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Hello friends, hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend. Here,  the weather did not cooperate but it made for a lazy (and much needed) few days off and we were able to salvage Memorial Day and were invited to a beautiful waterfront dinner which was a really nice way to end the long weekend.

This post is for all of my friends and lovers of blue and white from all around the world. I started this series a few months ago and it seems to be a hit. A place where all of us incurable lovers of blue and white can come together and know we have plenty of company in our obsession with this timeless combination:)

If you want to see past “club meetings:” then go to top right of my blog where the search bar is and type in “Blue and White Club”, it will take you to all the past posts.

I always pick a topic about blue and white to feature and today is part 2 of using blue and white wallpaper in the home. I am a big fan of wallpaper and especially like it in rooms like powder rooms, dining rooms, some bedrooms and certain foyers. I am especially interested in blue and white as not only one but possibly two bathrooms in PB will be done in blue and white. Let’s take a look at blue and white wallpaper in action, then I want to know what you think!


Now this is gorgeous, I could get used to this mighty fast, Meg Braff

Typically for me, doing paper in a foyer would be too much and too big of a commitment, yet somehow it really works in this home, Sara Bartholomew

Why not in a laundry room, adds so  much! Carla Lane Interiors

Elegant in this foyer, Kelly Eagle

What a great multi functional space, feels so fresh and crisp with this blue and white trellis wallpaper, Markay Johnson Construction

Thoughts on using paper in a kitchen/pantry area? In this case I really like it, Heather Scott Home

Adore this paper, it is so fresh and welcoming in this beautiful powder room, Amie Corley

Isn’t this fun….Dina Holland took an iconic Schumacher paper and covered the backs of these kitchen cabinets, clever!

Lovely foyer with subtle blue/white wallpaper by Lindsay Coral Harper

Pretty Cole and Sons paper was used in this powder room by Ashley Whittaker

This is so sweet, love it! Sara Gilbrane Interiors

I love the pretty vibe above, Pinterest

Pretty in this crisp/clean bedroom,  Elite KB

This is quite beautiful, a chinoiserie accented with blues for this entry foyer, Rill Architects

Love this palette and wallpaper for a bedroom, Southern Living

Love this darling mudroom,made so much prettier with this wallpaper, Inhabit Interiors

To me a bathroom is the one place you go can go bolder, love this paper and color combination,  Colordrunk Design

I must say I do like the idea of doing this with wallpaper on the back wall of a bookcase, Turquoise LA

Precious in a nursery, Domaine Home

There is a lot happening here but I actually love it, it feels so bright crisp and happy Ana Cordeiro

I bet a closet is the last place many think about for wallpaper but I actually love the idea, Andrew Howard

Love everything about this bedroom, for me personally I like a very soft and small repeat for a bedroom wallpaper just like this one, Tiffany Ritchie and Chrissy Shields

When I was putting this post together and found this picture, this paper really got my attention, it just may be used in one of the PB bathrooms (Phillip Jeffries Imperial Gates) design by Tracy Lynn Studio


One lucky winner will win our newest bud vase, perfect for an end table or nightstand. Such an elegant little vase, simply leave a comment on this post and I will select a winner on Friday morning.


OK your turn to weigh in, do you like it or love blue and white wallpaper? Do you have a favorite room to use wallpaper? Would you ever do an all blue and white room? I would and it’s kind of a shock that I haven’t already:) To me there is never too much! Would love to know your thoughts. Wishing everyone a great day and a wonderful start to this short work week:) Until next time…….

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Catharine on

Love the blue and white wallpaper in the cupboards! What a great idea and such a perfect way to use that splash of color for major impact!

Jane on

Lovely wallpapers… can never go wrong with blue and white!

Apackard on

I love wall paper in bathrooms. Makes it so cozy.

Mickey on

Blue and white…you can never go wrong.

Grace on

You can’t go wrong with anything blue and white?? in my book. I especially love the paper used in the back of the cabinets.

Saryn on

I love all of these wallpapers! So beautiful!

Elizabeth on

Good morning Tina!

Love all of these blue and white rooms. My particular favorites are the wallpapered cabinet back, the mudroom and the bath. A small space but a big impact.

Have a great week.

Sandy W on

I love blue and white. And some of those wallpapers are beautiful. I would consider doing an accent or small powder room.

dale on

Great ideas. I’m thinking of ways to change my kitchen and I think wallpaper in the can I ets could do it! In blue and white….of course!

Jaymie Nickerson on

I am LOVING the blue and white wallpapers! Keeping the furniture minimal and white keeps it classic. So relaxing!

Alison on

I love a wallpapered powder room! It seems extra special in a small space. Wonderful post!

dale on

Great ideas. I’m thinking of ways to change my kitchen and I think wallpaper in the cabinets could do it! In blue and white….of course!

Aimee R on

Love the wallpaper in a powder room. The blue paper with marble sink above is exquisite!

Elizabeth on

You have selected some of my favorites! I love the paper in the powder room with the lucite enhanced sink!

Hayley on

Love the Blue and White. Can never have enough!

Deborah Johnson on

Time to glam up the laundry room with blue and white!

Sue on

I love using blue and white wallpaper. I currently have used it in my powder room , master bath a guest bath and the laundry room to make it fun !!!

