, one of my all time favorites. This has a special place in my heart as it was the very first ginger jar I ever owned. Measures 17.5″ x 11″ at its widest. Measures 18″ $140.00 OR a pair for $265.00 3 LEFT

ITEM 9. NEW!  So excited to be getting these incredible village scene fishbowls in again. They are exquisite and pretty enough to stand alone but spectacular  to fill with a plant like orchids or any flowering plant. Really beautiful, measures 8″ x 9″ x 18″ $135.00 VERY LIMITED

ITEM 10. The original style of my tulipieres are coming back finally in small and medium, these always sell out and with good reason, they are spectacular and with spring around the corner, there is no better time to own one (or two)!

Small 14.5″ $90.00 2 LEFT

Medium 22″ $195.00 each SOLD OUT ( you can preorder  the medium however for our April container)

Large 32″  $245.00 each LIMITED

ITEM 11. Gorgeous blue and white pierced plate which is footed is coming back. A beautiful piece for display or field with cookies or fruit. This is 13.5″ round. $40.00

ITEM 12. Gorgeous cherry blossom mid sized fishbowl, this is so perfect for mid sized topiaries, a flowering plant inside or out. Love these with boxwood balls, topiaries, hydrangeas or a large orchid plant.  9.45″ x 12.5″ $120.00

ITEM 13. The long awaited and very elegant bird flat top jar is coming back, always a great jar which fits in anywhere. Measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ $75.00 OR a pair for $135.00


ITEM 14. NEW! An all time favorite, perfect for spring branches or flowers. So happy to finally be getting this most beautiful vase, features elegant scenery hand painted on entire body with fabulous “flower” handles. Measures 16.5″ x 7″ $130.00 OR a  pair for $245.00 SOLD OUT

ITEM 15. NEW! This wonderful mid sized ginger jar is the answer to many who have request some smaller ginger jar. This just is so pretty and a great size to use just about anywhere. A beautiful figurine/village scene is handpainted on this pretty jar. This beauty measures 14.5″ x 7.5″ $115.00 OR a pair for $220.00 4 LEFT

ITEM 16. This is one of the most beautiful garden seats, large and intricately detailed with exquisite hand-painted and raised “bumps” as a border around the entire perimeter. This is a real showstopper.  Measure 20″ x 12″ $255.00 SOLD OUT

ITEM 17. The plum/cherry blossom blue jar is coming back and is one exquisite jar. A real standout piece, beautiful mixed in with other porcelains or gorgeous as a pair.  Measures 17.75″ x 10.5″ at its widest $130.00  OR a pair for $250.00! VERY LIMITED

ITEM 18. The majestic grand ginger jar is coming back, always sells out. This is one of. the most beautiful jars I carry, it is really grand and beautifully detailed,  seeing is believing and when people get it they cannot get over it. Spectacular with  amazing details including lion “rings” and a food dog hexagon shaped top and base.  22″ tall $210.00 OR a pair for $410.00  1 LEFT

ITEM 19. The top selling trellis garden seat is making  a return just in time for spring. I have a few of these on my patio and they are a real statement piece.  Incredible detailing on this most beautiful garden seat, just love this design. Wonderful for indoors or out. Measures 17.75″. $155.00 VERY LIMITED

ITEM 20. These incredible scalloped pierced planter is coming back, it is understandable why its a top seller, it is magnificent. Featuring a gorgeous village scented handpainted all around this beautiful planter. Includes intricate scalloped border and pierced base. It’s all in the details. This is gorgeous with nothing in it and perfect for an orchid or flowering plant of any kind. Measures 9″ x 14″ $185.00 VERY LIMITED

PRESALE ITEM 21. We are sold out of these, but are taking presale orders for this item as it is wildly popular. The next shipment will be late April/first week of May. This is your chance to secure them at a presale price (they will be going up in price to $185).

This was replicated after an antique English planter I have owned for years, it is amazing how it is a carbon copy of the original. Truly exquisite, all hand painted and hand molded with beautiful real gold leaf detailing.

