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Hi friends! First,  I want to announce the winner of the melamine, congratulations goes to-


Please email us your info at and provide your name and shipping info as well as pattern choice so your box of goodies can be on their way.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here it’s been non stop,  so looking forward to enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, and just lounging about before we head over to someones house for the afternoon. I was so flattered to have been written about over at “the” one and only KD Hamptons who is the queen of what is happening in the Hamptons. I love her style and all that she covers so to be included was a thrill. If you want to see my favorite five things for summer click here.

These summer weekends are going by awfully quick and now that back to school mailings are starting to flood my mailbox, it is a reminder to enjoy them while they last! This weeks post includes a few mini polls that I would really appreciate you taking part in. OK here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..



1 TWO NEW SELF HELP BOOKS I JUST ORDERED. Have heard a lot about both of these and curious if any of you have them and would love to know your thoughts. The first one seems to be a bible for many, and  has spent a lot of time on the NY Times best sellers list. With our new adopted healthier lifestyle/way of eating that we incorporated into our household about 4 months ago, I am curious to get this.

I heard a podcast with him and got a crash course in lectins, which I frankly knew little about. It made me rethink certain food choices and welcome others. Seems to support what/how we are eating but I think I will enjoy reading about the methodology behind it and learn more, knowledge is power!

The second one is more of a vanity book but we only have one skin so we better take care of it! I have heard this is fantastic from a friend who takes her skin care very seriously  and then saw a few people on Instagram endorsing it, so look forward to getting it soon.



2 A FABULOUS NEW STATIONERY RESOURCE! It was love at first sight seeing this incredible stationery line. SO happy to know about Empress Stationery as they reflect the aesthetic that I love. This is a line worth sharing especially if there is an event in your future…sure wish I was planning a big shindig! Click here to find out more about Empress Stationery.



3 A NEW FAVORITE RECIPE (AND IT’S HEALTHY)! OK I will admit I never thought I would have considered this to be something I could actually enjoy, but it is DELICIOUS! I was shocked in fact how good it was. I had something similar at a friends house who is a vegetarian and was surprised that I enjoyed it so when I came across this recipe I decided to try it and was so happy I did.

I made it with a tex mex type chicken, black beans and a side of guacamole and  never felt like I was suffering or going low cal even though that’s what it was. Plus it is  super healthy. I also added olive oil as my nutritionist encourages me to eat healthy fat and he said olive oil is one thing I can use fairly liberally. So give it a whirl and click on over to House of Yumm, by clicking here. You will be happy you did!



4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Lots to love this week! Such beauty everywhere, you just have to know where to look. Consider this your superhighway to all the very best on Instagram!

5. INSIDE AN AMAZON FULFILLMENT CENTER. Found this utterly fascinating, want to know what goes on behind that Amazon prime box that magically appears a day or two after you click “order”?  Then you might enjoy this as much as I did, they give efficiency a new meaning!


6. EXCITING SHOP NEWS! So behind the scenes, I am like a little elf working on some very very exciting things as we look to the holidays.

You can say you saw it here first! One thing that has been a long time in the works are these fabulous blue and white pumpkins. So excited about them…..they are porcelain and in  my favorite color combo:)

They are in production and a presale will be offered on them in about a month so stay tuned. Really do love them and this is about the only thing that could make me actually excited to say goodbye to summer:)

Gift wrap also in the works, will have it here much earlier this year (early fall) so stay tuned! I have a question about doing single sided vs reversible for all your wrappers out there. Please give me your opinion-


And the new ornaments are also underway, crazy as that might sound. You have to keep in mind design/prod8ction time is months so this year wanted to be sure and start nice and early!

These are the actual molds soon to be decorated-

Also the gift toppers that were the mini ginger jars (2″) to add to gifts are coming back this year and I am doubling up to be sure we have plenty!

And so excited to offer Staffordshire dogs this season! This is not the final design but a prototype but wanted to give you a sneak peek at these cuties-


Guess what I am going to be introducing soon to my online shop? Custom bedding by popular demand. I have done many bedding sets for design customers but get general requests all the time. My goal was to bring high quality bedding with monogramming customization at affordable prices.

