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Good morning friends! So excited to have the brand new porcelain sets up (big money savers) and takes the guesswork out of what goes together and almost all the new pillows for my Palmetto Bluff Collection are up as well. Many of you asked about the 36″ boxwood balls I featured, they are not online as there are only 6 left but if you are interested in them, you can email

Hope you are having a great weekend. Here summer is in full bloom and the weather has been incredible except this morning woke up to rain. Definitely  trying to take full advantage as much as possible.

Spent the day on the North Fork yesterday, and had such fun “farm hopping” and loaded up my car with all kinds of wonderful produce and farm flowers, then last night had dinner with friends, friends coming over to watch the World Cup Finals and then heading over to a friends home later today to check out their brand new renovation, always fun to see a new project. So busy but enjoyable weekend.

I have to admit though, while I am physically here, mentally I am still back in my PB! I love and crave the lazy, relaxed days there and miss them already:) Hope your summer is going well and you are finding time to enjoy all the pleasures of this wonderful season too……




1 THE HYDRANGEAS ARE IN FULL BLOOM!  I had a hard time coming home from PB but my hydrangeas in full bloom were a welcome sight and made coming home a little easier. I went to town right away cutting and arranging, made a few simple arrangements to add some summer cheer to the house. In blue white, every color flower looks beautiful!



2 MY AMAZING CUSTOMERS. I love sharing  pictures on my blog  that we get in from time to time of my customers beautiful homes, gorgeous taste and exceptional decorating skills. This Sunday it’s all about Provence planters and a few blue and white planters and how they were used in customers various homes. Whether it’s a Hamptons beach house or a more formal home, they nailed it! Check out the most recent batch we got in…all I can say is WOW!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Lots of summer beauty and inspiration this week…..we are in the thick of it and this reminds me of what a truly incredible season summer really is!


4. BIKES FOR PALMETTO BLUFF. I forgot how much I love bike riding. At Palmetto Bluff it’s de rigeour, everyone bike rides….we did it every day (once the sun starts to set in the hotter summer months) and in the evening nothing was more enjoyable than going on a long lazy bike ride, stopping by the Montage during cocktail hour, listening to the live music and watching all the kids go bonkers over the roving Smores mobile.

It’s a way of life so found these bikes which have both the color scheme of the house and the old fashioned vibe of PB. I just ordered a bunch so that when we have guests over, we can enjoy an evening bike ride with them:) Surprisingly these were super reasonable, a lot of look for the money!


Love the retro vibe and like the price even more (click here to see)

Here are the mens bikes I bought, very good looking and so well priced (click here to see)

5. CANNED ROSE´.  You heard right…..canned! To me, Rose´ and summer go together like milk and cookies. They are a perfect match and I love Rose´. I was intrigued when I saw the canned version. I have only tried two and one was surprisingly really good, the other was just OK.

But in doing my “investigative research” here are some that have come out on top.  Rose´ all day was the one I tried and really liked, have you tried Rose´ in a can? Would you? Think it could be cute in a big tub filled with ice for a party!

6. A NEW STATIONER YOU. NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. Nearly fell over from the beauty when I saw these invitations, gorgeous!! I wish I had a reason to order these, maybe throw myself a birthday party:) Stone Cottage Paparie’s website is in progress of being launched but in the meantime you can follow her on Instagram by clicking here.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY I had someone laughing the other day because I told her I had never used Uber, you would have thought i told her I never left my house:) Granted this is more common if you live in or near a big city but with my phobias, there is no way I would consider using an Uber. Rational? Maybe not but it’s me and my quirks

 My kids however use them all the time and there is no mistaking that they have made life a heck of a lot easier for throngs of people (sans their recent scandals) but I was impressed by how they “owned” their mistakes and rose to the occasion by confronting them head on, more companies should take their lead. So….have you ever “uber’ed” and if not would you?


That is a wrap for this Sunday, anything catch your attention here? Always appreciate you stopping in, and love hearing from you. I love hearing how reading my Sunday post is part of your Sunday routine, for me it’s the same. I love putting these together. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful and enjoyable day and end to your weekend!

LAST DAY for the Provence planter sale- many are sold which is no surprise given the incredible prices but we still have some left, click here to see the sale.

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Carol Mann on

Always like your Sunday posts. How about some nice summer recipes with your farm finds? Loved all the pictures from your clients and all the pictures from your Happy Place. Thanks for sharing with us.

