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Hello friends…and how is your week going?  Mine has been mixed so far,  a very busy one with many projects in the air with a healthy dose of stress mixed in- that’s life right:)  For anyone who thrives on being busy,  you “get” how that makes you tick. For me, not having kids to look after any longer (bittersweet) or even not having Teddy around, the busier I am the better. Plus with the holiday frenzy looming far away but still within sight, it is a sign of things to come. It’s all good (at least that’s what I say now)!

As I do from time to time, I share with you highlights (good and pretty only) of the last week or two. So here is what has been happening over in my little corner of the of the world-


Spotted this pretty townhouse in NYC and thought “If I lived there I would fill those flower boxes with blue and white hydrangeas”

This picture does not do this justice, but was at a stoplight in NYC and there was this large box truck with a huge maybe 20 x 20 foot glass “cube”aka shop on the back,  it was a roving pop up store! I thought that was genius! I can see it filled with blue and white ginger jars now….lol.

Let there be bikes! How darling are these bikes I got for PB and bought the baskets too… the old fashioned vibe.

Many who saw them on  my Instagram asked about them…..believe it or not found them on Walmart of all places by a google search for white cruiser bikes. Click here to see the bikes and click here for the baskets. You will not get over the price, I nearly did a doubletake plus got free shipping:) Not having to go into the store- priceless!

All my flowers were in intensive care with the last heatwave but  happy to say they have all bounced back

My 36″ faux boxwood in one of my most favorite jumbo planters, the pheasant (coming in next week)

A little rearranging in my hall


Absolutely loving the way the foyer is shaping up on my NYC design project waiting on the mirror and something to place on the fabulous antique console that just got installed, it’s a dreamy space!

And in the family/living added these stunning R.Lauren lamps and are busy choosing window treatment fabrics and pillow combinations, also got in this gorgeous wood credenza

I have always been in utter awe of anyone who can do beautiful calligraphy, got this GORGEOUS thank you from a customer and had to save it..too pretty!

Was about to “disassemble” my dining room after it had been set for a dinner but decided it looks so much prettier with everything on, so on it stays

Farm flowers from shopping cart to home!

It was ironic seeing this wallpaper at the Hamptons show house, its the very one I ordered for one of the powder rooms in PB

Love working with beautiful trims, working on this fabulous dining room window treatment for a lucky client

My newest selections for PB

Got in a bevy of gorgeous monogrammed goodies in yesterday, you can never have too many!

Have you ever had a strawberry tomato? Not only are they so pretty but they are GOOD too!

Sat in my living room which I don’t do nearly enough and moved these fabulous hurricanes to my coffee table, always tweaking:)

Ended my weekend finally enjoying some sun at this gorgeous waterfront setting


So that’s a wrap up of the last week or so, at least all the good stuff:) Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fantastic day and good start to your week.  Hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer, hard to believe I am even saying that! Stay calm and carry on……….

PS For anyone who might have fall on their mind, the custom faux stone pumpkins are up for a flash sale the entire week. They are made to order (take about 3 weeks) so this is a great time to place an order. I put them at my front door and it is always a beautiful way to welcome fall. Click here for sale

Gone but never ever forgotten

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Dorothy Wirth on

I love reading your posts after my morning walk. It seems that you and I adore Chinoiserie?

Ellen on

Tina, I so enjoy your posts! I have the ice bucket and the gorgeous garden stool of yours and couldn’t be happier with them.
Question: do small box woods do alright inside? I see one on your coffee table. I have three minis in matching pots outside but will need to bring them in over winter. Do they usually do alright inside? Thank you.

Susan on

Where can I find your containers in your store like the ones you placed by your front door at P.B.?
They look great!

Melissa on

So many beautiful pictures! I am finding myself in your shoes, my daughter leaves for college in less than a week and I am finding myself asking what I am going to do now that my “job” has been taken from me as being a full time everything to my kids! My husband was so sweet and planned a trip for the two of us to the Amalfi coast the week after she leaves, knowing it would be hard for me.

It will be an adjustment for sure. I love your clients apartment, just so beautiful and how refreshing to see a new take on beautiful traditional design. So tired of this nonsense the magazines are trying to sell us as stylish. I cannot believe what makes a magazine cover these days, all such a disappointment.

