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Good Saturday morning.  Today is a day of celebrations and giveaways. First I want to officially crown the winner of the Summer Love contest, congratulations goes to Ed for submitting this winning picture, this cutie pie looks like she loves summer and bonus points to her for sporting monograms!


Please contact us at to claim your prize and provide your shipping info so your first of three goodies can be on it’s way.

Thank you for sending us your adorable photo and putting a smile on everyone’s face, and congratulations as well to the beautiful runner up. These two plus so many more were all award winning pictures if you ask me. We will hold our next contest, Fall Love sometime in October so start thinking about your entry:)


Moving along to my melamine collection. I can’t tell you how much I love it, I am really really proud of it. What happens is when I cannot find something that I really want and must have,  then I look to create it. And that is precisely what happened here. I found melamine but didn’t love the patterns that I was finding, I wanted something sophisticated and dressed up.  I started with my original blue/white pattern then introduced two new gorgeous ones this year. I love all three and these have become not only my everyday dishes outside but indoors too:)

So today a look at all three of my beautiful patterns “in action” including two recent tablescapes that I really love and a giveaway. To top it all off, through tomorrow all melamine is 20% off the entire collection.

We just got back in the original pattern and replenished the two new patterns so are fully stocked now. I love seeing peoples expressions when they think it’s china but pick it up, and realize it is melamine. Have to say it is kind of fun to watch them react and gives me a little secret pleasure:)  I started with a crisp white tablecloth, added my beautiful village scene tulipieres, fresh flowers (of course), my pagoda flatware and my wonderful melamine. Take a look-


The original blue/white pattern (we had done a photo shoot here)

The new orange/blue pattern- (have not done a photo shoot with these yet)

The new blue/green pattern- (still yet to do a photo shoot with these)


One lucky winner will win 2 place settings plus a serving bowl (pattern of their choosing). All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite pattern and where/how you would use it. Tomorrow morning I will announce the winner.


Clearly these melamine pieces prove they have as much right to be set on a table with a white tablecloth just as much as their competition, the almighty porcelain plate. I use mine daily inside and out, and love that they can’t chip or break, but still look great at the same time. Best part is every piece is now back in stock.

If you don’t have any and suddenly find yourself “needing” some melamine in your life, take advantage of the extra 20% off through tomorrow.  Click here to see the entire collection. You can thank me later:) Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fantastic Saturday and hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start. Until tomorrow…..



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Debbbie Coggin on

Love the original Blue/White so classic!! I will use it inside and out!

Bettina Woodring on

Love the classic blue & white! Would like to use on the boat when we cove out!!

Maureen O on

I like the blue flower design. Reminds me of Herend Blue Garland pattern. I would use for outdoor entertaining and casual indoor luncheon with my girlfriends. Tina, these are truly beautiful!

Thank you for the giveaway!

Merilynn Bergstresser on

I love the blue and white- I would use it everyday!

Jan Barrett on

Love the blue and green. I would use it on my back porch where we enjoy many evening meals.

Dana Munoz on

I love the blue & green, but all are lovely ? I would use mine fir outdoor entertaining and inside as well. Especially for my grandchildren! ?

Joni Theis on

All are beautiful but the new green and blue pattern really caught my eye today! I’d use it everyday with my family to add beauty! Company too! It’s gorgeous!

Kristen Peterson on

I love the blue and green set. I use those colors all through my house and they would be perfect on my porch. I have antique white wicker with blue chinoiserie upholstery. Perfect!

Sandy W on

I like the blue and white classic the best, but blue and green a close runner up.

Eve on

I love all the patterns but favor the new blue/green. Your table settings are stunning!

Leah on

My favorite is the original blue and white which blends well with my everyday dinnerware. But after seeing the new patterns, I am lovi ng the new blue and green more. It is so fresh and reminds me of the spring season. What a tre@t to start the day with a breath of spring being served up!!

Darlene Phillips on

I really like the blue/green set! I would set a display on my breakfast table as it has my colors and so cheerful!!

Arlene on

I love the blue and white but I think my favorite is the blue and green. I have a big family and my kids and grandkids come for dinner a lot and these would be perfect for those fun times

barbara martin on

Just the blue and white does it for me, love the oriental design. Just right!

Ellen Mullarkey on

Love these sophisticated melamine patterns. I will be using mine at our cottage for special dinners and events.

Aimee on

The new blue and green would be perfect for outdoor dining. All the patterns are appelIng to did an amazing job.

