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Hello, and how is your week going? Mine has been a very busy but very productive one, we have three shipments coming in this week so being sure to have plenty of coffee and of course a good nights rest. Does it sound nuts to say we are talking pumpkins, reindeer, and ornaments over here! After last season when where we were holding our breath for the holiday wrap and new ornaments to come in in November, I finally caught on and am doing things way in advance!

Lots of amazing things coming this way so stay tuned. Enjoying the longer summer days and trying to slow down the pace just a little before the frenzy of the holidays gets the best of me. I have found myself enjoying more meals outside and just in general spending more time outdoors, taking full advantage of the long days of sunlight. I thought blue and white in the outdoors  would make an excellent topic for today.

Let’s face it blue and white is the most popular kid on the block right now, its H U G E! It has always been in style but is enjoying an exceptional resurgence right now. You sure don’t have to twist my arm!:) I adore blue and white outside because against natures vivid greens, it really pops. I have such a beautiful round up of gorgeous examples today to share about how beautiful blue and white outside really is with some of my own pictures thrown in. Then I want you to weigh in and tell me your thoughts on using blue and white outside.

I have blue and white fishbowls and ginger jars on my own patio, but there is room for more! Believe it or not they stayed out all winter long and survived a brutally cold winter, a few heavy snow storms and they fared beautifully. Another testament to the resilience of blue and white porcelain.

There is also a special code for anyone having the urge to add some blue and white to their outdoors spaces (details on bottom). So let’s take a look….


Just love this inviting vignette from KD Hamptons..what’s not to love!

Leave it up to Carolyn Roehm to create a stunning tablescape as no one else can

Part of the new Aerin collection, my favorite upholstery color with blue and white is white!

Carolyn Roehm proves that you can never have too much blue and white outdoors……thank you Carolyn, I will be adding more today:)

My outdoor patio/loggia swathed in ivory upholstery and accented with my beloved blue and white

Love this patio belonging to Mark Sikes

A beautiful setting heavily accented with blue and white, Southern Living

Blue and white always sets a beautiful alfresco dinner table, Celebrating Everyday Life

Always loved Aerin Lauders elegant patio, Arch Digest

Love everything about this, and just did the same thing adding my 36″ boxwood balls to my extra large fishbowls, such a classic look, Parker Kennedy

My own showhouse  patio space a few years ago featuring a blue and white patio accented with green (this was for the Mansions and Millionaires showhouse)

What a winning combination! Blue and white printed tablecloths and a bounty of hydrangeas, Ana Marias Events

Always loved Shelly Johnstones beautiful patio setting with blue and white and a touch of pink

Fabulous table setting, Tory Burch

Elegant blue and white patio from Traditional Home designer showhouse in the Hamptons

This is spectacular and true to that unmistakable Palm Beach style…from the book Palm Beach Style

An alfresco meal at our house always means blue and white, sometimes a little and sometimes I like to go over the top:)

Love this luscious backyard patio with boxwoods and oversized ginger jars from Mark D Sikes

My own patio mixing and matching blue and white pillows

I mean come on…does blue and white in the outdoors get any better than this! Carolyn Roehm

Love seeing garden seats outdoors that also double as extra seating, Hadley Court

Fabulous blue and white table setting mixing all kinds of fun patterns, KD Hamptons

If this doesn’t epitome the freshness of blue an white on a summer table, don’t know what does! Love this, Lonny

Isn’t this pretty,! I really like the way Shelly Johnstone incorporated the use of pink into her blue and white them outdoors

Stunning outdoor space by Veranda House, love the blue cushions

Another beautiful table Tory Burch


Blue and White Club Special-

Today and tomorrow for all my blue and white club readers only, all  porcelain is 20% off, that includes all jars, vases, fishbowls, planters and more (subject to item being in stock) Click here to see all porcelains (all sub categories are on the left)

Use code porcelain


Does this have you inspired to suddenly go outside and see how you can do a little tweaking? It sure has me thinking a mile a minute about changing a few things up. In fact, it makes me want to throw an impromptu blue and white dinner party:) OK, so maybe it will be just for two lol.

