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Hellooooo friends! Hope you had a wonderful  holiday weekend. Has Labor Day really come and gone? Hard to believe and now it’s slowly full steam ahead into fall and the holiday season.  Today is a GREAT day to be visiting The Enchanted Home, especially if you are a lover of blue and white porcelain:-)

Our final porcelain container for the summer has arrived and let me tell you, everything is simply GORGEOUS! Many beautiful new arrivals, sure to become permanent fixtures in the growing Enchanted Home porcelain family.

The extra large fishbowls are finally here (so gorgeous)  and I am happy to report and we have added a bunch of exquisite new items. In addition the super popular tulipieres are ALL BACK IN STOCK IN EVERY SIZE!  And of course the return of things that we are always sold out of,  we have doubled up on  to assure we are well stocked going into the fall.

This is your last time to get these before they go online at their regular selling price (still way discounted compared to other sites that have comparable items).

As always there are a few rules to read over before placing your order-

  • There are TWO ways to order, call or email your order-  call 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30 EST). Email all orders to
  • IF YOU EMAIL your order in- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send you an invoice
  • You cannot order these online, you MUST call OR email us to place an order
  • Everything shown is in stock and ready to go
  • Many items sell out so first come first serve
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers  (and pattern if applicable)
  • All porcelains are handpainted not machine made/mass produced
  • Many customers are already in our system but for those who have multiple addresses, you must specify which address you want your items shipped to
  • PLEASE do not submit an order if you cannot pay within 12 hours, this is not fair to us or to others who might want your item
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • We cannot hold items, only once your order is paid for is your order considered a completed order
  • Shipping is extra
  • Many items shown are very limited/almost sold out so this arrival sale is subject to availablilty
  • Final sale
  • Any order over $600 will get an extra 10% off their order!
  • Some items are available for international shipping you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquires must call 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST) or visit and register at our NEW wholesale site


ITEM 1. NEW! Gorgeous new style jumbo fishbowl. Just love this and will absolutely need one or two for my own home. Beautiful village scene fishbowl with elegant lion head rings on either side. Perfect for indoors or out, filled with a boxwood ball or topiary of some sort. Measures 22″ x 23.5″ x 23.5″ If you know the prices of these extra large fishbowls, you will see these are way less than a third of what most sell for.


ITEM 2 NEW! This might be my new favorite ginger jar (OK one of them) Stunning large new floral with bird trellis paneled ginger jar with foo dog top. Love this jar and its sure to become a best seller. Great size too. Measures 18.5″x 19″ x 10″

$170.00 OR a pair for $330.00

ITEM 3 NEW! Stunning new paneled large vase, isn’t this gorgeous! I can see big branches or cherry blossoms in this, how amazing would a pair be on a mantle! Measures 22″ tall by 7″ at the widest.

$120.00 OR. a pair for $230.00!

ITEM 4 NEW. The fabulous jumbo pheasant fishbowl is back! Finally…..these are beyond gorgeous. I own four, 2 are kept outside on my patio (year round they have survived arctic brutal NY winters) and 2 are indoors with palm trees.

These are truly magnificent and handpainted on the entire planter, they go for upwards of $1500 and more in the few places that sell them. This beauty which measures 24″ x 24″ x 20″ is sure to beautify any space where it is used. If you know the prices of these extra large fishbowls, you will see these are way less than a third of what most sell for.


ITEM 5. NEW! As part of our cherry blossom collection, we now offer this iconic pattern in this wonderful mid sized vase, elegant and perfect for your weekly flowers. Measures 16.5″

$105.00 OR a pair for $205.00

ITEM 6. This fabulous hexagonal mid sized jar is coming back after being gone for a long time. A favorite of mine, love the rambling floral vine design which is handpainted on each panel. Gorgeous alone or as a pair. Measures 12″

$110.o0 OR a pair for $210.00

ITEM 7.  Finally getting these back! Talk about statement pieces, these are the ultimate.  These original style tulipieres are so incredibly beautiful. I own two and love nothing more than finding a reason to fill them with flowers, they make such an incredible vignette. I use mine year round and use  seasonal flowers to change up the look.

