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Hi there, hope everyone is having a great week. Here, it is officially spring yet we are in the throes of a major snowstorm! Yes hard to believe but we have a lot on the ground and more to come tonight. There was even talk about some more light snow on Sunday. Looks like a trip to my favorite nursery will have to wait a while 🙁

Every now and then I like to deviate a bit and delve into other subjects. Today is about beauty, skin care and fun products…..let’s face it, it’s a fun subject, generally not a purchase we need to really think much about and it gives us all a lift.

I haven’t done one of these in a long, long time so thought it would be fun to share some of my personal favorite products, and I do hope you will share yours. Everything here are products I use and love on a regular basis but always game to try something new! Let’s get this show on the road…..


1 SKIN CARE I take my skincare pretty seriously now. I didn’t always, I have been blessed to have good skin (thanks Mom) but admittedly took advantage of that gift a bit by not being as vigilant as I should with my skin care routine. Somehow La Prairie changed all that, I actually look forward to my little routine. I am a staunch believer in their products and my skin has never felt so good. Yes, they are expensive but when you divide them into the months, it is mere cents per day and I am certainly worth that:)

So a few of my favorite La Prairie products-

The caviar cream and serum I use almost every morning and night, ditto the eye cream (just love these products)!

Click here for more info on the best moisturizer I have ever used

This eye cream is fabulous I have been using it for about 2 years now, click here for more info

This serum is used with the moisturizer and makes everything just glide on so luxuriously, click here for more info

And this is a newer item for me, and I must say sooo wonderful its a leave on mask that feel so good, my skin just drinks it up and feels so soft the next morning, click here to find out more

For cleaning my skin I admit I use the very convenient and very inexpensive facial wipes, they just make life so easy!! I normally use Almay and pick them up at my local CVS, talk about a high/low approach:)


2 UNDER EYE PUFFINESS GONE!  I had tried a similar product to this (from Orogold)  and it was hundreds but worth every penny as it literally took away my under eye puffiness. I decided before I splurged to look to see if any thing else like it existed.

Saw the ad for this on a whim and promptly ordered it(figuring I can return it if it does not work as promised) and for $40 vs $400, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Well, bottom line is this stuff is A M A Z I N G!!!! My under eye puffiness was gone within 3 minutes I kid you not and worked exactly like the Orogold.

Now of course this is temporary (lasts about a full day) but it is magic in a bottle if you ask me and the price is so right!! I am not ready for any surgical procedures so however I can fix things via a bottle, makes me happy:)  This feels like a mini miracle in a bottle, you can thank me later! Click here to visit Plexaderm site.


3 MAKE UP I admit I love make up, its so much fun but with all the choices it can be super overwhelming. I stick to what I like and what works. I have used the same soft pink lipstick (Angel by Mac) for at least the least 7 years, kind of boring I know but it works and I love it:) Click here to see it

I love bronzer especially if I am not wearing anything else, it just warms up your face and though I have tried several my allegiance is to because this baby has fallen too many times to count and not once cracked! That’s worth its weight in gold and I am fan for life, you just need little and I swear this has lasted me at least a year plus (and still counting)! Click here to read about it

When I wear mascara it’s Sephoras, it’s good and goes on very naturally. Click here to read about it

Highlight- Just got this while in Florida, from a friends recommendation. Tom Fords highlighter is fantastic, you need only a little but this is potent stuff, love love love the glow! Click here

If I wear eyeshadow its a soft brown and always by Bobbi Brown, great pigmented color that you only need a little of and they are “fall proof” meaning its a lot for them to break.

Things like pencils I pick up wherever not particularly picky and think essentially most do the same thing. I like the pencils from Sephora and Ulta (their own brands) they are reasonable and work great.


4. SELF TANNER One great way to get away with wearing minimal makeup is to use a small amount of a good self tanner. Clarins tanning milk wins hands down for me and I have used it for years and years. I use this about every 3-4 weeks in the winter especially. It is also your BFF when you are going on a trip and haven’t had sun on your legs/arms…trust me!

It is super natural just gives you a slight glow/tan enough to where you don’t need makeup. It is non-orangey like self tanners can be.  Of course you can apply it more than once to enhance your tan to your hears desire but then you will be fielding all kinds of questions about what exotic island you just came back from:) Click here to find out more

5 GADGETS AND GIZMOS These are all tried and true and make my life a lot easier:) Contrary to a lot of gimmicky gadgets these work!! I can attest tot these as they are an integral part of my upkeep:)

This little gadget is AMAZING, it is only $20 but priceless to someone like me who abhors the idea of waxing, it is perfect to zap any facial hair and does not hurt one bit. A great find! Click here

This is so worth the money (about $30) to keep your feet baby bottom smooth. Unlike so many products this works really really well. I use it about once every ten days or so, you can get this at your local CVS (where I bought mine) and I am quite sure on Amazon

The Glo Pro I have written about a few times, it is a gentle micro needling system which rejuvenates the cells and gives you a fresh “just had a facial glow” when used on a regular basis. Click here to read more about Glopro


So those are my top picks, I endorse and love each and every one. I am seriously loyal to each of them and will cry like a hyena if any of them ever get discontinued. How about you? What are your tried and true favorites? Please share, it’s always nice to hear about new products that have been used and validated! Thanks for stopping in, until next time……

PS Just started 20% off ALL porcelains, a great day to add a blue and white pretty to your collection:) Click here to visit shop

PPS The silver sale ends tonight, click here if you missed it, this includes the popular mini table lamps.


