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Good Sunday evening,  prepared this ahead of time as it’s party weekend and I knew there would be no time to work on blog posts, so it’s posting later than usual. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday…..



1 A SERIES I COULD EASILY BECOME ADDICTED TO! I spoke of my love for Provence and maybe one day (in my dreams) redoing a home there….if I can’t do that then I would “settle” by spending a month in a rental one summer:) One of my astute readers picked up on my fascination and unrelenting obsession with all things French and directed me to this series, Escape to the Chateau!

I watched one trailer then another, it’s addicting. What a great idea for a series… need to figure out if this is something I can watch here in the states (don’t think so) otherwise will have to watch via You Tube. Who hasn’t thought of running away from everything and doing it? Love how they keep it real and bring out the dreamer in all of us:) Click here to see all the videos.




2 ONE BEAUTIFUL HOME Found this in Traditional Home and it really appeals to my aesthetic, it is as classically gracious as it is welcoming and beautiful. This is what define as a timeless beauty that can stand the test of time.  See if you agree…..

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always love posting my favorites from the week though sometimes its really hard to narrow it down with so much beauty and inspiration out there! Here is this weeks roundup-

4. ONE DELIVERY MAN YOU WANT ON YOUR SIDE! Not sure if you saw this video, but the doormat is one I could think many of us just might “need” to add to our shopping lists:) Love how the delivery guy took it so literally….too funny. I bet this Amazon delivery guy will be well tipped at Christmas by all the wives he delivers to:)

5. JACK ROGERS AND DESTINATION SANDALS These are so cute, show your pride for wherever you may call home or like to visit…..from Nantucket, Palm Beach, Savannah to the Outer Banks (and more) there is an adorable sandal waiting for you! Clever and adorable, click here to see more



6. KATE SPADE. This was done before I found out about Anthony Bordain and you can be sure I will do something about him as I was devastated about his death as well. I was shocked and very saddened to hear of her sudden death at such a young age. To imagine the torment and untold sadness she must have felt to take her life is unimaginable. My heart hurts to think of it. I will always remember her being well dressed, always looking like a lady, and someone who seemed to have had it all. Sadly that was clearly not the case.

She will always be remembered for her cheerful and uplifting fashions, her iconic handbags to teenage girls the world over and for pioneering the trail for many women designers and entrepreneurs to come. I hope she is resting peacefully now and I will continue to keep her family and loved ones in my prayers. Found this clip of her giving us a tour of her beautiful apartment, when someone is gone it is nice to remember them when they were in a good place.


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY Summer is here!! Though we have had some really unusually cool weather, the green grass, blooming trees and flowers are a sure sign that the warmer weather is around the corner. When I think of summer I think of travel, whether it is short weekend trips or big trips to fun countries you have yet to explore. How about you? Do you have travel on your summer radar?


There you have my Seven on Sunday. Hope this finds you enjoying your weekend and wishing you a happy and relaxing end to your Sunday. Until next time…..

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LOL … I actually watched that show in London last week ! It was great, they were suppose to be gardening, but it appeared that neither of them had any idea of what to do ! Wish it was here in the states !

Hi Tina, I agree, “timeless design” is where it’s at. I am not into trends. They wear on you and get old all to fast. It’s also too expensive to buy trends that must be changed frequently. Thank you SO MUCH for the tip on the Chateau Series. I had not heard of it and can’t wait to watch! I too was saddened by the 2 celebrity suicides this week. Life is never as it seems. May they rest in peace.

Just as I was having withdrawals from you Sunday posts, there it is! Wonderful post, love the tip on the new series, something I would love to watch.
Sad beyond words about both Kate Spade and Anthony Bordain, both superstars in their own right but who did not have it all as so many thought they did. What is life without inner happiness? I too will keep them and their families in my prayers.
Tina, that doormat is hilarious. I think I just may need it:)

Love this post! My husband and just watched the trailers and part of the one episode. What a great idea! Can you tell us what month and year the beautiful post from Traditional Home was in? Thank you!

Tina we went to a wedding this weekend in Palmetto Bluffs at the Montage Resort. I can see why you love that area. The whole area is magical! So very charming. We will definetly go back!

I am also addicted to the Chateau series, in Canada we get them quite a few months after they air in England so possibly they will also be on an American channel as well. Always enjoy reading your blog and love the home and garden pictures. Sheila

I must check out that series! I loved Kate Spade too and was really sad to hear about her passing. Then Anthony B. too much for one week. Mental illness needs to be at the forefront of what is important for our government to work on. Not enough attention though they are getting more aggressive about it. Too sad to think of being in that kind of despair and hopelessness.

Those sandals are adorable! We love to travel and are going to Italy and Spain in July, to Sonoma in California for a wedding in August and end of August to Martha’s Vineyard for my nieces wedding so yes we have a lot of great travel in store for the summer. More than usual but no complaints from me:-)

I love the magazine “Traditional Home”. When reading and browsing through the magazine, it gives you a sense of richness, class and a go to source of ideas! The pictures draw you into a story. The details, accents are amazing!

Tina, your blog makes me so happy. Just love every post, everything I have gotten from your shop has been even prettier in person. My tole mirror is so beautiful, cannot wait for it to get hung.

The series on restoring a chateau looks like so much fun. Thank you for letting us know about it. Hope your party was a smashing success, am sure it was!

Good evening Tina.

I always love your 7 on Sunday, so many great things to check out. I am off to follow your links. Cannot wait to see your party and planning. Have a great week.

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