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Hello and happy Sunday. Well, last Sunday I was in PB and sure wish I was back now but it just makes me look that much forward to my next visit. Hope you are having a great weekend, here we go with my Seven on Sunday…….



1 THE MAKING OF A CHANEL JACKET. I found these two videos so fascinating. I remember when I bought my first Chanel suit, it was akin to crossing something off my bucket list. I felt like a million dollars in it and I am only a few pounds away from being able to wear it again…woo hoo!

They are classics that are not only so beautiful, so well made but clothing that stands the test of time. These videos will show you just how involved creating and sewing a single jacket is and a bit about the incredible history behind this iconic brand….pretty fascinating!



2 A TALENTED CUSTOMER SHOWS US HOW TO MIX RUSTIC AND FORMAL. I got these pictures in and was wowed by how my customer so beautifully mixed the two styles of sophisticated rustic with a more formal vibe in her exquisite mountain home. What a match made in mixing heaven! Just look at how she used the silver planters and mini table lamps!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a roundup this weekend, so much beauty out there to share, I take finding the very best very seriously:)


4. A VIDEO TOO CUTE TO NOT SHARE. I shared this darling little girl, Mila with you a few months ago. She has since come out with a precious video all about my favorite season, fall. Apparently she doesn’t share my love for fall but this is really cute nevertheless…….

5. A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR BAR. I am not a big drinker at all but seriously this could change the game all together:) It is almost scary how much I like this! I LOVE the rose and grapefruit infused vodka by Ketel One either with Pellegrino, tonic water or a grapefruit flavored sparkling. I have tried all the flavors and this is to me, hands down is the best.

Add a twist of lime and then a few berries or whatever kind of fruit you have on hand and you seriously have the most delicious cocktail, I also like that it’s not at all sweet but incredibly delicious! I have tried the other flavors but this one hands down wins the blue ribbon!

Cannot tell you how good this is!


6. ENCHANTED HOME SHOP NEWS. OK lots going on here…..Christmas ornaments and Christmas paper is in production. Stay tuned soon for a presale offering special pricing to be holiday ready.

Pumpkins out of production and en route! I will have a presale on these beauties in a week or so, a must have for anyone who loves to decorate for the holidays, they came out so beautiful, I may need to leave them out year round!

A new container of beautiful chinoiserie tole is soon finishing up here is a sneak peek mid production-

These fabulous monogrammed trays are the ultimate gift, this is the newest batch en route for some lucky customers!

And thrilled to announce that our gorgeous blue/white porcelain pumpkins are done and on their way! Just love the way they came out (a presale will be offered in about week or so) These will be so special to keep forever and bring out every fall/Thanksgiving…..pretty enough to leave out year round! I can see them now on my kitchen island displayed with mums…such an elegant way to welcome fall!

The ornaments are in production. We are excited to be introducing a bunch of new style ornaments (mostly ginger jars and Staffordshire dogs),  many we don’t have pictures of yet. But here are a few of the ornaments that are mid production (some tweaks have been done) but this gives you some idea

Three of the 8 new ornaments (these are not the final version as we tweaked them a bit) but you get the idea-

And to many of you who have asked a big fat YES to getting back the darling 3″ gift toppers, will get in three styles this year!


The ornaments make the best favors. We are doing these favors for a customer for the Laurtizen Garden/Antiques Show coming up, don’t these make the prettiest favors!


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK this is for all you empty nesters out there. How is possible that seeing a sports game in play as I pass a school, namely my sons old school or see a gaggle of nervous middle schoolers on their way to school, that I almost start crying! You would think after my son graduating FOUR years ago I would not be affected like his anymore but nope, these signs of my “old life” still get to me. I really really miss it:(

I do hope I have company otherwise maybe I need therapy lol. I really thoguht at this point in my life I would be celebrating this new found freedom. It could be because I am young to have all three of my boys all grown up and out of the nest or it could be that I am relegated to being an eternal hopeless sap:) So if you are an empty nester or even close…do you still react this way?



There you have my Seven on Sunday, anything here pique your interest? As always, thanks for stopping in. Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend as we slowly sashay our way into FALL! Crazy, isn’t it that summer is pretty much already over. Oh well, no complaints here as I just love the season of fall and everything that comes along  with it…….bring it on!

