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Hello friends!  If you are a blue and white loving fanatic like myself, you will be mighty happy that you stopped by today. Posting this later as requested often by our West Coast customers.  Our June presale starts today and is on for 3 days, make sure to tell your friends and family if you really really like them:) This is a fantastic chance to get these beautiful items at their lowest selling price-

  • There are TWO ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • This presale is on for three days and will end Saturday, May 12th
  • IF YOU EMAIL your order in- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • Many items sell out so first come first serve
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers  (and pattern if applicable)
  • All porcelains are handpainted not machine made/mass produced
  • Many customers are already in our system but for those who have multiple addresses, you must specify which address you want your items shipped to
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • We cannot hold items, only once your order is paid for is your order considered a completed order
  • This is a presale/advance purchase- this container is en route as we speak is due in by end of June
  • Any order over $600 will receive 10% off
  • Refer someone to this presale, and if they purchase more than $100 you get $15.00 off your order! Make sure they mention your name (up to 4 recommendations allowable)
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Some items are available for international shipping you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)


ITEM 1 The white tulipieres are coming back….finally.  By popular demand now offered in all three sizes- small, med and large. This is a beautiful and highly decorative item, perfect for spring/summer entertaining.

Small- 14″ tall $95.00

Medium -22″ tall $140.00

Large -33″ tall $190.00

ITEM 2.This wonderful mid sized jar is coming, beautiful as a pair and this versatile size works just about anywhere, includes the stylish foo dog lid. 15″ $95.00 OR  pair for $180.00

ITEM 3. So excited to be getting more of these fabulous new planters, so love this planter. A perfect size for any kind of flowers, orchids, boxwoods. Measures 6.5″ x 9.5″ $85.00

ITEM 4 Just in time for spring…this incredible fishbowl is coming back, it is beautifully done as each panel features a different figurine scene, measures 16.5”x 16” $160.00

ITEM 5. This incredible and very majestic vase is  coming! I saw something like this in a shop in NYC about a month ago with a price tag of $1500. This is a really grand vase with amazing details, the raised bump detailing, gorgeous detailed handpainting and beautiful butterfly handles. With nothing or filled with branches or flowers, this is a showstoppper and is spectacular with long branches or any kind of flowering branches or flowers. Measures 24″ x 9″ $160.00


ITEM 6. This fabulous previously sold out umbrella stand is making a comeback, a beautiful piece for any foyer and a most elegant way to store your umbrellas. Measures 16″ $95.00

 ITEM 7. Fabulous bird garden seat, just in time for the warmer weather when we are all busy getting our outdoor spaces spruced up. Beautiful indoors too….I have them in several rooms. Gorgeous handpainted bird design Measures 17.5″ $155.00


ITEM 8. Our chunky ginger jars are coming back, these are always so popular that we doubled up on the amounts we normally order. These are just the quintessential ginger jars, handpainted with a beautiful foo dog top, the shape is so beautiful.

Measures 17.5″ tall  $155.00 for one OR a pair for $300.00 (either style)

8A. Bird

8B Phoenix


ITEM 9 This darling little ginger is perfect for smaller spaces or to add the finish touch to a vignette. Measures 7.5″ tall $35.00


ITEM 10. So happy to be getting in this spectacular pheasant vase. Features a beautiful handpainted pheasant scene and gorgeous detailed butterfly handles. I have used this vase for big curly branches and flowers and let me tell you…it is stunning. Measures 25.5″ tall $140.00


ITEM 11 This beautiful “fruit” handled vase with a classic village scene is returning, this is one of my all time favorite vases.So elegant and the perfect size for your weekly flowers, even with nothing it stands alone beautifully. Measures 16.5″ $135.00


ITEM 12 The super popular Ralph vase is coming back and now with a great new size…medium. So now this gorgeous vase is offered in three sizes, small, medium and large! This is one stunning vase for a big spray of flowers, branches or fresh flowers.