Measures 7.5″ x 8″

Presale price- $145.00 (will arrive late April/early May)

ITEM 22. Really love these jars, these more transitional solid white large chunky ginger jars are a beauty. Looks great alone or as a pair, these are very large and substantial. They measure about 23.5″ tall and have a beautiful foo dog lid.  $140.00 OR a pair of $265.00 LIMITED


Pale gray

The Giveaway-

So one lucky winner will win our new arrival, this beautiful pierced blue and white dish. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be in the running. A winner will be chosen and named on Sunday so be sure to check back-

Call or email your order-



And that is a wrap folks! Many beauties and this post kind of gets me in the mood to do some redecorating especially with spring not so far away! Thanks for stopping by, until next time…..


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Julie Goldin on

Would love to win your gorgeous new arrival!

Casey Noone on

I can’t wait to receive my foo dogs and lion jar! Adding to my growing collection of blue and white!! 🙂

marica on

Have to take inventory of what I need before I decide tonight! Also, getting excited for the bunnies!

Deborah on

My favorite is #21, I have always loved this style of planter and didn’t know that they came in smaller sizes for the dinner table, haza!!

Thank you, as always, for bringing a little more beauty to our lives.

Vickie H. on

Beautiful pieces! A great mood-elevator to push us into spring!

Barb on

I can see my oranges perfectly placed in this pierced dish! Hope I win this one….

Sheila on

I just recently ordered 2 of the trellis garden seats. I’m so darned excited to get them I can barely stand it. This is the start of a very fun passion!!

Natalie on

Love it all, just beautiful!

Elizabeth Thomas on

All I can say is WOW!!! They are ALL such gorgeous pieces that I cannot decide what I love the most!!!

Karenann on

All your new arrivals are just gorgeous. I just love your new garden seat with the “bumps” border! Unfortunately, it’s sold out. Will you be restocking that one?

Trudi on

Love your blog. I am excited to see your vacation home. It is lovely.

Mary H. on

The ginger jars are magnificent!

Cay Miller on

Truly a spectacular display of beautiful blue and whites. Makes for a “happy spring” with any one or multiples of these BEAUTIES !

Constance Windham on

Beautiful items, as always!

Leslie on

Love this new arrival!

Peggy Bryant on


I’m like a kid in a candy store. All beautiful items. Peggy

Pam on

I love your garden seat with raised bumps. It looks so fresh and traditional at the same time! I’m looking forward to your bunnies too. Your picture at the end of each post is dear.

Jeanne on

I’m loving all this blue and white!

Becky on

Made the plunge and can’t wait for my pieces to arrive! So happy you have filled a niche for those of us who love blue and white!!! Thank you!

Perfect offering on

I love seeing the photos of Teddy!

Debbie J on

Time to get my presale order in for the planter before they sell out again!

Rosalie on

So disappointed the garden seat is sold out.

Regina Schifani on

Love it all, but excited to receive my fishbowl!

G.Lundin on

Thank you for bringing back the sweet little foo dogs. I missed out last time!

Sonya O. on

Would love to see the medium size flat jar in the landscape/village scenery make a come back!

Becky on

Impossible to choose from so many gorgeous things! Though the give-away and #21 are on my list. Can’t wait to get the Easter treasures too!

Becky on

Impossible to choose from so many gorgeous things! The give-away and #21 are on my list. Can’t wait to get the Easter treasures too!

Joan on

So many goodies for the eye! Congratulations!

Deborah Taylor on

I always enjoy browsing the new blue and white items. I am longing for spring!

Eve on

Just love blue & white! You never disappoint!

Suzanne Moss on

OWWWW, I have just the place for that beauty. Please include me in your beautiful pierced blue and white dish give-away!!
P.S I just love all the pictures of Teddy the Bear – he was magnificent, hugs to you.

Jeanne on

I love your blue and white! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the pierced blue and white dish in my cart! How fun to be today’s giveaway!

Arell on

More beautiful things. I love them so much. I cannot wait until the bunnies come in!

Suzanne Ruff on

Deciding what piece to add to my collection.

Brenda M on

Beautiful blue and white options … Love the village scene tulipieres and square planters!

ruth bernhard on

Lovely new stuff!

Karen P on

Love it all, thank you!

Karen on

Can’t wait to receive my newest purchase! As always a beautiful selection!

Nancy Caswell on


Carolyn on

I love, love, love the pierced blue and white dish! I can think is so many ways to use it in my home.

Diane on

Love everything about this post! It certainly has me in the mood for Spring !

Terry P. on

Goody, Goody two shoes! Can’t wait, can’t wait – and my items are already PAID for! Oh, GLORY days ahead. LOL

Cindy on

I love drooling over your new arrivals!

