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Hi and Happy St. Patricks day friends, hope everyone is doing well. So happy it’s the weekend, it’s been a long extremely busy week and I am looking forward to a some free time and  to just chill! Have a few fun exciting design projects i am working on and really really enjoying working on these.

One of them is for a young newly married couple who are designing on a budget. I actually am really enjoying this project, its a fun kind of challenge. They had four rooms with wood floors that all need rugs. The total budget is $1500 for the four rooms. Never has it been easier to accomplish this, whereas 6 years ago this would have been nearly impossible. With today’s choices, being so vast at every price level, it is finally dare I say easy to decorate on a budget!

Another project is doing a small rooftop patio area, the floor is old cracked concrete so they need a rug that will cover the entire area so we found a few outdoor rugs that are so good looking and so unbelievably affordable. Decor Market to the rescue, I have found such amazing deals, that combined with free shipping and their awesome customer service makes them a win/win.

So I thought I would share some of what we found along with a few others that are just darn good deals. Plus Decor Market in celebration of St. Patties Day is offering 20% site wide and a giveaway! Details are on the bottom but first let’s look at the steals on rugs-


CHOICE 1 Got this beauty in an 8 x 10 for a dining room. Would you believe it if i told you for around $250!! Click here

CHOICE 2 Working on an edesign project that involves a small office, so we have selected this pretty rug and what a deal! Click here

CHOICE 3.  Found this gorgeous rug and thought it would be pretty as an entry rug, and at $50 I don’t think you need to think twice! Click here

CHOICE 4 I am considering trying this rug for the outdoor patio, beautiful and so priced right! Click here

CHOICE 5 How pretty are these colors? We did  this for a dining room, Imagine the 8 x10 came out to around $640! It looks like a fine old Persian with the muted washed colors and I adore this pattern. Click here

CHOICE 6 This would be so pretty in a bedroom or even a ladies office, isn’t it so fresh and pretty! Was only about $350, hard to believe. Click here

CHOICE 7 For someone who likes a more traditional rug think this is a stunning rug in navy, once again they have perfected the technique to make it look so antique. Amazing! Comes up to a 9 x 12 and it’s under $1000 which is astounding to me. Click here

CHOICE 8 How sweet is this rug? One of my customers actually sent this as a baby git, I love that idea and will need to copy for sure. It is so pretty an so incredibly reasonable. Also available in two other colorways (one for girls and one neutral) Darling! Click here

CHOICE 9 Imagine a 9 x 12 sisal for under $300!! I also love the herringbone design, click here

CHOICE 10  This classic trellis rug is so very pretty, have seen it in person and honestly a total bargain. An 8 x 10 is under $300. I just recommenced this to someone for a small office. Click here

CHOICE 11  ITEM 2 This beautiful outdoor rug in a 6 x 9 was $150!! Crazy price. Click here

CHOICE 12 I had to include this rug, we used this for my clients daughters room and in person this rug looks like a million dollars. We scored the 8 x 10 for about $300. She couldn’t get over the deal, this is a really good looking rug offered in several colors, click here

Your turn to choose your two faves-

All I can say is if you are in the market for a rug or to do a little sprucing. up, Decor Market is your answer. Especially with an extra 20% and free delivery, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal.  I have found many wonderful items both for myself and especially me clients over time from em. Don’t forget to use the code, “LUCKY20” to the extra savings.



The goodness doesn’t stop there, Decor Market has generously donated a rug for a giveaway.

One lucky winner will be selected March 20th to win one of Decor Market’s stunning rugs! ⠀

TO ENTER- you can have up to 4 chances to increase your chance to win!

1. LEAVE  a comment on this post telling us your favorite rug
2 FOLLOW on instagram
3. LIKE the giveaway post on their instagram
4. TAG 3 friends in the comments of the instagram giveaway post. ⠀

Only eligible for US entries

Wow, that’s a nice way to start a Saturday morning! Be sure to leave a comment to be eligible and don’t forget to enter the other ways on Instagram to increase your chances. Who. knows, you may just send up being a rug winner March 20th! Thanks for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous Saturday. Until next time……

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Amber Lipari on

Dear angel Teddy – what an adorable bunny!

Mickey on

My favorite is the Cambridge rug.

Charlotte Caruso on

Love so many of the rugs but #5 was my favorite. Such a different look. Would love to use this one in my home!

Mary H. on

Number ten is a beautiful classic that would enhance many spaces.

Cher on

Gorgeous! Love them all! My favorite is number 12.