Suzanne on

Love the original blue & white pattern! I would use it inside and outside for all occasions ! ❤️

Lynne on

Hi Tina, I love them all but if I had to choose one it would be the blue,green pattern. I need to use mélanine a lot more now with my arthritis. It is so nice and light. Thanks for creating these.

Wendy L on

I love the blue and green pattern! It would be perfect for outdoor dining by our pool.

Anita. on

The blue green pattern would add so much to my al fresco dining scene. Your wicker salt and pepper shakers need an elegant place setting.

Meg A on

What a lovely creation! Perfect for dinner with the hubs or an alfresco dinner with friends.

Patricia on

Love the classic blue and white. Our patio is decorated in all blue and white and it would make a beautiful tablescape on the patio.

Deb Harris on

I love the new blue & green pattern. I am in a Southern Living cooking group. Would be great when hosting a casual summer lunch!

D O'Meara on

Love the new pattern, I would use it for outdoor beach parties, under white tents . Beautiful, no worries about breakage carrying to & from the event. Add plastic cut glass tumblers full of flowers, simple, easy , elegant.

Paulette P on

Your melamine is all so lovely, but my favorite is the green/blue floral. It is so very special and I would use it for my family holiday gathering. Somehow, working in a bit of red to bring a glorious holiday feel would make a sensational table setting.

Maree Sperle on

This was a hard decision! I would pick the blue/green combination and take it to the picnics in the park with my husband and enjoy the beautiful Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing at the Pritzker Pavilion.

leigh on

Love the precious blue/green pattern. My favorite!!! Thanks!

Susan Haidon on

Absolutely love the blue/green pattern. What a great table scape for my Ethan Allen Wicker table/chair set outside on my screened in porch. I love what you have done with all the patterns. Your table scapes are so Beautiful! Happy Saturday!

Marilyn Cole on

I’m lovein the blue and green! Hey Santa it’s time for Christmas in July!

Dawne on

I love the original blue and white pattern. I would use it everyday inside and of course when I dine outside!

Debbie on

All really pretty, but am loving the orange and blue in particular to jazz up my table a bit.

Cathy Perry on

Love Love. Love the blue grease which I would use in my new second story balcony with cobalt blue mixed pattern cushions

Colleen Stephens on

Oh my! I am absolutely in love with your beautiful melamine patterns! I don’t know which one is my favorite!
Thank you for the opportunity to win 2 place settings!

Sue on

I purchased the original blue and white and loved it then. I added some of the orange and blue to it and live mixing it. I use it outside and inside. It is also perfect for when my grandchildren come over !!

Cheri on

Love the blue and green would work beautifully on my covered porch. Stunning!

Whitney Lull on

You have once again outdone yourself! The melamine collection is one of a kind and stunning! I would love to use for my outdoor entertaining!

Kerri lynch on

Love your posts. My favorite melamine pattern is the blue and green. I would use the sets serving breakfast , lunch and dinner on my side patio surrounded by my peonie and rhododendrum garden ,garden wall and my 85 year old 4 season porch and home. Sitting on my side patio whether in the morning sun ,afternoon daylight or under the stars in the evening , one feels like they are in a old European setting. The colorful plates and patterns would only enhance the atmosphere!

Karen C on

Love the classic blue and white?

Mjdinic on

I would use the blue and green pattern at an al fresco breakfast for two in my backyard with all the green trees to compliment it.

Ellen on

I’m a southern girl so of course I’ll be yearning for the classic blue and white for dinner parties and luncheons on our veranda! And it’s melamine—did I mention I live in a household of boys???

Tina on

Hi Tina! We host Easter and the original pattern will look gorgeous for our dinner table!

Kathryn on

Love the traditional blue and white and the blue and green is gorgeous too! I would take them to the beach house!

ruth bernhard on

The blue/orange combo is amazing. I can see it on a table mixed with my orange Fiesta ware.

Kathy on

Love all the patterns but my fave is the blue/green. I’d serve a light lunch to one of my BFF on my deck using a green cloth and napkins with a bowl of wildflowers. So summery !!!

Julee on

The blue and green, for our blue and green screened porch!

Mary Pat Dilks on

Blue and green please! Would look great on our new lanai ?

Jennifer S on

I like to mix the original pattern with the orange/blue pattern. Use every day!!!

joy on

I choose the blue and orange because it will go to a friend’s cabin on the river (and matches her decor)!

