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Hello! Today is a SUPER exciting day because as we speak the long awaited and fabulously beautiful melamine is getting loaded onto the truck after clearing customs, doing a serious happy dance here today:) We will have all presale orders out Friday and Monday and as we always do we offer a newly arrived container up for a 2 day arrival sale before they hit the shop site.

We have been waiting for a long long  time to offer this exciting new arrival and I know many of you have been as well. These were a long time in the making, but after the success of my first pattern of blue and white melamine, I knew there is a big market for supers stylish melamine. Who doesn’t want their life to be a little easier! So I began the labor of love task of working on designs and colors and getting samples and getting more sample until finally…..they were perfect! And now they have finally arrived in NY and just cleared customs.

Honestly,  I use mine almost every day, all four seasons. Not only is it obviously very pretty but it’s  also just so easy. Dishwasher safe, BPA free, it is very very hard almost impossible to break. For the outdoors, this couldn’t be prettier, really escalates your hostessing prowess to set a table with these gorgeous pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Plus they are here as the spring season begins, perfect timing for al fresco dining!  So if you missed out on the presale, here is your chance to get them again. Before we start please over the  “rules” especially if you are new to these presales-

  • There are only two ways to order – call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST) or email
  • IF you email your order request you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice (calling is easier)
  • This is a presale, these items are en route and due here on or about April 23rd and will ship immediately upon receipt
  • PLEASE do not submit an order request unless you can pay the invoice within 12 hours
  • This sale starts Tuesday morning and will end Thursday (sorry no extensions)
  • They are approx. 25%  less than what they will be when they go on the online shop
  • These are a final sale
  • These dishes are BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Shipping is extra
  • These will ship the week of May 9th
  • For large quantities or orders over 24 pieces per style please call us for a special discount
  • Referral program- If you love them so much and tell a friend and if they order more than $75.00,  you receive one free serving piece (bowl or platter) If you tell two and they buy, then you get two pieces and so on……
  • Wholesale, international inquires, and any other questions please call 800-804-9565


Some pictures of playing around with the two patterns-

ITEM 1 This fabulous burnt orange/blue and white pattern is so stunning. Love the wide trellis border accented with blue and orange flowers and the blue pagoda. Definitely has an Imari feel to it. So crisp, fresh and elegant, just love the pattern and color combination, exquisite!  No one will believe its melamine!

The burnt orange/blue/white collection

Dinner plates  (minimum set of 4) 11″

sets of 4- $30.00

set of  12 $80.00

buy 24 or more contact us for a special savings

Salad plates 8.5″

set of 4 $25.00

set of 12 $70.00

set of 24 or more contact us

Soup/cereal bowls 7″

set of 4 $25.00

set of 12 $70.00

set of 24 or more contact us

Charger plate  14″ works beautifully with this pattern as well as the original (or even white plates)

If you already own the original pattern (below) you can add these chargers to your existing  dishes and mix in some of the orange/blue. The layering is such fun to do, no bad choice in the mix!


Medium serving bowl 11″ round

(this is bowl is great for things like potatoes, vegetables, sides, popcorn and berries)


Large serving bowl 14″ round

This bowl is perfect for salads fruit salad, vegetables,  large servings of sides, etc….here you are looking down inside the bowl


Long scalloped platter 18.5″


Here are some ideas of how they look “layered”-

Shown with charger, dinner and salad plate

Shown with charger, dinner plate, salad plate and bowl

The green/blue/white collection-

ITEM 2. The stunning new blue/white/green pattern is a beauty, so elegant and pretty enough for a dining table! This is like a breath of fresh beautiful summer air, light, wispy and so elegant. No one will believe it’s melamine!

Here is the entire set-

Dinner plates  (minimum set of 4) 11″

sets of 4- $30.00

set of  12 $80.00

buy 24 or more contact us for a special savings

Salad plates 8.5″

set of 4 $25.00

set of 12 $70.00

set of 24 or more contact us

Soup/cereal bowl 7″

set of 4 $25.00

set of 12 $70.00

set of 24 or more contact us

Large wide serving bowl 14″ round

Ideal for larger servings of things like potatoes, vegetable salad, great salad bowl, mixed fruit,etc….. (you are looking down inside the bowl)


Scalloped large serving platter 18″ long


Charger which also doubles as a serving tray 14″


Here they are showing they look layered-

Shown with charger, dinner plates, salad. plate and soup/cereal bowl

Charger, dinner plate and salad plate



One lucky winner will win two place settings and a serving bowl of his/her choice. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be in the running. I will announce a winner on Sunday.