Debbie on

So many beautiful blue and white things to choose from. I’d really like one or two of each!! Lol!

Becky Mattingly on

Everything is gorgeous, just as we have come to expect. Looking for garden seats. Yours are fantastic. The patterns are a standout. Bingo!

Mary on

Too good, too good!

Jackie Crane on

what a lovely dish!!! Sure wish I could get my hands on those tulipieres!

Dianne on

Fabulous and beautiful. I always want more😋

Vicki on

My absolute favorite is the garden seat that is sold out. Beautiful!

Marge K. on

Hi Tina,
What fun I had looking thru all of these wonderful items. I really do think I need a garden stool for my deck. I just want some warmer weather first!

leigh on

I love all of the blue and white porcelains, and enjoy the ones I have ordered from you!

Jane on

Love the new piece! Has so many potential uses: candy dish, strictly decor like moss balls or just beautiful by itself!

Tera on

Love blue and white! It just freshens up a room.

Denise Heroman on

Love the foo dogs and the “antique reproduction “ planters … ! ( and everything else too … 😊 …!

Marilyn Cole on

All of the new arrivals are lovely! My favorite is #21!

Mary on

Absolutely beautiful! Blue and white is timeless!

Diane M. on

Happy Spring!!!Everything I need for both everyday and entertaining can be found on The Enchanted Home site…especially Item #2 the beautiful floral wine bucket.

MjDiNic on

Garden seat is spectacular. They are so useful and pretty to look at.

Kathrine on

Loving the white jar!

Sandy W on

Fabulous blue and white additions again. Would love to have more room for some more.

Colleen on

Love all the blue and white.

Darlene McMullan on

All of the new items are stunning!

Regina on

I love the blue and white!

Megan Bobbitt on

So many beautiful items!!
The pierced blue and white dish is lovely.

Judy Clark on

So glad you are getting more of the antique English planters, Thank you.

Betty Crow on

I live alone and look forward to your emails every day. You have such happy beautiful parties and decorating ideas.. I love blue and white as much as you do. Thanks for sharing the happiness. Betty

Kim on

Love the flat top jars!

Kelley on

These are all so beautiful, now I just need to make decisions, decisions!

Mary Joy Webster on

I LOVE the new lion smaller planters and the lion ginger jars! New pattern for me. The pierced bowl would fabulous in my kitchen.

Jennifer B on

Gorgeous new arrivals! 💙

Kelli William on

So glad to have found this site!!! What a wonderful source for my blue and white obsession!

Carol on

It’s all is so beautiful!

Bettina Woodring on

Will you be getting more of #16, the garden seat? Love it! Fingers crossed.

Deb Harris on

Love all of the blue and white. Want to redecorate and start adding in a few pieces! Thanks for all the beauty!

Jennifer S on

Always so fun to peruse your new arrivals of blue and white. So pretty!

Megan Sant on

Loving all this blue and white! Finding hard to choose!

Denise Winter on

All I can say is “OMG”! It is all just gorgeous!!

Sherry B on

I love all the porcelain decor items, especially the white chunky ginger jar. I would be thrilled to win the pierced dish. Thank you for the chance to win such a beautiful piece of your collection.

Terri Michael on

Thanks for your always-stunning sales!

Donna R on

They’re all beautiful….too hard to choose a favorite, although the lovely garden seat that is sold out is gorgeous!

Stephanie Gonzalez on

So many beautiful things! I have my eye on the square planter with gold leafing! Thanks so much for having these sales and doing these giveaways!

Cindy Patton on

I love so many of these gorgeous items! So hard to choose! Can’t wait to get my foo dogs!

Pam on

Your blue and white collection is beautiful..again!! The pierced bowl is lovely!

Margie Winters on

Love the replicas of your antique English planter!

Brenda on

Can’t wait to receive my tulipieres. Love all the blue and white. 💙

Yolanda on

Always so beautiful! Can’t wait to get my porcelain garden seat, and yes, the pretty give away is awesome too.

Susan on

The planters are exquisite!

Donna Weir on

Blue and white forever! I love all your pieces!

Deborah on

Love the garden seats!

Susan K too on

Love those adorable Foo Dogs!

Cristina Diaz-Padron on

LOVE those transitional pieces ! I’d love to introduce that Grey transitional Jar into my home!!! Who says modern can’t do classic?!

