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Hello and TGIF! I still cannot believe we are in the first week of summer, a little scary! Hope all is well on your end. So, for a long time I have always admired tables and parties that center around lemons. Such an easy thing to do, you would think. And really it is, but these tables and parties show using lemons when taken to the next level. Each one of these is so inspiring, just doing this post makes me want to throw a table or at the very least, set a table with lemons front and center.

Love them paired with beautiful greenery of some kind, and against a white tablecloth, it is a pretty compelling combination. So enough of my talking, let me show you what I mean-


Found this incredible lemon themed first birthday party over at Diana Madison (my first birthday most certainly did not look like this)!

Found this on Pinterest, just loving the lemon topiaries against the apple green tablecloths


More from the amazing fete at Diana Madison!

Love a garland with lemons running down the center, Pinterest

My Domaine

A table for four with a beautiful lemon theme, The Wedding Chicks

Isn’t’ this a dream table! Style Me Pretty and Sandra and Greg

A few more from the party at Diana Madison….so amazing and don’t you love her lemon themed dress!

Elegant and easy to do, The Inspired Home

A gorgeous table, even like the yellow napkins on the crisp whit table….so pretty

What a beautiful table setting, love the addition of the greenery, Sweetly Chic

This is so sweet, Pottery Barn

This rustic but elegant table is perfect, love the lemons being used as placecards, Vogue


So…… now do you see why I am having a bit of an obsession with a lemon themed party/dinner party? I need to figure something out, even if its a small something. Just makes such a great theme,  though I think it has to be something in the summer. Maybe a farewell to summer luncheon or dinner, need to think about this one. And you…..what do you think?

Have you ever set a table or thrown a party centered around using lemons? Would love to hear your 2 cents! Thanks for stopping in, until next time……


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Bettina Woodring on

Haven’t yet…thinking when I have book club!

Kristin on

Must be the most elaborate first Birthday party ever!

Dominique on

Just love all the yellow! I think the yellow napkins add a beautiful touch!

Jayne on

Maybe plant some lemon trees at PB. My neighbors reward me with bags of lemons around the New Year from their trees. That is the time to celebrate lemons in the SOuth! ANd don’t throw them away after the party. Squeeze those lemons, freeze them in trays and you’ll have fresh lemon juice all year! (But why do I think that someone who has that kind of party for a one year old, will not be squeezing her lemons when the party is over! LOL)

Amanda L. on

What a beautiful post. This makes me want to plan a lemon themed party too! The addition of greenery is just beautiful. What a fun idea to use lemons as place cards, something so easy for anyone to do.

Meg A on

I routinely fill my cache pots and silver Revere bowls with lemons and place them around the house. Spring/Summer. So fresh and long lasting. I often add bowls of limes too. I’ve never thought of an homage to lemons party though! Gets me thinking…

joyjc on

very nice!

Alice Genzlinger on

Wasn’t finding lemons in my market for two weeks. Help! Was just thinking how much I use lemons when they weren’t available. Was told it was due to the fires in Ca. Then I saw all of the lemons used in the baby’s birthday and thought what a waste. Hope they were faux.

Franki on

Lemon shells make great “serving pieces!” franki

Ann Bailey on

Love to serve a lemon flavored desert on my lemon plates for my club meetings.?

Indigo on

This so reminds me of Scottsdale. Tons of lemon trees that produce large and juicy lemons. One year I had a dinner party the firrrst week of January. I was so tired of the Christmas decorations, but didn’t have time to take everything down. What to do .. what to do. I tuned and looked out to the backyard and WAHLA! I cleaned off my mantel and took the ornaments off the small trees. I left some of the round ornaments. Then, like a mad woman, I grabbed my cutting sheers and wnttt straight for the lemon trees. Cutting medium and small branches with both lemons and foliage, I layered the pieces like a garland along the top of the mantle and down the center of ttthe table. I stuck small branches in the smaller Xmas trees. I interspersed the round Xmas balls and ivory candles amongst the lemon branches. And the whole atmosphere was breathtaking alive, and the smell … DEVINE!!!!!

Bonnie G. on

Love lemons, particularly their scent. Now, don’t rush summer! I know we are already being inundated with fall ideas everywhere but life moves too fast. Breath, just breath! These are beautiful photos.

Betty on

Please bring back the porcelain lemon topiaries from Italy. Have been looking and looking for a nice one! Just can’t find one. Help!!!!

Lorrie on

So refreshing; makes me think of Italy and sunflowers for some reason.

Holly on

Gorgeous post! So inspiring! Where did you purchase that very pretty doggie bed please?
Thank you, Holly

Karen on

Tina, My silver table top lamps arrived are they are stunning! As usual, with everything that I have ordered form your shop, the quality is amazing. Thank you for providing so many excellent products at reasonable prices.

Peggy on

Tina, these lemon photos are beautiful! But whatever you do, “don’t throw a table.” I am sure that you meant party, but found the mistake funny.

Susan on

This was a fabulous post!

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