Jon T on

Beautiful blue and white papers. I love the foyer by Sara Bartholomew. Thanks for another great post.

Laurie on

I love blue and white wallpaper, and am installing one in my laundry room! Won’t laundry be so much more enjoyable when surrounded by pretty?

Karen on

Love wall paper in a powder room. Blue and White is my favorite

Liz on

THANK YOU TINA ! Wallpaper does SO much for any area. So happy it’s back in. Love so many of these pictures.

Beverley Scott on

Love wallpaper in a bathroom and foyer!

Darcy on

What a timely post. I’m in the throes of redecorating my master bedroom and had blue and white in mind. After looking at your beautiful images I’m definitely going all in on a blue and white retreat. Thank you!

Becky Mattingly on

Good morning! I love wallpaper in a bathroom. The ones you showed us were just great, weren’t they! Especially the last one you are thinking of using. Go for it. I think you will love it. My favorite is the foyer by Kelly Eagle. Adore the paper. Might change the lamps to blue and white. Blue and white rooms are spectacular. Sooo many options out there. I would love one room dedicated to my obsession. What fun to decorate!!

martha sappington on

Love all the wallpapers but the powder room done by Amie Corley is stunning.

Sonya O. on

Love would to do blue and white wallpaper room!

Mary Pat on

I’m planning on wallpapering the little alcoves off of our foyer. Thanks for the inspiration!

Patti on

I still love wallpaper and sometimes feel like I’m the only one left. It’s nice to see that I’m not! I’m getting new end tables for my bedroom next week – the bud vase would definitely be perfect!

Leslie on

I have been thinking about using a blue and white wallpaper in the guest bathroom. Love how fresh these look. Love the blue and white wallpapers you featured today!

cheryl on

Always love blue and white. Great for bedrooms, and I love how it has been used in small areas like laundry room, so unexpected!

Becky on

Love all things blue! Beautiful!

Allyson smith on

I love the blue and white foyer with the blue front door.
My haul of blue and white porcelain pieces from you arrive today!

Richelle M. on

Wallpapered walls? I thought I was ‘over’ wallpapering after having been so enthusiastic years ago, only to eventually remove it all. What work! For a while now my thoughts have been ‘never again’. However, after seeing beautiful Gracie wallpapers I’m starting to envision one wall in the master bedroom being done in one of them…

Becky on

I put wallpaper in 5 out of 6 bathrooms and the laundry room! On the same page!

Joy Searles on

Love the blue and white wallpaper in the kitchen cupboards. I have an old secretary that I’m thinking about adding b&w wallpaper to the backs of the shelves to give it a fresh look. I once had a blue and white buffalo check in my laundry room and loved it!

Kelli Williams on

I LOVE blue and white wallpaper and my favorite places to use it are a powder bath and laundry room.


The room by Meg Braff at the top of post is simply perfect!!! Love the new bud vase 🙂

Mariae on

These pictures show how elegant blue and white is and the many places that wallpaper can be used, the pictures are fabulous filled with lots of ideas!

Nancy Caswell on

Don’t mind a rainy weekend occasionally!

Janet on

Love all the blue and white accents. It’s simply stunning

Mary W. on

The cabinet wallpaper is exceptional and very bold.
I have always favored wallpaper in a powder room.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Hi Tina, Beautiful! I love your blue and white choices. And yes, blue and white wallpaper is so nice in any room. So fresh! It makes you want to wake up, open windows and let the sunshine in! Blue and white has that affect. Especially love the first bedroom wallpaper and then curtains trimmed with the accent colour. La, la, la……

Lauren on

Love adding wallpaper for a unique and different look. There are so many fun options as seen in this post! Thanks for sharing ?

Gayle Eales on

We have done one of our bedrooms in a toile blue and white with Blue and white handmade quilts…It looks so cute!!!..I would love the blue and white vase to go with it!!! thanks for all the inspirations!!! Glad you had a good memorial weekend…

Linda on

Now that my heart has stopped pounding–I have to say I love every picture.
That’s probably because I’m addicted to blue and white(sometimes with a splash of green or coral thrown in).
Enjoyed this blog so very much.

barbara martin on

simple and small is the way to go……

Debbie on

Blue and white is fabulous in any place!

Jenni Toebben on

LOVE blue and white wallpaper! Especially in a bathroom or bedroom, or perhaps a small hallway. I would certainly do a blue and white room- and did in one of my bedrooms. Can’t get enough of this color combination. After seeing this post, I want to add blue and white wallpaper to my laundry room!

Kathleen Coalter on

Love the wallpapers! I used them more in other homes I’ve had and had gotten away from it.This post has renewed my interest!! So pretty!

gigi on

Love blue and white wallpaper in a bathroom/powder room. It livens it up and gives just the right amount of punch to the area.

Peggy on

I agree with many of the other posts… love the blue and white paper as a backdrop in cabinets!!!

Kathy M on

I love wallpaper, especially in bathrooms. Also, the picture of the laundry room caught my eye- how nice to walk in to such a pretty room.

Maureein o on

Yes I would do a blue/white room especially a powder room! I have a blue ribbon wallpaper on the back of a bookcase in my daughter’s bedroom . It just elevates the bookcase for a custom look. It has lasted 25 years and still looks fresh and clean like it was done yesterday!

