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Hello, if I am lucky and all goes according to plan, by the time you are reading this,  I will be safely ensconced in my Palmetto Bluff abode:) Though I never fully get away from work somehow it just feels different when in PB!

Our Labor Day sale is on as of this morning, 20% SITE WIDE! Great time to take advantage of something you may have had your eye on, click here to see shop site.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend. We will have a few guests in town and have plans for a BBQ, plenty of bike riding, fireworks and some boating. Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday…….


1 ARABELLA JUNE I have spoken of Arabella and her incredible talent before. She was, afterall the creative genius behind my custom monogram, featuring all the things that mean so much to me mostly my sweet beloved Teddy. This monogram,  now that he is gone has taken on special meaning. I even had mine made into gift tags which I affix to all my gifts.

I can think of no more wonderful gift than a custom monogram. In fact I know a young couple getting married in the spring and that is what I hope to give them. You can apply it to anything from stationery to gift stickers, prints to hang, and even giftwrap!

If you are in the market for a custom monogram, look no further than the beautiful work of Arabella. Click here to visit her website and where you can contact her. Above is my own monogram followed by other work that she has done-


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beauty this week. Never gets old sharing my weekly favorites……


3 ANIMALS ARE NOW FREE TO ROAM. Did you read about how the animals on everyone’s favorite box of animal crackers have been “freed” and are now depicted differently on the box cover?

Apparently this was done under pressure from PETA,  like there are not more pressing issues to worry about like REAL animal cruelty. Click here to read the story. What is next? Tony the Tiger being exploited? LOL, while I am not against this change in the box design, it just seems so low on the totem pole of animal cruelty issues.

The original box showing the animals in a cage


The new box showing the “freed” animals walking openly


4. A FANTASTIC SLAW/SALAD AND SALMON RECIPE. This is GOOD. Good enough to make a meal of I kid you not. Also pairs beautifully with fish or even meat. You are being really good even though it won’t feel like it:) The dressing is really tasty and I love the crunch and texture of this salad. Good enough as a great lunch and a perfect side for dinner. Click over to The Kitchen Girl for the full recipe.

Then, I made it the other night with my salmon which I must say is easy but so tasty. They pair really well together Here is what I do-

  • A large piece of salmon or salmon steaks ( I bought king salmon which the guy at the fish store talked me into and I must say it was excellent)
  • Fresh or dried dill (at least a few tbsp)
  • Fresh or dried oregano (a generous amount- a few tbsp)
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Lemon slices (sliced very thin)
  • Turmeric (about a tbsp)
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • 2-3 garlic cloves thinly sliced

I get a baking sheet, line it with parchment paper, add olive oil to it then place the fish skinside down. I then generously sprinkle all the ingredients over it and then add the lemon slices. I drizzle a little more olive oil over it (healthy fat). I bake it for about 20-25 min on  preheated oven of 350 degrees. I sometimes turn it up at the end for a little crispness. This is super good and quite easy, pairs so well with the salad above too. This is one big piece that I cut into 3 smaller pieces-

5. SOME SERIOUSLY CUTE GOLDEN RETRIEVERS. I am not going to lie, about 3 months ago I came extremely close to getting not one but possibly two puppies. I did my research and decided if I did take that plunge, I was going with Majestic goldens. I read so much about them and after speaking to them several times, was really impressed by how personalize they make the whole experience and their testimonials speak volumes.

In the end I decided I was not ready for a whole host of reasons, I am still not over Teddy and couldn’t bring myself to love or care for another dog at this time, I am busier than ever with work and don’t feel like I have the time to properly devote to a puppy and finally with our desire to try and get to PB at least once a month, I would guilty leaving him/them behind.

However,  if at any point I do decide the time is right I will be calling on Majestic Goldens. Wanted to share them with you in case someone out there is considering a golden, to me, the best breed on the planet:)  Click here to visit Majestic Goldens (you can thank  me later for your daily dose of cuteness)!

I cannot lie even seeing these pictures makes me want to open my heart again to getting another but I feel when the time is right, I will know it

6. OUR BEGINNER SETS. So a while back I created  few of these “beginner sets” to help take the guesswork out of putting porcelains and gingers jars together. We get so many people who ask us about pairing various pieces, or sometimes people who are just starting out with collecting blue and white and this really is where this idea was born.

Whether used together or separately these were an instant hit because they feature some of our most popular pieces, and the icing on the cake is that the sets are significantly discounted! Since they are so popular,  we have added a bunch of new sets, some are below. Click here to see all of them-

We just got in the cherry blossom scalloped tray and it creates one beautiful set with our gorgeous blue/white bunniess and eggs!

The ginger jar sets are fantastic and offer a real savings as well:)

This one above is new as is this fabulous all white set!

