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Good evening friends, I will just say it- I am a dreamer and probably will never stop. See, at least I own it:)  I come up with “great ideas” all the time and my mind is almost always on a virtual vacation of some sort:) I have so many real estate dreams on my bucket list that I better get busy.  Make no mistake I love my house and love my PB home but you only live once and if you have an incurable case of wanderlust like myself, you never ever say “this is the last house” 🙂

So thought this could be a fun short series featuring various homes in differnt locations that I love. Today we travel to  southern France:)

A few of these dreams,  not necessarily in the order that the are most practical are……….buying and restoring a beautiful home in Provence and spending summers there, buying and renovating a beach house probably in Hamptons or Montauk (not a huge house but more of a glorified beach cottage), owing an elegant horse farm in Litchfield County, CT (still can be close to my sons) and buying a beautiful home/ranch in Big Sky, Montana. There you have it….my real estate bucket list:)

How about you? Are you a dreamer too? Where does your mind and imagination take you? Of all of them,  if I could do just one tomorrow, I have to admit it would probably be the Provence dream and it doesn’t help that I found a perfect home there:) When I found it I immediately called my husband excitedly telling him about it, whether to appease me or because he loved the idea too (likely the former) , he wanted to see what I was all excited about. I even started practicing my French that very day (all 5 words) of it.

Granted doing things from so far away would have some serious logistical speedbumps, namely us living so far away. It would no doubt entail one or both of us moving there at least for a few months to oversee things, gee I can think of worse things lol.  I have done so many renovations/new builds that I feel I could do a lot of the aesthetics in my sleep. I can’t imagine though a project more fun than this! So ready to see my dream properties in Provence… don’t forget you need to use your imagination. You have to imagine everything being restored and furnished with my style but talk about “good bones”. Bienvenue to “my” home in Provence…….




Dream property #1

Except for tidying up the grounds .and repainting (all same colors) this above looks gorgeous to me!

This alley of trees is breathtaking! Can you imagine a wedding here…. I would have the entire driveway lit by candles:)

Right out of a “Good Year” if you ask me

I would add cabinetry like the far wall and probably paint them the faintest pale blue/gray, would of course keep that stunning range hood and range. Would also add an antique butchers block to the center of the room and a great big pot rack gleaming with copper pots.

I love the old floors and stone staircase, I would paint the walls a creamy beige, add a console with a bunch of blue and whites, add a huge mirror, a gorgeous big chandelier and don’t need to do much else!

I see this picture and see my family and friends all gathered here for a beautiful celebration of some sort….who knows maybe one of my sons weddings?

Love that its surrounded by a vineyard and that there is a pool with a covered little pool house, great for our summer guests

This grand entrance wouldn’t require a single change in my book!

I might fulfill a lifelong dream and do this room entirely in blue and white. I would do white and blue chinoiserie paper, add lots of brackets with gorgeous blue and white jars, I can see it now! I can see Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners here.

This room is beautiful and would only require my own take on furnishings, I would change the drapes to a creamy color with a beautiful trim and do the room in soft blues, yellows and cream. Can you see a great big Christmas tree there? I can!

The landscaping is done….maybe add some flowers and of course my Provence planters here:)


So…….does this have you dreaming? Even just a little? I cannot even tell you what discovering this incredible home did to me, I suddenly found myself daydreaming about hopping on my bike every morning and heading to the nearest bakery to pick up my fresh bread, tending to my garden and making wine, picking sunflowers for weekend guests…..yes I can get carried away but what is life without being able to dream about wonderful things!

** An update, the broker got back to me yesterday and sadly this incredible place is sold (not surprised). I half called just for fun because that is the kind of person I am, but I must say I will be dreaming of this place for a while….I could almost taste me living there!

Thanks for stopping in and sharing my dream with me, more dreamy places coming up in a few weeks so stay tuned. If you could move to your dream destination where it be? I would love to know! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…..

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Sherri on

My son bought a vacation home in amagansett last year and we are going down next week. Helped him furnish it long distance . Can walk to beach and town . My dream has come true via my son! If only we lived a bit closer.