Don’t  know about but this has me in the mood to set a beautiful table both indoors and out! I am really really proud of this collection, it is one of my biggest accomplishments to date, because I know there really isn’t anything else like it.  If you want to step up your hostessing game to the next level call. in or email us your order-


Wishing you a fabulous day, hope the sun is shining and those birds are chirping! Slowly but surely its happening here, spring is finally arriving!

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Glenda Harlow on

I want them all. So lovely.

Marilyn on

They look so beautiful and will make a festive addition to any table!

Jenni Toebben on

These are the prettiest outdoor dinnerware I have ever seen!!!

Denise on

Great for family with young children!!!! Having a beautifully set table, but no worry about breaking china is wonderful!

Judy Toline on

Make such a lovely place setting?

Tammy Ringeisen on

Beautiful! Makes me wat to have a party outside!!!

Becky Prestwood on

These are beautiful. Hard to find in such attractive patterns.

Katie Draycott on

The green/blue/white collection is just beautiful! Love all of these!

Sharon on

I love the blue/green/white combination !

Elizabeth Thomas on

Oh How do I decide!!!???!!! So pretty!!

Colleen on

Beautiful! Congratulations too!

Fran W. on

Love this entire collection, especially the burnt orange/blue/white! Perfect for dining al fresco, but pretty enough to use indoors too!

Linda Wishart on

The burnt orange/blue/white collection says it all! So versatile, will NEVER get boring and will always be in style.

G.Lundin on

I am always so impressed with the generosity of Tina with her products. The hallmark of a great and giving company.

Joyce on


Ordering the Green/White/Blue.

Hello Summer!!!! I feel a party coming in my near future!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mary Lu on

Love, love, love the blue, white and green. I see these in my (near) future!!

Kathryn on

Love the springtime blue and white!!!

Lynne OBrien on

These are so fantastic! I can’t wait to entertain with them!

Catharine on

What beautiful dishes to use for everyday….or a very special occasion! Hard to believe they are not china….The patterns are beautiful and it’s fun to see how they all work together. A great new addition to your product line!!!!

Melissa Marsden on

Definitely not your grandmother’s melamine! Style and ease of use – great combo!

Jennifer S on

I am crazy about the burnt orange/ blue collection. Would mix well with your original pattern that I own!!!!

Jo Liddy on

I love this melamine! The green, blue and white collection will be perfect with all my Enchanted Home
blue and white accessories! I can’t wait for it to come, and the possibility of having even more is
enticing…as usual, everything Tina does is stunning!

Jennifer on

It all looks beautiful!!!

Lucy Porter on

So beautiful! Makes me anxious to set up our patio and set the table!

Robin Latta on

I love the patterns! What a beautiful way to set a table indoors and out, without worries about breakage and cleanup.

Perfect offering on

Absolutely lovely and perfect for every home.

Beth on

The entire collection is gorgeous!!

Sue on

Can’t wait to add to the blue and white original pattern I already have. Love the orange and blue. Those are my colors !

Mahvash on

Love the blue line

Cindy on

Such beautiful outdoor ware. Takes al fresco to a whole new level!

Karen W. on

My daughter needs some of your beautiful melamine. Why? A very active little boy who like to set and clear the table!

Maureein o on

The green/blue is the prettiest combination I have seen anywhere! I need to order for my daughter!

Jackie Walls on

Wow! Just beautiful . . . love the ability to mix and match . . . so detailed and pretty!

kathleen on

Love it all ! It’s 72 degrees here in PA, so I am ready to think summer. Your timing is perfect. Thanks, Tina.

Jeannete Greer on

This is one of the prettiest sets of melamine dinnerware I have ever seen. The blue and green is my favorite.

Patty on

Love them all!!
Bought the blue and white last year , the new patterns are fun to play with.
Job well done!!

Kristin Allen on

TIna, I love this collection! Melamie plates are a lifesaver for homes with young kiddos. Exciting!!

jamie on

Love, Love the blue and green!

Cindy on

I really need to add the blue and orange chargers to my collection of Enchanted Home melamine!!!❤️❤️❤️

Susan McLaughlin on

No one else has stylish, quality Melamine like this!

Pat on

Another Tina home run? LOVE the blue white and green??? Goes perfect with my EH flatware!