Small 10″ $75.00

New size! Medium 16″  $120.00

Large 19″  $140.00


ITEM 14 A pair of mini white foo dogs. These are so darling and can go literally anywhere, also perfect to use as bookends,  a great vignette filler. Measures 4″ x 6″ The pair is $35.00


ITEM 15. The straight fishbowl is coming back, a best seller, this is such an elegant fishbowl for inside or out. Perfect for boxwoods, trees and sure to add a touch of elegance wherever it is used. Ideal for indoors and out.  Measures 17″ x 16.5″ $185.00


ITEM 16. Two fabulous fishbowls, two different designs. I own these and adore them, everything looks good in these. I  have them inside and on my patio. They are perfect for big round boxwood balls or a big tree or topiary. They are handpainted on entire body  and feature beautiful lion head “rings”.  Fabulous! Measures 16.5″ x 17″ $165.00

16A Foo dogs

16B Figurine


 ITEM 17. Our best selling mini blue and white foo dogs are coming back! These are just so beautiful, hand painted and look fabulous anywhere. We have doubled up on the quantity we normally order. Measures 4″ x 6″ The pair $75.00


ITEM 18 A new introduction, this incredible blue and white ice bucket/wine cooler comes with a removable bamboo holder. This is a new favorite piece of mine, it really makes a table when filled with ice and a few favorite bottles. Measures 10.5″ x 9.5″ $110.00 **includes a removable bamboo handle so it can be used with or without


ITEM 19. Our original blue and white tulipieres are coming back in small and medium, these always sell out fast. They are spectacular with or without flowers. Comes with four separate parts each with their own “bottom” to hold water. Few things can create as pretty of a vignette as these can.

Small- 14″ tall  $85.00

Medium-22” $190.00




ITEM 20. Getting in the small of our new top selling village scene tulipiere. A wonderful size solo or as a pair, filled with your favorite flowers…these are simply breathtaking. Love this new airy design and color palette.

Small 14″ tall$85.00


ITEM 21. NEW! Mid size flat top village scene/landscape jar. Wonderful design and highly decorative and great size. The flat top is a must have for any porcelain lover. Measures 8.5″ x 8″ $65.00  OR a pair for $120.00


ITEM 22. Adore this small vase, sometimes you need a smaller jar to fill in or might have a smaller space that needs a pair of smaller scaled ginger jars, well this one to the rescue! This one also comes with a foo dog top. Measures 11.5″  $70.00 OR a pair for $125.00

ITEM 23. Finally getting a top seller back in, the pair of exquisite bird ginger jars. These are a pair with a right and a left facing bird and how pretty they are! Fabulous for consoles, chests, mantle and even a kitchen island. Perfect size 17.5″

The pair is $280.00

ITEM 24. This is a beautiful double happiness classic scene vase, this is a perfect vase to have around for your weekly flowers. Also stunning on a mantle as a pair filled with branches.$125.00 OR  a pair for $240.00

ITEM 25. Our best selling English inspired planter box is coming back and yes, we doubled the quantities to insure everyone gets one this time that wants one. These are so so beautiful , designed after an antique planter  and it is planter perfection in my book.

Features a delicately handpainted floral scene with gold leaf detailing and gold leaf finials. Amazing for topiaries, florals, flowering planters, etc…or nothing at all! Measures 7.5″ x 11.5″ $180 OR a pair for $350.00

ITEM 26.Our wonderful village scene round garden seat is coming back…this is super decorative and handpainted on the entire piece. A beautiful addition inside or out! Measures 18.5″ $160.00



We always celebrate the presale with a porcelain giveaway… one lucky winner will win this wonderful pierced porcelain dish. Just leave a comment on this post and you will be in the running! I will announce a winner next Tuesday.

Well, that is a whole lot of blue and white beauty if you ask me!This never gets old and has me thinking of all kinds of new vignettes I want to create:) So you know the drill, if you want to place an order there are two ways to do so- email or call.

Bear in mind if you email your order request, you must include your full name, address and phone number (as well as the item numbers and quantity)


Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Hope spring has sprung wherever you might be!

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Susan Osborn-Sanders on

All the Blue and White Beauty takes my breath away💙💙💙

Eve on

Love all the pieces–especially # 22!

Nancy Caswell on

your shop and your blog!

G.Lundin on

Those dog bowls are amazing! I am going to order the white foo dogs for mykitchen…so cute.

Colleen on

Just love all the blue and white. Beautiful!

Susan K too on

Teddy looks positively regal in this photo. I am obsessed with the blue and white Foo Dogs!!!

Kelly W Miller on

These items are so beautiful! How they would be such a great addition to all of us blue and white fans.

Susan K on

I scroll to the bottom of the page first to see the pics Teddy then read through the sale items. Love the foo dogs!

Betty Mickler on

I’ve always loved blue and white and can’t imagine decorating without it. Love following your blog! INSPIRATION!!!

Sandra Hurlbutt on

Love all the porcelains. Especially the happiness vase!

Eileen on

The 26, garden seat, is so pretty and functional.

Peggy Bryant on

Tina, As always such beautiful items up for sale. Such a hard decision to make on what I like the best.

Maree Sperle on

The Blue and White looks amazing!