Annette on

Hi Tina, I live on the Monterey Peninsula in Northern California and it is heaven. I think you would like it here, beautiful weather year round, georgeous coastline, mountains and lots of agriculture. I can garden all the time and my closet never changes for the seasons. I have visited many beautiful places but have not found a place like here that is 65 degrees year round. We love our dogs and you will find dog bowls in front of most of the retail shops. It is a conservative area where all my friends still decorate in the traditional style. Enjoy your blog!

Lisa on

Love this post! Great idea for a series and the house is just beautiful, i can see why you fell in love. I will make you a deal- you buy this one and I will move into yours haha.
My dream would be to buy an oceanfront home in Hawaii, we LOVE Maui. Go once a year, we live in Santa Barbara and in another 10 years or so we may realize that dream and when my husband retires, we may buy a home there. I love that you are a dreamer, it keeps your mind active and takes you to wonderful places.

Teri Tobey on

This is an incredible property!!! I just LOVE it!!! I too could imagine a life there….C’est La Vie!!
Curious: how big is this property, and what was the selling price? I’m packing my bags to get ready for the next wondrous place you find.


Oh Tina, you are a woman after my own heart! I too am a dreamer and lust after homes and lifestyle just like this absolutely gorgeous one almost daily!! I can see the fabulous dinner parties, family events with little children running round the stunning park like grounds, and cooking up a storm a la Francais in that heavenly kitchen! The South of France is on top of my list too, but the practicalities of living in Australia would also be trying, however this won’t stop me!
Please keep this going as a series of drool worthy emails and allow us to visit your other favourite locations and fabulous abodes with you!!
Thank you so much for your delightful start to my day!
Susie x

Regina on

Oh my gosh!!
This is stunning.
I wouldn’t change much. I love the sunny yellow.
I am sooo there.
My home in my next life. ?

Alice Genzlinger on

Girl! Even I am sad you didn’t get the house. It is drop dead gorgeous and its move in ready. The gardens are my dream. The alley of trees makes my heart beat fast. But- I am a water girl and my first choice is a cottage at the beach. I can smell the water if I dream hard enough and hear the waves. Oh well, my cowboy husband loves wide open spaces with big blue skies. I will keep on dreaming.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

WOW…gorgeous! What a dream and a sweet dream at that! I too can see blue and white, navy and white, white and blue checks, stripes, beautiful window treatments/tie backs, blue and white vases, planters,
the list goes on. Love the dream! Don’t wake me up. ?

Janice on

Dream destination? Annecy, France!! One of the loveliest places on earth. Not jammed with tourists, and complete with a peaceful lake, quaint town, flowers, and fantastic view. We have been there twice and I would go back in a minute! Lovely people, too.

Marvin on

What a fantastic property. Thanks for sharing a truly beautiful dream. Dream on Tina. Why not? I hope to see you do a third home.

Elizabeth on

I loved “Good Year”!!! Did you notice that the property (Chateau la Canorgue) inside and out somehow slowly improved scene by scene? By the time the end came along I was totally in love. I could see myself living there and immediately started searching for properties on the net ?. Such a civilized life. I could spend 3/4 months out of the year there.

Penelope Bianchi on

This just doesn’t look like a fixer to me! It is pretty perfect just the way it is! And wallpaper?? Please no! Love the idea of blue and white on brackets…..but please, no wallpaper in that house…….oh please! The limewashed walls are perfection!
Just my opinion!

Melissa Hebbard on

What a beautiful dream. It certainly got my heart beating quicker!
Such a pity that it is sold!
We finally finish our new house next week and I am pretty sure that I will never be able to convince my husband to build again. Maybe a restoration though!

Sandy R. on

What a house! Only in my dreams! Never been to France, but would love to go someday. Sadly not something I could ever budget for.

PATRICIA H. Flournoy on

How about a 16th c. Town House in Burgundy? That was my dream and now it is a reality!

Melissa on

You have described one of my dreams too. We love Avignon and when my daughter was in Paris studying abroad we went there as often as possible (probably more than she would have liked)!
My other dream is to rent a house in Tuscany, another favorite spot and where my oldest got got married. It is a special place for us and one day we would love to maybe rent a home there for the entire summer.
Dreams come true so never stop dreaming!

Patricia Porter on

Living in NYC a vacation country home is looking very inviting to me right about now. And your choices are always extra special.

