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Hello friends and fellow lovers of blue and white,  time for our monthly meeting for all of us incurable blue and white aholics:) I started this online “club” for those of us who simply cannot get enough of blue and white. I am living proof of that demographic. I love to look at all the ways this beloved color combination is used and let’s face it, don’t know when it has experienced the surge in popularity as it has now. It is everywhere!

Today looking at blue and white wallpaper and all the many ways it is used…..I have always dreamed of a room solely done in blue and white, shockingly do not have one! Amazing how it works in such a variety of spaces from very transitional to the most traditional. In PB I am doing a blue and white bathroom (finally) so wallpaper is most definitely  on my mind. But it doesn’t stop with bathrooms as this post so beautifully exhibits, it is as stunning in a foyer as it is a dining room or bedroom. So let’s take a look at blue and white wallpaper in action-


Always been a favorite of mine, Cathy Kincaid

This is simply striking, bold but in the best way possible!

Love the idea of adding it to a laundry room for some needed spunk and personality…I may need to copy this! Casa Bella

Always love blue and white paper in a bathroom, it feels so fresh

Absolutely loving this paper (Bali Hai from Quadrille) in a foyer, Sarah Bartholomew

Amazing how much a wallpaper can add to what would otherwise be a fairly simple bathroom, House Beautiful

This is so calming and welcoming, love the combination of the blue and white offset by the beige/taupe

Beautiful bedroom by Liz Caan

This just might be the most luxurious of all wallpapers, hand painted chinoiserie murals by Gracie, Luxe Magazine

Love everything about this bright, cheery and very welcoming bedroom, Thibaut

Must say I love it in Draper James, done by Mark D. Sikes…so fresh and crisp!

Love a white bath with blue and white paper, this is giving me an idea!

This space above is so pretty, ethereal and welcoming, Kelley Proxmire

Pretty fabulous in a foyer, Georgica Pond

This above is such a handsome and classically timeless room, House and Garden

Pretty much in love with everything about this! Mark D Sikes House Beautiful

This is one gorgeous space,  love the paper accented by the white upholstery, gorgeous! Griffin Design Source

Well this a fun and uplifting bar/potting room look, Danielle Rollins

Always loved Bali Hai from Quadrille and would love to use it one day

How about this blue paper adding such personality to this foyer, Chloe Warner for Quadrille

I must say this bedroom is dreamy, and I am generally not a huge fan of wallpaper in a bedroom

This is a very subtle blue paper which actually is very pretty as it is so soft and just compliments everything else going on, A Home to Grow Old In

House Beautiful shows us what it means to go bold or go home:)

I happen to love this, really makes a statement!  Summer Thornton

Love this soft paper in an office, what a beautiful way to add warmth and softness to a workspace, Quadrille



I decided that with every meeting I will either offer a discount off of something on the shop site blue and white related or have a featured item that is on sale. So today this magnificent foo dog ginger jar (featured on my kitchen island ) is on sale for the unbelievable price of $110! You can email or call you order in (on for 2 days)

Measures 18″ x 11.5″ today $110!





Whoa! That is a lot of blue and white beauty to take in. Now it’s your turn to weigh in, I want to hear what you have to say on the matter, do you love it? Are there limits to where you might use it? Do you favor the softer tones or the bolder looks? I am suddenly dreaming of blue and white wallpaper and going to go on a new search though I already have a few fantastic options.

Some favorite companies would be Quadrille, Thibaut and Schumacher, also saw a few recently from Sister Parish that I really liked too.  Let’s get this meeting started, can’t wait to hear what you have to say on the matter! Until next time…….


Gone but never forgotten

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Elizabeth on

Gorgeous! Every room is more beautiful than the next.

Julia on

What is the source of the 4th picture? Love that wallpaper!

Sandy on

I love the foo dog planters! No limit to where I would put them-just beautiful with forsythia in them on the kitchen island. I favor both the darker and lighter colors together. Some of the bedrooms featured in the post are to die for! Count me in as a member of the blue and white club!

Kristin on

Very enjoyable! As good as a slice of homemade pie!

Mary Balagia on

All of the rooms are beautiful. I do prefer the more muted tones. In one of my guest bedrooms I have chosen a Ralph Lauren blue grasscloth wallpaper as a backdrop for blue and white accessories. The living room is a creamy yellow with lots of blue accessories, lamps etc.. The kitchen is white with blue accents. Thank you for sharing the photos today.

margie tillotson on

I love it all !!!

Alice Genzlinger on

Love love love the blue and white wallpaper and I have used it in a cottage bedroom. It was so fun to wake up to bright sun shining into the room and I would do it all over again.

Elizabeth Jones on

Thanks. Gorgeous all.

