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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend, here its been so nice and relaxing. Had a lovely birthday dinner for my husband, and today heading into the city. Originally was considering driving out to the wineries on the North Fork but that’s the kind of thing you want to do on a beautiful summer day, which is not today.  I can’t believe we are nearing the end of June……and I think because on the backend here. we are already planning for holiday and working on some holiday products, I am realizing it is not really that far away.

With everything in full bloom, I forgot how much I love summer. I love the long days where I can come come and stroll around my yard at 7pm with it still being light. We are enjoying many alfresco meals outside and there really is something to be said for the warmer weather (though fall will always be my most favorite season). Ready for my Seven on Sunday? Here we go…..



1 HOTELS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. This article fascinated me because it made me realize how many places I want to go and visit,  how many new hotels have opened that I would love to stay in and just how much fun travel can be! This will whet your appetite to get a serious case of the travel bug, this article from Travel and Leisure gives you the lowdown on all the newest luxury hotels around the world. Click here to see them all.



2 A NEW FAVORITE WEDGE. I love these! They are not only adorable but so comfortable, by Soludos, best part may just be that they are very reasonable! Offered in three great neutrals, they work beautifully with sundresses and pants. Click here to see


3 A DRINK YOU MUST HAVE FOR YOUR SUMMER BAR Have you tried this? It is soooo good. Really refreshing. When I do want an alcoholic beverage, I always go for either a Vodka with club soda and lime or gin martini.

I rarely drink wine, though I love it, it can be a trigger for migraines and then there is the conversion to sugar factor and I have been so good about this lifestyle change we made a few months ago that I am going to stay with what I am doing. This is the perfect answer, I get a little bit of my Rose and I love grapefruit, this is so refreshing.

Here is how we served it, with 3/4 sparkling flavored water, 1/4 of the Ketel One and frozen raspberries,  blueberries or strawberries OR a combination of the three for a little extra something plus a mint leaf (didn’t  have it that day:) I always keep a few extra bags of frozen berries as they give the drink that special little touch. This is refreshing and pretty!

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beauty this week, one of my favorite reasons to share with you on Sundays is “scouting out” the best of what I have seen on Instagram, here are these weeks faves, clearly had a hard time winnowing down my selection this week as there are more than usual…….

5. ONE DREAMY BEACH HOUSE. I pass this house every time we go out to the Hamptons and though it is leaps and bounds beyond most peoples expectations when they think of a traditional  “beach house” , it is truly exquisite nonetheless and this video is really beautifully done. It just kind of sweeps you up and takes you to this seaside dream. The aesthetic really appeals to me and I wouldn’t have to change a thing:) Prepare for a “Calgon take me a way moment”!


6. PROOF THAT THERE IS STILL A LOT OF GOOD IN THE WORLD. These videos warmed my heart…..proof that there are still a lot of good people out there, who are willing and do help their fellow man and just plain ol good people like the man with the flowers, proof that the simple things in life really do mean something and chivalry is not dead. They are all worth watching and just may make you want to have your own act of kindness moment (press skip over the ad)

In a world where there is such  divide, so much hate and unrest……I found these videos comforting and they made me realize there is still lots of good in our world:)

Just love this!

This made my cry (above) because to me nothing is sadder than a lonely child….love the ending though!

This video above is just so sweet, really heart warming! Guys, take note:)

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Always love to get your take on a number of things, and I have to say I was having a conversation with a friend about movies, my husband loves movies and the entire experience of going to a theater. I do not honestly remember the last time we went to one….yes in my opinion, movies are that bad. When one does come out that peaks my interest, I get so excited because they are far and few between. I have fantasized about starting my own company to produce a particular genre of films that I think are missing…….I know others must feel the same!

What happened to feel good, wonderful, beautiful movies that “take you away” by the power of a great movie. They almost seem nonexistent, and I find myself watching old favorites because new good ones are so hard to find! I don’t ask for much, give me a beautiful setting, a story I can sink  my teeth into, something with meaning that makes me feel good…is that asking too much? Curious if you feel the same? Please take part in this poll and check all that apply.