Dianne on

Love it all …but the blue is my fav!
What beautiful tablescapes!?

Kathleen Hendren on

I love,love your new blue/green pattern! I would have a hard time deciding whether to use it at my home on my screened in porch or take it to our beach house. It would be beautiful in either place.

Marlene on

I think they are all wonderful but would choose the blue/green dinnerware. I think it is so fresh looking for summer. Great with the “grands” and yet party ready. Very pretty and would use it daily.

Denise on

Love, love, love the original blue and white pattern! It would be perfect on my back patio and garden w at the beach.

Ashley on

I love the blue and green pattern, so pretty and functional!!

Judy Clark on

I love all of the patterns but I am partial to the blue/green pattern. Inside or out, they are all beautiful. Thank you Tina, for your creativity and inspiration.

Debbie H. on

Love the new blue/green pattern. Would use in our coach when we travel!

Beverly Rowntree on

I love the blue and white original pattern and how you mix it with the orange and blue. Your tablescapes are gorgeous! It’s 109degrees in Texas, so I would use the dishes inside in the a/c looking out at the pool?


How do I choose??? If I could just have one it would be the blue/green floral. If I could have two I would mix the blue/orange Pagoda with the blue and white.
So happy melamine is back and so beautiful!!!

Liz on

I love them both! How fun to use orange zinnias with the blue/orange or hot pink zinnias with the blue/white! Happy table setting ya’ll.

Hunter on

I love your melamine and it’s a hard thing to pick just one pattern but right now I’m loving the blue and orange! Although my beach home’s colors are blue and green so……???

Laurie on

Love the traditional blue and white!

Elaine McCarty on

My new everyday dishes. I just love them❤️❤️❤️

Denise on

I would use my place settings outside to eat when it gets cool enough. It is still way too hot to eat outside in Tallahassee.

Joy on

I love the blue and white with green pattern. I have 4 plates already but would love more!


My favorite is the original blue/white. I’d use it in my kitchen as a lighter weight and much prettier alternative to my current white Corelle for every day of the week.

jane braica on

I love them all, but would love to have the orange melamine to set my Fall table!

Anne Nelson Morck on

Love the blue-green. I would use it every day to perk up my meals! All of the patterns are lovely.

Peggy Mae on

. I am having a ladies luncheon and looking forward to setting a beautiful table using the blue and green dishes. I know my friends are going to love it as well.

martha sappington on

Love the classic blue and white, but really like the green as a accent plate. so pretty and it really does look like china.

Patty on

Blue and White!
I would use inside and out, summer and winter, at my home in Lowcountry!

Laura Toler on

I love the classic blue and white. I am looking to replace my everyday dishes. These would most definitely serve that purpose!!

Becky Mattingly on

Good morning. Terrible storms in Louisville last night! Porch is a mess but your melamine would have survived!! All the patterns are so lovely that it’s hard to choose. But I just really love your first design with the pagodas. I would joyfully serve any meal on it. I was thinking too that if I had a few extra, I could make a little plate wall over my kitchen window, above my sink. Add some flowers in pink and yellow by the sink and voila! My little kitchen vignette.

Jamie Richardson on

I’ve been searching for Melamine plates to use on my outdoor patio. The blue/green pattern at the Enchanted Home is my favorite. Would love to have them.
Thank you

Regina on

I have some serving pieces of the blue/white and green/ blue. Would love to add to what I have! Really love this melamine.

Perfect offering on

Enjoyed on the deck table, along with delicious food and happy conversation.

Phoebe on

Tina, your table settings are spectacular ! You make me want to go and set a table even though I have no reason ha ha.
I love all of the patterns but something about that orange and blue is calling my name – I know it is more limiting for most decor’s but I love orange and I think paired with blue it is quite striking
I have the original pattern and now I’m thinking of getting some of the orange and blue to mix in with it, I love how they look together and that you could interchange so many of these pieces

Ellen Green Craig on

Hi Tina! I love the melamine dishes!! I would love to have them for my patio outdoor summer evenings when we grill. I also love to treat friends to wine and snacks on the patio. Perfect!!

Laurene P. on

Have always loved the blue/green floral pattern ever since you first introduced it! I think they would be so lovely for a girlfriends luncheon!

Karen Wheat on

Green and blue—like hydrangeas but they won’t fade away! Would use for breakfast on the terrace ( or in deep Winter would use for breakfast in bed).