Some of the companies are crazy expensive (albeit do beautiful work) so this idea has been a long time in the making. Thrilled that I am meeting with the bedding rep in about a week to make it final and will soon be offering customized monogrammed bedding! Stay tuned…..

Also have a few new planters in the pipeline that I am very excited about……

This one above I am doing as shown but also thinking of offering in a few solid colors accented with gold and the pierced border

This pretty trellis planter above will be offered in two sizes and 2 or 3 colors

Lastly, we are down to bare bones for my best selling Provence planters, I just love them and so excited to have added them to my product line. I have been having visions of doing them in high gloss, imagine navy or white in high gloss- pretty! Thoughts on a high gloss version? So just imagine these existing planters in high gloss.



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. I have started to get a lot of emails/mail about the dreaded three words “back to school”. I mean seriously? It is July!!! I feel like I am just starting to ease into a nice summer rhythm. That really bugs me. And you? Do you think it’s too soon or right on track?


And that my friends,  is what is on my mind this Sunday. Off to a day of relaxation and boating at a relatives house (as long as the rain stays away). Hope your weekend is going well and that you too are finding time to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer. Until next time……


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Regina on

Love, love the new planters!

Mary Balagia on

I can’t wait to see the bedding!

Liz on

Love the solid planters.

Elizabeth on

Good morning Tina!

I have to say that in addition to the back to school I saw ghosts/pumpkins at the store! And my pinterest feed is filled with people pinning Fall/Christmas stuff already. Don’t get me wrong, if I see something exceptional for those seasons I pin it but I am not in search of things for Fall right now. Winter was so long this year and as I age I become more and more aware that we need to slow down and enjoy life and of course the season that we are in.

Love your new ornaments, planters and wrapping paper.

Beautiful stationary and Instagram images. I am off to explore them more.

Enjoy your day!

Allison on

Lots to love here! I love all the new products, so many exciting things and THANK YOU for offering monogrammed bedding. Got a quote from a company I won’t name but could not bring myself to spend over $5,000 on bedding. So I am very excited about that. I love the idea of a navy glossy planter, that will be beautiful.

I appreciate your cauliflower rice recipe, we are vegetarians in our household so always looking for new recipes to try, getting Dr. Gundry’s book. I have ready great reviews on it. Enjoyed this post very much.

Diane Hanrahan on

Love that you are going to start to carry linens. I am doing a lake house and would love a high quality sheet that does not wrinkle!
If you can come up with that you have a winner!! Let me know….
Love all you do.

Elaine McCarty on

Love the bedding the planters the ornaments, oh my!

Wendy L. on

Neat things are on the way! The ornaments are lovely. At first glance I thought they were a solid pewter color. They would also be fabulous in a solid gold, bronze or silver color! 😉

Sherrie Gestach on

Looking forward to your new bedding

Linda Cashman on

You will be sorry you purchased Dr Gundry’s book. I did several months ago and had to ask to be taken off his mailing list–all he wants to do is sell you his powders called “vital reds” and others that are green, among other things–he is a non-stop marketer

PATRICIA H. Flournoy on

your pkg toppers would make beautiful lamp finials!

Ellen on

Probably worth noting that, in some states, school has already started because of year round school schedules. For them, summer break has ended. Many school districts in NC do this.

Emily of Eleven Gables on

Oh Tina! Thank you for including my little corner of Instagram in your beautiful round-up!! Happy Sunday to you!! Im going to need about a dozen of each ornament! Wow! So stunning! Have a blessed week! xx, Emily

Denise on

The bedding looks wonderful.

Mary Baker on

Wow, so much to look at and think about today. The wrapping papers are beautiful, love all of them. They are too pretty to cut, But how lucky a gift recipient will be to receive one wrapped in the beautiful paper. The linens will be a wonderful addition to your already fabulous line of products. I can hardly wait to see them in your shop. My thoughts are already turning to fall and I love those pumpkins. I hope to add them to my blue and white collection. Have a great rest of your Sunday.

Eileen on

I can’t wait for the pumpkins and the toppers. I bought some and will buy some more.