And that’s a wrap up for this Sunday. Thanks for stopping by, always enjoy hearing from you and wishing everyone a wonderful day, and great end to your weekend! Until next time…….

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Gone but never forgotten


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Eve on

Love this post. I have also passed Villa Maria on the way to the Hamptons many a time. It is truly beautiful. The photo of the little boy with the ducks is priceless. Thank you!

franki on

The Villa Maria…that dome I literally gasped!! Divine!! franki

Ellen on

Those shoes are being ordered today, very cute! I loved the house Hamptons tour but those kindness videos are what really made me smile today. Yes, a small gesture of kindness can go a very long way, those were all so touching. The last one of the man with the flowers reminds me so much of my Dad, he was such a gentleman and gave my mom flowers every single week.

Showing my husband your cocktail, looks really good!

Lynn on

Love that you end your posts with picture of your sweet golden….they are the best! Time for a new buddy?

Celia Becker @ on

Thanks for an “Over The Rainbow” kinda morning. Great way to start my day.

Peggy Ekena on

You have really outdone yourself with this Seven on Sunday. So many things to enjoy! The video of the home for sale was breath taking. It really looked like your main home and some of the interior looked like things you have incorporated in your PB home. How fun to see that Sasha Nicholas used all your blue and white items in his instagram photo. But, the little boy with the line of baby ducks following him was precious! I also enjoyed your videos of random acts of kindness and/or love. I can proudly say that my husband has welcomed me home at the airport with flowers before. Enjoy your week.

futuret on




Kate on

I just love ❤️ Teddy! What wonderful photos you have of him…they show his personality and the love and devotion are in his eyes. He looks so happy looking at the person snapping the pic AND he smiles. What a wonderful Boy! He was very loved and knew it.

Elizabeth on

The little boy with the ducks (or as my 3 yr grandson calls them “konk konks”)
And the fat cute retriever ❤️

Barbara Kelly on

Hi Tina.
Love your selection of Instagram photos. I enjoy Instragram better than Facebook.
The ones I follow are centered around Interior Design, food and fashion .
Hollywood has become so liberal and hate spirited.
Nothing like the glamour days. Haven’t been to the movies in years,
In addition the sound is too loud, the theater is freezing and the distraction of
cell phones, Rather enjoy a selection from the comforts and my home.

Malinda B (Colorado) on

Thank you, Tina, for this Sunday’s post! I loved the variety of interest that you included. From Instagram posts, fashion and videos. I especially loved the “proofs that there are still good in the world”. In our culture today, this is water to the soul. Thank you for sharing your life, interests and beautiful products with us, your readers. Truly you are a wonderful source of inspiration.

Kind Regards,
Malinda Banuelos (Colorado)

P.S. If you are ever looking for more positive and inspiring stories, you might want to check out this weekly weekend blog:

Suzy Urban on

What happened to the beautiful movies that take you away? Decency died. Humor died. And Cary Grant died (among others). I really miss date night at the movies. Please become a producer, Tina!

Lisa on

Hi Tina the perfect post to enjoy with my late day coffee. Love so many things here- the darling shoes, the golden puppy, the little boy walking, all of the kindness videos, that dream of a beach house and I vote for you to start your own production company, Hollywood needs a complete overhaul. My kids who are teens love the movies but what appeals to them does not appeal to me. Gone or so it seems are the movies that you spoke of. The last movie I saw in the theater was The Big Short which was fantastic, but that was years ago. Let’s hope someone out there is planning to do better!

Mary on

Does anyone know the name
Of the hydrangea on Instagram
From Margaret Russell
Please share

Kathy on

Recent movies worth seeing….
Bag of marbles
Hearts beat loud

South Shore Decorating Blog on

Tina I don’t know how you do it all. So much perfection here, but the photo of teddy at the end made me well up. Hope you and your family are well
Best, Stacy

Kathryn on

Though beautiful, I cant relate to the Beach House but so Happy to see that we can all relate to acts of kindness.

Bettina Woodring on

Who was your winner on the 24th. I read all your posts, somehow I miss the winners now & then….darn.

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