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Hi there and Happy Easter! Hope you are having a great weekend.  Finally the weather is thawing and let’s hope it stays that way. Enjoyed a wonderful baby shower for my niece yesterday, such fun to celebrate a new life coming into the family!

Today we will have a light brunch for and then for the first time will be in the city for Easter, Maybe even squeeze in a walk around Central Park since the sun is trying shine. Wishing everyone a wonderful day spent with those you love and Happy Easter Sunday. Onward to my Seven on Sunday-



 1 A BEAUTIFUL RUSTIC STONE PROVENCAL HOME IN CALIFORNIA I love the colors and rustic elegance of this home, the beautiful old woods and stone that was used throughout makes it feel like it’s been there forever. Not to mention I can almost feel that Cali sunshine!  It is like a little bit of Provence right in the heart of Irvine, California. Click here to read more at Traditional Home


2 LOVE THESE LUCITE CURTAIN RODS! Aren’t these fabulous! I just love them and am determined to find a place to use them in my PB house. Thought I would share in case anyone else out there might be looking for fabulous lucite with gold or nickel finished curtain rods. My design wheels are turning.  I love that they are different and fitting for a more transitional lifestyle. They are custom cut so they will work for any size, so pretty.  Click here to get more info.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST   I am certainly never at a loss of simply beautiful Instagram pretties to share, and this weeks definitely  have a spring like vibe, works for me! It is not quite feeling like spring yet but I am hopeful it is coming and in the meantime, living through these beautiful pictures!


4 PJS I AM IN LOVE WITH  You know I take my PJ’s seriously,  I live for the minute I get home at the end of the day to change into my lounging clothes. I love Eberjay pjs too but have to tell you these are also amazing. Yep, from the Gap! The robe has to be my favorite all time robe, it is a light weight cotton with these lace panels, so pretty and so feminine.

The bottoms are ultra light soft cotton and so comfortable, you can mix and match to your hearts content! I did not get them on sale (which they now are) but I will be buying more to stock up. I guarantee if you are a pajama kind of girl, you will looooove these and thank me for the heads up plus they are so reasonable:)

Click here to see the robes


Click here to see the bottoms



5. PLAYA GRANDE BEACH CLUB Another new hotel is very much on my radar. This is sooooo pretty! We have been to the Dominican Republic several times and this was not there when we visited but this is surely a good reason to go back!

Seems to be more of an intimate property vs a huge mega resort which is why this might seem so appealing. Just looking at the pictures makes me more relaxed, there is a beach club and bungalows all set on a pristine beach….sounds like heaven:) Click here for more info

6. AMAZING DIANA I have spoken of her often, she has always been my #1 hero. I loved everything about her, her grace,elegance,empathy, kindness and humility. Our world needs more Diana’s. I own several books and think I have watched every documentary on her. Always moved to tears, because particularly for those that chronicled her years as a princess, she had experienced so much sadness and hurt. But instead of turning it inwards, she channeled it to help others and by all accounts was an incredible mother and humanitarian.

I am still, 20 years later, in awe of her and she remains my personal role model. I woke up unusually early the other day and watched Diana, Our Mother for about the fith time. Nothing like crying like a baby at 4:30 am lol. If you haven’t seen this, I strongly encourage you to. It is a beautiful tribute as seen through the eyes of her loving sons, who have carried on her missions as part of her legacy, they are really impressive young men. Here is the trailer, I could watch this over and. over (and have)

I was so thrilled to have met her brother, Earl Spencer who is so unbelievable kind and humble, it meant so much to me to be able to express how much I admired his sister. We talked for about 20 minutes and he could have not been more charming.  That was the closest I have gotten to getting to know her, but I can see that goodness runs in their family. Here is the trailer in case you have not seen it-


7. SEVEN ON SUNDAY So we are on the subject of technology again, I feel like I could talk about this every Sunday and never run out of topics! I like so many love my phone and iPad and it would be hard to imagine life without that, though there are times it’s kind of liberating to go MIA if I happen to forget my phone at home, there is something freeing about it. I used to have them by my bed when I go to sleep at night but have read so many articles as to why that is so not a good idea.

For one thing it is hard to “turn off” the brain after being so over stimulated as we inevitably are going on things like Instagram, Facebook,etc….so now I leave my phone on vibrate only for phone calls (all other notifications are silent) and my iPad is left in my closet. I have found I am falling asleep much faster and seem to be sleeping more soundly now that my devices are off the table literally and figuratively. How about you?


Well that is a wrap for this Easter Sunday. Thank you for stopping by and making me a part of your Sunday routine. I love when I hear from many of you about how you have a little routine of reading my posts while having your Sunday morning coffee…….it’s kind of like a virtual meeting with all of us together during  coffee hour:) I have so many ideas and things I want to do for 2018 and happy you will be along for the ride! Until next time……..

PS In celebration of Easter Sunday, the entire shop site is 20% off (applies to everything but presales). Click here to hop on over to the shop and use code “EASTER” (today only)

The cutest Easter Bunny I have ever seen:)

Saks Fifth Avenue

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Eve on

A Happy & Blessed Easter to you and yours!
Enjoy your day in the City. Hope the sun comes out!

Dana Feiock on

I adore those curtain rods. Although in my current home we opted for plantation shutters I would have loved those in other homes. I have always disliked seeing the rod on the wall when drapes are open (even pretty ones). I will save those for another house. Fabulous!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Happy Easter and Have a Wonderful day! ???? Enjoy!

Marsha on

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Always love seeing Teddy.
Sending love, my friend.

Lisa on

Always enjoy these posts. That first house is beautiful. Like you, always admired Lady Di what an elegant person she was and with a heart of gold.
Ordering those pjs! Everything I have bought per your recommendation has been a winner. I got my silver lamps and they are so much prettier in person, very heavy, beautiful quality. Using them for our Easter dinner tonight!

Susan K too on

Love the pajamas, putting them on my Mother’s Day list. Happy Easter!

Mary on

Tina, Diana was my idol, also…loved everything about her. I happened to be in Paris the night she died – it was so heartbreaking and surreal. To this day, I miss her and can’t believe she’s gone.

Lisa on

Happy Easter Tina. I have been to Playa Grande and it was wonderful, we went with 2 other families over spring break. It is not one of those mega resorts but feels like much more personal and most if not all the decorating was done by Celerie Kemble. I highly recommend end.
The square lucite curtain rods are beautiful! I would love to use them in my bedroom redo.

Teresa on

Happy Easter, Tina,

Monica Johnson on

Oh my gosh, you’ve made my day, month, and year. Thank you for featuring me on your Instagrams of interest…I am so honored (and shocked) I was almost in tears when I showed my hubby!! I have told him forever now how your account, your home, and your style is my favorite. I follow your IG, Pinterest, Blog and just recently bought some beautiful product from you ❤️ Thank you Tina. You’re a very talented lady and so this means so much to little ole me ❤️

Katie Clooney on

Hi Tina… I’m sitting here watching it snow outside. ugh. Love all your Insta pics especially the fantasy babies and gorgeous goldens. Lovely house tour from Traditional Home. Hope you are having a great week.

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