Suzanne on

Love the bud vase❤️

Martha Queen on

I love every application you chose to post. My favorite is the wallpaper used to back cabinets!! What a clever idea to use a “pop of paper” in a kitchen or den like an accessory instead of the main event! I don’t use a lot of wallpaper put I love it in bathrooms or as an agent!!!

Colette Lapeyre on

Love all the blue & white wallpapers!

Angie paolozzi on

Thinking I need to Add some wallpaper in my laundry or master bath! Love all the blue and white photos!

Linda Beth on

Blue and white can work in any room! Love it!

Martha McC on

I love my Anna French for Thibaut chinoiserie paper in my powder room. Navy and white.

Ann on

I never get tired of looking at rooms with blue and white wallpaper.
and there are so many beautiful variations!
Thank you for the pictures and comments.

Kelly W Miller on

I can see a blue and white powder room with a subtile toile wall paper.

Megan Bobbitt on

Love wallpaper in the bathroom. Can never go wrong with blue and white!

Karen N on

Love the mud room!

Deborah on

I enjoy wallpaper in the bedroom and powder rooms. Fun, fun fun…

Karen W. on

Lovely examples for using blue and white wallpaper. Your post brightened a rainy morning!

Pam Bostick on

Love the vase.
Do you have any dining rooms done with blue wallpaper? This old dining room that needs help has exquisite old dark stained cherry wood on the bottom so it desperately needs a beautiful paper on top.

Mary Jane Strawn on

Beautiful post!! Blue and white interiors are classic! I have been decorating with blue and white for over 40 years and have never tired of it. My first kitchen wallpaper was blue and white and my vast collection of porcelain ginger jars, lamps and vases just make me smile!

Sherry S on

Laundry room wallpaper…just the perfect touch in blue & white. Never enough!!!

Kathryn on

All of it is Just Lovely!

Peggy Ekena on

I love all the photos of The Blue and White Club. Strangely, I like the apple green used as an accent in the blue and white bedroom. I just think the green could have been edited down a bit. My guest bedroom is where I use my blue and white. It’s not overpowering, however. I have blue and white accent pillows on the bed and a hydrangea arrangement, in a blue and white bowl, on the nightstand. Across the room, on the tall dresser, is a display of blue and white porcelain. My granddaughters sleep in the room and they think that it is very “girly.”

Judy Toline on

Love b/w wallpaper in powder tooms?

Judith Kafka on

Yes! One cannot have enough blue and white in a home! We just renovated our home, taking out walls, gutting the kitchen, new flooring, windows, etc. and of course…wallpaper in the dining room and powder room. The decision process was agonizing, with lots of samples taped to the walls, yet both rooms are now dramatic and subtle as well. It was worth the expense and effort, and brings us joy on a daily basis!

Rebecca on

You can not have too much blue and white …..indoors or out.

Lois on

LOVE LOVE blue and white everywhere, anywhere!

marica on

love the idea of placing behind the bookshelves! and the closet idea has my gears turning!


Blue and White always brightens my day! Thanks, Tina.

Sandra on

I love wallpaper, especially blue and white! I’m renovating our condo and i’ll probably be using the blue and white in one of the bathrooms!

Dana Feiock on

I really like it in a powder room which can be dark because of size.

Peggy Bryant on

Such beautiful choices. We have always had one room or another wallpapered in our home. I’m currently on the hunt for new ideas for our master bath. Peggy

Melody Highsmith on

I LOVE the idea of a blue and white room, especially a bathroom or hallway. My favorite patterns always tend to be Schumacher and Thibaut. I especially love Schumacher 1889 and Thibaut South Sea in Navy. A navy colored grasscloth is also a great starting point for adding in blue and white accessories and instant texture.

kesha on

I love the blue with the bright green. The vase is lovely!

Katherine on

I love blue and white and have wallpapered two bathrooms in my current home with it. I also have a guest room exclusively done in blue and white and love it. My husband also uses that room as an office and he’s very comfortable with it too. So, Tina….I say “go for it” in you PB home. I cannot go wrong!!!

Sherry B on

I love the wallpapers. I have used wallpaper in kitchen, bedroom and dining rooms. In my current home only in the foyer, but it led to the use of matching deep blue paint in the living room. I love a pure blue and white palette, although I think adding a color gives the room more depth.

Jill on

Great post! I love blue & white wallpaper and just put it in my laundry room and in my daughter’s bathroom. The color and designs make me happy. 🙂

Mary M on

Ok so now I want to wallpaper my powder room. Especially love the one with the marble sink!

Mary Baker on

I am a fan of using wallpaper in foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms. David Hicks The Vase is my favorite wallpaper and I love the use of it in a cabinet behind glass doors, so creative. This post made me smile today, thank you.

Lisa on

I’m a new convert to blue and white, but I fell fast and hard! I love the idea of wallpapering the backs of the cupboards!

jill on

I especially like the bathroom wallpaper with the monogram white and lime green towels. When I was in high school I had a favorite outfit that was blue and lime green, not bright but subtle. I loved wearing that outfit. Everything old is new again, right? Loved these pictures!

Patti on

love it in small rooms or foyers.

kathy bunge on

What a sweet little vase! Always enjoy the blue & white posts.

janis monachina on

I just couldn’t survive without blue & white!