All three sizes coming in, get them while they last- they sell out fast!! (these are going up as of September so take advantage of these lower prices now)

Large 33″ $225.00

Medium 22″ $190.00

Small 14.5″ $105.00


ITEM 8.  NEW! Our beautiful large pair of foo dogs are finally coming home:) These are beautiful and have a lot of impact. I will most certainly be taking a pair home, they are also gorgeous on mantles.  Imposing size and beautiful handpainted detailing . Measures 16″ x 11.5

$145.00 for the pair

ITEM 9.  Our fabulous best selling new porcelain wine cooler/ice bucket with removable bamboo handle is back. This is one of my new favorite pieces, looks amazing filled with up to 3 bottles of wine/sparkling water.

Measures 10.5″ x 9.5″ $120.00

ITEM 10. NEW! How pretty is this new square planter with plate! I love it and cannot wait to put aside a pair for myself:) Perfect size for orchids or potted flowers or any kind, even a fern would look lovely in this piece. Measures 10″ x 10″ x 8″

$120.00 for the set of 2 pieces

ITEM 11 Getting back our top selling double happiness ginger jar, a perfect mid sized jar sold alone or as a pair. Measures 15.5″ x 10.5″ at it’s widest

$115.00 OR a pair for $220.00

ITEM 12. NEW! Fabulous paneled flat top, cannot wait to get this and add it to my ever growing collection! This is a vert special jar with a stunning scenery handpainted on the entire jar. Measures 11″ x 10.5″ x 10″

$110.00 OR a pair for $210.00

ITEM 13 NEW! This is a new version of our best selling fruit handled vase. I love the paneled design and elegant “fruit handles” measures 16″. Perfect for weekly flowers, or I could see two on a mantle, very elegant. Measures 16.5″ x 6 at it’s widest

$115 OR a pair for $220.00

ITEM 14 NEW! Another stunning large fishbowl  17″ x 17″ x 18″ This large bowl is beautifully handpainted with an elegant village scene. This size makes it ideal for indoor use as well as outdoors on a patio or by a front door. If you know the prices of these extra large fishbowls, you will see these are way less than a third of what most sell for.


ITEM 15 NEW! Fabulous figurine tea jar with trellis detailed top. I love this pieces and would love a pair even more:) Perfect size, gorgeous scenery and love the lightly antiqued finish as well. Measures 10″ x 8″ x 8″.

 $105.00 each OR  a pair for $200.00

ITEM 16 NEW! So excited about these extra large double happiness jumbo vases. These are very tall and dramatically beautiful. I can see a pair on a console or sideboard, with or without tall branches or cherry blossoms. I could see beautiful evergreen branches for the holidays too. Measures 25″ tall

$155.00 OR a pair for $305.00

ITEM 17. We need plates so badly, totally out and thrilled to be getting these beauties back in. So happy to have these back- finally! Blue and white oversized porcelain plates are incredible accessories to use in so many ways, to hang, to serve, on a plate stand for display. Three fabulous blue and white oversized porcelain plates are coming in-

17A This beautiful plate is a favorite, measures just a tad over 17″ round $ 110.00

17B A beautiful coordinating plate that has lightly scalloped edges, a real showstopper. Measures a bit over 17″ round $115.00

17C This beautiful scalloped oval is a stunner, perfect for display or serving (as I have done a number of times) Measures 17″ x 15.5″ $120.00

ITEM 18. NEW! Fabulous new style ginger jar, this is a beauty and love this pattern as it can mix well with other more open/larger patterns really nicely. Love the foo dog lid and great size too, 14.5″ x 6″ x 6″

$105.00 OR  a pair for $205.00

ITEM 19. Our wonderful mini blue and white foo dogs are back. They are one of our most popular items for a reason.Fabulous quality, heavy and beautifully painted with such attention to details. The perfect accessory to top off any vignette, also due to their weight, they make great book ends! 4″ x 6″


ITEM 20. NEW! Another beautiful small/mid sized ginger jar. This is new and fabulous! I like this size a lot, love the crispness of the white background, what a pretty jar to add to existing vignette. Love the bird and floral design and the snazzy foo dog top. I also could see these used with fresh flowers, ooh la la! Measures 14.5″ x 8″

$105.00 OR a pair for $200.00

ITEM 21. NEW! Lets finish this with a bang shall we. This magnificent pheasant jar is so majestic. Alone or even more beautiful as a stately pair. Just love it and no doubt will need to add it to my collection! Measures 18″ x 9.5″

$175.00 OR a pair for $340.00



One lucky winner is going to win one of our best selling porcelain items, this gorgeous pair of mini blue/white foo dogs!  Just leave a comment on this post telling us your most favorite piece from this new container brimming with porcelain pretties. I will announce a winner on Sunday. Be sure to stop by and see if you won on Sunday!