PS As of Monday morning a fabulous new flash sale has begun on these incredible tabletop new arrivals……click here to see the sale.

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Shirley Craine on

So excited for the darling ornaments! Love Seven on Sunday!

Kristen on

Love, love, love those Staffordshire dog ornaments!!! Can’t wait to add those to my tree!!

Dominique B on

Looking forward to your pumpkins! Happy Sunday!

Lynne on

Don’t worry. Grandkids will take care of that missing link, soon you will be back to all the fun things with kids. Buying school supplies and always planning surprises for birthdays, Halloween ,Christmas etc etc.
So enjoy your carefree days now because as a gramma the worries start all over again.

Cynthia on

This is such a good Seven on Sunday. I loved every single item. Tina, the pumpkins and ornaments are amazing. So excited. Found the Chanel movies incredible, thank you for sharing those. I have always been fascinated by haute couture, there is a new docu on Dior that is really good too.
OK that’s it I am going out to buy the Ketel One today! We are having friends over tonight to watch the US Opens final, sounds like that will be a hit. Thank you as always for sharing such a wide variety of interesting information and tips.

Jacqueline on

Oh, those ornaments!!! So, so elegant! Love seeing your porcelain pumpkins….Autumn is waiting around the bend! Just finished painting some chinoiserie pumpkins of my own and can’t wait to find the perfect spot for them.

Judy Walters on

Loved the Chanel videos!

Janet on

Tina, I used to feel sad when the kids left home. I once cried while driving by the high school football stadium. That void is now filled with grand kids. Just wait….your life will someday be filled with grand kids. I am very lucky because my 6 all live within 2 miles from my house. We are able to attend all of their events and games. I have no doubt that your 3 sons will provide you with grandchildren. For now, enjoy your free time because there will be none left when the babies start arriving.

cheryl on

Thanks for sharing the clips on Chanel, I had no idea what went into making this classic jacket How clever to put in the chain! And yes, once you become a grand-parent, the fun starts all over, school shopping, attending their dance recitals, etc, it’s so much fun, and the best part is seeing your now adult child go through what you did, with such love and devotion to their child…

Arlene on

I can hear the high school marching band practicing every day from my home. It makes me sad that my kids aren’t there going to football games and then bringing all their friends back home to play ping pong and hang out. Pretty quiet here but my six grandkids live close so I see them often. But House is still a bit quiet

Kathy on

There isn’t a new school year that comes that I don’t thinking of our boys and all the excitement that went with each phase they were in.Our lives now are so full of fond memories and the best gift in the world, our grandchildren! You can not put into words that feeling of being a grandparent. The joy fills your heart beyond words. To see the success of your kids and know that you did a great job raising functioning adults who add to the world is amazing. Your not there yet but you will be, give it time and enjoy the gifts life has given us.

Judy Clark on

Can hardly wait for those beautiful pumpkins!

Lisa on

Anticipating the ornaments and pumpkins. My favorite picture is Teddy.
Thankyou for sharing all those photos of your beloved Teddy. He truly looked like a special boy.

Rosalind Laird on

I know now the next step after empty nest is grandchildren!!!!
That’s the best ever!!! ?

linda on

So much to love and comment on.

Love love love the pumpkins and ornaments (and tole)! Well done Tina.

I tried that Ketel One and agree it makes a perfect cocktail. A staple for us too.

The Chanel videos were amazing and so informative, a true time honored craft that I hope will never die.

We are becoming empty nesters next year (have four kids and last one going to college in 2019). I am preparing myself. My entire life has been devoted to me family/kids. They were all big atheletes so we bonded over every game,practice,etc…and suddenly I am feeling my “purpose” slipping away. I plan on going back to school to get my masters, that has always been part of my grand plan. But I know I am going to have a tough time adjusting to the new silence in the house and will greatly miss our daughter, Emmy who will go to school away in Sept. But this is the cycle of life and I think as many say, we should take great pleasure in the fact that we gave our kids what it takes to fly the coop!

Kim on

Any chance you will be doing non-electric pagoda lanterns? I think they would be great as a tabletop lantern for a candle!

Amy Callis on

I am in LOVE with those adorable Staffordshire-ish dog ornaments. Must have!!!❤️❤️❤️

Ellen V on

Hope you’ve battened down the hatches at PB. Stay safe!