Marion on

Never tire of blue and white! Love
blue and white wallpaper in almost
any room but not EVERY room.
Just one or, at most, two. The
larger the room the smaller the number of rooms!

Susan K on

I love the blue and white wallpaper and would like to see these as panels

Jeannete Greer on

What a beautiful bud vase. It would look perfect with one of my new blooming peonies

April on

Like the idea of wallpaper in a small foyer or powder room. If used in a bedroom, I would like it to be
Soft and quiet.

Michelle Oleary on

Imperial Gates is your paper! You featured it twice in two different applications. I also like to repeat the use of wallpaper in different spaces / different colors.

Jane on

Love wallpaper and especially all the blue and white wallpaper! I am trying to pick one for my powder room.

Nancy on

I have been collecting and decorating with blue and white china for over 50 years. Needless to say, I hyperventilate when I see your posts.

leigh on

Love all the blue and white paper and thanks for putting it together!!

Mary on

I love, love, love all these wallpapered rooms. I especially appreciate a wall papered entry/foyer, bathroom and a laundry room. It adds so much interest and joy to a room. The touches of wallpaper to the back of cabinets accents the piece of furniture and the items displayed on the shelves. Thanks Tina for sharing these photos. I love this type of post. Have fun picking out wallpaper for PB.

Beverly Nichols on

LOVE the comeback of wallpaper!!! Beautiful!

Alice H on

I have always loved wallpaper in a powder room! Also loved the nursery, so sweet!

Rachel on

LOVE the blue and white!

Mimi on

I love using blue and white in a powder room for a splash of color that provides impact and beauty in a small area.

Whitney Weigel on

Love the idea of blue and white wallpaper on back of bookshelves!

Connie Meagher on

I enjoy your blog. Love the blue and white wherever it is used.

Susan Callahan on

What a wonderful way to start a workday, looking at photos of blue and white !

Blair on

Love blue and white wallpaper, especially in bathrooms and dining rooms!

Teri Walsh on

Loved seeing great ideas for blue and white! They are beautiful.

Karen McLeod on

I love love the wallpaper!!! I love wallpaper anyway and always will. Sometimes wallpaper is all you need and it can even take the place of artwork. Beautiful examples above.

Donna on

Love the look of the wallpaper in the back of the cabinets and bookshelves. I have always loved wallpaper in powder rooms!

Liz M. on

I love a blue and white room. I love wallpaper in small baths and bedrooms!

Meg A on

I agree with your thoughts about where to best use wallpaper. I’m having loads of it taken down over the next couple weeks so that I can put up more updated papers. Thanks for the inspiration!

Robin Marks on

Love all these wallpapers!! So gorgeous!

Gail on

I agree that wallpaper in a powder room really makes a statement!
I believe you would love the last wallpaper in your home in PB. It would be a lovely choice. Thanks for all the great ideas.

Faith Boggio on

So many lovely blue & white photos. I love each and everyone of them. Thank you

Cindy A on

I LOVE wallpaper in bathrooms. Makes such an impact. Thanks for starting the Blue and White club!

Barb Austin on

Like you, love it in bathrooms and powder rooms. Have also used it in my dressing room/closet. Can’t get enough blue and white.

Christy B on

A busy pattern is great, in my opinion, in a powder room or butler’s pantry. But, I don’t like to make a “strong “ commitment in other rooms as I like to change things up periodically.

Betty Harris on

The wallpapers are all gorgeous and especially the bathroom with carrara marble counters. My house is mostly blue and white with some gray and dark red. The beautiful vase would fit right in!

Karen F. on

Love bud vases and this one would be a pretty addition to my blue and white master bedroom!

G.Lundin on

Thanks for brightening up a dreary after holiday Tuesday. It warms my heart to see blue….

Shannon on

Always the powder room gets wallpaper ! I really like the subtle papers for foyers as well.

Nancy on

My living room is an all blue and white room. It’s beautiful ….if I say so myself. ☺️ The textures and other elements make it seem to not be just B&W.
I love wallpaper in a 1/2 bath. One of my favorite rooms in my own house.

Renee on

Dina Holland Interiors is my favorite!

Kristin Allen on

What a fabulous resource for blue/white inspiration! I’m planning to paper my laundry room and one of these papers could be a great fit. Thank you Tina!! XX

Becky on

Love blue and white, and every single room you shared!

Kathy M on

Love all of the blue and white wallpaper, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Very refreshing. I most definitely would do a blue and white room, in fact I would do an entire house ❤️

Robin Ivey on

Love the ideas for the bathroom and the cabinets . I just started my blue and white collection purchased my first piece from you .

Trudi on

My favorites are the blue and white bathrooms! Lovely.

charlotte on

Bleu has been my favorite color for all of my life. Thanks for sharing all of the lovely pictures.

Denise on

Blue and White
Birds in Flight
Rooms with Might
What a Sight!!!
Blue and White!!!

Judith Poremba on

Love blue and white anything! Would do it in every room.

Brenda M on

Great inspiration! … the nursery is to die for

Judy Clark on

Each room is so unique. I am drawn to the powder room by Amie Corley and the small repeat pattern in the bedroom by Tiffany Ritchie and Chrissy Shields. I also like the laundry room with the trellis wallpaper. Thank you for the great ideas.

Holly Smith on

So many amazing papers. I absolutely love them all!