See something calling your name? Simply email or call your order in-



Thanks for stopping by, it is always a good day when we get a big container filled with porcelains.  Gets my mind racing about all the new pretty possibilities and combinations! Lots to love here, and getting in new items is the icing on an already very sweet cake:) Wishing you a fantastic day, until next time…….

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Susan logan on

Those fishbowls….. stunning! It’s always so hard to pick my favorite but I just love the foo dogs!!

Deborah on

So many lovely items to choose from, it’s hard to have just one favorite!
But my ultimate fav is item #2, the ginger jar. The birds on the jar are just sweet, and
I can see this sitting in the center with my other blue and white items. It’s just gorgeous.

Regina on

I love the tulipieries, so beautiful!!

Ali on

The wine cooler/ice bucket is gorgeous!!! A perfect addition to any outdoor event or indoor bar cart!!

Dana on

This may be be my favorite yet. LOL. I love them all. I have been wanting a new ginger jar and I think even though I have no idea where it could go I must have #2, it is stunning. I also love 20, I need a larger house! I don’t think I will ever not love blue and white porcelain or stop wanting more. You have the most beautiful things!

Valerie on

I absolutely LOVE the large fish bowl! To borrow from your post, oooh la la!!

Peggy Huffman on

Love the large fishbowl. Can see my outdoor Christmas tree in it. on my covered porch.

Cheri on

I have been wanting a set of the foo dogs – maybe I will be lucky😃

Kristen Peterson on

I love the round 17” blue and white plate. It reminds me of the plates I found in Japan when I lived there. We lived in an area of the country where much of the china was made. Lovely work.

martha sappington on

The fishbowls are so pretty and love all the sizes. Just about love it all. great collection!

Jenni Toebben on

Love the pattern on fishbowl#15- reminds me of my blue willow dish collection!

marica on

LUSTING for that new floral/bird Trellis ginger jar! AND with the foo dog on top 🙂

Denise on

It is hard to pick a favorite. They are all so lovely. However, I think I like the wine cooler best.

Darcy on

So many gorgeous pieces! I’m loving the square planter with the saucer. I can envision so many uses for it, perhaps with one of your beautiful faux orchids.

Karenann S. on

What beautiful pieces! I especially love the scalloped serving dish!

Alison H. on

The porcelain wine/ice bucket! I would wrap the handle in a red silk ribbon and use it for all my holiday entertaining!

Dotti on

Love it all, but especially the ice bucket. It is eye-catching and rare!

Lucy Porter on

I just adore the tulipieries!

Marge on

Love the new plates/ platters. Nice designs!

Cheryl on

Would love to win these foo dogs, they would make a great addition to my blue and white collections from the enchanted home!

Deborah Hilpert on

Loving the new foo dogs! I have many but just love them!

ruth bernhard on

I love the #21 jar that shows more white than others.

Vickie H. on

So much to love HERE, from those large Foo Dogs to those beautiful #21 Pheasant Jars! Delicious eye candy!

Becky Vice on

The large foo dogs make me happy in knowing that their fierce faces will protect my home and family as long as they are on watch.

Kim on

I love the foo dogs!

Sue Smocer on

Love all the new pieces! I especially like the square planter with plate. It would be perfect for my African violets!

Mary on

Love all the blue and white items. I’m ordering the small planter!

Demi on

I love everything but my favorite is Item #21. It’s a unique and gorgeous shape and I love the details on this pheasant jar.

Elizabeth on

Tina, you have so many beautiful pieces it is hard to choose a favorite but I think mine is the ice bucket, it is gorgeous.

Brenda on

Beautiful collection of blue and white porcelains! The tulipieres are stunning!

Adrienne on

There are so many pieces that I love from this new shipment, but my favorites are actually these foo dogs!

Linda Doezema on

Everything is just stunning! Have to say though I just love the majestic pheasant jars!!!

Kathy on

What a beautiful collection of blue and white! I love the foo dogs and fish bowl.

Martha McC on

Your foo dogs are spectacular. I love mine.

Bajangirl on

I am new to collecting blue and white porcelain, so your beautiful arrivals made me giddy. I am in love with the tulipieres. They are unusual, elegant, mysterious and are screaming my name.

Susan K too on

Love the Foo Dogs and that oval scalloped plate! My mother has an oval plate in her collection that’s almost 200 years old and yours looks just as beautiful.

Leslie on

My favorite is the double happiness large vases. I have a pair, and love them filled with curly willow.

