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Hello, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Relaxing over there, dinner with friends maybe going into the city today, it’s all good. Though I must say I do wish I was back in Palmetto Bluff (yes even in July):)



1 ONE FABULOUS SOAP AND A GREAT COMPANY, BEEKMAN 1802. I am all about helping to support and spread the word for small businesses. In a world of big box stores and businesses like Amazon who practically perform miracles in how fast they can get you things, there is something decidedly refreshing about a smaller company offering personalized service and unique items not found everywhere.

My aunt brought us the most wonderful soaps from a company called Beekman. LOVE the soaps, they lather up amazingly and smell heavenly  but love their story almost as much. I am a soap collector, when I find soaps I like, I stock up.

Nothing like a fragrant, super lathering soap and this one is amazing! I loved going to their site and reading their story and finding so. many other amazing products. It is a remarkable story about how 2 former NYC professionals turned a weekend get away and hosting a herd of goats into a mini empire, so inspiring!

Click here to learn more about this wonderful company and here to read more about their story which is fascinating and a little envy provoking:)


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a beautiful batch this weekend! One as pretty as the next if you ask me…….



3 MY NEW PILLOW COLLABORATION! So excited about this, complexly 100% inspired by my love for Palmetto Bluff and the beautiful, tranquil pace of the low country. I have partnered with pillow extraodrdinate, Studio Tullia and we are thrilled to introduce the Palmetto Bluff Collection. Here is a sneak peek. As many have asked they will be up for sale on my site in about a week.



4 A LITTLE GIRL I AM OBSESSED WITH! Found Mila through Instagram and I was instantly hooked, a star was definitely born. I mean such a young kid to have such personality…her expression and inflections are hysterical. I see a big future for this little girl and could watch her videos all day long! Click here to follow her on Instagram.



5. A FEW WONDERFUL NEW BOOKS. I am always on the prowl for great new coffee table/design/entertaining books. I also love novels but sadly do not find that I have any spare time to read though I did order this book below at the suggestion of a friend who is an avid reader and unlike me, still goes to the book club on a regular basis. One day! So here are a few recent good ones that I got and am very much enjoying. Found them all at Amazon…..where else:)

And this is  en route, just need to carve the time to read it but have heard it’s really good, the kind you don’t put down easily-


6.NEXT VACATION PERHAPS! I haven’t been to Bahamas in a long long time. Last time was at the Atlantis with our kids and another family, it was a great place for our boys and the time previous we had gone to The Ocean Club which was very nice (more adult oriented). Well Four Seasons has taken over, and as we all know they do things top notch so in looking at these recent pictures of the Four Seasons Ocean Club, I am dying to get back! Has anyone gone? Looks soooo wonderful, click here to find out more.



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So my sister gets the credit for telling me about this. I had never heard of it and thought for sure she was joking…Amazon Drones! This video shows you how it will eventually work (if allowed in the U.S.) they broke it out in the UK and are giving it a test run. I have mixed feelings, on one hand, this is so incredible yet on the other, it could make someone never want to leave their home ( I say it half joking).

Watch this video then let me know your thoughts, click all that apply-






And that is a wrap for this weekend! Hope you enjoyed the post and wishing everyone a fantastic weekend. I know I plan on putting up my feet and just relaxing on this beautiful summer day. Until next time……..

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Teresa Hatfield on

I have enjoyed seeing your home in Palmetto Bluff. Just beautiful, and the area looks amazing.

Bettina Woodring on

Omg, Mila is adorable & hilarious!!

Lisa on

Love the pillows and that porch- wow!! Mila is hilarious, thank you for introducing us to her. I too love and try to support small companies with a mission and Beekman 1805 is my kind of company! I love your Sunday posts, I am always finding out about something new and wonderful. Have a nice Sunday, Tina

Eileen on

The drone delivery is so creepy, but more than that, my gps stops 1/8 of a mile before my home and says” You’ve arrived. Unfortunately, that arrival is in the lake…, no to drones..unless I just ordered an inflated boat!!!!