Alice H on

LOVE the blue and green combination! Such a great design!

Vicki on

Very pretty & practical for Suppers on the porch & all outdoor entertaining.

Danae on

So excited to receive my first order from Enchanted Home. The melamine is beautiful and well priced. I hope to add to my collection as we entertain outdoors most of the year here in N Texas.

Allison on

Gorgeous! These are Laing me so excited for outdoor entertaining season.

Natalie on

What a totally fabulous collection!! Hard to believe it is melamine – it is nicer than many porcelain patterns!

Candis Harberts Coleman on

The blue and green is yummy! I’m rebuilding our ranch that burned down in the Napa fires, and these colors will lead my design way!!

Laurie on

I love how sweetly the blue and white and green set flows together. It is a bit more subtle look that I love!

Elizabeth on

Each one is gorgeous! Would be a wonderful addition to my summer table.

Susan Petet on

Absolutely perfect! The blue, white and green have me drooling!

Nancy on

Who said, “practical couldn’t be beautiful.”

Melissa on


Sherry S on

Stunning…love them all. So perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Patricia Q. Patterson on

These dishes are incredibly beautiful. What a lovely dinner party it would be to use these! I would love to win by the way….

Arell on

Congratulations! They are so beautiful! I want a set of everything! I truly love them all. I love the blue and orange. But I love the blue and green too! So nice! I am thrilled that your shop carries so many beautiful items.

Melissa on

My sister in law directed me over here. WOW this is the prettiest melamine i have ever seen, incredible that it looks so “china like”. I love both patterns equally, I can see tables set with both and will soon be placing my order. Nice job!

Deri on

So pretty and so smart! I love the burnt orange and blue collection!

Mary M on

I love both patterns! So pretty!

Jane on

So nice to have something so lovely and elegant to use outdoors! I especially love the blue/green/white set!

Michelle Mitchell on

They are beautiful!

Vicki Henry on

Absolutely beautiful! I love it all! Maybe I could “hide a set” for later so I wouldn’t have to choose and my husband wouldn’t know!

Donna A. on

You’re putting me in the mood for al fresco dining Tina. It was great seeing your melamine featured in HB too.
SSBC! (sun shining, birds chirping)

Kayln on

Classic beauty!

Barb on

I’m unable to order a complete set so will start with four of the burnt orange dinner and salad plates. I’ll build a complete set as I can.

Shandy Arend on

Absolutely gorgeous!! I would love the blue/white/green collection! Love the ginger jars.

Susan K too on

Your melamine collection is so unique and pretty! I especially like the large serving pieces.

Francesca on

I love these so good for the outdoors. And non breakable.

Janet on

Love them both!!!!

Shawna B. on

Thanks for this opportunity. Once again, you’ve hit it out of the field. In the process of redoing my home in blue and green, and loving those melamine colors!

Lauri Leeper on

Love the green pattern!

Debbie J on

I am so ready to use these! So hard to decide!

Peggy Kahle on

love the blue/green pattern, melamine is great for summer and the patterns are so much fun!

Regina on

So pretty! Congrats and will be anxiously waiting on my order. May have to order more. Going to be great by the pool!

Carol on

Tina, you knocked it out of the park with your new designs! I can’t wait to add them to the original place settings I have!

Jane on

Wonderful for families with small kids/grandkids. Plain white does get boring.

April on

Perfectly lovely. Mix and match so fun. These are some of the best I have seen.

Tina on

This are to die for!!! I want ?? Perfect bday present to me! ??

Alexandra T on

Love these! Very swank in the new House Beautiful! Another great design selection from your great taste!

Yolanda on

Beautiful !

Karen McLeod on

I couldn’t wait for this to arrive. Such beautiful detail. Just stunning!!! Thank you for bringing this to us.

Nancy on

I can’t decide BUT I am not ordering both colorways! (No I am not, I keep repeating to myself.)
Stunning. Order being placed today.

Brenda M on

Both collections are stunning … great for every day and al fresco dinning.

Millie Waltman on

Absolutely geogous, love all patterns, hard to decide.

leigh on

Love the blue/green/white, and love using Melamine!!! Thank you!!

Margie Winters on

I am in love with the blue/white/green pattern. Congratulations on it being featured in the May issue of House Beautiful!

Peggy on

Love that beauty and practicality are both available in this collection!!! Bravo

Mary on

Love these Melanie dishes. I already own 4 complete sets of ceramic dishes (inheritances), but I’m seriously considering adding to my collection. Just lovely.