Amanda on

I love it all! Your take on design is so fresh, unique and classically beautiful. Thank you for keeping the style alive. I am so sick of the HORRIBLE designs in the design magazines where nothing matches and I always look at them wondering who thinks that looks good?!
Love the pumpkins, gift wrap, the new planters and think the bedding addition is very needed. I for one would be very interested. The stationery line is gorgeous, have to send that to my friend who’s daughter is getting married next spring. Love these Sunday posts, Tina

Shirley Kaatz on

Would purchase the monogrammed bedding in a second! Please hurry!

Susan on

That Amazon video is amazing, going to share. I loved the saying about the broken crayons, made me well up a little. My borther has suffered from serious anxiety and expression and finally is coming out of the fog after almost 6 years of battling it. To say our family is rejoicing cannot be overstated. I love that quote and am going to send it to him today.

Just love all the new products coming in, you make me look forward to new seasons!

Susan on

Meant depression ^ (my comment above).

Judy Phillips on

You might want to check Gundry’s history as a physician. I wouldn’t have much confidence in his recommendations.


RE Sunday survey and the “rushing” through the summer with back to school sales…….aren’t you doing the same thing with the beautiful pumpkins and Christmas wrapping paper? If you’re in business, I suppose it’s necessary to start early advertising.
I,myself, as a consumer am guilty at times for starting my ” shopping early”. I wish that we could enjoy each season as it comes because it’s difficult to enjoy it when you are “shopping” for future seasons. We’re not allowing ourselves to live in the present. We need to take the time to “stop and smell the flowers” as the saying goes.

Lee on

I’m very excited to read about the bedding! I hope you will be offering cotton percale as an option vs. sateen. There’s nothing like high quality cotton bedding without the “shine”. You are so on target with your product selections!

Paula on

Tina. I really admire your imagination. All the beautiful items you have for sale. The wrapping paper is absolutely delightful, such sweet pretty Christmas trees. I want to cover ALL my books and boxes!
Just sad that you cannot ship to Beirut.Lebanon. I love this Blog. Surely one of the best on line. Xx

Denise Heroman on

Haha … back to school … they have Christmas 🎄 out in some stores already !!!

Barb Austin on

Can hardly wait for the pumpkins and ornaments!

Jo Shafer on

About those “back to school” advertisements, I don’t recall their arriving so soon before August or so when my children were growing up. Today, for my own back-to-fall project supplies, I start thinking about it in late August.

Brenda M on

I love the Staffordshire dog ornaments, these are the cutest ever. Can’t wait until they are available! Happy Sunday, Tina!

Tera on

So excited about the pumpkins and the custom bedding!

Michelle Oleary on

Love the introduction of Monogrammed bedding.

Katie Clooney on

Hello dear Tina! I love the pumpkins and also your Christmas wrapping paper. I hope that you are having a wonderful Summer. Things have been crazy around here and I haven’t been at my computer lately. I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine during the Fall. Enjoy your week!! xx on

The gift toppers are great! Live them!
But additionally, look how great they are in solid “silver” finish! Could you do some that way as well? A neutral that would work with any 🌲! Thanks for your taste and commitment to all things beautiful.

Lexi on

Hi TIna- your Staffy dog ornanments are going to be HUGE sellers- hope you order a large amount of those! Monogram bedding is spot on, I do hope that you offer it with the large scale monograms that you showed as examples. Everything you touch is gorgeous!

helana on

Is the long pillow on the bed hand painted? If so, do you offer these in your store?

Michelle Seman on

LOVE the Staffordshire dog ornaments. Will you be offering these in other colors. Will they be available for this holiday season!! Can’t wait💙💙

Susan Haidon on

Absolutely love the idea that you will be introducing customized monogrammed bedding. I adore the new solid planters in gold and the trellis planter in gold. Beautiful! Happy Monday!

Nell on

Tina first off you are beautiful! I loved finally seeing a picture of you, thank you:-) Nice to see the pretty face matches the beauty you share via your blog.
Also loving all the new things happening, cannot wait for the pumpkins paper and ornaments. And yes to the glossy planters, a navy would be beautiful.
Thank you for your wonderful blog, I always enjoy it though I do not comment often.

Ann M on

OMG that bedding, those new planters! GORGEOUS

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