Susan K on

This was a hard decision to make, which one of these is my favorite! I really think that you’ve outdone yourself Tina with the bird trellis ginger jar. That is my fave!

Tempie on

Love 20 & 21 .Could use the foo dogs in several places.

Laurie on

I love the square planter with the under plate! Really love it all!

Diane on

I LOVE the new jumbo fish bowl. Oh what I could do with that.

Holly Smith on

This is my favorite collection to date! I’m in love with the XL fishbowl! Fingers crossed that I win it

D O'Meara on

I just love the pictures of your beloved TEDDY

Mary Santangelo on

My favorite is the large fishbowl with the village scene. I just love blue and white porcelain that has lots of detail in a scene; so that every time I look…I always seem to find something I’ve never noticed before. Beautiful.

Aelish on

I love the detail of the plates (17A)! Such a perfect size to add to a vignette!!!

Liz Wojes on

What a great new collection! So much eye candy- where do I begin!! I do love the #18 Ginger Jar, but I also have been eyeing the Food Dogs since I saw them on your blog recently.

Rosalie Rempel on

Too many fabulous options but I`m going with the large fish bowl. Amazing.

Yolanda on

All so lovely,especially the large fish bowl

Ann Rouse on

There are many lovely pieces , but I especially like #20. The blue painted design is so graceful…..almost lyrical .

Jamie Richardson on

So hard to pick but I always go back to the tulipieres. So beautiful!

Diane McCord on

Love the fish bowls!

Peggy on

My favorite item is… actually the foo dogs!!!

Alissa S on

That pheasant jar is to die for! There are so many things calling my name though. . .

Anita. on

What a visual delight to see the items in this shipment💙💙💙. The cherry blossom vases really caught my eye.

Barb Austin on

I would love to have several jumbo fish bowls. Have lots of blue and white inside, now outside needs some. 🙂

Rose Frasher on

Love the Pheasant jars!

Linda Ebright on

I love the beautiful plates!

Renee Florez on

Tina is so Pretty all

Dominique B on

Oh my! Everything is lovely! I would have to agree the pheasant fishbowl is BEYOND GORGEOUS! Hands down and without question, the prettiest fishbowl that I have ever seen! I feel the same with your food dog…the design is magnificent! Love all the details.

Michelle on

I’m in love with the jumbo pheasant fish bowl.

Dominique B on

Great typo error…it’s foo dog and not food dog. Now you know where my mind is at…it’s nearly time for lunch! LOL

Sandy W on

Love a number of these ginger jars. They are all beautiful. Number two could be my favorite though.

Susan on

Love the tulipieres. Love all of the offerings but the tulipieres are special and unique.

Linda on

Love the design on the double-happiness ginger jar. The bottom part of the design reminds me of little shark fins in the ocean and adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise traditional design. It would be a fun addition to a mantel or sideboard.

Linda Cashman on

Love the jumbo pheasant fishbowl. A pair of them would be wonderful on my front porch.

Jennifer Reece on

I love the jumbo fish bowls!! 😍😍😍

Deanna on

All the porcelains are beautiful! I wish I could buy them all. But if I had to choose then I love the new ginger jar that’s mainly all blue with a foo dog on the top. I think it’s #17. I also think I might have ordered that one. lol. I can’t get enough of the fish bowls either. Wow! You have so many pretties that it’s hard to pick just one item. Can I pick them all??

Meghan H Harris on

It is next to impossible to select a favorite among the many gorgeous items. Unless your darling dog can serve as a favorite. Then it’s a no brainier. But I am envisioning two of Item #4 jumbo pheasant fishbowl.– one on each side of my front door. So that must be my favorite.

Michelle Kaplan on

The platters are a nice addition!

Linda H on

Love the cherry blossom vase….so beautiful and unique!

Lisa H. on

A very hard decision, but I like Item #2 Ginger Jars the best!

Beth Wilkinson on

Love all of the pieces. Especially the both sized of the Foo Dogs.

Blair on

Loving the mini foo dogs!!

Shawn Kuzel Smith on

The Pheasant Jar, such a beauty.

Jean Melody on

I just love the tulipieres! You have used them with multiple types of florals and they always look gorgeous!

Janet Cole on

I love the wine cooler/ice bucket #9 – would love to add it to my blue and white collection!

Shirley Craine on

I love the first fishbowl! So pretty!

Chandler on

Every piece is absolutely beautiful, but item 16 is my favorite! Love the height.

