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Hello friends. Hope you  had a great holiday weekend, hard to believe Labor Day is officially over. Once that comes and goes, in my eyes it’s full steam ahead to the fall season pre holidays and all that jazz. Always bittersweet to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer but I must say I do love fall, by far my favorite season.

I periodically post on recent happening in my life, sometimes it’s small things like a few pics while at a local farm stand to highlights of the design project I am working on, random but fun:) This was actually going to post last week but got lost in the shuffle so scheduled it to post today while I am away. So here is a look at the last week or so……



Love this bottle of Rose a friend gave me after a visit to Wolffer Estate wineries, almost too pretty to open!

Came home one day after having a pretty stressful day and just went outside for 30 min with a cup of coffee and exhaled…no one around, just me, the birds and rustling leaves. It was amazing what that 30 minutes did. It allowed me to recharge and have some much. needed down/quite time. I forgot how good that feels!

And I loved seeing how lush and green everything is, on this day I stopped and smelled the green grass:)

A friend bought us his most amazing and super delicious heirloom tomatoes from his garden…SO good. Made a fresh pasta for my sons:)

Made my yummy herbed and lemon salmon..soo good!

This is what a healthy dessert looks like…these were so delicious. Chia seed, acai, nuts, berries, etc….

I just think this is so clever! A roving pop up shop this is the second time I have seen it.

Love stopping by friends homes for a late day coffee:)

The library over at my design job is such a dream, we have stuff everywhere but just wait till its done!

Don’t the black Provence planters look fabulous in front of my friends home.

Elegant foyer of my design job

New NYC restaurant alert!

Late morning coffee and fruit at a friends home

A little vignette tweaking

Gorgeous townhouses while in NY, always on the prowl for beauty

And this entrance is a beauty!

This s what it looks like when we get porcelain container in….crazy but fun chaos!

Stopped at Roger and William Guild for an early afternoon coffee break to meet a friend, love it there

Adore this palette, choosing fabric/trims for the flat Roman shade going in library


So there you have the good and pretty:) What would we do without our phones to organize and chronicle our lives!! I still don’t use mine for my schedule, as I do things “old school” but must say I may have to switch over as its incredibly convenient. Wishing you a  wonderful day, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping:) Until next time…..


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Eve on

Open that bottle of Summer in a Bottle. You will love it!
Another beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

Peggy Wilkins on

I love your style and tastes. So elegant, simple and refreshing! Someone once said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” and I find this to be so true. I love to surround myself with items that I enjoy and the blue and white porcelains in my home are definitely a favorite. Thank you for the continued inspiration!

Brie on

Always enjoy your posts featuring random things- and I love how you search for, find and share the beauty in every day life. Our world needs more of it!

charlene tobin on

can you post the recipe for the lemon herbed salmon-looks yummy

Piper B on

It is so nice to see that you had a few minutes to recharge. I’m sure we will all benefit:)

Vaucluse is a lovely French restaurant on the UES, NYC. For those of us who dream of being one of Truman Capote’s Swans! A real Ladies who Lunch kind of a place. Dinner time is a much more energetic vibe. They also offer cooking/baking classes. In mid- September my friends along with our spouses, are taking a baguette class.

Jo Shafer on

Our September gardens really are soothing to view from the courtyard, aren’t they? I LOVE this time of year! It’s like an extended summer without the heat — or smoke from distant forest fires.

Ellen Mullarkey on

Thank you, Tina, for sharing your days. It is lovely to e-participate.. A suggestion for scheduling take a picture of your calendar every few days to help you keep on track as your days are super busy.

Gillette Hansen on

What is the name and make of the background fabric you show for the library?

Nancy Griffiths on

The salmon dish looks delicious! Can you post the recipe? Thanks!

Sally P on

Hi Tina – Enjoy your blogs. Wouldn’t it be more organic if you used real flowers?

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