Sandi Wells on

I like the orange/ blue pattern because it can be used in the NC mountains and in Fl. Also, I had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser which featured James T Farmer lll as the speaker. Delightful!! Please check out his list of books and magazine articles!

Mary on

I have been challenging myself to create lovelier tablescapes. Have already purchased the original blue and white and need two more place settings and two more serving pieces. We like to have dinner on the deck with our neighbors who enjoy the table decor as much as the menu! Thanks for the inspiration.

Julie on

I adore the blue and green. I have blue and white china I use for family dinners because I love to set a dressed table. We live in Florida and in summer we have a lot of guests and we end up eating at our large counter. It would be so nice to use this and still have the lovely dressed table look but without all stress. Lov lov this

Kelly Hinkley on

My favourite is the blue and green pattern. I would use it for patio dining, and indoors for my clumsy husband. 🙂

Tommye on

The original blue and white has been my favorite but I am beginning to love the blue and green mixed with blue and white for a different look.

Cindy on

I love the original blue and white and use mine constantly! I would like to add pieces of the other two sets to mix and match!!

Kathy on

We love everything about your melamine, The blue and white is my favorite,

Rebecca on

The Classic Blue and White matches my blue kitchen and adjoining family room for casual dining. It would also be extra special for the grandchildren’s table in my bright pink dining room, giving them a classic look without endangering family heirloom china.

Denise Reilly on

This is a tough one! I love the blue and white pagoda style, as my poolhouse Decor is styled as such. But… the blue and green reminds me of Nantucket….. our families summer destination every year!!! I guess I would have to go with the blue and white and use it at home for all of my kids summer birthday parties by the pool! ?‍♂️?

Beth D. on

I would use the blue/green pattern to mimic the natural colors I see from my lake house deck. Lovely!

Lucy Porter on

Picking a favorite is difficult, but I guess I still love the pagoda!

Sandra Hurlbutt on

Love the blue and green. As you, I would use it every day inside and outside.

Lorrie Stovall on

All are beautiful classic patterns compared to local stores’ modern looks. Being that Autumn is my favorite season and we celebrate several October birthdays, I can see my dining room set with the orange and blue. Add pumpkins, dried Limelight Hydrangeas, mums, and monogrammed white napkins with blue lettering or navy napkins with white lettering or go bold with orange lettering- gorgeous!

Regina on

I love the blue and green

Michelle B on

All three are beautiful, but I think I especially love the new blue/green pattern. I’m with you, I think they make great everyday dishes for inside as well as outside dining. Practical and pretty!

Sara on

Love new blue and green pattern!

Susie on

I love the new blue and green pattern- elegant but simple. Perfect for an evening on the porch by the river!

Judith Poremba on

I am a sucker for the original blue and white. Can’t get enough!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

I love blue and green pattern. Bought it for our outdoor terrace where it was made to match my colours!

Judy Toline on

Cannot go wrong with any of these. Beautiful

Kim W-S on

I love to see how you put the table together for all the patterns! My favorite is the blue and green, but they are all lovely.

Margie Winters on

I love the new blue green patterns. I would use them on the patio for brunches and in my solarium for afternoon tea. They would be the perfect compliment to the greenery and the blue sky.

Gayle on

Dear Tina
I thought when you mentioned the winner(which you are right it was really a hard decision ) that not only was the little girl dressed with the monogram but she was also holding the American flag which represents our freedom ….that’s what I thought you were going to say… She was smiling as she held that flag up… she was proud to be an American! Let us not forget that!

That being said I really love your blue and green pattern and I would use it up in the mountains and on the beach… You truly are amazing at all the tasks you take !!!
I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next… I think I own almost everything in your shop! Have a great weekend!

Maureen bauchman on

I am a “purist” and love the blue and white! It would make a lovely summer table!

Carolyn Agnew on

They are all lovely but my favorite would have to be the new orange/blue pattern. Would like fantastic on my new patio on the black wrought iron table with my 3 tiered Pagoda umbrella in deep orange 🙂

Donna A. on

My favorite pattern is the new blue and green with its delicate design…reminiscent of an expensive British/Danish china pattern.

Kathryn Moore on

Love the original blue/white pattern! Would use this DAILY on our new deck. It’s perfect for our lifestyle, especially w my 3 and 4 yr old always under foot 🙂 !!