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margie tillotson on

It is always such a joy to see your precious doggie………My heart remails sad for you

LB on

These are so much fun, happy you did this. I need a spring “overhaul”. I stick to what i like but need to branch out. I got the La Prairie sleep mask after you recommended it and love it, its as good as you said and no doubt part of my must haves now.
I have that foot softener and agree it is excellent and great between pedicures.
I love Bobbi Brown lipsticks and have used Le Mer for a few years but thinking of trying the caviar cream when I am done with what I have. I do not use foundation during the day but when I do I love Chanel’s lumiere foundation, its really luxurious.

Thank you so much for these recommendations, I am going to check a bunch of these out- fun is right!

Deborah on

I love Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks, they last on the lips and make your lips feel smooth and moisturized. Thanks for sharing all of your beauty secrets!

Frannie B on

Add this product to your foot care, it was recommended by my Podiatrist and works great. Amlactin Rapid Relief. A small dab on your heels and sides of your feet work wonders for turning calluses into soft feet. Thanks for your other recommendations, some I already use and others I will try.

franki on

Several of those are in my beauty bag as well!! franki

Megan Bobbitt on

Love your beauty posts!!!
I have tried several items you have suggested and have been pleased with each one.
The Flawless works great and can’t beat the price.
Always have a difficult time finding a lipstick. Will try the Mac!
Stay warm!!

Michelle Kaplan on

Ditto to Chanel Lift Lumier foundation! Makes my face feel moist and firm at the same time! Also ditto to Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick. My go to color is 430-Marie, an everyday Rose color with a little shimmer. As for pencils, I’ve noticed many don’t last all day and I have to stick to Urban Decay 24/7 in Demolition. A good, deep brown color for day. Their black is good for night on me.

Regina on

I feel your pain with all this snow and sympathize.
Many thanks for your update on beauty products. Love the La Prairie products.

Sonya on

My must haves for day: Kiehl’s Creme De Corps body lotion. Deeply hydrating and a pleasant scent. I’ve trued a million lipsticks, but the best pigment without drying you out is Tom Ford. Pricey, but worth it. Lastly, I have both Kiehls and Fresh Sugar Roll-on deodorants. Kiehls is a creme, and both leave zero residue are a long-lasting. A must in Florida! I have a ton more, and I must add the LaPrarie skin caviar to the list.

Wendy Bogarde on

This is a great post and I am going to try several of your recommendations! Thank you!

Carolyn on

Love these posts! I am not that loyal to many but have a few-
Sheiseido makes these retinol eyes masks that are really good
I agree about your La Prairie products, they are superb and worth every penny
Chanel lumiere foundation is excellent
I love Tom Ford lipsticks, they are highly pigmented and really last
Thanks for your recommendations, I look forward to trying a few of these:-)

Angela on

Hi Tina these are fun. I am also a big fan of La Prairie, and though I didn’t like the price tag have to agree, they are very much worth the money. The serum and caviar eye cream are my favorite. I am also a fan of Kiehl’s products (my husband uses them too).
For makeup I like to change products a lot, variety is the spice of life! Thanks for sharing your favorites.

Katie Clooney on

I love when you do a beauty post, Tina. I’ve been looking for a good self tanner and will try Clarins. I have a million bronzers in my drawer so I am going to see if I already have Tarte. Hope you are staying warm!!

Kate on

I just love to see Dear Teddy at the end of your Blog. What a sweet Boy! He’s happy & will run into your arms one day….
Thank you for sharing your beauty routine. The La Prairie sounds awesome !
I have empty containers for MaC & will try your “Angel” ? lipstick.

Thanks for all you do to make our lives more beautiful!❤️

Leslie on

Of the gadegets I own the one for feet and I agree it is fantastic, really does the trick. Need to get the one for facial hair, I don’t like waxing so anything to avoid it.
I will try your bronzer suggestion,used to splurge and buy Guerlain’s but they changed the formula and it cracks too easily. I am looking for a new one. Never tried Angel but have used many Mac lipsticks, like their formula a lot. Thanks for your suggestions.
For skin care I may buckle and give La Prairie a try but have been a devoted Shiseido fan and must say I like their products a lot and do get compliments my skin, so guess it’s working!

Lori W. on

I rework my skincare routine every once in awhile, and I thought of you last week when I was shopping at Sephora for a few things. I do not have the resources to invest in la prairie, but I am at the point in my life where I am needing a few more things than I did in my 30’s, so here is what I found that I like so far. I hope you or one of your readers will find them useful.

Neo-Gen Dermatology Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling – Love this!!! It is a less intensive version of a chemical peel. But, you cannot use it the same day as you use Retin-A if you use that as well.

Sephora Collection Clay Mask – my daughter has sensitive skin, and she loves this. I do not have sensitive skin, and I love it too.

Donna De on

For self-tanning, I am surprised at how much I like Jergen’s, Natural Glow. It’s available at your grocery as well as drug stores and is under $10 in the tube. I think the product in the tube goes on easier than the lotion. I have not tried the foam version. If you use it every day it builds into a “Natural Glow” that looks like you have been in the sun. I use the medium shade and then switch to dark once I have a bit of a tan. I also like the Amope for feet. It’s one of the only “as seen on TV” products that actually works.

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