Michelle on

Beautiful! Your hydrangeas are so pretty, Tina. Unfortunately here they wilt and do not last. I use Uber fairly often, living in a congested area where parking is hard to find, Uber makes my life much easier and my kids also use it almost every weekend, it’s been a lifesaver so we aren’t having to get up in the middle of the night to pick them up!
Thanks for the bike recommendations, I love them. We own a house on the Cape which we now have started renting out and desperately need to replace the old bikes. These are not only very good looking but so well priced! Hope France wins today!!

d gray on

Underwood Rose’ is surprisingly good! Fun too!

Abby on

Your back yard and those hydrangeas are such a baeutiful sight!

I love how you do your flower arrangments, have you ever considered a You Tube channel? With your fans, it would be an instant hit!

I have tried the Rose in a can and have to say its really good, and so easy!

Alice Genzlinger on

Rose’ in a can! What next? Champagne? Somehow the pop top on a can will not sound as romantic as the pop from a bottle of champagne. Am I being old fashioned? Good! Think I’ll stay they way.

helen johnson on

Living in NYC use Uber all the time, at my house in Bedford never

Carol Reynolds on

Oh Tina. I’m speechless- beyond speechless. Thank you so much for sharing my work on your Seven on Sunday- I’m so thrilled that you like my work; I’ve been working on my line for a couple of years now- and finally ready to “open the doors” of Stone Cottage Paperie in just 2 weeks!!! What a way to kick off my opening with your amazing support. Again, my sincerest thanks-

Peggy on

I enjoyed seeing the photos of the Provence Planters at your readers’ homes. I especially liked the photo with the blue and white porcelain with one of your bunnies tucked in the arrangement. So cute! I love seeing all your hydrangeas. The Nikko Blue are my absolute favorite.
As for your survey regarding Ubers, I only have used one once and that was when I was with my son in Chicago. He had the app and knew what to do. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do, nor do I live in a big city where they are more prevalent. We were told, by the driver, that the prices would be higher after the concert we were attending. So, we took a different form of transportation to get back downtown. I don’t know if I am really that comfortable using an Uber, due to some of the bad press they have received lately. Enjoy your Sunday.

Renee Florez on

Thanks beutiful

Susan K too on

I actually use Lyft instead of Uber. Mostly to and from the airport, and whenever we are going out to dinner and parking is going to be a problem, (quite often where I live), or we want to have a cocktail or two.

Linda Cashman on

I LOVE to use Uber–my daughter and I go to New Orleans every month and we use the valet parking at The Roosevelt, because even if we don’t stay there we will end up at DOMENICA at some point. It is great during the Christmas season. The doorman David always says “Welcome home ladies” to us and he gets us an Uber or taxi immediately. We have front row season tickets to Broadway in New Orleans and are really looking forward to HAMILTON this season. We have always had nice polite Uber drivers and prefer them over taxis. On August 25 we are going there to celebrate my 8 week anniversary of my ACDF cervical spinal surgery to see Tony Bennett and “a special female guest”. We eat at a different restaurant each time–from famous ones to ones known to locals to be great. Never had a bad meal. We have never had to wait more than 5-6 minutes for an Uber and have found them to be much more polite than the taxi drivers.

Michelle Oleary on

Must be twins. I feel the same way about Uber and my kids think I am nuts!

Celia Becker @ on

Love those bikes! We have just purchased property In River Dunes, North Carolina where we will be building a Low Country style home. I’m so excited that biking there is also a way of life. I’ll be ordering some of those bikes as well. Thanks for the great tip. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Mila on

Hello Tina,
Love your site and everything about it. Just beautiful. Thank you for the bike tip! Been looking for cute cruising bikes for me and Hubby for the Cape. Just ordered them! 😊🦋

Susan Haidon on

The summer gardens are absolutely beautiful. Love to go bike riding in the summer time, especially in the evening b/4 the sun goes down, or early in the am b/4 breakfast, along the river. Love the views and watching the people. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics. Happy weekend Tina!

Allison on

Tina, love your blog and when I miss it on Sunday, something doesn’t feel right! We were traveling and I couldn’t wait to be home to check it out and it did not disappoint! I take Uber all the time, with the exception of one rude driver, every one has been very nice and courteous with clean cars, try it! You might be surprised at how much you like it and may consider using them again!

Love all your hydrangeas, I tried putting them in our yard last summer, the deer had a party with them, so no more for me, but I do love them. I have tried Rose in a can and it’s not bad, and it’s convenient for things like picnics, beach outings, etc….Hope you have a great day.
Also got my beautiful porcelains and just have to tell you, each one is as pretty as the next- keep up the good work!

Mirna on

Tina; my anniversary is right around the corner. I gave my husband your website name and url and I know he purchased something for me from your site. The anticipation is killing me… cannot wait. It’s our 20th year anniversary which is porcelain… so excited to get my package. I am sure I will love it.

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