Kate on

Loved your thoughts today!
I have a passion for homes! I have always wished for a large white historic townhouse in London with a secret garden. I have walked by them & thought , sigh….

I would be thrilled to own a beautiful old New Orlean home, pthe Garden District, filled with antiques & mystery, history.

Next, a large home overlooking the Sea in Ireland. Beautiful & peaceful. Large fireplaces to take away a chill, very tall windows to capture the views. Cozy, enormous sofas & chairs to relax in… what a relaxing dream!

I have a picture of my dream home in Paris. It’s an actual Estate, similar to your home, surrounded by a tall wrought iron fence. The home is within walking distance of anything….it’s built of white stone, w/many peaks to the roof, too many windows & shutters to count.
Beautiful, large crystal chandeliers can be seen through the windows. The lighting outside is amazing . The landscaping is a dream. White roses -everywhere, huge trellises, the drive is circular with a very spectacular fountain in the center -six tiers. I go & stand in front of that home every time I am in Paris & wonder what it would be like to own it?

Like you, I have many dreams about spending time elsewhere in a special place. It could be a simple Cottage…
So much fun to think about & certainly gets the creative side & imagination working.


Count me in as a hopeless dreamer too. My dream was always to own a small beach house and I got one a few years ago- we built our dream beach cottage (4 bedrooms but right on the ocean in Cape Cod)!
My only remaining dream is to own a beautiful townhouse in a great southern city like Charleston or Savannah, I have always admired them and love the warmth of the southern people. I think I would love living there part time, maybe one day!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on


So beautiful….however, I am over owning large estate homes. The upkeep, maintenance costs and endless lists of things to do….I’m at a Lifestage where I want a beautiful, small “jewel box” home~~one that has all the luxurious items but on a much smaller scale. I’d prefer to visit and stay at the place you featured, but not own it!!! I’m ready to travel, travel, travel as my last child will be graduating high school in a year. But keep the gorgeous posts coming-it is always fun to daydream!!

Donna DeMarino on

My grandparents and my aunt were born in Budapest. My sister, niece and I got to visit in March to see where they were born and the gravesite of my great-grandparents. I have fallen in love with Budapest and would happily live in a fabulous old world flat there with a large veranda overlooking the Danube. So far Hungary is still intact without the oppressive political correctness seen in France, Germany, England, Ireland and the States. There is so very much to see and love there. Even so, I have to admit that upon coming home I could not help but feel there is no place like home. I do think world travel gets in your blood. Of course, being on vacation is much different than living there dealing with daily living needs, maintenance, local services, government, etc.

Mary Joy Webster on

Tina, have you ever watched A Year in Provence with John Thaw? For someone like you, it’s a “must see.” It goes through the four seasons of a British husband and wife having their place in Provence renovated – all the comical and eccentric neighbors and frustrations of the reno. I don’t think it is streaming, but if you can, get hold of a DVD. I had it, but loaned it to someone. You know how that goes, don’t even remember who has it. Otherwise, I’d have set it to you. It’s the best!!
As far as the houses, , I feel living between two houses is enough for me to handle. But it is fun to dream about more! : )

Margot on

You are so speaking my language! What a beautiful home, I loved your narration as to what you would do and what you imagine having there, the parties and weddings, right out of A Good Year!
We have a large home in Potomac, MD and a shore house which we love but at 51 with 2 kids in college, I now want to simplify. I am tired of the upkeep of a big house and all it entails. I would like a smaller home or townhouse and love having a home by the water, it is my refuge. If I could have one place in my dreams it would be a horse farm (my daughters and I ride) in Kentucky, visited there last year and didn’t want to leave, what a beautiful part of our great country!

Phyllis Hall on

I love how you love houses and furnishing/decorating the….my love as well…

Phyllis Hall on

I love how you love houses and furnishing/decorating them….my love as well…

Ramona Oneill on

Im sorry but this blue & white craze has become a crashing bore. They make green & white, black & white & probably more if one insists thats the only accessory for entrance halls. Sorry. Im just looking fir more creativity.
Still live you but…..

Leslie on

Oh my, we both have the same dream. For sure there is another place just for the taking.

Nancy on

I’m always dreaming also but my dream is to help see other people each their dreams. I’d rather dream richly than to show people how richly I dream.

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