Karen on

Love the soft colors of #2!

joy on

Love Safavieh! I like the grey with circle design!

Susan DLT on

Wow!!! Incredible Deals! And such a beautiful assortment! I’m going to spend a lot of time trying to choose my favorites!! Thank-you for sharing decor market with us!

Linda on

My favorite by far is #12. I can see that in my dining room!

Elaine McCarty on

Such great deals.

Alissa on

I just love the texture of sisal rugs, so #9 is my favorite!

Susan DLT on

I Love #1, 2, 6 & 12……I can’t choose just one:)

Teresa on

Love them all, but I would choose the sisal! Great giveaway!

Edwina on

Love rug no five and would enjoy living with that one.

Celia Becker @ on

I’m really partial to green and just love your choice # 5. In fact, I’m beginning to do some updating of my decor before my son gets married in our home in September. I just might have to have that rug.

Laurie Cordeniz on

Love the herringbone sisal! Thanks or the chance! Luck be with me!!

Lisa on

You have the best giveaways! These rugs are great!!

Dana Feiock on

I love the rugs you have chosen to show. But I have to agree with you #12 looks so expensive, love the texture!

mariae on

My favorite is #8, it is the sweetest pattern wether for a boy or a girl, playroom or baby room!!!

Todd on

Definitely 12

Deri on

I love the trellis rugs in blue and green!

Rosalie on

Rug #7 – incredible rich colors.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

🍀Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too! Love your picks, especially #12 & #10. My thoughts are that #12 & #10 would go great with your blue and white accessories! Cheers, have a great day! ☘

Linda Beth on

I love Decor Market rugs and have several in my home. Number 7 really caught my eye. Beautiful!

Amy Callis on

#5 is my favorite by far. The depth of colors spoke to me, but the price on that 9×12 sisal is awesome!!

Sonya O. on

Love the sisal rug

Patricia on

#5 is my favorite. All are winners.

Jeanne M. on

I would choose either 1 or 9. Great look for the price. I will have to bookmark this for future projects.

Valerie V. on

Thanks for sharing these Tina. My favorite is number 5. I tried to open the link but it wouldn’t open.

franki on

Really, a rug with a fleu de lis?? THAT IS MY accent!! This rug would work perfectly in my granddughter’s bedroom here at the lake – her name is Lilly Anna. What fun you must be having with your work…these rugs are beautiful!! franki

Kathy M on

Love all the rugs, such wonderful choices. Thank you for sharing!

Janet on

So many pretty choices, but I really love the pattern in #5. Thanks for sharing, I’m off to track these down on the website!

Nancy OShaughnessy on

Numbers 1 and 2 are exceptional!

Michele Jett Garrard on

Beautiful rugs-you have the best taste in decor!

Karen J. Smith on

Loved the rug choices, especially #5. Absolutely gorgeous! Just received the cache pots, really beautiful….love all your blue/whites!

Mary Jo Miller on

Hi Tina,
My sister is in the market for new outdoor rugs. so this is perfect. My favorite rug of the choices you showed was number 12.
Still loving the pictures of Teddy.

Eve on

The area rugs are all beautiful! Love # 8. What a adorable rug for a child’s room.

Kathryn on

Love the soft colors of #1

Elizabeth on

Pick me! We just moved into a new house that is almost empty, waiting on our things to come on Tues but we need a lot more. I am starting to look at rugs for my bedroom and dining room so excited to know about decor market. What deals!! Thank you thank you for this wonderful resource Tina.

Got my tulipieres yesterday and am in love with them, I can’t stop staring at them and going today to buy flowers to “play”!

Rebecca on

Love them all but the herringbone sisal is my favorite!

Denise on

It is wonderful to look at all of the beautiful rugs. Loved the picture of Teddy too.

Sandy W on

There are some very pretty rugs, but my favorite is number 12.


I would love to have the sisal rug for my guest bedroom!! So pretty!!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Kate on

All beautiful rugs. The prices are amazing as you noted .
My favorite rug is Number 12, as it is a classic design, perfect for many rooms and the neutral color isn’t restrictive .

Sherie Wiser on

Love rug #1. Muted colors are wonderful.

Jayne on

Great options! Did not know about this source!

Whitney on

Love them all but #9 and #10 are my favorites. You have great taste!

Amy on

LOVE! #12

Tamra Lee on

These are gorgeous rugs and they’re priced so well my favorite is, #12 such a pretty pattern! Thanks for sharing this great resource and the 20% code.

Karen on

I love the sisal rug but they are all lovely!