Leslie Rainer on

These are so pretty! I love them all!

Debbie on

They are fabulous!!

Ann on

I love these! We eat outside a lot and would use these often. Love your blog. Look forward to reading it each morning with my coffee.

Tracy Donovan on

I love the blue and green pattern. The dainty vines in the blue and white pot are so pretty

Audrey on

Love the green and blue set!

Beverly Rowntree on

The dinnerware is gorgeous. I love the different combinations.

Karen Schaubhut on

I have been looking for a patio dish set for awhile, none can compare to yours. They are so beautiful and practical. It will be very hard to chose.

Joan on

Congratulations! So beautiful! I can almost feel those summer days of dining outside – and now in style!

Christy Bradley on

I’ve been hesitant to use melamine other than outdoors. Your beautiful collection might be just the inspiration to persuade me to change my ways. They are gorgeous!

Connie W on

Love the blue and green.

Kathy M on

Love everything about these dishes, very versatile for endless possibilities on table settings.

Mjdinic on

Charger plate add so much to setting. Love them!

Dana Tate on

I am obsessed with this collection!

Peggy Mae on

I can’t wait to have mine arrive in the mail. The weather is perfect for outside dining.

Linda Plemons on! Love,love, them all.

Cathy on

I cannot wait to see my beautiful patio table all dressed up in these gorgeous dishes!!

Laurie on

Most beautiful melamine ever!

Maree Sperle on

Loving these colors! What a way to start a get together!

Mary L. on

Love Love Love the New Malamine!!! Want it all !

Thank you for designing such lovely patterns!

Becky Mattingly on

Can’t wait to set my table outside for dinner!! Love the green and blue!! You have outdone yourself!

Pam on

Too pretty for just outdoor use. Love the blue and green combination!!!

Barbara Beckham on

Beautiful collection, love them all…

Marcia Moorhead on

Going to plan a party around my blue/green/white when they arrive, so easy to use those colors with floral arrangements for Summer!

Leah on

Beautiful product. I love your taste and style!

Eve on

I can not wait to receive my order for the dinner plates. A wonderful Mother’s Day to me!!!!!

Suzanne on

Tough choice between the touches of orange and green. Love them both!

Jo-Ellen on

The pieces look like Limoges china. So beautiful!!

Marge K. on

Pretty colors in both sets, but like the green one best. It says summer and outside: water, sky, grass and trees!

Linda Miller on

Love the blue and pattern that I purchas d last year! Now going to get something to complement those.

Mia Davis on

I absolutely love the Blue and green! The scalloped border is an added bonus!

Connie Jenkins on

Can’t WAIT!

Mary Ellen on

Can’t ever get enough blue and white. The new plates are stunning.

Kris B on

Stunning designs! The blue/green combination is especially attractive.

Beth Crysdale on

These are all so lovely!

Cay Miller on

Beautiful as ever! Blue and green is so fresh – regardless of what you serve on it – possibly a fruited chicken salad, a southwestern quiche and a spinach souffle’ along with assorted little breads and fresh homemade butter. However, the orange and blue is spectacular – maybe shrimp and crab salad on avocado and Boston lettuce, small baked corn adobe pies and a citrus cup with poppy seed dressing. These lovely dishes would make anything taste good.

Cynthia on

I can’t wait to get mine!!!

Barbara on

We live in an apartment and have a roof deck with tables and chairs and a grill. To get there, we have to climb up a flight of stairs and carry our dishes etc. The beautiful melamine dinner plates would be so much easier to carry and we wouldn’t have to worry about breaking our china plates. (We don’t like paper plates for a nice summer dinner on the roof)

Carmen B on

All beautiful but I am partial to the blue/green/white pattern. So refreshing!

jacqueline on

My mind is RACING with ideas of beautiful tablescapes involving these dishes!

jacqueline bunge on

The new patterns are stunning!

Judy Clark on

Goodbye paper plates for outdoor dining. Hello beautiful melamine!

Vickie on

So nice. An unbelievable this is melamine. Which has really come a long way. gorgeous. And, We use it a lot here in coastal south Florida. Dining Al Fresco! 😉

JK on

The blue and green is just fabulous. I have long admired them and am sorely tempted to BUY!!!!

Faith Boggio on

I Love the blue & green dinnerware. My favorite colors! They are wonderful!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love the new blue and green colour combination!

