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Hi and happy Thursday morning! I want to thank everyone, friends near and far who have reached out to ask about our home in PB. I so appreciate the concern! We looked like we breathed a sigh of relief when it looks like we were going to be south of the target area but not so much anymore so we are all praying and crossing fingers and toes and hoping for the best. They are now saying it could go more south than previously expected! I send a special prayer and best wishes to everyone who is in the path of this huge storm. “Things” can be replaced, lives cannot. I hope everyone is being vigilant and  smart in their own preparation and has taken heed to all the precautions and evacuations.

Finally our weather here in NY has cooled down, much anticipated but it’s gloomy and rainy for days on end lately. Moving along to a subject we all love….design! There are so many design details that I love,  that I thought this could make a fun post and will try to post at least once a month on this subject, each time featuring a different detail that I love and will focus specifically on. There are so many details that make up good design and I like the idea of getting down to a specific subject to mull over.

Today its all about covered lampshades, always loved the look and they seem to be everywhere lately or at least on my radar.I have a pair from my old house that don’t work in any of my current rooms but I remember how much I loved them and what an impact they had on the room they were used in.  It gives a lamp (and space) a much more custom look and I am all for it, a classically beautiful look.

In fact I am now having a few new ones made for myself, I need these in my life. Today is a look at when they are done really well as well as a few sources in case you feel a sudden penchant to have one of your very own. You just never know when that urge will strike! And here we go……


Gorgeous from Charm Majesty!

Lovely space and gorgeous shades by Leta Austin Foster

In case you are inclined to try yourself, there are many tutorials online, love this one above!

And they are not always traditional, this is a more modern take on the idea

How gorgeous are these from Fermoie!

Very pretty for a powder room, Blue Hydrangeas

Look what impact they have! Irving and Morrison

Bunny Williams Home clearly knows a good thing when she sees them!

These add great punch to this dramatic dining room, Brookside on Main

So so pretty Ruthann Ross

Penny Morrison

Just a few of the beauties over at Penny Morrison

You didn’t seriously think you were going to get away without seeing a blue and white version or two did you? Little Green Notebook

Penthreath and Hall in London has them covered

Wow! Blue and White rhapsody, House Beautiful

Gorgeousness from Leta Austin Foster

Love this beauty, Mark D Sikes

Beautiful idea for shades above a kitchen island, Jonathan M Green

Lovely tranquil room by Thornton Designs

LOVE the fabric shades in this fabulous butlers pantry, House Beautiful

Lampshade perfection! Fermoie

Beautiful dressing table from Leta Austin Foster

Just yes please Carla Aston


Such beauties! OK your turn to weigh in, want to hear how you like them…maybe already own them? Do you have  a favorite look or colorway? Cast your vote in my mini poll. England seems to have the monopoly on these beauties….most of the supreme resources seem to come out of the UK.

But more and more US resources are starting to make these beauties available, so I am not going to leave you high and dry. I  have included some great resources in case this finds you needing a new lampshade in your life:)

Now onto a few good resources for them-

If you don’t mind dealing with a company from across the pond, one of the reigning kings of pleated fabric custom shades is most definitely Formoie, click here to see them all

Locally there is Cruel Mountain Designs who I have used and does lovely work, click here

There is also on our own home turf, The Newport Lamp and Shade Company based in Rhode Island, click here

Bunny Williams Home has a lovely selection as well, click here to visit

Irving and Morrison has a bunch of beauties, click here

Thanks as always for stopping by. Love to know your thoughts on this particular design detail. Wishing you a fabulous day and for those in Florence’s path, stay safe!!  Until next time……..

PS Blown away when I found this deal on these darling sandals!! By far the cheapest price I have seen yet, just got them in 2 colors woo hoo! Click here

PPS Whatever ornaments are in stock are 30% off. And though several styles are sold out (mostly in blue and white) we still have plenty left. Its a great time to start stocking up for  holiday decorating. Click on picture and scroll to bottom left (categories) and choose the ornaments are in the holiday section categorized by color

We will be getting our new ornament collection in about 6 weeks and will hold a presale in about 2 weeks so stay tuned. Mostly ginger jars, pagodas, Staffordshire dogs and more coming in plus the darling gift toppers!! But it’s great to mix and match and this is a great time to start building a foundation with these ornaments on sale!

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Peggy on

What a great blog and so full of beautiful lamp shades! Like fashion, home design trends come and go, and this blog has got me thinking about a couple of rooms that would benefit from fabric lamp shades. I still think all this information would look great in a beautiful coffee table book.
Prayers going out to everyone in the path of Hurricane Florence. I pray your beautiful, new home will be ok.

Lisa on

Aren’t those shades just wonderful! They add so much to the decor of a room, like the roses of icing on a cake! I have an antique pair of tole lamps that are hand-painted with clusters of sea shells. The shades are so old and magnificent that I am afraid to breath on them, let alone dust them. But the impact they add to my guest room is indescribable! What a nice post, love that you include sources.

Alice Genzlinger on

I am keeping this post forever. I have been looking for these exact shades for months and you hit the mark 100 percent, love, love, love them.

Dominique B on

Just absolutely gorgeous shades! They definitely add a nice to touch to each room!

Peggy Thal on

Love custom lampshades. Always made my own.

Tempie on

Already have some and have had for years. I also have some antique ones that are elegant. This post is one of my favorites.

Mary Johnson on

Love them, however, anyone happen to know the brand of wallpaper in the powder room in the 6th picture? Love it!

Jennifer on

Remember Laura Ashley’s fabric lamp shades!

Meg on

Thank you for this post! I was at a showhouse a few weeks ago and fell in love with these pleated fabric lampshades and had no idea where to find them, and then this post! You are a godsend Tina, almost like you were reading my mind!

Eve B. on

I think the right lampshade makes the lamp and the room. Ballard Design also has wonderful lampshades and are quite reasonably.
Hoping everyone in Florence path is safe. Hope your beautiful home is spared.

Maryann on

Gorgeous post I love the look and now my own wheels are turning as to where I might be able to incorporate this look- love that you included the resources, thank you!

Nancy Williams on

Love each and everyone….so pretty!

I e search high and low using the picture about online tutorials and can’t find it. Can you please link it?

Thank you,

Linda Murray on

There is a wonderful custom lampshade company on Etsy called Cruel Mountain Lampshades, they are located in North Carolina and they are beautifully made and affordable. Check them out if you are shaping lampshades.

Linda Murray on

Tina, please check out Cruel Mountain on Etsy, her shades compare beautifully to Femoire and are very affordable and are made in North Carolina! She is a wonderful resource for your followers!

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