Colleen on

I love the foo dog bookends.

Suzanne G on

Tina I love everything but the beautiful ginger jar, no. 2 is a favorite.

Janice S on

The large paneled vase (#3) is my absolute favorite! So handsome, classic, but a little different from what we usually see. Love….

Joyce on

I am in love with the square planters with plate. Very reasonably priced for the pair! Everything is lovely!

Ellen Vance on

Can you have too many ginger jars?? Love them!!

Denise Heroman on

Love the pheasant jar, the foo dogs, and use my tulipiere every day !!! ❤️

Jane K. on

I love the new pheasant jar….great new shape and wonderful size.

Kathy on

Such a hard decision! I’m mad for tulipieres of any kind, but the foo dogs have stolen my heart. Beautiful, simply Beautiful.

mariae on

the Foo Dogs are a classic piece that will enhance every spot around the house!

Barbara N. on

Tina –

So many beautiful pieces! I especially love Item #21…it’s so different from a regular ginger jar. A pair would be even better!

Gigi Pedersen on

Love all the new items especially #20 Ginger Jar and of course, the Foo Dogs. Would love to win them. 💙💙

Lindy on

The Foo Dogs are my favorite💕

Amy Callis on

Ohhh the wine cooler/ice bucket is gorgeous. That really makes a statement at the table!!

Elissa on

I simply love EVERYTHING! So hard to choose! I love the new village scene fish bowl! Can’t wait to choose a spot for it! Trying to include a photo of my new puppy Teddy with no luck. My tech skills are limited.
Hope you approve ❤️

Cindy on

I love the ice bucket with bamboo handle!! Beautiful collection of blue and white!

Kelly Spanbauer on

ITEM 21. pheasant jar!!! I love all blue and white but this just makes me smile longer then normal!!! your stuff is great! !

Rachel on

Hi Tina!
I love the square planter with the pretty dish. I have been looking for something this size and I love the design. Perfecto!

leigh on

Items 2, 5, and 18 just love! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity…

Judy Toline on

Foo dogs for the win!!

Karen on

Absolutely love Item #14, the new large fishbowl…..stunning!!

Bonnie G. on

I love the scalloped oval serving dish and the tea caddy!

Taylor M on

tulipieres! I need to treat myself!!

Bonnie Drude on

Besides the large Foo Dogs, the Porcelain Wine Cooler, and the new Ginger Jar (item 18), I am in love with the new large fishbowl with the village scene (item 14).

Beth H on

I love everything but love most of all the small/medium ginger jars. The size is perfect for so many shelves and tables. Great shipment!

Barbara Morris on

Item #7 Large Wonderful

Lori on

I love Item #11 the double happiness ginger jar and the blue and white foo dogs!! 💙

Nancy on

Love the shape of #21! What a stunning showpiece—-blue and white reigns!

Jennifer S on

The large foo dogs are fabulous!!!

Kristi on

The pheasant fishbowl and the golden pup ☺️

Alexandra T on

Love the new fishbowls!!!

Kathleen Coalter on

I love item #4 the fishbowl with the peacocks!! Beautiful!!!

pBradyb on

Love the tulipierres best!

Mickey on

I really like the wine cooler!

Sandy R. on

Such gorgeous blue and white pieces! Every single one is calling out to me! My absolute favorite is the #14 fishbowl. Stunning!!!

Tammy Powell on

adorbs….mini foo dogs!

Mary L. on

Thank you again for bringing such beautiful pieces to us. Hard to choose just one!

Mirna on

I am loving the fishbowls! Hard to pick between #4 and # 14.

Susan on

My favorite new item is item 20, the mid size ginger jar with bird/floral design. Love the versatility of a mid size, plus adorable foo dog adorning the lid!

Tammy Ringeisen on

Beautiful porcelain pieces!!! The ginger jars are my favorites!

Natalie H. on

My favorite is the foo dogs!

Donna Scully on

The pheasant jar is so beautiful!

Amy on

LOVE the Foo Dogs!!

Mary Alice Taylor on

The plates are fabulous and having just visited China my next dinner party will definitely be Chinese feast. How much fun to include these plates and I think the beautiful scenes will help enhance our China tales.

Terry P. on

#14 is Calling My Name! Fingers crossed-xoxoxo

Suzanne Johnson on

Love everything, but the foo dogs are my favorite!!!💙💙💙

Tricia on

I love #18 the new style ginger jar! The tight pattern is just great!