Susan Griffin on

Your patio is beautiful! Also looking forward to your new pillow line. Could you share resource for area rugs you used on patio at P.B. Thanks Tina.


Kelli Williams on

Can’t wait to read the new Emily Giffin book. Loved the Something borrowed, etc books! Tina, you should try audible books since you are so busy. They are a great way to still get these great reads! Then, you must try a few podcasts. I’m addicted. I listen while getting dressed in the morning and while driving and running errands. Makes my day to day chores much more pleasurable with an audio book or podcast!

Kelli Williams on

I, also, can’t wait for your pillows! Yay! So pretty

Sarah on

I live in a large metropolitan area in Texas and I am actually about 40 min away from an Amazon warehouse. I often order from Amazon at 10am and receive my package by 3pm in the afternoon if it is something that is in their warehouse. This is incredible to me. I have a hard time imagining drones filling the skies of large areas like mine but I remember life before cell phones, too. I think it’s possible for this to work.

Christy B on

The Beekman guys wrote a very fun and entertaining book about their initial “adventures “ setting up their farm, redoing the old house, meeting their new neighbors, etc. I don’t remember the name of it, but I’m certain you could Google it. Their story is a great read and similar in style to Peter Mailie’s very popular books about his transplanted life in Provence.

Ellen on

Palmetto Bluff is a gorgeous area of the Lowcountry. Your veranda looks lovely—what fabric/color are the furniture cushions?

Meredith on

Everything s simply beautiful and love the pillows. Hope you will offer them soon, I need some in my life! I love the name too:-)

I love Beekman and their story. My brother actually bought a property quite close to them but sold it last year, it is a beautiful area of rolling acres and farms and makes you kind of wish you lived in the “good old days”.

That little girl is too adorable!

Rosalind Laird on

Love your Instagram post
Take a look at periodhomes Instagram
Fabulous homes.

Beth Christoff on

I’ve been to Charleston many times. Love it! But outside the city- alligators! Have you encountered any prehistoric creatures?

Peggy Ekena on

You had me at the field of lavender! Beautiful and it’s my favorite scent. Really enjoyed learning about a new soap company, Beekman 1802. Many people had to reinvent themselves in the 2008 Recession and it’s great to see a great company was formed because of it. Sometimes, it does take a village to get a company off the ground. Speaking of ground, delivery by ground will always be used for large items, but I guess we need to get on board for drone delivery is here to stay! Your PB pillows are beautiful; how exciting to have another product line. The best today, however, was little Mila-she is hysterical. Have a blessed week.

Janet L. Evans on

We just got back from The Ocean Club last week where we have visited since 1972. It is the best vacation ever and The Four Seasons is doing a wonderful job of managing the property. This is a must-go for anyone wanting the most beautiful and quiet beach ever on turquoise blue waters! Incredible in every way!

Susana Lucena on

In Portugal, in some remote villages the drones are being used to deliver every day meals to old people that live alone and have difficulties of mobility.
Interesting, is’nt it?

Lisa on

Your patio/porch is incredible! love the pillows and Mila is previous, what a personality! I am all for technology and advances to make life easier, maybe it’s my age (40) but I love what Amazon is working on and think it will change many lives, think of those who are sick, elderly, live in remote areas,etc….I love the concept personally.

Beekman looks like a great company, what a fantastic story, lucky guys!

Suzanne Fortescue on

LOVE how Palmetto Bluff is coming together!

M on

In a city this could really clog up the air ways and be a hazard if they fall on people or property. I like the idea but this it will be a nightmare in execution.

Donna on

Drones another way to put mail seevice out of business. Loss of jobs

Dana Cannon on

My husband is developing the Air Taxi transport system- for people! Funny how people used to be leery of elevators too. 🙂

Danae on

I too, would love to know the source of the outdoor rugs. I realize that as busy as you are, you don’t reply to questions on your Instagram or blog. Would it be possible for one of your staff to respond to your followers? Love all that you share!

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