Susan Jacoli on

I love the new orange and blue pattern. It would compliment my Ginori “Carnation” pieces on my outdoor tablescape.

Sherrie Gestach on

They are all beautiful, but I would have to say the blue and green are my favorite.

Jackie D. on

Love the original pattern! The crip lines, the mix of blues with navy, and the darling pagodas make a classic design. I would use them every day at home, and also for a little al fresco dining in the country at our farm!

Linda S on

I love the blue and white! I would use every day. I would especially use it to set a beautiful table for luncheons with girlfriends.

Courtney Howell on

I love them all but the original is my favorite, it’s a classic!!! I would love to host a mother daughter summer tea party with the melamine. Thank you for being my weekly dose of everything beautiful and fabulous!

Peggy on

All the designs are pretty, but my favorite is the blue and green. It’s nice to have an accent color with the blue. I would use it when entertaining outside, especially with my four grandchildren.
Congratulations to the winner of the contest!

Pat on

Loving the blue and green!
This would be my first melamine!

Tammy Lewis on

We love everything about outdoor dining would love the green and blue … reminds mean of the colors I see when sitting on our balcony overlooking the water !! Makes me think of a beautiful waterscape !!

Judy Williams on

Love the blue and white pattern.

Judy on

Hi Tina
I fell in love with with the original Blue & White…have been waiting as we have “down sized” and have a fabulous screened in porch that begs for outdoor year round usage… I have Blue &.
White in all my rooms..I remember reading an article awhile back.. “Can you have too much Blue & White” ? I think of your home and ABSOLUTELY NOT…

I especially follow to see your tribute to your sweet companion…Wa have been going to Hilton Head for almost 35 years and love Blufton.. welcome..

dale on

The original blue and white is my favorite. I’d put it out anywhere!

Sara on

I love the original blue and white!! It’s so classic, sophisticated!!

Jayne on

I love the blue and green floral. The B & W pot in the center is the cat’s meow! I would use this on my outdoor glass table to serve a delicious crab or lobster salad sandwich with a fresh glass of tea for lunch! Divine!

Mary L. on

Your traditional blue and white is my very Favorite!! I got started collecting blue and white from reading your posts, always loved it but was not sure how to bring it in! Blue and white fits with all things!
Thank you?. I would use the blue and white outdoors as well as casual for indoors.

Mary M on

I love all three but the original blue/white design is still my favorite!

Shawna B. on

Dear Tina,
Just turned my deco to blue and green, and so the matching melamine would be lovely. I use melamine every day… just know it doesn’t fair well in the microwave. ?. Thank you for the inspiration. Every choice is equally beautiful.

kesha on

I love the blue and green. I feel like the green just makes it come alive!

Jackie Bunge on

Love the blue-green melamine. Would use it for summer dinners on the patio.

Michelle Oleary on

I love the blue green pattern. Would use this for outdoor dining which I do any chance I get in Minnesota!

Kathleen Coalter on

I love them ALL! I’m a blue and white gal and when we left our beloved Oak Grove Farm to downsize to a condominium (still in a bit of a shock), I did it all in blue and white! On our balcony overlooking the Chesapeake Bay I added coral and green pillows! The blue and white melamine with the green would be a perfect addition to an al fresco dinner on the balcony!! Love your gorgeous tablescapes!!

Megan Bobbitt on

Love the blue and green pattern. Have ordered the plates but would love to have more. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Michelle W.S. on

I love them all, but the blue, orange and white pattern is my favorite. It brings back childhood memories of tea parties with my sister and grandmother on her backyard patio.

Mary on

I love the original blue and white, but the new blue and green is a close second. I would use them inside and out!

Carol on

I am in love with the blue/green collection……and would use it on my patio, but probably like you would also use it indoors as it is too pretty not to use more often. Thank you!

Karen McLeod on

Love the classic blue and white. So many possibilities to mix with my existing dinnerware.

Patsy on

Since orange & blue are my college colors I would pick that pattern.

kayln on

The blue and green pattern is my favorite, but the classic blue and white is a close second. These would be wonderful for an intimate al fresco dinner with my husband when our 3 year old is having a sleepover at her grandparents’ house!

Natalie on

Love the blue and green set!

Mia Davis on

I love all three of these patterns so it is hard to choose but I think I still love the Blue and White original pattern the best!