Tempie on

I have blue and white wallpaper in my master bath and still love it! The vase will be perfect with gardenias on my silver vanity tray which has blue and white happiness jar with other pretties.

Jennifer S on

I really like the idea of using a dramatic wallpaper in a half bath!! And, of course, in blue and white!

Vivian walker on

When I sit down and have my morning coffee I can’t wait to see what you have posted for us and love to see how far your new home is coming

Beebs Davis on

I’ve been crushing on the mud room paper forever. It could be perfect in so many locations

San on

Love all of the bathroom/powder room wallpapers. Go bold!

Vivian walker on

Just love seeing all the blue and white , makes me want to go wallpaper



Carol on

I love blue and white wallpaper! Especially in a guest bedroom. Beautiful, timeless and refreshing are words that come to mind.

Dianne on

Love wallpaper!!

Nadine on

I would love to wall paper my laundry room blue and white. It is the first room you see when u walk into my home. Blue and white are very soothing colors. Glad wall paper is back in style.

Jeanne on

I love blue and white wallpaper. I have done a blue and white room and loved it. I think the word for a blue and white room is “STUNNING.”

Angela on

Great ideas! Would love to put blue and white wallpaper in our powder room!

Elaine McCarty on

Such beautiful wall paper. It’s has me rethinking!

Elaine on

❤️ Every picture you posted is beautiful! Yummy!

Laura Forrester on

I love it all! My entire home is blue and white! I will definitely be adding wallpaper to the back of my cupboards!!???

Dana Munoz on

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful rooms with wallpaper! I LOVE wallpaper too, so loved looking at all the possibilities!

Bonnie G. on

I have loved blue and white forever and would use it in a foyer, a powder room, a hallway, an accent wall, a dining room, or a guest room! You have shown some great examples – too many to choose a favorite! I particularly like the powder room toile and the console table area flanked by side chairs.

Patricia Porter on

Wall paper has a certain elegance. And with blue and white, as we all know, you can never go wrong.

Alissa on

I’d love to use blue and white wallpaper when we redo our laundry room! I think I’ll even want to do laundry more often in a pretty space.

Becky Hamilton on

I am so grateful to you for still loving tradional design. I read once “trendy is the last step before tacky” and I have to agree.

Vickie on

Yes, like it. My mom would do a whole room blue and white. I would not, love color too much.
I have wallpaper in my dining room, master bath and guest bath now.

Carol on

Hi Tina, Thanks for all these great photos, love them all! Just love the wallpaper in the powder rooms but the bedrooms as well! I love all the blue but what is so great is it doesn’t feel overwhelming when you have such great contrasting colors as accents – it just settles in as a calming lovely backdrop! Thanks for always providing such a fun distraction during such busy work days!

Jayne on

I did wall paper in the past and would consider doing some in a laundry as shown. I think it is refreshing!

Fran W. on

Especially love the blue and white when mixed with a little green!

Charlotte Caruso on

I love, love, love blue and white and most of my house has blue and white decor. I always use wallpaper in powder rooms/bathrooms. I love the bold blue and white paper pictured in the cabinets with the crystal in front. What a statement!

Donna C on

The dining room is my favorite space to use wallpaper. To me it adds elegance, depth and warmth.

Deb on

Love using bold wallpaper in the bath, especially; a small half bath. Also loving the look of the wallpaper on the back of bookshelves. Adds a lot interest for little money!

Ellen Vance on

Love love love the Meg Braff design in the first photo!

Linda Martin on

I was thinking of wallpapering my guest bath, and now after seeing these beautiful rooms I am off to hunt me some blue and white paper. Be beautiful with my guest bedroom, also in blue and white.

Sally Bremer on

Loved the paper in the mudroom and the chinoiserie paper in the powder room!!

Joyce Ward on

Oh my goodness, beautiful blue and white ideas make me want to redecorate my house. Your posts are so inspiring especially the furniture, floor and wall coverings, and accessories with pops of color- LUV!!

Ann Bailey on

I didn’t see a single picture I didn’t love! So many great ideas. I would love to do a blue and white guest room someday.

Karen Wheat on

There is never too much blue and white in the world —always fresh and friendly in a palette but also elegant and timeless. A lot or a little “blue and white” goes a long way ….every day!

Mary on

I adore Blue and White wallpaper. I am currently looking for an easy peel and stick wallpaper for a single wall in the guest bathroom.

JoAnn on

Loving blue and white on wallpaper. And, the paper lined cabinets are super looking for a kitchen…I would love to try this…

Viki Palomo on

I have a blue and white living room. I love the blue and white wallpaper but have not used it as yet, although I have been thinking about it! You can never have too much when it comes to blue and white. Blue is my happy color!

Alice Genzlinger on

Love when an entire bedroom is papered in blue and white. I did one in in old house with many different angles and it was beautiful. Your eye didn’t see all the mistakes and angles. I loved waking up on a sunny morning in that room and would just lay there and take it in. The picture I loved most was the closet done in blue and white. My next home I’ll definitely have wallpaper in my closet. Glad to see wallpaper is coming back. Thanks for showing the many papers and ways to use them.

Susan on

So pretty. Would use it by my kitchen sink, with flowers to accent the seasons.

