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Good morning, if there is one thing I love besides blue and white, ginger jars and flowers of course- it’s boxwood! Inside and out, this is my absolute favorite green plant hands down. It helps that it’s super hardy and can withstand brutal NY winters.

Inside its as elegant as can be, and a touch of greenery almost anywhere works so beautifully. I have it in my own home outside in abundance and in several areas of the interior as well. It is stately, shapes so beautifully and is amazingly resilient. LOVE it by a front door, it is always so regal looking.

My love of boxwood is what inspired me to carry both the preserved and faux variety on my shop site. Today is all about boxwood, indoors and out. Included some of my own pictures but you might get some ideas of your own here or care to share how you like to use boxwood. To me, it is always classically beautiful!



Could this entrance be any more statelier!! Tradition Home

Now this is a bar!! Brides

Easy peasy way to add a touch of the outdoors onto bookshelf styling, Pinterest

A luncheon I had thrown for someone and I used mini 8″ boxwood topiaries on each place setting (they were the take home favors)

What’s not to love here! Peony Lim

Boxwood makes the most beautiful garland for Christmas decorating, Southern Living

Here are my 6″ boxwood preserved balls in my pretty antique planters with my bunnies for company

Proof that you can think outside the box when using boxwood, loving this bar set up for an event, The Potted Boxwood

Isn’t this stunning! Love the oversized boxwood square wreath on this fabulous red door for the holidays

Don’t you love this idea- mini boxwood balls on each place setting, Waiting on Martha

Love the boxwood balls in these silver trophies! Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Pretty way to display namecards, just a few simple sprigs of cut boxwood, The Knot

We used a lot of boxwood in our own landscape plan, it creates the most beautiful hedges and is super resilient even against harsh NY winters

Boxwoods in a bathroom? Why not! HC & G

This is the cutest!!! A faux boxwood doggie doing his thing, Grandinroad

I mean could this be any prettier, dreamy! Arch Digest

And yes, boxwood is a wonderful way to add a touch of elegance to any gift A burst of Beautiful

Something so simply, yet so very pretty, Jenny Stefens

Not a thing to not just love about this, Parker Kennedy

My own small vase holding a simple but elegant 6″ boxwood ball

When you don’t have flowers, a boxwood will always work beautifully as Carolyn Roehme shows us!

This is a dream entrance if I ever saw one, Vicky Archer

OK that’s it, I am totally stealing this idea!! Pinterest

Blue and white and boxwoods= a winning combination! Hampton Style

Isn’t how Stone Gable used boxwood front and center on her holiday table inspiring and so beautiful!

The combination of hydrangeas and boxwoods is a long time favorite. Atlanta Home Magazine

What a perfect setting for the holidays with this darling mini boxwood wreath, One Sutton Place

A big fat YES to everything about this! Michael Hurd

Have you ever seen something so simple be so unbelievably elegant! The Fuller View

Love the way the boxwood looks on this elegant table setting, Stone Gable

Clearly Carolne Roehem “gets” boxwood (and blue and white for that matter)!

Adore how party planner Debi Lily used boxwood as a big part of the theme for this fabulous wedding!


So love boxwood….indoors or out. How about you? Do you have boxwood? Any special way you like to use it? This has me thinking of new ways to use it, and you can be sure that when one of my sons gets married, I will hope they will allow boxwood to find a place in the decor:)  Maybe on a bar or the name cards, which is such a beautiful touch. So many great ideas here, if I say so myself!

Would love to know your thoughts on the subject. Thanks for stopping by, until next time……….

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Ann M on

Fabulous post! I spent 60 years thinking boxwood was boring and leopard print was trashy. I’ve spent the past 5 years making up for my WRONG opinions! Now I CRAVE boxwood anything–recently bought some faux from Enchanted Home and I love it–and leopard print has found its way into my home decor and wardrobe. Thank you for showing so many gorgeous ways to use boxwood.

Bettina Woodring on

Love, love, love boxwood, but a little apprehensive about maintaining the treated.