Jennifer S on

Such wonderful values for so many fantastic patterns, styles and sizes!

Sharon Simms on

Great selection and prices on these rugs!

Jane on

Love #10! It would look beautiful in my foyer with my blue and white.

leslie on

Gorgeous rugs Tina!

Karen on

I’m in the market for rugs for 3 different rooms. Saw so many options that would work. But number 12 is hands down my favorite!!!

Mary Pat Dilks on

#12 is my Birthday Wish!

Peggy Ekena on

I love rug #12 and it has the perfect colors to go under my dining room table. The walls are dove gray and the upholstered chairs are white/cream with a light gray design. The rug would be a nice compliment to the room. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Mary on

My daughter could use a large rug to place over carpet in her living room. #12 would be perfect. Thank you for the post!

Susan K too on

Fabulous selection of rugs! I like them all, but #10 is really special.

ML Coolidge on

Decor Mart has great rugs…I have one. Number 5 has style, traditional design and pizazz

Mary Jo on

I love #5 tug, would love to have it in my home. I love many of the rugs shown, and great prices.

ML Coolidge on

.Number 5 has style, traditional design and pizazz

Tarey on

Gorgeous rugs at very reasonable prices. Great find Tina, and thank you for the information and giveaway. I particularly like the texture of number 12. Cheers…

Jean on

So hard to choose! I think I will go with 12! Love 1 and 2 and the baby rug as well

Laurie Marsh on

Love the teal persian rug with the burgundy and other accents! Amazing!

Tammy Lewis on

I’m in a rug coma surrounded by all the beauty …. It was difficult to vote considering they were all a 10… first time shopping at decor mkt I’m hooked!!

Adrienne on

Could you please tell me which rug #5 is at Decor Market? I wasn’t able to click on it in my post. Thanks!

Leslie on

I love all the rugs. I will definitely use them in the future. Thank you for this tip, and pictures.

Beverly Nichols on

Thanks for all the beautiful designs you share!

Beverly Nichols on

all are wonderful! #1 was my favorite!!

Cindi T on

Perfect timing, I am in the market for runners in our newly remodeled kitchen checking out their site soon as I post this. Great looks and better yet, a GREAT price point.

Ellen on

I love the subtleness of rug 1–it’s a perfect updated nod to a classic oriental that will balance a room of antiques and new furniture beautifully.

Karen Markovich on

Hi Tina, I am very excited to receive my ice bucket now that your shipment arrived on Tuesday.
Can’t wait….

Nancy Griffiths on

Love them all but my favorite is the Navy #7 rug…would look amazing in my living room!

Lorraine Stovall on

Wow; deals galore. I’m looking at #12 for my newly renovated bathroom!



Dana Munoz on

Safavieh Windsor Lavender / Fuchsia Rugs – WDS311F

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Love number 12!
Pretty color.

Dans on

Number 9 will definitely be coming to live in my keeping room

Donna Scully on

Number 10 would be my choice.

Becky Mattingly on

Aww Easter Teddy! Love the blue and white trellis rug.

Andie on

I love the blue and cream trellis rug #10!! All of them are a bargain.

Terri on

Love choice 5 with the green!

Pat Rayne on

All rugs are very tasteful and economical. I’m impressed by the selection

Debbie on

They are all very pretty. Number 3 and number 7 are my colors, so they are my favorites!

Joan on

All are great but would like 10 for my porch!

Holly Smith on

Number 1 is my very favorite! I’ve never used them before so thanks for the introduction

Debbie M on

Rug #5 is a beauty. Thank you for information on the sale.

Ellen. Clark on

Choose 10, the blue & white trellis would be wonderful with ANY blue and white collections,
My other favorite is choice 5.
I purchased the porcelain pots de cremes for my own Christmas gift …..set of 12,
and I need to send you a tablescape of them topping my Limoges.!,!

Marge K. on

HI, love all the rugs, but #7 is my favorite. Looks antiqued for sure and it’s navy!

Christine on

Love the herringbone sisal!

leigh on

Beautiful rugs..I have ordered before from Decor Market and have always been pleased!

Debbie G. on

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone🍀Rug number 12 would go nicely in my future living room. I recently lost all of my furniture and rugs to black mold.

Mary on

I love rug #5…the colors are gorgeous – (BTW the link is broken).

Laurene P. on

I just love #12, it would look perfect in my Ralph Lauren decor/bedding bedroom. Especially placed on top of our dark wood floor!

Connie Windham on

Love #12 in the neutral color way. A classic!