Jana Rinehart on

Tina, This was the best seven on Sunday EVER! I loved everything. The toppers and pumpkins!!!

Teresa Hatfield on

Beautiful Sunday post, Tina!
Loved the video on Chanel too!!

Cathi R on

Tina, maybe you and I both need therapy! 😉 I’m 66 and our kids are in their 40’s and late 30’s… I still feel so nostalgic when we pass by those high school athletic fields ~ and I still miss them all being at home. Don’t misunderstand… We love being with them, their spouses and our grands… but I miss those high school and college days! I thought it would pass after a few years, but I’m now convinced I’ll always feel this way!

mary alice on

u inspire me !

Peggy on

I want a Chanel Jacket after seeing those two videos. No wonder they are so expensive! I had no idea so much went into making one jacket. I really enjoyed the videos.
I can’t wait for the Staffordshire Christmas ornaments; my blue and white Christmas tree will then be complete!
If you like Mila, you should check out Heather Land and her, “I Ain’t Doing It” videos. My daughter and I saw her in St. Louis this summer and she is so funny and has a beautiful voice.

Denise McCoy (the real one) on

Yep, Grands are perfect…..your trementous love for them is a mystery, the house can always get back to normal and no discipline….just spoil time. ( so what if they miss brushing their teeth once in a while) Grands are the best!!!!

Michael John on

Who won last week’s give-a-way?

Martha on

Loved everything in this Seven on Sunday. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to reading Seven on Sunday, every week. I have 3 children – all close in age and I had a terrible time for the first few years. Now, all 3 are married and have children. I am at my happy place once again. You have no idea how much you have to look forward to. By the way, your son is soooo handsome and has a gorgeous girl friend. As if you didn’t already know this. LOL. Have a great week.

Donna DeMarino on

I will definitely be trying the Kettle One Grapefruit and Rose. I don’t usually like “flavored” anything, so if I like it as much as you do it will be a real find. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing. The empty nest is such a huge life change, I miss my younger self and everyone else as young and bouncy. It is a loss that is tough to deal with but you have reinvented yourself admirably and since you are not living in the past but simply have the occasional “moment” I think you will be fine, no therapy ahead. Everyone is entitled to feeling nostalgic now and then. Those days seemed like they would last forever and then all of a sudden time starts flying by and it’s a little scary!!!

Mariae on

The blue and white ceramic pumpkins are magnificent!! an addition piece to all the blue and white lovers!

Suzanne on

Cannot tell you how much i enjoy these Sunday posts, so much better than our local paper!
Tina, the pumpkins and ornaments are incredible! I cannot wait until I can order them, no doubt these will become top sellers and loved the Chanel videos. My sister who is a lifelong veteran in the fashion industry worked for Chanel in their client management division for 3 years. One of her many perks was me getting not one but two beautiful Chanel suits heavily discounted. I love and wear them to this day and as you said they never go out of style.
I am not an empty nester yet but will be next year. I have plans to immediately go back to work (nursing) to fill the time as i know it is going to be a major change in my life and the purpose i wake up with every day. I think your missing that stage points to what a wonderful and devoted mother you were/are. It is hard to see them go no longer under our wings for protection. I bet though one day you will be blessed with little grandkids and will find that purpose all over again (but get to miss out on those nights when they wake up crying with an ear ache) ha ha! Have a great week Tina.

Sara on


D O'Meara on

Pls keep sending pics of TEDDY,miss my golden everyday

Susan Haidon on

Oh how I love Channel! You put be in the mood to go out an purchase a new dress suite for myself. Excited about pumpkins and Christmas ornaments! Loved all the goodies on Instagram. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday! Have a terrific weekend, Tina!!!

Wanda on

Absolutely love❤️ the new ornaments, especially the dogs!!!!

Pam on

Tina, I love the pumpkins. I’m adding blues back into my home after a 13 year absence of using reds and golds. Your pumpkins would be so fun to use this fall.
I disagree with little Miss Mila’s view on fall, but it’s the most adorable video. Nice way to end the day with a laugh.
I caught up on the weather on the east coast tonight. Praying your home is safe as well of all those lives impacted by the terrible storm! 2 of my girls went through Harvey last year. It was awful. So many had devastating losses. My girls were very fortunate to not have damage. Pam

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