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Hello and happy Sunday. Prepared this ahead of time so hope it is posting when it should. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. If I am lucky by the time you read this I will be in Palmetto  Bluff:) And if that’s the case, you know I am having a great weekend! Onto this weekend’s post….



 1 MY INCREDIBLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS! I just beam with pride every time I get in pictures of how my customers use my products. They are seriously an incredibly talented bunch, I love getting all kinds of great ideas for how they use my products.

I swear I could make one gorgeous book just featuring my customers beautiful pictures/homes! This batch is insanely beautiful, just had to share:) Have some to share? Please send them our way to [email protected]


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a round up this week. Such beauty and inspiration. Enjoy-


3. BUILDING HOMES FOR HEROES Heard about this and instantly was in awe, it is so touching and such an unbelievable organization. I had once thought of creating my own organization for precisely this purpose so was thrilled to see one in place. I mean seriously is there any one more deserving of a better life than a wounded veteran who has valiantly put their lives on the line for our country and our freedom? I certain can’t think of anyone.

This incredible foundation gives wounded servicemen and women mortgage free homes for their service. I love this foundation and what they do and it is one that I can easily put my support behind and will! Click here to learn more and click here to learn 18 reasons why to give.

I had to share and spread the word in case you didn’t know about them either. Here is their mission statement below-


4 A BEAUTIFUL PALMETTO BLUFF WEDDING This reconfirms it, one of my boys simply must get married in Palmetto Bluff! This is just so beautiful and yet so understated at the same time, just so well done!

The fun part about having a wedding there is that it’s typically a weekend affair, normally guests come in and partake in a host of fun activities and the night before might do an oyster roast on the lake and then the next day is the “big day”. This showcases Palmetto Bluff beautifully and how cute are those hydrangea robes for all the bridesmaids!


5. ONE EVENT THAT  I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ATTENDED IN TEDDY’S HONOR.. Oh boy I would have been crying tears of sadness (for Teddy) seeing all these goldens then cried tears of joy seeing all the precious dogs all in one place, you can just tell they are the sweetest. Have you ever seen so many goldens in one place? Proof that they are the cutest and definitely sweetest dogs in the world. And I feel so lucky to have had the best of the best, my sweet Teddy.  Click here to read more about it over at BBC.



6. EDWARD ANCHOR OF PARIS. The first time I spotted a dress from this line, it was love at first sight. It was very “Chanel-ish” at a slightly lower price point. Beautiful quality and gorgeous timeless classics. I have since bought two pieces from this beautiful line and have my eye on a dress I just saw recently. Now that I am approaching my normal/ideal weight, i may just have to treat myself!

In any case here is a look at some of the spring/fall looks. Click here to see the entire collection and learn more.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK today we are talking social media. I must admit I was slow to the starting gate, my friends kept nudging me to join Instagram. Finally I did and never looked back:)

Facebook however I don’t have and have no desire especially since Facebook theoretically owns everything you say and every picture once you post it on their site. Twitter? Never quite got that concept honestly…..I mean what is there really to say that people would care so much to hear? I am at a restaurant. I am sitting in traffic for two hours now. Getting a pedicure. Working hard in my office but wishing  I was on a beach. Making dinner.  B O R I N G and pointless if you ask me, although maybe I just don’t get it:)  I would love to know which social media apps you use, this should be interesting!!


Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday and a wonderful weekend. Until next time……

PS Second and last day for the silver mini candlestick lamps sale, not much left. Click here for details…..

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Denise on

That bride’s mouth looks really strange. Has she had something done to it?

Amber Lipari on

I think your poll is allowing only one choice…

Eileen on

Your post was lovely today, as usual. Those outfits are definitely “chanel-ish”. While I voted that I am on facebook, I agree with absolutely everything you said. My children travel internationally and I found I could contact them that way. I have since learned how to text more adeptly so use my iphone for that. I look at doggie blogs mostly, cairn terriers and yorkies, specifically on facebook, but try to stay off it and should stay off it because of exactly what you said.

Eirah on

Thanks so much for featuring my tulipière & pagodas; we really love them & so do all my friends. I’d like to repost your blog on my Facebook group ‘Lovers of Blue and White Pottery’ once I figure out how to do it! Thanks again Tina!?

Peggy on

I hope that you are enjoying your time in Palmetto Bluff. I am sure it is a busy one; receiving furniture and probably accessorizing your new home. The video of the wedding in Palmetto Bluff was beautiful, no blue and white, but they really paid attention to detail. And her ring, Oh my!
All those Golden Retrievers in one place, irresistible! They have the most loving and patient faces. I never met your sweet Teddy but I know you miss him terribly. What a love he must have been.
Loved all the inspirational photos from your readers. Is there a coffee table book in your future?

Pamm on

Your poll only allows one choice…

Eve on

Your poll only allowed one choice. I agree with Denise–the bride’s mouth looks very strange. I know a lot of people have “work” done before a big event which is not a good idea. Looking at the video, I was distracted by the bride’s face. Sorry.