JFain on

Love the Porcelain. I want one of each.

Betty Mickler on

I’ve always had blue and white in my home and can’t imagine decorating with it. Your blog provides additional INSPIRATION!!!! Thank you

Margie Winters on

Love #5! I have been eying something very similar in a local shop, but your price is so much better. Can’t wait to place my order with you!

Marilyn Cole on

Love all the blue and white! I dream of a room filled with it, tastefully of course!

Vickie on

So many great choices today and to gift. Hint MothersDay.
My favorite is number three for my orchid, I hope to get Sunday. Lol

Karen W. on

The pierced bowl filled with fresh strawberries…yum!

Pop O Color on

I might have to gift myself a few of these beauties for Mother’s Day.

Elisa Rosenberg on

Hello! I have recently started collecting and would love to add this piece to my collection. I am moving into a new home and this would look beautiful!
Fingers crossed!!!

Kim B on

Love them all, but I think #8 is my favorite!

Diane R. on


Terry P. on

Bummer:( You’re killing me! I’m trying to go a month w/o purchasing something Blue & White!!! Oh, the despair of a blue/white lover:)

Denise on

It is hard to make up my mind. EVerything is so pretty.

barbara martin on

This pierced porcelain dish is divine…..

Sharon on

All beautiful, as always! The chunky ginger jar and straight sided fishbowl are my favorites this time around!

Perfect offering on

This bowl is in my home holding moss balls….gorgeous!

Ann Hanusik on

Please stop, I want them all, your choices are all just beautiful.

Sherry B on

I love the Village design garden seat!

Deri on

So pretty! I love the new lighter blue tulipieres. I am using my original blue ones for our Mother’s Day brunch.

Linda H on

So many pretty items!

Kate on

I can to hold out any longer. Must have Number 25! So fabulous, Tina!

Mary M on

I would like one of everything! Loved #22 and had to order one!

Anita Morgan on

I want it all for both indoors and out. My husband is beginning to understand my addiction because each piece delights the eye.

Megan Bobbitt on

So many beautiful pieces! Can never have too much blue and white. Love it all!

Bonnie G. on

Love the village scene tulipiere!

Denise on


Brenda M on

As always, beautiful pieces. In love with the ice bucket with removable bamboo handle. Can’t wait to see the decor in your new home with all these porcelain pieces!

Cindy Patton on

I so want a tulipiere. Hardest part is choosing which one!

Elissa on

Your selection can’t be beat!!!! Simply the best!

Cindy on

I really love the village scene garden seat!!!

Jennifer S on

Complete blue and white beauty, with a little something for everyone!!

Arlene on

Love everything you have. One can always tell by looking at the pieces what high quality they are

Anne Marie O'Connor on

I need BLUE all around me! Beautiful, Beautiful blue.

Janet on

Hi Tna — all of these aRe wonderful, but I am especially taken with the Ralph vases and the straight fishbowl. I could put them really get “to wrk.”

Dianne on

What to get this time????so many beautiful pieces❤️

Lisa P. on

Love all of the pieces!

Marilyn on

I love the colors.

Camille S on

I just love the way you display your porcelains in your own home.

Sandy W on

Love all of these. This pierced dish is beautiful

Joan on

Thank you for this great giveaway.

MarionJoan on

These products are lovely.

Trudi on

Dear Tina,

I love all the blue and white. I have happily purchased many porcelains from you. Thanks for the great quality and the price is phenomenal!

Nancy H on

Everything is just so beautiful!

Jana Rinehart on

Tina, You outdid yourself this time. I want it all!

Beverly Rowntree on

I absolutely love the blue and white porcelains and how you display them.

Deb Harris on

Love all the blue and white. Gradually converting some out of date elements over, so hopefully can buy a few pieces!

Alissa on

Blue and white just never gets old. Beautiful as always!

Linda Owens on

So much beautiful blue and white. I love it.

Glenda Harlow on

Everything is so pretty!

leigh on

Beautiful blue and white porcelains!!

Carrie on

Love everything! But especially those Ralph vases!

Cay Miller on

Another great offering for your customers. Every piece is a beauty – what a collection! Thank you, Tina for your great sales and the awesome variety available through your online store. It really is overwhelming.
Cay Miller

Ann on

Love this group of pieces! Looking forward to adding to my Enchanted Home blue and white collection!

Melissa Hebbard on

I bought a number of items in the last porcelain presale and I haven’t received them yet though they and their expensive postage were paid back in March and no one has responded to my email asking about tracking numbers or when I can expect them. Having spent $200 on the porcelain and $250 on the postage with no reply, I am rather concerned.