Felicia on

I just love setting the children’s table with extra special ‘china’ . The table always looks so polished! Now if you could create spill and unbrakeable ‘ crystal ‘

Brenda M on

Love the classic blue and white, but would like to add the green and blue for layering. Beautiful pieces!

Bonnie G. on

I like the green and blue pattern because, for me it is the most versatile. The majority of the time it would be used al fresco!

Sherri on

The blue and green is such a delightful color combination. We eat outdoors every day in the summer, not wanting to miss a day of the gorgeous view of Puget Sound from our island paradise.

Ellen H. on

My favorite pattern is the blue/green. I would use it on the porch and on the boat at our lake house. We often take sunset boat rides and serve a light supper. I use paper napkins, acrylic barware and dispo flatware, too. Any chance of that in your future designs?

Gay Dean Lundin on

It’s hard to pick which is my favorite as I have blue and white in my home with orange or fresh green pops. I think I would like to do some plate hangers and plates above my shower where the steam still lingers and I need art but durable? The original has always held my heart. Isn’t that a cool idea! Thank you for all the inspiration!

Lillian Suddeth on

The original blue and white is my favorite. The design will look great in my dining room along with my blue and white monogram napkins and the blue place mats. As a Home Economist, I enjoy setting the table for meals, but I also want even my younger grandchildren to feel comfortable while dining graciously.

Barb Austin on

Blue and white all the way! Inside and out, snacks as well.

Jo Shafer on

They’re all lovely, but my favorite reminds the original blue and white pattern. It’s “me”!

Marge K. on

I like the blue and green version. It reminds me of the outdoors with trees and sky and summer picnics!

Janet Evans on

Love the blue/green as it is fresh and happy as a clear summer’s day ??

Marilyn on

LOVE!! The blue/green pattern. Would usi indoors and out!

Angela on

They are all gorgeous! But my favorite is the blue and white. I would use these for our dinners out back by the pool.

Tammy Casapulla on

I would use these beautiful place setting to celebrate my mothers upcoming 85th Birthday. She is and has always been a Blue and White Goddess and she would be extremely pleased to see that you can now get melamine with a beautiful Blue and White and GREEN pattern.! I love all your decorating idea, tips and your creativity Tina. You make the world beautiful!

Heather on

Absolutely love the new blue white and orange pattern . It is stunning. Will be perfect to use around the riding arena when people are grabbing a light lunch.

Barb on

I currently have two place settings of the orange and blue and am anxious to get at least four more place settings. I plan to use it both inside and out I am also anxious to finish the look with the addition of the chargers and coordinating place mats and/or tablecloth .

Peggy Crockett on

Tina: Really enjoy your blog and your collections. If I won the contest, I would give these gorgeous dishes [original class pattern] to my daughter who is building a new home in Palmetto Bluff. With three teenagers the durability of the melamine and the elegance of the pattern would be a perfect for eating- inside or out! Her many blue and white porcelain pieces would accent these dishes beautifully. Thanks!

Debbie Gray on

Original blue and white

Vicky Brown on

I love the blue and white best. I would use them inside and outside!

Peggy on

I love the original blue and white!!! I would use it out on our patio without any worries that my sons would break it!!!

Eileen on

I love the gree and blue pattern.

Linda Van Herpe on

The new orange/blue pattern is lovely and refreshing……I have some nice orange Asian accent pieces that, I bought in Charleston, S.C. I would add to this collection and have a glorious dinner party on a Summer’s eve…………..

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

Any of these BEAUTIFUL melamine patterns would make WONDERFUL wedding and housewarming gifts…… classy and elegant!

Annie on

I love ALL of them and own the original, bought it right when you introduced it and use it all the time. I think this go around I would ope for the orange/blue. Looks so fresh and vibrant and could be mixed with my Imari China. Great job on these, there is nothing else like it out there.

Janice on

The original blue and white is so classic…could never go wrong with it!
I will use it for informal dinners on my lovely condo balcony.
Will be the envy of our many friends in the building!

Alice Genzlinger on

Be still my heart. I love the blue/green. It speaks my name and the platter is beautiful. Summer is my favorite season so I would be able to use it outside on the enclosed porch or bring it with me to a picnic on the beach. It’s perfect for the beach picnic as there would be no breakage and its light. Can’t wait to see it.

Joyce Ward on

HI Tina,
All the patterns of the melamine dishes are just gorgeous! The blue and green would look pretty in our dining room table inside and on my table in our gazebo outside! I can picture the grandkids and I having lots of tea parties and sweets on the dishes with their dolls and stuffed bears, oh my! They are always ready for a new adventure. Enjoy your day.
Thank you!