Donna Scully on

Since you are on your way to Palmetto Bluff……………I have a question for you about your kitchen, which is fabulous………….where are the appliances?……(outside of the stove, which is featured)……are they hidden by cabinet fronts?

Donna on

I was stunned reading a couple of the tasteless and completely unnecessary comments above. Catty and classless, ladies.

Norina on

Other than emails and phone calls, I am not part of the social media that reveals all the “events” in one’s life. I totally agree and feel the same way about it as you. The video of the wedding showed how happy everyone was for the couple. Can you believe that after some people viewed it, their only comment was about a facial feature????

Lisa on

Hi Tina, weddings always make me cry and this one sure did. So much thought and effort to make it such a special event for all. It is clear they are loved and appreciated by their friends and family. What a beautiful venue!
I am somewhat addicted to pinterest as it has become such a great resource for so much of what I do. Instagram is eye candy for me so I do like that as well. I am on FB and sometimes just want to close my account but as one of your readers commented it is a convenient vehicle to communicate internationally. My son just moved to China and we can easily communicate via FB audio.
As always thanks for a lovely Seven on Sunday 🙂

Celia Becker @ on

Another great post. Hope your time in Palmetto Bluff is wonderful!

Lauren on

Tina, Thank you so much for including my photo in your instagrams of interest! What a thrill to see that in your post today! I was wondering why I had received a steady stream of new followers today! It’s all on account of you! Thank you! If I had to choose a social media app I would pick instagram. I just started a year ago and love seeing all the amazing creative people out there showcasing their talents. It’s so inspiring to me! Also loved the wedding video you featured in your post today as well as introducing us to the Edward Anchor collection. That pink dress and jacket are speaking my language! Have a blessed Sunday!

Leila Jane on

What a beautiful wedding video! It was very touching even without knowing the people. I wish such technology had existed back in 1967, LOL! It will surely become a lasting beautiful memento for Paige and Chris and their families in the years to come. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Lisa on

Just love these Sunday posts, it allows me time to sit back with my coffee and read over every word and ooh and ahh over every picture.
The wedding was gorgeous. Shame on some here that spoke of the bride’s mouth. That is shocking that people feel so free to spout out whatever they want. One reasons I limit my time and my 13 year twins time on social media (though it’s a lot harder with them. Your customers are super talented and those Goldens stole my heart. We had 2 and now have one, Bella who is getting up in age but still as sweet as sugar. They are I agree, the best dogs!


Edward Anchour makes beautiful clothing. I discovered them in Palm Beach a few years ago, such classic styling. Love the wedding video- hope you dream comes true and one of your boys will marry there!

Joanna on

As usual, lots of beauty to be had on your Seven on Sunday.
I love all the pics of the Goldens. Such beautiful, soft dogs. I know Teddy will always be missed.
Edward Anchor has gorgeous clothes. Every piece is feminine and wearable. I particularly like the navy outfit with the wide leg trousers.
I am not on Facebook even though my kids are. It is too much information about your personal life can become public forum. I do like Pinterest. I like to save garden ideas, decor, clothing, and hairstyles for inspiration. My other go to for ideas are blogs. They tend to eat up a lot of time so at the beginning of this year I unsubscribed from all but my favourites. I carry an iPhone but rarely use it. I have it for my convenience and in case of emergency. I want to live in the moment, when out with a friend or loved one.

Patricia Q. Patterson on

I thought all posts were lovely. I am so sad that some of your fans felt it necessary to comment on the bride’s appearance in an unfavorable way. She was absolutely beautiful on her special day and I hope she and her husband have a wonderful life together. It was obvious that their families and friends love them dearly.

Just remember people – you never make yourself look good by making someone else look bad!

Terry P. on

I thought exact same thing upon intial look & agree with DENISE(1st comment). What’s up w/ her lips??

Bonnie G. on

Thank you for all of the beauty that you shared today. As far as social media, I do use FB, and Pinterest more often than Instagram, which really is a source for eye candy and nothing more (however, I do enjoy).

Anne on

Could you please repeat all the names that you used for PB – I have deleted them by mistake — there was a link you posted???

Jacqueline McLaurin on

Loved all those precious puppy dogs!

Debbi Benedict on

I absolutely adored the Edward Achour Collection and went to their website. How do you buy it? Do you have to go to Paris? I don’t believe you can buy it online and I didn’t see any American stores, unless I missed that part. Yes, it was very Chanel and very “old” St. John, of which I have many, many pieces. Is the price somewhere between Chanel and St. John? Thanks for sharing it with us!

Courtney Howell on

Just wanted to let you know that Facebook owns Instagram and I believe has a similar photo policy of ownership.

Connie Jenkins on

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so I wonder if photos are still Fb property? ?

Megan on

Only on Instagram (but not too happy that Facebook now owns it). Love the simplicity of sharing photos and a little glimpse into our lives.

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