Marlene on

I love boxwood too. Fourteen years ago I moved into this house. I have planted over 110 boxwood in my back yard alone. I keep it trimmed and did a parterre. I also made a hedge around my perennial garden. I live in the Midwest and we too have harsh winters and hot summers. Boxwood never disappoints. My urns are often in front planted with boxwoods. In the fall I add them to other locations for the real ones wouldn’t last in the urns.

Maria Murray on

Love your work!!

Cynthia on

So many beautiful ideas here, love it for an event/wedding. I adore the way you used it both indoors and out and Tina those minis at each place setting stole my heart, what a clever idea and a favor I am sure everyone was so happy to take home. We are building a new home in Weston, Massachusetts and plan on using plenty of boxwood in our future landscape plan. I will bookmark this post, beautiful!

Elizabeth on

I love boxwood! It is so versatile and it always looks great inside or out.

Mollie on

I’m pretty sure that the party favors on the plates in foto #4 are rosemary, not your boxwood.

Lisa on

Love the box Woods with anything blue and white.

Camille on

Love love love your pics. I could never get enough! Thank you!

Denise on

You outdid yourself. Nice work!

Susan Bauer on

I agree!!! Actually i agree with everything you say and do!!!! Love it all!!! on

Your selections are incredible.
Thank you!

Beth Christoff on

Simple IS elegant- but it seems so hard to get right! Thanks for the help, Tina!

Barb Moreau on

All so lovely ‼️

helen johnson on

Thank you for mentioning the resource…I immediately went to the site and had to order the dog as well the squirrels. Just had to have them. Love anything boxwood real and faux.

Jamie Neslen on

HI Tina! I love the boxwoods – I think they are so elegant and timeless! I especially love the little boxwood wreaths on the gifts and as an accessory on the dinner plates!!!
Have a great day!

Shelia Roberts on

Love love, love ALL your post; but you nailed it with the preserved boxwood. I have used preserved boxwood all over my home through the years and I have never tired of its simplistic beauty. You do an amazing job with your blog. So grateful to share in your talented pits.

Alice Genzlinger on

Agree a hundred times over,

Rose Lee on

Thank you for your generosity and willingness to share. I have so much already after downsizing, that purchases are have no space to live. But, it is a true please to see your blog daily. Rose Lee

Frannie B on

Love boxwood! Unfortunately, the only kind that works in AZ is faux. Always had boxwood in my Seattle exteriors. I have a faux boxwood wreath on my front door right now. As always, thanks for your wonderful and inspiring posts

Deanna on

Your lovely blue and white porcelains with boxwoods are gorgeous! I love blue and green more than any colors out there. I just saw a new porcelain I “need” for my house. Thank you for the beautiful post. So inspiring! (And Sunday’s post was terrific!!) .Thank you!!

Condy on

Hi TINA cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this post . Such a beautiful collection of pictures.
We had a engagement party for my stepdaughter last year and the party planner that we used wanted to do boxwood balls along side each long table, at first I didn’t get it and questioned the idea . Because I trusted him however and knew that he is extremely creative we decided to let him do his thing . Well, that was certainly the best decision I could have made it was absolutely beautiful the Rich green added so much to the venue. Like you I am a very big fan of Boxwood .

Suzanne G on

Love all your boxwood pictures. Great new ideas!!!

Donna DeMarino on

I really love the boxwood garland and well just about everything else too. I love to use lemon leaves and magnolia leaves for garland too. Thanks for the lovely!

Sandy W on

I love boxwood and have more than 400 in my yard. And it’s the best to use cut inside for easy arrangements that last forever.

Organized one on

Carolyn Rhoeme always gets it right!!! She is amazing, and so are you! Thank you for always sharing such lovely inspiration! I’m a huge lover of boxwoods ❤️

Liliean on

Love everything ❤️ I want to purchase those little wreath that goes on top of the plate do you sell those

Judy Stevenson on

BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!💓

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