Sue Minch on

Tina, I am absolutely crazy over the blue/green melamine pattern! I love to have my family over for summer suppers. The melamine would be perfect because…..#1 It’s beautiful! (a requirement) and #2 It is child-proof! I have six little grandsons with number 7 is on the way. Plus I already have large solid green plates that could be used as chargers.

Linda Ebright on

I literally SIGH when I look at these beautiful pics. Still loving the classic blue and white. SIGH.

Nadine Middendirf on

Love the first one..original blue melamine plates! ❤️?

Diane M. on

I packed up a 4 piece set of the blue and white melamine plates that i purchased from you into my suitcase and traveled to an all girls vacation destination. We celebrated lunches and birthdays watching the sun rise and set. Not one piece go broken or cracked. These dishes are so versatile and I can’t wait to order the blue/green pattern so that i can use them for other gatherings. You never cease to amaze me with your talents. Thanks, Tina

Ayesha on

I like the blue/green pattern. I would use it during my summer parties al fresco.

Jeanne on

I LOVE the original Blue and White Pagoda AND the Blue and Green melamine. I couldn’t choose between them, so I have and use both! Perfect for parties out on the patio and guests don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the china!
My favorite is the original Blue and White Pagoda because I can set a gorgeous and sophisticated table with [gasp!] melamine! They are so versatile. I LOVE adding your tulipieres, bunnies, and eggs–a perfect table setting for our annual Bunny Breakfast, a tradition I began 37 years ago with our children and now continue with our 11 grandchildren.

Ann on

I like the blue and white original pattern. I would use it when we eat on the deck and pair it with my blue glasses. It’s such a classic pattern.

Margianne on

I love them all but really love the new blue/green pattern. I admit that I also love the original blue/white pattern. All are so beautiful!

Susan Logan on

Your original blue/white pattern is still my very favorite! It sets a beautiful table!!

Joyjc on

I absolutely love the blue/green pattern! This pattern would work so well in my breakfast room, complete with my blue stemware and white table linens. White flowers in a blue and white vase and delicious food completes the venue.

Terri on

The melamine collection is such a wonderful addition to your collection

Karenann on

Your outdoor entertaining pieces are gorgeous! I love the table settings, especially your blue, green and white settings.

Mary Baker on

Tina, I love the blue and green pattern and would use it for a Bridesmaids luncheon at the end of the summer. The platters are the perfect size for fruit and chicken salad. I have many pieces of your porcelain and your tables look so pretty all set with the china and porcelain. I would add peonies to the vases, (if I could find any) or get other ideas from your beautiful arrangements.
I also love your pasta and chicken salad recipes and the antipasta display on the cheeseboards. I have saved your recipes and I am going to serve them at the luncheon. The white balloons you ordered for your party were so amazing and I am using those too. So fun and festive, I had to steal the idea. Have a great rest of your weekend

Barbara Morris on

Green and Blue is really different and my fave!

Elizabeth on

I adore the blue, white, and green melamine! I would love a couple of place settings for lunches and dinners with my little grandson. I want him to start appreciating a beautifully set table at an early age. I want my little Southern gentleman growing up with beauty and good taste. Your melamine is perfect for this. Beauty and unbreakable!

Gail on

Tina , the blue and green melamine is stunning!! I’m sure I would use this inside and outside as I do love to take in as much spring , summer and fall as long as possible. Your monogram napkins really takes it up notch ! Us southerners love monograms on everything!!!!! Enjoy watching PB coming together. Who wouldn’t want to retire there. Truly a dream come true.

Carolyn on

I love the blue and green! I host Sunday dinners for my children and grandson each week and always look very to set an awesome table. This would be perfect! Love the design and colors!. ?

Judith Kafka on

Tina…you continue to amaze! All the melamine patterns are gorgeous, but I’m truly in love with the original blue and white, since my home is loaded with beautiful blue and white!

Peter on

We have recently painted our porch. Looking forward to spending time and your dishea would be a perfect fit.

San on

I use the “original” for dinners on the patio. So classic; but so casual and no worries about breakage!

Francine Wilson on

I love the blue and green. We have our dinners outside weather permitting. Our house is on the lake and these would look beautiful on the table. I’d never considered melamine until seeing your plates and your table settings are such an inspiration. Thank you for expanding my horizons!