The monograms are so beautiful, do you offer those font styles on your ship site? Really really enjoy your blog- my favorite.

Mary Alice Taylor on

Your posts are inspiring!

Janell Boldt on

I purchased a beautiful French Chateau over a year ago and have finished many pieces off with your beautiful blue and white porcelain. We are still working on the foyer and the small French chairs pictured in your client’s entry would be perfect. Can you please tell me what company they were purchased from and the name of the beautiful trellis fabric they are covered with?
Everything you do has such a refined traditional appeal. You are just what my home needs, 😊

Maria on

Hello Tina! I love reading your posts and seeing pictures of your lovely home. I am also completely obsessed with blue and white! And of these days I’m going to treat myself to something from your shop! Have a beautiful day!

Joan on

Loving those beach bikes & baskets. The baskets are also perfect for mounting by a back door as a catch-all for mail. I have one mounted to the front of the pool house door, made a water-proof liner, added packing peanuts for height and tucked in pots of ivy and lobelia.
Those pumpkins are really wonderful – also love the pine cone urn. Two years ago I removed the flowers in my front urns, left the deep purple potato vines and put a real pumpkin to take their place. The pumpkins looked great for a few days, until the deer found them and used my front porch as a ‘drive-thru’! (Don’t listen to those who tell you deer won’t climb stairs – they made it up the three steps to the front porch just fine, and their necks are longer than you think! So much for having two Dobermans on duty – lol!)
That NY project is really coming along. The RL lamps are gorgeous! Found a pair (same scale) at a newly opened HomeGoods, blue & white but a bit more geometric in decoration. Wasn’t sure if I was going to be going in that color direction, the price was outstanding, did not see any even minor flaws, am still kicking self for not picking them up and making a good home for them!
How fade-resistant have you found the faux boxwood to be? Am thinking that might be the way I will be going once we head into late fall/winter. Very appealing to just pop one into an urn, tuck in outdoor mini-lights and I’m done! Had to take out a line of lovely, but storm-damaged pines behind the house, so there went my pot-filling material! Any ideas on who makes a great faux weather-proof pine/spruce bough? Have found some larger picks I have added in with the natural material but could use something closer to 12″ in length.
Here’s hoping we see the sun soon!

Ccchintz on

Eight months ago, my grown daughter ordered one of those super cute bikes, with basket too, from Wallie world. She took it to a good bike shop and had them calibrate the brakes , add a couple of things , and was pleased with herself for getting a chic bike for cheap. You never know what’s out there..

Jo Shafer on

I always look forward to your “Random Musings” because I never know what new lovelies I’ll find. Thank you!

Coral Amspaugh-Topolski on

I so enjoy your postings. We have had a property in Hilton Head for 15 years, love visiting PB. As a side bar I have an Interior Design business and our Indiana Home is decorated in blue and white. What’s that saying…..great minds😊

Teresa on

Beautiful , really outstanding!
Love to read your podts

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

As a way of honoring the memory of your beloved dog, Teddy, have you considered getting a rescue dog(s)? They make WONDERFUL pets! My last two lived till age 20 years……gave them a daily teaspoon of organic extra virgin olive oil in their food…….kept them healthy and energized……good for their humans, too!

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

As a way of honoring the memory of your beloved dog, Teddy, have you considered getting a rescue dog(s)? They make WONDERFUL pets! My last two lived till age 20 years……gave them a daily teaspoon of organic extra virgin olive oil in their food…….kept them healthy and energized……good for their humans, too!
Bunny Williams, Interior Designer Extraordinaire, found her rescue dogs at Pet……good luck and yappy everafter!

Nancee on

I love the PB bikes, but want to know if you plan on actually riding them?! Also, really like the tweak in your NY living room with the hurricanes on the coffee table. Beautiful home (s). It all just takes time and money….. ha!

Nancee on

I love your PB bikes but want to know if you are really going to ride them?! I also like your tweaking of the NY home’s living room with the hurricane lamps on the coffee table. Always love your blogs……all it takes is time and money…….ha!

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