Christine Kennedy on

Love wallpaper, especially in a powder room and the back of shelves. These blue and white patterns are gorgeous and have given me some exciting new ideas!

Elaine C. on

I was never a huge blue and white fan till I came across you and your gorgeous taste. Now, I can’t get enough.

Jo Shafer on

“Blue Willow” wallpaper for the bath in my new apartment would be perfect, just right for me. Thank you for suggesting it.

Diane Myers on

I love it all. Would love to know the source for the pattern shown on the first page.

Danae on

My all time favorite is the Pyne Hollyhock! If money were no object, I would do an entire room in it! ?

Christy on

Bathrooms, by far, are my favorite place for wallpaper. An accent wall is great, as well. Then adding the blue and white porcelains in as many patterns as I can fit in the space.

Jo-Ellen on

Love the blue and white paper for my powder room!

Joan on

I’m a member of the blue and white club too!

Laura Willis on

I love wallpaper in a powder bath or dining room, especially a Gracie chinoiserie paper!

christine on

Years ago, my love of blue and white toile was “born’ when I saw it in a show home bedroom — absolutely everywhere — ceiling, windows, walls, linens…over the top fabulous.

Genon Cropper on

So happy to see wallpaper coming back! These are especially beautiful.

Nancy lynch on

I have several blue and white rooms which look crisp, and fresh yet can be very soothing spaces. Love it in a bedroom with white linens and blue and white shams and adjoining bath yet my living room is full of blue and white porcelain accents that make everything pop!

Lisa P. on

I really like the idea of using blue and white wallpaper in the laundry room.

Laura L. on

That Blue Willow wallpaper is gorgeous!

Panna on

I am getting ready to transition my living room to blue and white and bought drapes late last year…but now cannot find where I stored them! Ugh. Thanks for these great pictures, they are such cool inspiration.

jacqueline on

Love the blue and green in the first picture – so soothing!

JoanS on

So many lovely wallpapers and fresh ideas for them.
I particularly enjoyed the softer looks. Thank your,

Phyllis Chatman on

I love antique CANTON BLUE and WHITE Chinese porcelain. I mix my antique CANTON with ENCHANTED HOME porcelain pieces and illuminated BLUE and WHITE pieces from QVC. Yes, QVC. I’m in the beginning stages of remodeling one of my bathrooms with SHUMACHER CHIANG MAI blue wallpaper. For the past two years, I’ve been purchasing accessories for this bathroom. Two of the accessories will be a pair of ENCHANTED HOME mid-sized BLUE and WHITE pagodas that I’ll place on either side of the bathroom’s vanity/sink mirror. It’s a work in process……can’t wait to get started. I am so excited. And yes, I love BLUE and WHITE. I have at least one BLUE and WHITE porcelain item in every room of our home. BLUE and WHITE porcelain items can be found placed on my floors, on an étagère, a CANTON plate placed on a wall or a BLUE and WHITE vase placed on a dresser. There are so many opportunities to display BLUE and WHITE porcelain. I love BLUE and WHITE porcelain whether it’s antique or not. BLUE and WHITE porcelain completes a room.

Vickie H. on

These wallpaper applications are wonderful! So much to think about! Thanks for hosting this sweet giveaway, Tina!

Beverly Rowntree on

What a beautiful post! The wallpapers infuse the rooms with personality.
Thanks for sharing.

Laurene P. on

Absolutely love the blue and white toile paper used by Inhabit Interiors. I once used a blue and white toile in a two story foyer. It was stunning, and when it came time to move again our house sold immediately without even going on the market! They loved the foyer!? I will be doing a wallpaper in our powder room soon, great options shown here! Thank you!

Vicki on

I must have that Wallpaper in the first picture! On a quest to find it.

Cindy on

Thinking of trying the wallpaper in my kitchen cabinets!

Marie on

Love all the rooms; currently doing my guest bathroom in blue will send pictures in a few weeks

Diane M on

With everything blue, white and simple-life just seems easier- especially the bedroom designed by Tiffany and Chrissy with the blue and white wallpaper and the white linens on the bed. It’s all about the details! Thanks .

kayln on

Love wallpaper in a powder room and on the interiors of bookshelves. It adds interest without being overpowering.

Deb Genua on

I have been furnishing my homes with b/w as the primary color range for the past 30 years. Depending on the home location and house style the third color would be in the camel/brown/gold range or pink/green range. Yes, I like b/w wallpaper and have used it in dining rooms, laundry rooms and entry rooms in past homes. My current home doesn’t have any wallpaper yet, looking very seriosly at Thlbaut’s gorgeous powder blue trellis (with subtle medium blue and beige outlining the trellis pattern-so pretty!) for dining room. I’m toying with the idea of hallway wallpaper as well but am leaning toward a custom hand painted Gracie style scene which would use multiple colors but heavy on b/w. We now live on the SW coast in Florida and our family room is all b/w grounded with natural pecan wood flooring and a few brown wood upholstered (b/w fabric of course) pieces of furniture to balance all the b/w. It’s soothing and crisp and so pretty without being overly feminine. Oddly, I‘ve never done a b/w bedroom either although the rooms alway included blue in the color scheme. I was lucky enough to see Mark D. Sikes gorgeous Blue/white bedroom at the Kips Bay show house this year and I love how he used a green Gracie paper (with blue accents!) to create a lovely cozy, balanced feel. I was so inspired I’m thinking along those lines for our Master bed room now.