Now, it’s your turn to weigh in, what are your thoughts on using blue and white for the outdoors? Love it? Thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

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Jony Baron on

Thanks for all the great inspiration, it’s making me want to rush out and buy more blue and white items.

Lisa on

This is a beautiful post! I got so many great ideas here, I bought two garden seats from you a month ago and they added so much to my patio, I think I now need some ginger jars! I love so many ideas here, thank you for this post and continuing to inspire me in so many ways. Hope you have a lovely day.

Judy Walters on

Loving almost anything Blue & White makes these real-life scenes a joy to see. THANK YOU! I am inspired for sure. I have a very small beginner’s collection that I plan to use at a 55th reunion (high school – I know, giving up my age) this Fall – our school colors: Blue & White! In the meantime I keep an eye out for more little vases to add. I really appreciate you sharing so much!

Lucy Ann Main on

The Carolyn Roehme pool shot is iconic. The perfect blend of everything. For outdoor living……I do like the involvement of green with blue and white.

Jamie Richardson on

Love blue & white, & enjoy looking at the pictures to get ideas of decorating in this color. My master, powder & dining room are in blue & white.

Nancy Nelson on

Several years ago, I tore out the same photo of Aerin Lauders patio that was in Arch Digest. I have looked high and low to find large b/w garden stools like those in the photo. Do you know where I can find them? I live in Dallas, TX and have looked all over our Design District! Would LOVE to buy some!

Katherine on

Two years ago I started moving lots of b and w porcelains outside for the summer months…. definitely love it and will add more. Thanks Tina for all your inspiration ???

dale on

There is never such a thing as too much blue and white. Loved them all.

Cathy on

All of the pictures were beautiful. I think we have you to thank for bringing blue and white back to the forefront of design.

Norina on

Blue and white have always been beautiful colors. They exude a tranquil environment that is so beautiful and soothing to the eyes. Not only have I had those colors in my bedroom for years, every one of my prom dresses and then some were in different shades of blue with white accents.

April on

Tina, you don’t have to take a back seat to any designer presented today. Your blue and white everything
Is outstanding. Thank you for sharing. Blue and White Club so fun.

Lorrie Stovall on

I love blue & white outdoors; especially accented with green!

Barb Austin on

Have become a convert of blue and white outside. Am also doing the boxwoods in planters. May end of using faux tho’ since they don’t like my winters. Would love for you to add larger ginger jars for outside. 30″ 34″ 36″

Jo Shafer on

It’s your posts like these that always set my heart thumping and imagination running wild with more blue & white design options for my summer courtyard and front porch. Thank you, Tina!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Your blue and white accessories (ginger jars, garden seats, table settings etc.) are absolutely stunning outdoors. They compliment natures best, even the sky! ?

Sara on

Oh what a beautiful post. I needed to see this inspiration we just moved into a new house a few months ago and my back patio looks so bare. I need to get busy, Tina when are you getting in the really big fishbowls again? I need four. I will also email you. Love blue and white outdoors, it is perfect as you said against the greenery of mother nature!

Susan K too on

The garden is my favorite way to use blue and white! This post is very inspiring!

Peggy on

Loved every blue and white photo; each photo was better that the last! Such beautiful, “Eye Candy.” Now that August is just around the corner, we really have to savor our outdoor spaces but I do look forward to seeing what’s new from you for the holiday season. I can’t believe I just said that but they will be here soon, whether we are ready or not!

Bettina Woodring on

So inspired, just what I needed this week….my shot in the arm of blue & white! In the second pic (Carolina Roehm) there is a white bench. Do you happen to know where I can find one?

Mary Ann Pickett on

Just lovely, Tina!!!

Lisa Glieber on

I have always LOVED your site. It’s beyond fresh and beautiful. Do you have any idea where I could purchase the extra large fishbowls that are holding boxwood balls…Parker Kennedy’s name is at the end of the sentence 🙂
Thank you so much!
Happy day , Lisa

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