Piper B on

The grand two story foyer was a bold move, but results are amazing! My favorite as far as design. Love many of the rooms overall. Thank you, Tina

Jane Giallonardo on

Loved every picture. My home is less formal, but I appreciate good sense of design. Thank you for sharing!


Every room so beautiful. I think wallpaper in a powder room and dining room are especially beautiful. We are moving in a new house in Oct and I would love to do a bedroom in blue and white. Thanks for the good ideas.

Anna DeVito on

In helping my daughter decorate the living room in her new home in all glorious shades of blue, someone said – “oh you cannot mix blues”, The room turned out to be a show stopper of all shades of blues in different patterns on rugs and furniture, and wall art, etc. what could be more yummy than all the blues and patterns mixed together in large and small spaces – never wrong – always surprisingly delightful!! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful examples

Megan on

Love Love Love! Blue and white is so crisp, simple and elegant.

franki on

LUVD that first photo!!! franki

Claudia McCauley on

Love these pics…ALL are simply fabulous!

Mary Baker on

Over the moon with the post. Blue and white heaven. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Denise on

I am soooooo glad to see wall covering back in style!!!! Love, love every room!!!! I also love the companies you suggested….can’t go wrong with selected from these companies!!!!

Mary on

This was a fun post. Swoon worthy blue and white papers which I think, never go out of “style”. Thanks for the inspiration. My powder room may soon get a bolder look!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Blue and white is my favourite colours to decorate with. Fresh and also eye catching. Love the pictures. ?

Susan K too on

Each room is gorgeous! I like the bold looks featured in the smaller rooms such as the laundry room, bar/potting room, and the Sarah Bartholomew foyer. My favorite, though, is that timeless bedroom from House and Garden. Thank you for this inspiring post!

Bette on

Thanks for the fix. I needed that!

Norina on

Blue has always been my favorite color. All my prom dresses were blue. My bedroom is in blue and white and always has a serene feeling when entering in it. My wallpaper is a baby blue moire and looks beautiful. I do like the softer tones. Count me in the blue and white club!

Eve on

What a fabulous post!! Love everything blue and white!

Darcy on

So many yummy images. This is an incredibly timely post for me. I just started gathering design ideas for a powder room make over. I’m thinking a beautiful blue and white wall paper would be gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

April on

Favorites are chinoiserie mural paper by Gracie and the traditional bedroom with high boy/Home Garden.
Oh so fun seeing all the blue and white.

Miriam Landsman on

Addicts would be a better word than alcoholics to describe your “addiction”

Marie Taylor on

Hi Tina! Gorgeous photos all!!!!! What is the source of the paper in the 12th photo? I have a bathroom if would be perfect for. I also want to thank you for your info about LaPrarie. I now have blue jars lined up on my vanity and absolutely love the products!!!
Best, Marie

Karen on

Thank you for the beauty featured in this post! I would like to share a blog I have recently discovered with the “members” of this club: Her posts are so well curated and filled with such loveliness! I anticipate her posts in the same way that I do yours, Tina. Teddy is truly smiling in this picture. He is projecting the beautiful life you and your family gave him. ❤

Jeanne on

Oh, my, the Mark D. Sikes foyer. Love It!

Audrey on

I especially like the laundry room!

Becky Mattingly on

Love, love, love blue and white. No limits-anywhere and everywhere!

Julie L on

Tina, oh so beautiful! I have the 12th one down ( marble bath pic) in a powder room. I have really enjoyed it!
Thanks for all the lovely inspiration! Julie L

Jill on

Loved this post and all of the gorgeous blue and white rooms. The layered look with wallpaper, window treatments and upholstery looks so pretty when done well. I prefer the bolder colors and just installed Quadrille Sigourney in new navy on white in my daughter’s bathroom and Clarence House The Vase in blue & white in my laundry room and I just love it! Wish I could do more! 🙂

Theresa Grabowski on

Wow! These pictures are making me fall in love with wallpaper again!!

Alice Adkins on

O my goodness! Just catching up to this treat today! As a committed ,confirmed member of blue and white clubbers, this post – from opening gasp to the blissful sigh at the last was just heavenly! Mark D. Sikes, Cathy Kincaid, and Sarah. Bartholomew are favorites.. Loved it all.I have a similar blue paper in my bathroom,as the marbled bath shown, and would have it in my bedroom too If I could! I grew up in a home filled with wallpapers.. ….there is nothing like it ..and I am loving its revival.
Can’t wait for the next meeting!!

Elaine DossMarshall on

I have loved this pattern every since I was a young girl .Recently I found some towels in this color and have fallen back in love with it. I have several pieces of this pattern that I have collected over the years

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