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Hello, how crazy is it that we are in mid August! I want to announce the winner of the porcelain giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


Please email info@enchantedhome. with your shipping info so your beautiful porcelain piece can be on it’s way!


To think there are some kids who have already started school… usual summer has just flown by. Definitely not enough beach days or lobster rolls this year! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend, here we go with my Seven on Sunday-




1 HAMPTONS HIGHLIGHTS! Spent the day “out east” the other day with a special friend and it was such fun to have the day off and one without a structured agenda. We had a great lunch, visited the Hamptons Showhouse, hit some farm stands, did some house ogling and finished the day picking up farm flowers. My kind of day! Here are some highlights-

One major highlight was seeing the design group, Rinfret Design use my beautiful floral Provence planters in the light taupe….they looked gorgeous!

Love the cherry blossom wallpaper which is a grasscloth

This was not the best showhouse I have been to and honestly there are only a few pictures I feel that are worth sharing

One of the highlights is always stopping at a local farm for fresh cut flowers and best fruit-

Filled up my cart with these beauties-

And finally they were home where they were meant to be-



2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a round up! One of the best parts about these Sunday posts is getting to scout out the very best on Instagram on any given week. Here are this weeks faves-


3 BEST HIGHLIGHTER EVER! I love and appreciate what a good highlighter can do and trust me, I have tried many. Nars stick was a favorite for a long time but this one at the suggestion of a friend is now my all time fave. This is potent and you only need a very little.

It has mega highlight powers and best part is it lasts! I first balked at the price, thinking it seemed expensive for such a product but now see it is very much worth it. I am forever committed to this highlighter! Click here to learn more….

4. I WANT TO GO BACK! A friend is at La Mirande, right now (my suggestion) and she texted me to tell me she never wants to leave. This one of my favorite boutique hotels, one we had the pleasure of staying in about 6 years ago. It is old world charming Provence meets modern day elegance.

Loved it there! If you haven’t been, highly recommend putting it on your bucket list. It is a very special place and all those wonderful outdoor markets and chic little cafes are a stones throw away:) Click here to go on a virtual vacay!

5. A NEW PALETTE Working on a palette for my Palmetto Bluff window seat, need to have a bench cushion made as well as about six pillows. I love this beautiful crisp and clean palette of my favorite combination:) I have gone with  much paler blues in the house but upstairs thinking some richer blues. Well, took the plunge and they are on order and will soon be made into pretty pillows. Stay tuned:)

And how pretty is this new wallpaper is , a cherry blossom grasscloth. It is already on it’s way to PB for one of the powder rooms-

6. LOVE THIS ARTIST’S WORK. Discovered the work of Riley Sheehey on- you guessed it, Instagram and was immediately smitten. Just adore her aesthetic, it is so pretty. Thought I would share in case you are looking for an artist or might have a project under your belt. I am thinking of one, trust me:) Click here to visit her darling website.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This is all about how you communicate with friends/family. I hate to admit this but I am guilty, yes I have succumbed to texting more than calling. I find it easier and yes there are plenty of times, I am exhausted or busy and just don’t feel like having a traditional conversation. I HATE THAT I JUST ADMITTED THAT. I swore I would never be “one of those” and here I am.

Now don’t get me wrong, when it’s something important, I always pick up the phone but for day to day chit chat or plan making, I often resort to texting. So…..curious as to where you stand on this? This should be very interesting:)


Thank you as always for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday routine. Always love to hear from you and what you have to say. Hope you are enjoying a fantastic and relaxing weekend. It has been a dreary rainy one over here but hopefully we are going to get some clearing skies later for a little boating, otherwise the lazy weekend vibe will continue and that is fine with me too:) Until next time……..

PS Last day of the first ever 30% off chinoiserie sale (which includes Provence planters) and all tray tables, trays, planters and more! Click here to see the collection

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Eve on

I have to disagree with you regarding the Hampton Designer Showhouse. I loved it. The kitchen and dining area were so clean looking and I loved the flooring thru out the first floor. The entrance foyer was simple yet stunning. I thought those were your planters on the terrace. I did love all the blue and white!!

Shelia Roberts on

I look forward to each and every post you make. You are so gifted.

Dana on

I totally agree. Some how it looked unfinished and not polished enough for a show house. I really love the fabric and wallpaper you chose for PB. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the house. I look so forward to your Sunday posts. Thank you so much! I recently purchased a lamp for my living room. Your staff helped me with a very minor mix up with the finial. Their concern and the speed with which they fixed it was wonderful and I now love my lamp as much as everything else I have purchased. Please thank them again for me. Margaret was fabulous!