Jeanne Bell on

I love the original blue and white pattern. Thanks for the chance to win it!

Susan H. on

Love the blue and green. But you can’t go wrong with any of the color combinations!

Anne on

They are all so pretty and would be fun decorating with all of them! But, I am a sucker for the original blue and white. Call me a purist!

Denise on

Love the blue green pattern! I would use these at my cabin

Nancy Griffiths on

I love the blue and green and would use it everyday in my blue and white kitchen!!

Catherine B. on

I love the classic blue and white!! I would use it in my dining room as well as when we dine el fresco on the deck. Everything looks lovely as always Tina!!

Fran W. on

Love the new blue and green. My two favorite colors!

Annette on

These are beautiful! My favorite is the blue/green pattern and I’d use it for brunch with a friend.

Denise P on

I love the blue/green pattern. I would pack them in a picnic basket and use them at a picnic in the park .

Emily Brooks- Wayment on

I love the blue and green and would use it for a lovely tea party with my daughter!

Nora on

Congratulations to the contest winner! She looks so sweet and happy.

It’s a tough choice on the melamine sets after seeing how nicely you did your tablescapes. After much thought, I would have to choose the blue and green set. I would use it to do a lot more outdoor entertaining in my gardens since they are not breakable and look fabulous!

Beth Coward on

My sister and I just moved in together. We are both widowers and did not like living by ourselves. We bought a beautiful small home that is perfect for us. The patio has a table that we would love to use the blue and green plates on. We live in Austin Texas so we eat outside a lot. We love to set a pretty table just for us. We are hoping to meet people so we can entertain soon. Please consider us. We would love to enjoy the dishes. Thank you for giving us a chance.

Mary on

I love the all blue pattern for the melamine, and would use it everyday in the spring/summer monthes!

Blair on

My favorite is the blue and green. I would use it our lake house, both in and out!!

Mickey on

Love the original set the best. I would use it on our patio.

Sandy R. on

The blue and white steals my heart! Of course, I love all patterns! I would use the beautiful melamine not only for fine dining, but also in my kitchen for everyday and on the porch for my hubby and I to enjoy dinner together. Sure wish I could get lucky today!

Meredith Lewis on

Good morning Tina! It is very hard to choose a favorite pattern, but because I love blue and green together so much, I think I’d choose that pattern as my absolute favorite! I’d probably pair it with my green cabbage ware and would have to get some white napkins monogrammed in a coordinating blue and green… can’t believe I don’t already have those! 😉 Of course, setting the table outside with my green hedges in the background would be just about perfect! I adore all that you do, and especially that you make such a beautiful home for your family! I know they appreciate you!! Happy Sunday! xo~ Meredith

Lori on

So hard to name one favorite as they are each lovely. However, the classic blue and white from the original pattern would be perfect for Mother’s Day brunch on the patio since my mom and I both collect blue and white.

Jacqueline McLaurin on

All of your monogrammed pillows and napkins are gorgeous!

Ros on

LOVE the classic blue and white! I would use it on our current evenings at the beach… because post-work summer evenings are so much more pleasant on a beach.

Jane Arnold on

I love, love love them all! I guess if I have to choose one, it’s the blue and green! I would use them inside and outside on our porch. They are so pretty!

Linda Miller on

Hi Tina,
Love your first pattern so much!
Have used it a few times and now I’m looking to add some of your other patterns!

Jennifer on

I live in an old 1920’s Hollywood actor’s apartment. My formal dining is outside- al fresco year round! I love the blue/green pattern but would have to give a nod to California with the orange pattern. Just delightful!

Mariel Hale on

Love the original blue/white that I can use for my 4th of July birthday & add a little red for a great classic table!

Alissa on

My favorite is the original blue and white pattern because it would look amazing on the dining table of our screened porch. The porch is my favorite room in our house, and I can already see us using the dishes to enjoy a delicious meal there!

PBradyB on

I love the original best but if it is no longer available I’d love to start the blue and green,

Kinzie Wyche on

I LOVE the blue and white pattern. I would use it in my dining room at my lake house where my colors are blue and white of course!

Sandy R. on

Oh my! The blue and white melamine steals my heart! I would use it everywhere! Since my dining room is blue and white, it would sneak in there, as well as my kitchen and my screened porch. Of course there is always that extra snack by the tv in the evening where the melamine would really come in handy! Love the pieces!!!

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