Karen W. on

Item #16 – the double-happiness vase is gorgeous!

Michael John on

#14 fish bowl is stunning. Love the blue and white you bring us.

Beth K. on

So many beautiful items! I love the blue/white wine cooler/ice bucket.
Gorgeous piece!


The giant fishbowls are great!

Tim Finley on

Love all of the foo dogs! Classic yet different.

Cindi T on

Loving the 17inch round platter, it has such character.

Pam W on

Love the tuliperes!

Judith Poremba on

Love the Foo Dogs. Both

Laura on

My favorite out of many favorites has to be the jumbo pheasant fishbowls. The details are stunning!!

Mary M on

I love the fishbowls. Especially #14

Donna Holbrook on

Three favorites this time numbers 2, 4 & 10!

Marilyn on

So much blue and white; not enough house to heave all I would love!

Angela D. on

I love the pheasant fish bowl. It is gorgeous and would look great with a lovely plant in it.

Catherine Foran on

My very favorite is the wine cooler. I purchased it in the Spring and it has been much admired during several events which I had the pleasure of hosting; A bridal shower, a baby shower, and it will also appear at my son’s wedding. So very special.

Jennifer Smith on

Difficult choice, but the beautiful landscape scenery on the large fishbowl makes it my favorite.

Meredith on

I am obsessed with the gorgeous large fish bowls!!!

Linda on

The large Foo Dogs are stunning!

Marion on

Love the ice bucket! Perfect at table for wine,

Linda Van Herpe on

I wish, I could fill my home with so many of these blue/white items…..I do have a blue/white vignette on my side board in my dining room, those blue/white Foo dogs would make a wonderful addition…………

Trudi on

The Foo Dogs are my favorite right now. I have so many jars and vases, the Foo dogs would be a great contrast.
Best, Trudi

Mary Parker on

Loving the floral trellis bird ginger jar!

Christy Isbell O’Hara on

#5 #5 #5! The cherry blossom pattern is one of my all-time favorites and I’m obsessed with the rich blue color. Thanks!

Debbie on

I love the fruit handled vases. Beautiful!

Gayle Eales on

I’m still waiting for the small ginger jars….let me know when they come in!…I did have 5 boxes of porcelain waiting on my front door when I got home today! Christmas in September!!!

Sandy on

Love the large fish bowls. Wonderful with various colored mums. Happy Fall!

Emilee Dean on

I love the oval platter, 17C. It would mix well with blue willow plates…on the wall or on the dining table! Gorgeous!

Bettina Woodring on

Where to start…the large fishbowls are amazing! Love, love the large Foo dogs. The Pheasant jar shape is fabulous. Let’s not forget the ice bucket that I need!!

Mary W. on

Hands down #7 is my favorite. So glad these are available.

Sharon C Martin on

Can’t wait to bring a little Southern Charm to the table with my 2 new beautiful tulipieres brimming with magnolia leaves and Christmas greens and berries….. magical!🌲👑🌲

Cathy Perry on

Love #18 – new ginger jars are beautiful!!

Jeana on

Item #21 is amazing! I am watching to see how you decorate your outdoor space at PB to give me ideas how to do mine. I am a blue & white porcelain newbie!

Cynthia on

My favorite are the tulipieres. They are so unique and would look beautiful on either of our mantles!

Terry on

All of these new items are great, especially the bird trellis ginger jar, which makes me smile just by looking at it!

Jennifer Patterson on

I fell in love with the #2 ginger jar, but honestly it’s so hard to pick a favorite. Everything is so beautiful! The foo dogs make me smile every time I see them.

PamBradyB on

Gracious -if I have to pick one – the tulipierre!

Wileta Brown-Martin on

I love all the pieces but especially the Double Happiness Ginger gar.-#11 and the larger pattern Ginger jar #18. There color, pattern and size just speak to me.saying, “You need me”. LOL

christine shanus on

omg the mini foo dogs themselves are my favorite!! i love dogs and they are screaming my name

Judith kafka on

Everything is SO beautiful! I’m entranced with the square planter with drain plate and will use it in lots of different spaces! And of course the Foo dogs are adorable!

Karen P on

I love these foo dogs!

Kathrine on

Love the new fish bowls! Foo Dogs are always a favorite!

Arlene on

Still love the wine bucket. But love everything

Brenda M on

The tulipieres remain my favoirite. Can’t believe it has been a year since Teddy’s passing. He will always have a piece of your heart!

Cynthia on

I love ALL of them!

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