Anita Morgan on

These melamine patterns definitely take hostessing to the next level. They are a necessity if dinining near a pool.

Bettina Woodring on

This is so beautiful….blue & white outdoors…yes!

Bev Freiley on

Love the blue and white with green melamine! I just can’t figure out where I can store them in my full kitchen!

dale on

I’m so glad summer is coming so I can use all these pretty pieces.

Janet Evans on

What could be more beautiful than these groupings that reflect the joy known in being surrounded by such serene and lovely dishes ? on

Love this melamine! It is so pretty and has me thinking about summer already even though Spring is having a hard time getting here!

Jenny Stacpoole on

Green and blue is my favorite color combination!! I lOVE melamine for outdoor entertaining and family meals with kids. It is such a treat to find a set that looks so stylish and beautiful.

Kathy on

Absolutely fabulous!! Can’t decide which set to purchase!

Kristen on

I ADORE the blue and green pattern!

Mary Joy on

Can’t wait to get mine, ordered weeks ago. Just set up date to open the pool- these will be perfect!!

Susan M. on

What a wonderful idea to make such beautiful melamine. You can set a stunning table and not have to worry about anything getting broken!

Beth H on

The blue and green set is my favorite. Add some beautiful yellow tulips on the table and you have perfection!

Liz on

These are spectacular. I cannot believe they are melamine, you should feel so proud for dreaming this up!

I love both but am partial to the orange/blue/white, it is so happy and summery, I can see lots of beautiful colorful foods displayed on them now with a big vase of sunflowers, a perfect summer table!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Gorgeous! Love the dishes and the serving pieces. Blue, green and white are lovely.

Janice on

Stunning! Chinoiserie is hot hot hot right now, and it is a classic so will never go out of fashion!
Love the blue and green collection, especially.

Karen G. on

Lovely …the burnt orange one’s are really different!❤️

Mary Pat Dilks on

Very lovely! ?

Junie on

I am the outdoorsy type now! Just beautiful.

Beverley Scott on

Love both sets!

JoAnn on

Beauty and Practicality!

Marci on

I especially love the blue and green pattern…….it goes with absolutely everything!

Marion on

What beautiful dishes.

Joan on

They are all so pretty ,I cannot decide which is my favorite.

Marilyn on

I love all the designs.

Alissa on

Perfect timing, since it seems hat spring has finally arrived! These are just perfect for dining al fresco.

Kim W-S on

The blue and green set is the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for summer!

Jeanne on

I’m so excited about the melamine! I love the blue and green with the original blue pagoda!

Cheryl jahns on

I love the melamine, especially for picnics with our toddler grandson!

Paulette P on

Your melamine is all so lovely. The scalloped serving platter is a stand-out and is my favorite.

Susan on

So sick of chipped dishes, going to gives these guests a whirl for everyday.

Diane M. on

What could be better than a day in May to set the table with the beautiful green/blue/white melamine dishes!!! Thanks, Tina

Holly Simmons on

Wow. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Martha McC on

Oh gosh, I love the blue and green. But it’s all have to have!

Becky on

Can’t wait to call in my order first thing tomorrow morning! The blue and green set has my vote! Sitting on my back porch right now envisioning my table! Thanks for taking your creative vision and making it a reality for all of us to share!

Karen F. on

Such pretty patterns to enjoy using all year-round, proving once again that all good things come to those who wait!

Sherry Griggs on

Beautiful pattern…..if only I just order them all!

Sandy on

I’m nuts over your melamine! Looks like porcelain! Would dearly love to win some of these beauties!

Lisa P. on

Love the Imari inspired pattern! Great outdoor collection.

Kathy M on

The blue, green and white is gorgeous. Makes me want to have dinner on my screened-in porch!

Jada Mowles on

Absolutely in love with these!!!

Kim B on

Love the blue and green!!

joy on

Conflicted…love the orange accents but I DO love the green with the blue.

Pam W on

Love all the melamine patterns

Brooke on

I’m dying for these—trying to conform my Yankee furnishings into my new Nashville home. These plates would help do the trick.

Mary H. on

The green, blue, white collection is amazing. Perfect for hot summer days.

Betsy Chappell on

Both my daughters have asked for sets!! Ready to set a Spring table after a long chilly wet winter. Betsy Chappell

Cheryl on

Love the patterns! Such a great product to use as we head into our warm weather and can enjoy dining alfresco!

Joanna M. on

These are so beautiful!!