Rosalind Laird on

Oh how I would love to return to La Mirande.!!!
We had the most wonderful stay there, even had dinner with the chef one night.
It was the highlight of our trip to France!!!!

Suzanne on

Great post as always, these posts are a highlight of my Sunday morning before we head off to the fields for a full day of baseball and lacrosse games!
That artist is so talented, love your farm flowers display. Makes me want to go get some myself. We have never visited Provence but are finally going next April with my in laws. We have been all over France but somehow never made it there, we are really looking forward. Hope you have a relaxing day, Tina

Mary Baker on

Love the wallpaper, fabrics you have selected for your PB home, beautiful. Hope you have a great week.

Peggy on

Just from your photos of the Hampton Designer Show House, I agree with you, it wasn’t that impressive. The bedroom, with the blue and white color scheme, would have been so much better if the maroon pillow and green and white pillow were not on the bed. What were they thinking? It looked so awful! The living room needed some major editing and the kitchen didn’t look cohesive. Also, someone should have straightened that poor tree in the Provence Planter. We are spoiled by seeing your beautiful homes and learning about good design from you. This house just didn’t compare.

Teresa on

Aww…I love this picture of Teddy! 🐶
Beautiful post, Tina!

Melissa on

Good morning, what a neat post. So much to take in. I also went to the Hamptons Showhouse with my sister in law who lives in Watermill in the summer. I was really disappointed, I thought it was horrible. Is this what design has come down to? If so, very sad. I love your style, it is classic but still feels like “today”. Please continue to keep it alive, there are many of us who love it and are not falling for this quasi modern decorating style. It is horrible!
Enjoyed your highlights though and the pretty flowers. The hotel in Provence looks dreamy. We are headed to Italy next week and cannot wait. Have a nice day, Tina

D O'Meara on

Love seeing pictures of TEDDY, KEEP THEM COMING

Celia Becker @ on

Another great Sunday with you. Thanks for the intro to Riley Sheehey. Visited her website and love her stuff! Great new resource, Thanks for bringing beauty to my Sunday.

Jo Shafer on

Love those whimsical wallpapers! I’ve even copied one onto my computer monitor as background — the one scattered with beach scenes of girl reading, little sailboats, puppy in a bicycle basket.

Michelle Oleary on

Love the Apple quote. Really puts life into perspective! Flowers are beautiful. Pink always makes a room beautiful.

Patti on

Hey Tina, I just started following your blog this year. Love all the pictures of the beautiful homes and of course pictures of Teddy. I was wondering if you are planning to get a Teddy Jr in the near future. I too am a huge dog lover and sadly have had to put down 4 of my beloved children through the years. Heart wrenching! It won’t replace your Teddy but it will fill the gaping hole in your heart and home. I’m from South Carolina and live in Columbia and I’m very familiar with Palmetto Bluff. It is a great place to live. Hope you have a great week. Take care. All the pictures of Teddy are darling and it’s sweet that you still include him at the end of your post.

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Loved all this post. Thanks for the La Mirande Hotel information, it looks beautiful!
Have a great week

Stellaiannaccone on

Who makes the cherry blossom wallpaper?

Gina Smalley on

Here in Scottsdale, Az our kids are already back in school! Too early!! What happened to going back after Labor Day? Fall is almost here, oh, so is Christmas. Where has the year gone?

Meredith Lewis on

Thank you so much for including my table setting in your weekly Instagram round up! I look forward to that weekly post and am flattered to be on your list this week! I hope you are off to a wonderful day, you enjoy your beautiful flowers and stay cool!!
xo, Meredith

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

I have yet to find a Showcase Home that is fabulous….it seems like the designers try to do too much or out-do each other, vs. creating a beautiful room. Also, the artist you featured reminds me of Susan Branch and her whimsical artwork.
Love following you and all your adventures!

Nancy Edwards on

Hello Creative Lady, been following your posts for some time now & love your style! Now that you have a beach house, I would love it if you would start a line of beach decor for those of us who live at the beach. We can’t do silver, it tarnishes way too quick! Most of us don’t have room for lots of blue & white, but there are so many beach decor items that you could offer & I know you could find/produce them. Just a thought for you. Thanks!

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