Cay Miller on

Everyone of these rugs score big with me. My favorite is number 5 however, they all are just gorgeous. Really sets off my Spring creative thinking – dining room especially and then again living room also. Ready for updates. Thanks for the inspiration.
Cay Miller

Sharon L. on

My favorite is #5. Beautiful colors!!

Donna Holbrook on

Rug Number 5 is my favorite. I would love to have this in my bedroom.

Deb Jeffers on

Cannot find #5 gorgeous rug on the website. Can you please post vendor, rug name, or page it’s on. I would love to purchase!

Pam Flinchum on

Having a hard time deciding but I’ll go with #12 as my favorite!

Jennifer on

I am really into “navy” right now so had to vote for #7. They’re all beautiful!

dale on

I love the looks of all the ne rugs,but I would put number 2 in my bedroom immediately!

Marilyn Stirrett on

I chose No. 5, but it wasn’t easy. So many beautiful to choose from.

Audrey on

I love #12 – wonderful pattern!

Donna Henson on

I LOVE choice #1. I am wanting to re-decorate my dining room and those colors are beautiful

Kim on

Love the colors in #2!

Pamela G. on

You made this difficult. Having a home whose construction began in 1795 and the latest renovation began in 1996 (its never really ended, I’m in the middle of a serious refreshening of some of the house now) with at least 3 additions and multiple redecorations between then and now I have original wood floors whose boards range from about 6 inches to 14 inches probably. Not wanting carpet (due to serious dust mite allergy) (except on the stairs so my 12 year old golden retriever doesn’t slip again on them put in by my mother. Now over the years I’ve had at least 3 or 4 serious falls on the steps. Did my mother ever call our flooring people and have carpet laid? No! But my golden slips once (and saving her is when I had my last serious fall) my mother has the stairs covered within a week, in MY home. You see where I rate. My mother is so attached to Lucy its shocking. The same woman when I wanted a dog desperately as a child I heard, “over my dead body”! I never gave her grandchildren but I did give her a granddoggie whom is THE best dog in the world according to her Memaw. (she IS a good dog). Who has never done her business on any rug of any design since 9 weeks old. (she came home here at 8 weeks). Now dog hair, that’s a different story. I could build a new dog at times I think. She learned housetraining in no more than a week. Her only accidents have been when she’s been sick and wasn’t able to get out and that’s not her fault. She tried, it was always by a door. But if parents of an infant think changing a diaper of an ill baby is bad, you should have that to clean up but you can’t fuss at them, no one can help getting sick. So since I don’t do Instagram and I DO have the best dog, and I can’t earn any extra entries that way, do I get an extra entry for being a fellow golden mom?

Judy Toline on

Number 12 my fav. All of them pretty!

Sherry Killough on

Tina, I like #10 and #12 the best. Great prices!

Patricia Q. Patterson on

All the rugs are works of art! I just happen to have one really speak to me.

Joy on

Love #5 for it’s unusual pattern and beautiful colors.

Yolanda on

All are beautiful but #5 is my favorite.

Mary Baker on

Wow, what great deals. I really like #9, the trellis rug and both color choices for #10. The prices are so reasonable. I am measuring my room for the 9 x 12 trellis. What a great buy. Thanks for sharing.

JoanS on

A beautiful collection at great prices. #5 for me please.

Alexandra T on

4, 5, 9 and 8 in honor of my nephew and his wife who just had twin boys Mar. 10!

Linda Wishart on

All are beautiful but would love to have either number 1 or 2, they remind me of my grandmother! She was beautiful visually and had the soul of an angle!

Sandy on

I am a blue and white addict! The beautiful ivory/blue trellis is my favorite!

Bev Freiley on

I just love choice two, with its muted colors!

Janice on

The sisal is so classic and would go anywhere! Could also go under a smaller rug to give it more presence. Can’t go wrong with this one!

Pat R on

No. 5 is my favorite. Gorgeous !

Shery G. on

Such a great selection of rugs! They are all beautiful and can be used in many different rooms. The colors of the rugs are all beautiful. My favorite is rug #9 because of its versatility.

Debbie on

The modern graphic on rug #4 is a happy, easy-to-work-with option for many different scenarios. I can see it in a laundry room, porch, dressing area or home office. Love it!

Karen C on

Love all the rugs!

Pamm on

Thank you for the chance to win! My favorite is number 10, the trellis rug in blue. It would be beautiful in our bedroom!

Briana on

#1 and # 2!

Melissa on

The last one would look beautiful in my new home office!!!

Susan H. on

Such great deals on rugs! Thanks for showing us this sampling.