Stephanie on

They are all so lovely!

Tracy on

What a great idea! These are beautiful!

Michelle B on

Beautiful patterns and colors!!

Karen on

Oh WOW these are beautiful!
These will set a beautiful summer table by the pool…….
Ahhh the summer is coming for sure.
Thx Tina

Polly on

The green/blue/white collection is adorable!!!!!

Mary Balagia on

I love the blue and white melamine I already have. Looking forward to getting more.

Jordan Pence on

Love this giveaway away idea, and LOVE these beautiful prints ??? gorgeous & ??creative!

Angela Hartley on

Love the blue and green set! Melamine has come a long g way!

Donna on

Love the green blue and white. Would be pretty used in a plate wall!

Pop O Color on

Can’t decide which color to order.

Hania Geremia on

This is the perfect blend of Californation living the Italian al fresco way!

Roz on

This is such beautiful melamine. Congratulations on a job well done!!

Karenann on

Such beautiful outdoor dinnerware sets. The patterns are so elegant and stunning! I would love a set for my patio entertaining!

Sandra Hurlbutt on

Love the blue and green. So refreshing.

Elaine McCarty on

Love the blue and green! Going to order and hope to receive them for mother’s day!

Karen on

Love the idea of mixing either one of these patterns with my white dinnerware and then placing them on a tablecloth in a beautiful classic design along with bamboo flatware!

Chauntel on

These are beautiful!! It’s exciting to see a pattern like this in the melamine to use indoor or outdoor and no worries about breaking with the kiddos around!! 🙂

Meghan Everett on


Jan on

Love the blue and green!

Nora on

Both sets are simply gorgeous! Tina, you did a lovely job creating the dinnerware sets.

Felicity Manas on

I think this melamine China is so beautiful and fresh. I have blue and white details on my patio and green and white lattice cushions………this would be perfect.

Donna on

I absolutely love the blue and green mix! I’m ordering a set to mix with my original blue and white set. Always exciting when The Enchanted Home gets a shipment in!!!

Lorin Scarborough on

This will be my summer dinnerware! I am so happy with the designs….. Great job Tina!

Eileen on

The melamine is beautiful.

Maude Ciardi on

The dishes are stunning. Beautiful for all dining Would love to have these to serve on.

Sharon Larmore on

I love the green blue and white ! Will look awesome on my patio. What summer fun and spring is finally here??

JFain on

What beautiful place settings for an evening of dining al fresco.

Sandra Lorimer on

These place settings and serving pieces are gorgeous! I’m so excited to entertain with these outdoors and not have to worry about chipping or breaking. You’ve done it again! Bravo and thank you!

Ann Villier on

The blue and green is so fresh looking but all are beautiful.

Peggy Ekena on

The dinnerware is perfect! I especially love the blue, white, and green version. It must be so gratifying to design something and see it loved by so many of your readers.

Christine on

So beautiful!!

Dianne Kropp on

You come up with the BEST ideas. I cannot wait for the next one.

Carla on

Just beautiful!!

Dianne Kropp on

How does one choose? All are SO beautiful.

Nikki Tully on

They are gorgeous!!

jill on

Beautiful dishes that would be a wonderful summer addition to outdoor dining. Do I have to order from you to be considered for a giveaway? Hope not! Don’t work too hard filling all your orders!

Donna Scully on

I agree, Tina………..this is one of your best designs yet! Truly stunning.
Love them both, but should I win……I prefer the blue and white settings.

Pamela on

I really love the blue and white design or as a French antique site i sunscribe to calls it “bleu snd blanc”. If o had a gaggle of little ones I most likely would have already placed an order. But its just me and now only parttime my golden retriever who is living far more with my parents. She just seems to manage better out there on the farm in their one story design. I guess she is at that age she needs the granny house just like my folks. That’s why it was built, to have everything my folks must access all on one floor. But i may still work on getting some, its so pretty. What a beautiful set to use for an old fashion Victorian al fresco picnic somewhere on the grass with multiple blankets spread on the ground.

Ali on

I need everything!! Recent new mom, ready to start entertaining again!!

Donna D on

I really love the blue and green! So pretty layered with the charger. Great job Tina!

Sherri on

Too cute!!!!! Am ordering now!!

Sandy w on

These are really pretty. Have looked at melamine for years, but don’t think I’ve ever seen any as nice as these.