Judith Poremba on

I am waiting for a bunny.

Elaine McCarty on

My favorite is the English planter. Love, love it!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

A touch of blue and white can make any room lovely. How I love blue and white accents.

Karen F. on

What a wonderful collection of blue and white porcelain ~ a feast for the eyes!

Alexandra T on

If you don’t have it, order the pierced planter! It is versatile and lovely!!!

Janice on

Love the simple elegance of the large white/gray ginger jar! Would go in so many places. A classic!

Michelle on

Love the new Lion Ginger Jar! Another great shipment of blue and white treasures!

Merilynn B. on

can’t make up my mind!

Julie L on

Beautiful choices as always! Love the new items! Julie L

Susan K on

Hi Tina- your pieces are just gorgeous. Great job,

Elizabeth Pruett on

Every piece is elegant, inviting, cheerful with lovely lines!

Kathryn on

I love that dish! It would be so pretty filled with lemons ☺️

Deborah G. on

So many beauties to choose from, where do I start! I would love to have one of everything please, if only my budget would allow 😔.

Linda Beth on

So happy to see the Foo Dogs back….my favorites!

Pamela Brown on

I gave my daughter 2 of the tall blue & white vases for Christmas & she loved them!!

Dana on

Beautiful collection Tina! It’s my (62) birthday this week (what?!) and I’m still celebrating -would love to win the pierced bowl! .

Karen Gunn on

Can’t wait for my pair of tulipieres to arrive deciding if I need another large one! So excited to see them! 🎉🎉

Pop O Color on

Love those foo dogs.

Hunter Dawson on

Love all of these!

Leanne Turner on

Beautiful pieces these are!

Amy Callis on

The garden seats are gorgeous. Can think of a dozen places around the house!!!

Laurie on

Ooooh I love that gorgeous garden stool that’s already sold out! I’ll keep an eagle eye out for it next time. Thanks, Tina, for your always lovely blue and white.

Martha McC on

So tempting to add another garden seat. Beautiful things once again!

Annamay Adams on

Would love to win this beauty!

Pamela Grove on

I guess I had best run out and get a lottery ticket so I can get EVERYTHING I’d love to have from this site. I’m not sure what I enjoy more, seeing all the new items arriving or the beautiful rooms displayed. This makes a huge difference in seeing how items can be used. There are pieces I would pass by not thinking I would have much use for them but when I see used in a room in a way I never thought about it completely changes my mind. I think this site this evening has me more excited for the arrival of spring AND Easter than any other so far. People don’t usually think of this blue and white for Easter, its normally all pastels but this color combination can make the most incredible Easter displays and tablescapes and mantle displays. I love it and I bet Peter Cottontail doesn’t see any homes more beautiful on his rounds on Easter morning.

Emily of ElevenGables on

I love it all!!! and now I’m in so much trouble!! ha ha! What could be better than receiving a package from The Enchanted Home? Two packages! xx, Emily

dale on

All the garden stools are lovely

Cathy Perry on

Love each and every piece 💙

Vickie on

Eyeing the cherry blossom fish bowl.

Ann on

Your blue and white porcelains are beautiful. I have dreamed of several pieces placed in my home.
My birthday can’t come soon enough!

Carla on

I love it all! Especially the garden stools.

Michele Pittel on

Classic at its finest- love Blue & white!

Myrna on

I love all of them ! What I don’t have is the garden seat and blue and white foo dogs. The pierced blue and white dish is lovely and I would certainly love to win it.

Pamela Norwood on

Would be a lovely addition to my growing collection!!

Cheryl on

Love the piercing!!

Barbara Ryals on

So many gorgeous choices that I’m tempted to say that I’ll take one of each!

Cathy Chapman on

All the lovely blue and white! What to choose!

Fran W. on

Love that chunky ginger jar. So unique and pretty!

Mary M on

I love everything so much I can’t decide which pieces to order!

Donna on

All beautiful pieces! I’m having difficulty “narrowing down” my list…

Linda A. on

Always room for some new beautiful Blue and White!

Marilyn on

Blue and white is so happy. It makes me smile.

Debbie H. on

Would love the large garden seat in my outdoor area! It is gorgeous.

Paulette P on

My favorite is item 21 which is the English planter with gold leaf detailing. Your pair of antique planters look so beautiful on your dining table.