Arlyn on

Blue willow wallpaper is such a classic. Wallpaper elevates any room and adds such interest. Go for it and I bet you will love it!!

Johnny Baron on

Love the blue and white in the laundry rooms and the powder rooms seem so fresh and inviting. Thanks for sharing once again.

Gini Bishop on

I love blue and white in ANY room!

Lucy Porter on

This is a fabulous post! I’ve been playing with the idea of blue willow wallpaper in my powder room. Now, I’m convinced I will love it!

Kathleen Marsanick on

I’m thinking of doing some blue & white wallpaper on the back of my built-in’s. This gives me so many ideas!

Peggy Huffman on

Just did my powder room in thibaut, blue and white country french wallpaper. Love it!

Judy on

I grew up in an old home with plastered walls which could not be painted and therefore, every single room was wallpapered!!! I vowed to never have wallpaper in my home again. I must admit these pictures have me rethinking my “no wallpaper” policy. They are just beautiful!

Arlene on

I love so ,any of these. Want to do a Blue and white paper in powder room

Jana Rinehart on

I really love the Colordrunk Design bathroom! But have to say I loved all of them…anything Blue and White will turn my head!

Dianne Kropp on

I am a blue and white addict. Thanks for the fabulous pictures!

Susan kneisel on

Love blue and white wallpaper in smaller areas like bathrooms. However, in areas like living rooms and bedrooms it doesn’t work for me because it competes with wall art.

Cathryn Penn on

What a great collection of blue and white wallpaper used in every good way in every space imaginable! I think this post is a file in my computer now!

Deborah Taylor on

So many beautiful choices! Blue and white feels calm and serene to me.

Ann Marie on

One of my guest bedrooms is blue and white.. . You can’t go wrong with that combination. And it works with so many other colors so you can put in a splash of something else.. I love the large pattern blue and white wallpaper in a powder room… It looks so elegant.

Anita. on

Blue and white wallpaper is fresh in foyers, powder rooms, and all the wonderful spaces in your post. Thanks for the inspiration

Tera on

I LOVE blue and white wallpaper. I haven’t done any wallpaper yet in our new home. I think our last home burned us out. Our last home, 100 years old, had wallpaper in every room and two layers of white wallpaper on the ceilings. We took it all down and exposed the beautiful plaster underneath. I may have to rethink for our new home!

Millie Waltman on

These wallpapers are truly inspirational, lots of beautiful ideas. Have been wanting to wallpaper a bath, this may just jumpstart me.

Janice on

Blue and white is always so fresh looking…especially welcom in spring and summer!

Janice on

Blue and white is so fresh looking…especially welcome in spring and summer!

Jean on

I love an all blue and white room, can’t have too much!

Todd on

Thanks for helping us see options!

Marion on

What a beautiful vase.

Joan on

Thank you for the opportunity to win this gorgeous vase.

Nancy on

Love so many of these rooms! My fav however is the laundry room! I never thought about having a royal blue washer and dryer- but it is fantastic with the wallpaper and white cabinets! ❤️

Marilyn on

This vase is lovely. I love the blue and white combination.

Regina on

I love the last pic also. Definitely grabs your attention in a beautiful way. I want to do the back of a glass front cabinet.

Anne on

I like it but would do it in smaller rooms or in subtle patterns so my blue and white ceramic/porcelain pieces don’t fight with the walls. I actually did like that entryway bit the picture only shows a portion of the area, I think, and more might be too mich.

Doris on

My favorite has to be the happy bedroom by Ana Cordeiro. Love the green accents in this preppy room.

Sandy on

I love wallpaper, and would adore it in just about any room. You have charmed me into doing blue and white all over my house! I am a serious blue and white club member! Would dearly love the little bud vase—it would be a perfect complement to my blue and white passionate decor!

Eirah on

I’m obsessed with blue and white, mostly chinoiserie & other pottery& ceramics from around the world. Our bedroom color scheme is blue and white, though I’ve never used wallpaper in the bedroom before! I love the print on the walls on Amie Corley’s powder room – it matches my curtains, bedcover & pillows!

Connie Windham on

A small powder room is the perfect place for a bold blue and white paper. Also always love a chinoiserie anywhere!

Whitney Watson on

I love blue and white wallpaper in the powder room!

Wendy on

I love the blue and white wallpaper! I just purchased a great Schumacher paper to go in my powder room. I really like all of the choices above as well. Its good I didn’t see these before I ordered otherwise I would still be debating. 😉

Alexandra T on

I love the powder rooms and am working to convince the hubs to paper ours in blue and white!

Perfect offering on

Thanks for sharing the wallpaper rooms…beautiful and imaginative.

Pam on

I love blue and white, always a classic. Never goes out of style. I have been considering wall paper in my cupboard – white dishes, pretty!

Donna Brookerd on

Blue and white club rocks!!

Kim B on

I love the blue and white nurseries! I did my daughter’s nursery in blue and white and she still thinks I was crazy(she’s 24!)

Donna Brookerd on

The wall paper adds a special touch. Love the patterns. Last photo is a favorite

Brenda on

I adore the oriental wallpaper in the beautiful powder room by Amie Corley. Also, love the wallpaper on the back of the bookcases! What a great way to add interest to the background of the bookcases!