Karenann on

All your porcelains are so beautiful! I especially love your garden seat. It’s such a wonderful way to decorate our backyard patio and pool area.

Kathy on

Everything is so beautiful and well-priced! The garden seats always catch my eye and I would love to one on my patio and one in my living room!

Yolanda on

All so lovely, don’t know where to start

Linda Beth on

A blue and white feast for the eyes! Love everything, especially the blue and white foo dogs!

Sue on

As always so many beautiful items , now just need to decide which !

Susan on

Will be so beautiful with fruit or an orchid!

Janet on

Blue and white turns a “blue” day sunny 🌝

Dianne on

Love all the new porcelain items…. Stunning!!!
Love the pierced porcelain bowl….Just beautiful with fresh fruit!!!

Connie Jenkins on

I love the English planters, and dog food bowls! I bought #3 #9 #12 #22
I have the pierced dish and it is sweet, sweet.

Kate on

Love the pierced blue and white dish. Enchanted Homes have the most unusual pieces!

Sharon on

So much blue and white to love…I’m loving the smaller scaled ginger jars. I have my eyes on these and the classic happiness vase

Pam W on

Love the tulipieres!

Carmen B on

such lovely items!

Geri Duncan on

Beautiful collection!

Norina on

Blue and white makes a statement. It makes everything look beautiful and elegant.

Jane Hill Morrow on

so excited by this collection!!!! especially the flat top jars and the garden scene garden seat! can’t wait to order and receive!!!!

Bettina Woodring on

All I can say is fishbowls, fishbowls, fishbowls!!!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Another fabulous collection!

Beth D. on

Your lovely porcelains and blogs have made me a lover of all things blue and white!

Debbie H. on

Love all the blue & white! So pretty!

Susan Haidon on

Hi Tina, Happy Thursday! I love ❤️ them ALL!!!!

Karen F. on

Seeing the little ginger with peonies!

Jane on

Love everything but especially the tulipieres!

Deborah on

They’re all lovely but item #9 is my favorite. It’s the perfect size to add to my “collection”. Blue and white has become my go-to color combination for a number of years and this little darling would look beautiful in my dining room.

Mary Baker on

I am in blue heaven today. Thanks for sharing and making my day.

jacqueline bunge on

All the porcelain items are beautiful! The pierced bowl is so lovely! Happy Mother’s Day!

Evelyn on

Lovely as always!

Karen McLeod on


Fatima Mayer on

Love everything. Your fur baby is beautiful and so are the dog bowls.

Sarah M on

Addiction seems like such a dirty word…..but how else do I describe it? 💙💙

Sandy on

I love so many of the pieces in this post that I can’t even list my favorites individually! I am an addict for blue and white, and would dearly love to win the dish.

Alison Comstock on

Please bring back the fabulous pillows you had several weeks ago! (not needlepoint…) They included
the (navy) blue on white pagoda print on white and a navy/white geometric ribbon among others!

Mariae on

Fabulous porcelain items, can’t wait!

Mariae on

Beautiful pieces, can’t wait!

Ann on

Love them all especially #26!

“Blondie” on

Whole collection is beautiful!
Started my collection way back in early 70’s as a college student traveling in Europe and have yet to get over this obsession 🤣

Stephanie Gonzalez on

So excited for this sale! There are so many wonderful things!

Donna on

Just submitted my order for several items! Will be looking forward to receiving this grouping- love it all.

Gayle on


Gayle Montgomery on


Cathy on

What a feast for the eyes! Your blue and white offerings just keep getting better, if that is even possible!
I love the Ralph vases, the straight fishbowl, the large fishbowl, the blue and white tulipieres, AND the champagne/ice bucket. Hmmm, very hard to choose which to add to the collection for my new home.
Thank you! Tina, for continuing to bring beauty and joy into our lives.

Becky Mattingly on

Everything is beautiful. Love the village scene garden seat. It’s so great to be outdoors with the blue and white.

Lizabeth W on

Loving so much here- hard to choose! The pierced porcelain dish is beautifull- what a nice giveaway!

Catharine on

Love the garden seat…and would have a difficult time finding something I didn’t like! A lovely assortment of beautiful things. Feel so blessed to be able to spend my time imagining how to decorate with them. ….Not everyone has the opportunity. Have a lovely Mother’s Day!!!

Charlotte on

The new fishbowls are a must have.

Ali on

Loving the pierced porcelain dish!!! Please choose me!!

Ann Villier on

So many beautiful blue and white items, Tina! I’d love each and every one.