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK so here is a question you might need to think about, so take your time:) As I work on future posts besides the series of regular posts I do like Seven on Sunday, Blue and White Club, Random musings, Designer Spotlight,etc…..,  I would love to know what kinds of topics you would like to know more about. I love when you give me your feedback and it always helps me as I navigate my way through the blogworld, one never stops learning! Click all that apply……


And there you have  my Seven on Sunday. Hope you enjoyed it, always appreciate you stopping in and love hearing from you. Wishing everyone a most wonderful and relaxing Sunday and a wonderful holiday weekend! Stay safe and stay cool:)

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Piper B on

Not to overload you with research I’m very happy with your current series of posts. SOS, recipes are among my favorites.

Denise on

Thanks for including the darling pictures of the puppies.

Vicki on

Love the Starter Sets- will make great gifts.

Eve on

So look forward to Seven on Sunday. The labs are precious.
Enjoy your time in PB.

Teresa Hatfield on

I can’t wait to try this salad and salmon!
Arabella June is so talented.
Happy Labor Day!


A beautiful post on this Sunday morning. I love the dogs! Tina you should get one but as you said only you will know when the time is right. We have two Goldens one who is going on 13 and starting to really slow down, can’t imagine she will ever be replaceable.
The porcelain sets are such a good idea for people like me who have no clue on how to pair things. I love your blog and the variety that you post on, I would love to know more about accessorizing a finished room, one thing I always am clueless about, and am sure there are plenty of others like me. Hope you enjoy your time at Palmetto Bluff with your family.

PeggyA on

Wouldn’t it be great if Alexa could fold the laundry? Too cute! Absolutely loved the Instagram with the Golden Retriever in the field of lavender. It did make me think of Teddy, for sure. As you said, you’ll know when the time is right to get another sweet dog. Teddy left some pretty big paws to fill. My sweet dog, Asia, turned fifteen this summer and I hate to think of her not being with us, but I know it will happen. As for me, I will be done having pets. No dog could replace her and it also makes it so much easier to travel without the concerns of a dog. Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday Weekend.

Dominique B on

I am going to make this salmon recipe for Labor Day tomorrow for my father who just returned home from eating a few days of yummy hospital food. Not! He will LOVE…it looks divine! Thanks Tina! Happy Labor Day!

Pippa Griffin on

Have loved your blog for years and years! Oh, the ideas you share and inspire with!!! Absolutely LOVED the info about Arabella June but most of all, I loved your gift wrapped packages with your special sticker and the incredible silk hydrangea you added to your gift wrapping. Would you kindly share your source for the beautiful silk hydrangea? Do you sell these? Just wowed the daylights out of me and wanted to add this touch to my gift packages. Thanks so much! Pippa Griffin

Deanna on

Lovely, beautiful post. You will know when you’re ready to have another dog to love. I get a kick out of how comfortable you are driving around NYC! You won’t get on an elevator but you’ll head right into NYC like you’re a cab driver. I love that about you! I adore your posts on the city that never sleeps, and on Long Island. So beautiful and fun.

Daisy on

I believe perceptions will be changed with the new animal cracker design. I applaude it and look at it as one mire strp.

Bonnie on

I see your point on the box of animal crackers as there are lots very real and sad animal abuse stories out there. However, circus animals are treated with great cruelty. Perhaps ideas about what constitutes acceptable treatment of animals starts early in our minds so why not eliminate the glorification of animals in captivity- on cookies we give our littles ones?

Amanda on

Hi Tina, as always can count on your Sunday post to give me a lift especially that we had to cancel our big BBQ due to a major rainstorm today!
I always find something beautiful and interesting when I read your blog. Thank you and hope you are enjoying your time in P.Bluff.

peninnah ackerman on

when considering a new animal, it is always so much kinder to get a rescue. So many perfect animals get euthenased each month for the sole reason that no one wants them. Adopt don’t shop!!:) you won’t be sorry.

Su Zann Bumpers on

Go ahead and get the puppies! We lost a beloved pet in February. Without thinking, I went out and bought another within a week. She’s a totally different baby and has demanded attention and love. But it has helped, not replaced, grieving over our little Jill. Our older dog, a lab, gradually fell in love with new baby. We can now remember all the wonderful things above Jill, while making new memories with a baby totally different! Brings smiles to our faces hourly!

Wendy on

You have so many wonderful recipes! I wish there was an easier way to access them. Not to add more work for you….but to add a section that is purely for entertaining including recipes and tablescapes would be great.

Danae on

When I heard about the Barnum and Bailey cookie packaging I couldn’t help but think that now all those poor animals are prey for one another. The Lion won’t lay down with the lamb until Jesus comes back! 🙂

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