Pat R on

What gorgeous works of art. Thanks for all your hard work in bringing them to us.

Debi Ridgeway on

So many beautiful items.

Mary Baker on

Blue and White Heaven today! Love the Tulipieres and hope to order two for my table for Easter.

kathy bunge on

The pierced blue & white bowl as the give-away is so beautiful!

J Fain on

Bought some of the porcelain presale. I want more. These are just lovely.

Mary Balagia on

I love all of the new items!

Anne Logan on

What is not to love especially the garden bench!

Sharon on

The garden seat with bumps is absolutely gorgeous!

Marci on

It would be hard to chose from all the blue and white items you have featured . They truly are all exquisite!

Tamra Lee on

As always another gorgeous container of blue/white lovelies . . .I have my eye on those darling Foo Dogs!!

Laura L. on

Another beautiful post. I can’t tell you enough how I look forward to these 🙂

Rachael W on

The garden stool is just beautiful!!! I love all of these gorgeous blue and white pieces!!

April on

Can’t wait for my garden seat to arrive. So looking forward to it. Thank you.

April on

Can’t wait for my garden seat to arrive. So looking forward to it. Thank you.
I really don’t see it. Note said I already posted this note. No worries.

Michelle on

Presale item 21 look gorgeous in your dining room. Love all the blue and white.

Sarah M on

Please post pics of any redecorating! #inspiration

Kristin on

Love the bunnies.

Joyce on

So happy to have found your beautiful website! Love everything- so hard to choose. My favorite is the garden stool which is sold out. Will you order more of this one? Would love to be the lucky winner of the pierced dish.

Alissa on

I love all the blue and white pieces you carry!

Mickey on

I love your garden seats.

Cindy Weis on

Tina, once again you hit it out of the park with these amazing pieces, and at such an affordable price. I have seen so many of these pieces on Instagram for sale at a much higher price. So many beautiful pieces. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you!

Sue on

I can not get enough of blue and white and get so excited when you announce a new container coming in !!

Elaine Civera on

I wish I had the room for all of your pieces. However I will settle for the beautiful items I already have ordered.

Susan Bauer on

All SO beautiful!!!!💙💙💙

Sharon G. on

As always, gorgeous blue and white.

Jeni McBride on

Love all of these items!💕

Dale Wall on

I enjoy your web site so much, especially when you display the merchandise being used as it should be. Beautiful things, from what must be a beautiful spirit. Nice things that I can’t really afford, but I love looking, especially since I can’t break them on line (smile).

Chris on

Thank you, what a beautiful plate. Would look beautiful on our Easter Brunch table!

Barbara on

Always like the garden seats. Everything is so nice.

Marilu Venegas on

Just started collecting, have 3 pieces. This would be a beautiful piece to add to my collection

Kelly Mitchell on

Oh my. So hard to choose, but I love item 5. That bowl is beautiful and useful. My two rules for bringing in decorative items…..

Leah Marks on

Hi Tina,
Love your post and the blue and white. However, do you ever have other colors?? Maybe orange tones?


Kathy on

I am delighted I found this site—exquisite! Will be ordering for sure!


Once again you’ve done it. Brought us the most beautiful pieces!! Love it all!!!

Kerry Anne Barr on

I first fell in love with blue and white China when I was 6 years old. My grandmother bought me on her travels to Holland a pair of ornamental blue and white clogs. (I still have them albeit one is chipped).

And now 64 years later I am still loving B&W thanks to The Enchanted Home.

Thank you Tina. 😍

Kerry Barr

Liz on

I’d love to win the pierced blue and white dish- what a great piece!

Shery G. on

I absolutely love all the pieces! I wish I can purchase several pieces to add to my collection. I love item 21. They are such beautiful replicas that would look beautiful just about anywhere in my home.

Ann on

Would love to win!

Lydia Fabend on

Fragmentary Blue
by Robert Frost
Why make so much of fragmentary blue
In here and there a bird, or butterfly,
Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,
When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue?

Since earth is earth, perhaps, not heaven (as yet)–
Though some savants make earth include the sky;
And blue so far above us comes so high,
It only gives our wish for blue a whet.

Carol on

Really love the solid ginger jars.. great to mix with the blue and white.

Sandy on

I can’t tell you how much I love ALL of the blue and white pieces in the collection! Wow-so stunning!! I want them all!!!

Eileen on

So many pretty things. Love it!

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