Kathleen Coalter on

Is there anything better than blue and white?? I’m so glad my daughter introduced me to this fabulous blog and site!!

Katie Davis on

Absolutely gorgeous! I could buy 1 of everything.

Emily Of Eleven Gables on

Beautiful porcelains, Tina! You always have the best selection!

Celia on

Beautiful pieces!!! Love the fish bowls!!

Marnie Mills on

Beautiful and so hard to choose just one! In love with the village scene tuilipiere…..gorgeous!

Ally on

Placed my order several weeks ago during the presale and I can hardly wait for all my beautiful items to arrive! Feels like I am waiting on Santa 🎅

Kathy Bunge on

Everything is gorgeous! The pierced blue & white bowl is really lovely! Happy Mother’s Day!

Holly on

Oh my goodness, I want to buy them all!! So beautiful!!!

Amber on

All so beautiful…can’t wait for my planter boxes to arrive!

Jennifer McNeal on

So thankful to have discovered you today…I just placed my first order…but certainly not my last! Love all the blue and white…especially the tulipieres!💙

Eirah on

I love all these items but especially love the blue & white tulipiéres!💙

Mary W. on

I am so excited I found you and anxious to receive item #20!

Mary Beth Liller on

The tulipieres and foo dogs are my favs! No such thing as too much blue and white!

Kristen on

Gorgeous items!

Lydia Wesolowski on

I’m a blue and white loving fanatic like you. I’m mighty happy that I stopped by today to view all your beautiful items.

Leanne Turner on

All of the pieces are very pretty!

Jeanne on

So hard to choose a favorite, but I love the garden seat. Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

Judith Poremba on

Love them all!

Laura Koning on

I’ll take one of each! Love, love, Love!!!

Tammy Ringeisen on

Beautiful items! Love them all!
~ Tammy

Michelle on

Such beautiful items! I love how these items dress up my home.

Pat on

So addicted to blue and white! Beautiful collection!

Becky on

Can’t wait for #25 to arrive! Lovely pieces!

Anne Logan on

Love it all

Judy Grissom on

Love all the blue and white! I can’t wait to place my order!

Francine Wilson on

I’ve recently discovered your blog and love all! So many design inspirations. Thank you.

Peggy Mae on

I am love all the new pieces coming in. May have to get that ice bucket. Maybe it will make my bottles of water more appealing to drink..

Deanna on

Blue, Blue…My World Is Blue…🎼

Linda Wishart on

Item#1-White Tulipieres are just what I need. Instead of saying “I want that Mom”, my kids would say “I need that”. Guess I can now understand that thought process. Thanks Tina

Karen P on

Love everything – especially the chunky jars!

Jennifer on

love all!

April on

.? Will you be getting the extra large umbrella container with the bird motif any time again?

Lynda Sullivan on

I am always happy when I see your email in my inbox, your selection of items is amazing and beautiful! Thank you!!

Vicki C. on

Blue and White. Crisp and clean look!

Katherine on

The only place to go for your “Blue & White” obsession!

Gina M on

I love all the blue and white porcelain, especially the garden stool!

Mary on

Blue and white forever!

Penny Love on

Too many great choices! Can hardly wait to use them this summer!
#25 is elegant!

Deborah Taylor on

I really like the double happiness vase. It .looks like the perfect size for spring branches. It is always fun to see what’s new at TEH.

Blair on

Love the Ralph vases!!!

Rosalie on

Blue and white forever!

Tina on

Beautiful pieces ! Especially the tulipieres!!!! Love ❤️

Jacquie McLaurin on

I absolutely love The Enchanted Garden and all of your posts!

Christiane De Filippis on

Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how much I love seeing your emails pop up in my Mailbox. Your pictures are all so visually rich, so inspiring, so colorful, so romantic, so soothing to gaze at. As we all know, there’s something incredibly relaxing about a blue/white palette. I actually de-stress while viewing your picturesque vignettes. Keep them coming. Thank you, Christiane De Filippis, Potomac Falls, Virginia

Kem Moran on

Just irresistible! placed my first order and I’m thrilled!!!

Carolyn on

Wonderful collection of blue and white. I am planning to order the planters now. Love them!

Carolyn on

Wonderful collection of blue and white!

Denise on

Since I am 100% English/ Scottish I really NEED the English inspired planter box!!!!

meghan on

So pretty, love it!

Kate on

I think of Number 25 , morning and night. I don’t think I am able to fight it much longer.

Susan Malizia on

Love all the blue and white porcelain! =)

Afn on

Beautiful blue/white collection. Way to go Tina.

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