Deborah G on

Both sets are stunning! I love both sets for there own unique qualities. You could easily buy both sets and have a beautiful table all year long. Thanks for bringing us your artistic vision.

Lina Beltran on


Evelyn on

Absolutely gorgeous, and best of all they won’t break!!!

Carol Reince on

These are incredible! Will Call today and order!

Susan on

Both are stunning , but choosing the burnt orange/blue for myself!!
So festive and elegant, I can’t wait to dine al fresco–every day 🙂

Laura Koning on

I absolutely love the melamine dishes! I want more!!!

Ellen H. on

Tina, I believe you have most of the seasons covered with the three gorgeous melamine patterns. I fully expect you to have a Christmas pattern by August (maybe of next year) because of Palmetto Bluff this year. 🙂

Jill on

Love the blue and green!

Jane Braica on

I love the blue, green, and white collection! Beautiful and classic.

Jane on

The blue and green patterns look like they were custom designed for my house, inside or outside. I love them.

Margaret on

I love the blue and white with green. So fresh and new for springtime!

Brenda on

I love the blue green and white. I’ll t has the prettiest designs. Would look lovely on any table inside or out. ?

Geri on

Great collection. Would love to see these in porcelain China too

Peggy on

I love the blue and green set!! So pretty!

Peggy on

The blue and green set catches my eye. It looks so simple yet elegant!

MaryAnne Geddis on

In love with the blue/green/white dinnerware!

Hope on

Blue and white goes with everything

Charlotte Coleman on

Love everything!

Patrice on

Love the blue white and green! Beautiful!

Anne Schmitt on

So pretty! Love these. ???

Marie on

The new dishes are lovely and from a distance do look like China. I must say I am partial to the blue and green pattern. They would make a beautiful setting for a special meal.

Cher on

Congratulations on designing a functional, elegant, beautiful, and practical dinnerware. I like both patterns, but favor the blue and green.

Sherry B on

Both colors are beautiful and fresh. I would love to collect a set to use all summer.

Lisa on

Tina its funny because normally I would be green and blue all the way but must say I am totally obsessed with the orange and blue! Both patterns are prettier than most china but I can see it on a summer table. You have outdone yourself! We are moving end of this month but I cannot wait to order when we settle into our new home in Atlanta!

Kathy on

The blue and green pattern is my favorite~ so fresh and feels like spring! I love eating on the patio and these dishes would be a welcome addition to my outdoor gatherings!

jan on

This new collection is so pretty and is just what I’ve been looking for. It will work both in my home and our cottage. I will have trouble deciding where to keep it for use!

Lisa on

These are absolutely the prettiest melamine I have ever seen. I love blue and white!
I love entertaining my family and have 10 little grandchildren 8 and under. There would be
no worries entertaining the whole family with these beauties.

Deborah K on

What is not to like about these beauties!

Bibi Tucker on

These are fabulous! Don’t remember seeing them last year.

Judith Poremba on

Love the blue/white/green collection!

Rachel on

Love how unique these are!!

Paula on

Gorgeous! Love it

Anne Marie O'Connor on


Sherry on

I just ordered the blue, white and green dishes. I love them and they match my new kitchen perfect. Thank you for your wonderful designs.

Lou Housego on

I think that the blue and green set is one of the most gorgeous designs I have come across. I so, so, so want this in my home. Totally gorgeous.

Annette on

Both are just lovely.

Susan Andrews on

Perfect picnic pretty plate weather ahead. Put in your basket & off you go ⛱☀️⛱☀️⛱

Susan K on

As usual Tina, you have outdone yourself! These are just lovely and perfect for summer!

Judith Presgrove on

Love all the green and blue settings! So fresh for Spring and Summer!

Linda Mansfield on

Love them all……but the blue, green and white might be my favorite!! So fresh looking! Best to you! Linda

Ellen on

How beautiful will a summer table look with all these gorgeous pieces!

Sara on

Who wouldn’t be happy with any one of those patterns, but if I have to pick a favorite, the green, blue and white, please!

Susan B on

The green and blue pieces are so pretty – just perfect for upcoming Spring and Summer outdoor dining.

Diane Booren on

These are both beautiful and practical! Love them. You offer such beautiful things. Thank you!

Anita Fitzgerald on

Love blue and white. Hope I win

Nadine on

Both sets have a beautiful pattern. My favorite is the blue, white and green set. It’s pretty, yet cheerful and I would also use it for a formal dinner. It would make an elegant table. It has many faces.