Cee on

Number 9…It’s like the LBD of rugs.

lydia vergara on

#5 has that classic old oriental look.Would look good in any room.

lydia on

#5 has that classic old oriental look.Would look good in any room.

Karen Gunn on

Love number 5…. it’s green for st. Patrick’s Day!

Jennifer on

I absolutely love choice 5! Sadly, I think they are sold out because the link is not available.

Donna C. on

#12 is exquisite! Actually, anyone of the options would be a delight.

Doris on

Great selection!

kesha on

I love the last rug. Rug #12. It is so pretty and elegant

April on

Like the unusual color combination of #5. So many choices.

Kristin Smith on

I would choose choice one – I love the understated pattern. I would also choose choice 9 the sisal – I love the herringbone pattern – it is a classic.

Sharon on

1st choice would be wonderful for my master bath but I can’t get it to “click here” ???
Please help with product #
Thank you

Janet on

#8 melts my heart

Judith Poremba on

Love ALL the rugs!

Jill Y on

#7 was my favorite!

Natalie on

Love the Trellis rugs!

shelley moore on

Love #9. Have it in my dining room. Hard to beat!

Linda Owens on

My favorite is number 12.
Linda O.

Susan on

Would love to get a new outdoor rug.

Gay on

I like the rugs that have muted colors and look like they can’t from your home! Honesty all the rugs are beautiful!

Mary Lu on

I will seriously consider getting the trellis rugs and #5 that looks like an old Persian rug. Lovely and such a great price.

Kathryn on

These rugs are stunning and so affordable. Thanks for sharing!

Jackie Crane on

What lovely choices! Number 5 is truly a good looking rug!

Beth H on

My favorite rug is #5. Love the colors especially the green.

Debbie H. on

Love several but #12 is my favorite. Beautiful!

Judy Mearing on

#5 would look fabulous in my living room. My walls are a light mint and the colors in the rug would bring out the gold in my frames in my paintings. I have ordered two apartment size sofa and chairs to match from Lee furniture. Happy Spring.

Deb Harris on

Love the great prices on natural fiber rugs!

Michelle B on

So hard to choose but I would love a natural sisal rug for my patio!

Kathy on

I adore the nursery rug! Would be perfect for my new grandson. Decor Market is a treasure!

Joan on

Those prices are amazing! Loving #11 for my terrace and #9 for the pool house!
Teddy made an adorable Easter Bunny!

Anne Logan on

love number 5


The trellis rug is fabulous! I love the decor market website and will definitely be using this for my preferred rug shopping location.

Gwendolyn Jordan on

#5 is my favorite

Ann on

Love the sisal rug. Traditional yet not formal & can go in any space. Also what a deal the prices are.

Cheryl on

Love the Windsor blue distressed rug, choice 2! I’m a great fan of non traditional.

Bonnie G. on

I love #2 … could be used for a number of color schemes! Thank you for sharing the give away.

christine on

I like choice one and two, i think the faded look is so romantic!

Bettina Woodring on

Totally love the #1 rug.

Marie on

I loved the children’s rug #8, could not find the other color choices and really need “adult” rugs. With that in mind, I think rug #12 is my favorite. For some reason this week’s blogs never made it to me, but I couldn’t miss the Sunday one so searched and read “backward”. Thank you

Pam W on

Love the rugs

Leanne Turner on

Oh no 5 and 7 are my favorites, as I love those colors!

Susan K on

#5 is just gorgeous and so reasonably priced!

Sandy on

Such beautiful rugs!

Emily Capss on

Number 10 in blue. I have this exact same rug in green and it’s held up beautifully for my son’s room for 6 years! I just had it steamed cleaned and it looks brand new. Needless to say, the kids don’t eat or drink in their room, though.

Susan B on

So many beautiful choices but my favorite is #5. The colors are gorgeous and it’s just the right rug we need for our small office.

Betsy on

I love these rugs and the prices are actually BETTER than Homegoods! #10 would look beautiful in my back hall!

Sarah M on

Love a good deal on rugs!

Brenda Haines on

I love number 6! Thanks for the chance!

Sandra on

I really really love #12. This would look so lovely in my bedroom and the colors are perfect💓

Sherry B on

Love the classic trellis rug.

Fran W. on

I love the navy Oriental rug. Would be beautiful in a dining room!

Michelle on

Number 5 definitely my favorite. It feels happy.

Wehaf on

I’m in the market for an outdoor rug and I like the Safavieh Indoor/Outdoor Veranda Rugs – VER003-0212.

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