Judi on

Beautiful papers and great ideas ! Blue and white always offers so many options.

Patti Olsen on

I love blue and white wallpaper especially in bedrooms and bathrooms

Brenda on

I reached your site from stonegable blog, confused about terms and conditions, beautiful pics but are you a blog or another type of messaging? thx

Eve on

I have blue and white toile wallpaper in a bathroom with matching fabric for the shower curtain and valance. Have it now for over 20 years and still love it.

Jacqueline McLaurin on

Tina, I’m a SC native; however, have not lived in beloved state for many years! I have enjoyed watching and reading your blogs on your new PB home. It is gorgeous! I find your tastes in all things beautiful and impeccable! So glad that I found you via Pinterest, because I’m addicted to your Seven on Sunday! Love you! Jacquie McLaurin

Shawna B. on

I do love wallpaper. Only one place in my house right now, and that’s the dining room lower half, below the chair rail. Decorators Best has a good selection with affordable prices. Thanks for rewarding your faithful readers.

Connie Jenkins on

They were all so lovely. I especially loved the bedroom with the small repeat. Bedding is so elegant and classy.
I think an all blue and white guest room would be phenomenal!
(Inside cabinets.., oh yeah…)

Pat R on

Love the wallpaper in the kitchen cabinets. What a way to update older cabinets !

Pam W on

Love all the wallpapers.

Mary Joy Webster on

Love a lot of these papers, new food for thought!
I always enjoy seeing Teddy at the end. Our girl just turned 14.

Deanna Eppers on

I am nervous about wallpaper but your pics looks so good. Maybe I’m missing out. And yes, a blue and white room or rooms would look so lovely. Crisp and clean, or soft a dreamy.

Rajee Pandi on

Love your wallpaper. I love to use it but never tried it before

Alison on

So many goodies for Pinterest! Thanks for the blue and white inspiration, Tina!

Debbie H. on

Beautiful wallpaper! Great way to start your morning-looking at the beautiful things.

Shari on

Love the (Phillip Jeffries Imperial Gates) design by Tracy Lynn Studio!!!! Definitely use it somewhere:)

Bettina Woodring on

I will have to readjust to wall paper again…..however, if I was to do it, it would be a powder room & yes definitely blue and white! Inspired once again!!

Deb Harris on

Love wallpaper in small areas especially!

M. C. on

This is a beautiful post. I have always loved wallpaper, just not in every room! I think that wallpaper is an important part of an interesting flow in a home.

Deanna Mulet on

Just started a “blue room” thanks for the fabulous ideas for wallpaper!!

Sarah M on

Some of these papers would make a lovely accent wall for those afraid of committment!

Sandra Hurlbutt on

Love the wallpaper in the utility room.

Anne Logan on

it anywhere especially in the bathroom.

Victoria Russell on

I am slowly getting obsessed with wallpaper – had both of my powder rooms done – and love your idea of papering a pantry! I’ll head there next before doing a bedroom – I love it!

Kathryn on

The Meg Bragg and the Chrissy Shields are my two faves… also definitely looking at wallpaper in cabinets now!!!

meghan on

I love the wallpaper, and would love to do it in a powder room.

Robin Cotgreave on

I love Wallpaper anywhere!

Jennie Murphy on

Such beautiful wall paper. Thank you for lots of good ideas. Please keep posting pics of Teddy. I look forward to seeing them.

Leslie Rainer on

Love these wallpaper selections(especially the Blue Willow?)!

Karenann on

I love all the beautiful blue and white room ideas. Looks so elegant and classic.

Susan on

I’ve always loved wallpaper. The last paper shown will look fabulous in your bathroom.

Joyce on

Love all your blue and white wallpaper pictures. Yes, I have a blue and white guest bath with wallpaper I found about 9 years ago. It is a fabulous blue and white toile called “Barnegat Light” made by Thibaut. Since I live at the Jersey Shore, very close to the real Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island, this paper was perfect. I could not resist when I saw it in a decorating magazine. Not sure if it is still available but everyone loves it. I will try to send a picture.

Susan on

All great looking rooms. I especially love wallpaper in nurseries and powder rooms.

Terry W on

Love blue and white anywhere but wallpaper takes it to an even more wonderful level Have always loved wallpaper when used with a bit of restraint.

Kip Route on

So many great ideas in the world we love of blue and white!!

Suzanne on

Blue and white wallpaper is wonderful. Thinking about lining a china cabinet in it.

sabrina morgan on

Love, love, LOVE these wallpapers! I’m searching for a paper for my powder room and loving all these ideas!!

VickieHawkins on

My home is absolutely filled with blue & white!!! And has been for over 35 yrs.
B &W wallpaper has been in my foyer for almost as long. I will never tire of this combo or seeing what others are doing. Love your website!

Renette Hier on

Love them all – so hard to pick a favorite! You can never go wrong with blue and white.

judith on

this is gorgeous! love the color of the wallpapers


Hi Tina,

I’m a NEWBIE to you and your website…WOW!!! LOVE EVERYTHING!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I am a big, big fan of blue/white…Channeling my new home with that color scheme!!! You’re a gift from HEAVEN!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GEORGEOUS INSPIRATION!!! XOXOX, SUSAN MOZAFFARI

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