Mirna on

Hi Tina,
You have truly outdone yourself with the beautiful melamine. I love the blue and green! These would be my all time favorites.

Annette on

As always… everything you do is beautiful and of good quality and style. Thank you ! It’s a real pleasure to have glimpses into the ‘Enchanted home’.

Liz on

Your melamine is awesome ! Loved the post on the NYC flower market, too. Went there years ago to do a friends wedding. Crazy fun! Thanks for the pix.

Colleen on

So beautiful. Would love them to serve outdoors.

Gayle Eales on

I love the blue white and green melamine…..they are so feminine to me and will make a lovely statement!



Nancy on

Finally decide! I ordered the burnt orange, blue/white pattern. I have orange melamine chargers so can’t wait to set my first outdoor table later this month when they arrive.

kesha on

I love the melamine dinnerware. It is so hard to find melamine dinnerware that is pretty and these are gorgeous

Liz M. on

These are beautiful! I can not decide which I love more.

Christy on

The blue and white melamine chargers are my faves.

Blair on

Love the blue and green pattern! So versatile…

Judy D. on

Simply Lovely!!! Every design.

Pam on

Love the blue and green. Definitely pretty to use inside as well as outside. The pattern is so fresh and leaves so many options to be able to complete a tables ape!

Mary Baker on

Love the blue and green collection. This set would be perfect all year long. A breath of fresh air on the table.

Jacqueline mays on

Recently I down sized my assortment of different plates as I thought I was through entertaining but guess what these are so beautiful I will be ordering.

mariae on

Both patterns are so pretty and elegant that its hard to decide on one!

Colette Lapeyre on

Lovely outdoor melamine dinnerware!! Love both looks

Donna Schroll on

They are all gorgeous patterns! I will have a difficult time choosing only one!????

Tina on

Such beautiful pieces ! Love the blue and green combination!!!

Emilia Thomaosn on

Love love love!

cherie on


Susan on

So beautiful. A classic in a new way.

Audrey Recchia on

These dishes are really lovely. I especially like the green/blue/white collection.

Audrey on

These dishes are really lovely. I especially like the green/blue/white collection.

Cece Brune on

Blue and white flows throughout my house, so I found this lovely melamine especially appealing. I don’t usually leave comments, but these dishes deserve some kudos! What a clever idea to take a timeless treasure and recreate it so artistically and in such a practical material.

Mary Ann Sippl on

Love the Imari style pattern.

Amanda Whitley on

they are all so pretty and would be lucky to own any of them

Deborah on

Perfection ! As a blue and white lover, these patterns say it all!

Jane H. on

These dishes are beautiful! Especially love the blue-white-green combination. Thanks for the opportunity to own them.

Bonnie G. on

I think the blue and green pattern is adorable, especially the pottery and floral branch design! The outside use of these dishes make me think of my late MIL who always insisted on using pretty plates and cloth napkins even for an outdoor affair – these would suit her fancy!

Jenn on

Is the blue-handled flatware available?

Brenda Short on

Love these Tina. I hadn’t had a chance to view any of my ems till now and I’m a dishanista! And still buying. Same with anything to do with a tablesetting. I missed this deal but wasn’t aware. Take care~ Bren 🙂

Leanne Turner on

All the patterns are lovely!

Sandy on

These dishes look like China. Love the blue, white and green pattern.

Susan on

Casual and country charming! Love the entire line.

Sharon on

Very pretty! Great for a summer picnic.

Bonnie on

Absolutely beautiful plates!!!!

Christa Wise on

Can one ever get enough blue and white? Adding a touch of green makes this dinnerware just different enough to make it irresistible, and it helps justify the need for yet another set. It pleases me.

Christa Wise on

It is hard to believe these are Melamine. What a lovely way to set an outdoor table.

Carole McMinn on

I ha e your original blue n white. Have 8 dinner n 8 salads. Would like to hav the salad/soup bowls to match. I noticed u hav silverware in your display. R they available as well And also I would like 2 serving bowls. I emailed some time ago asking if u carried blue n white throw rugs but didn’t receive an answer. Please sent answer via my email. Thank you. And thanks for the great items you carry

Beth on

Oh my goodness love them! I love the blue and white. They would be adorable on my table for our Church ladies luncheon.

Tina Taylor on

Hi Tina
I love the design and colors reminds me of some dishes I purchased at an estate sale here in California. Please enter me in your drawing.

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