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Hi and TGIF!!  I know many of you are in Florence’s path and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Really hope everyone is listening to the advisories and taking them seriously.  So far, doesn’t look like Palmetto Bluff will get it as bad as many areas in NC but with the unpredictable nature of this storm, who knows and it is far from over. Nothing is worth “riding it out” so most important is to keep your family and pets safe in high ground.

I have many coals in the fire on this end but looking forward to some down time this weekend with friends. Cocktail hour is beckoning:) Do you love parties? Do you prefer to plan and host or are you a better attendee? I like both but if I had to choose I would say hands down, planning, executing and throwing a party is just soooo much fun! We have had the good fortune of throwing some great ones in the last few years, so many memorable nights. I like to come up with new ideas and concepts and then mix those new ideas in with my “go to” ideas that are tried and true.

I have learned over time that there are certain things that have paid off in spades to buy vs renting, surprisingly they pay off really quickly. Hurricanes, linens, monogrammed napkins, dinner service plates and clear party chairs have been used over and over and best part is they are mine- no rentals necessary! And if you have ever rented anything for a party, I don’t need to tell you how crazily expensive rentals can be. About the only thing I have not bought in bulk are tables, but something tells me eventually I just might.

So today is a picture at a few parties we have thrown with some great resources thrown in just in case there is a party in your future:)


Those chairs, tablecloths and votives  have seen a lot of parties:)



VOTIVES- I bought these small clear glass votives from Amazon, they are super reasonable and then you can buy the bulk box of candles to have on hand, this way you never run out as we all know, nothing is prettier than hundreds of pretty white twinkling lights.  I have bought them several times and now have my very own hall of fame of small votive holders:)

Click here for votives and here for candles


MAJOR CHAIR ALERT!!!! So many have asked me about my chairs and I can tell you I did not pay $60ish a chair!! I cannot get over the price over at Decor Market on these clear ballroom chairs! Such a deal

Plus as a reader of The Enchanted Home you get an extra 10% off *use code enchanted.

This is the best price I have seen anywhere. Clear is the way to go as they go with every possible color and them. They stack 6-8 feet chairs high and are just perfect to have on hand for parties big and small. These are so incredibly strong, we have never not once had an issue. We store these in our basement and they are incredibly useful year round. Click here for this amazing deal on these chairs!

Then check these out also found there, some new styles, this makes me want to throw a party pronto. So many fabulous styles, and they have a one year warranty! This makes renting seem like a really silly idea. Click here to see all the clear chairs on the site, don’t forget the code for a discount!

Love this rustic wood chair for $80ish and how convenient that they are stackable!  Click here

And these could get me in trouble because I seeing a great bistro themed party with these chairs!!! They are sold as pair at a price I cannot believe! These are sold in pairs for $209 not even with my discount, love these bistro chairs, click here to see-

LINENS- My caterer has a huge assortment of linens but I will tell you they do not come cheap at all. They can be incredible expensive I found this resource for a plain poly tablecloth and napkins and must say they look great, have held up super well and do the trick. The prices cannot be beat and are way cheaper than renting, crazy as that might sound! Click here to visit CV Linens

Also bought 125 white napkins from them when we are doing larger parties, when for 20 or less I always used my monogrammed linens but for big groups, you cannot beat these white napkins that wash beautifully and are so easy. I got them for around .51 cents a piece, can’t beat that!

FLOWERS-  I am fortunate to have a incredible flower market about an hour away and use any opportunity I can to get there however when I can’t I have relied upon my local Whole Foods whose prices are excellent as well as ordering via Costco!

Yes have done it twice and have to say everything came in beautiful and fresh. Plus prices were excellent. So if you are a member don’t forget about Costco as an option (only thing is you need to plan about a week ahead to order) Click here to see all they offer

CANDLES. What is a party without candles? I have searched high and low for everything from small votives to giant pillar candles and guess where I found prices that NO ONE can beat? Ikea!! I will be the first to tell you I cannot go into that store.

I am like a mouse caught in an impossible to get out of mouse trap and it gives me anxiety to be in that store. Not for me! However thanks to the incredible internet, they can be ordered online and let me tell you, I have not found these prices anywhere. Thank me later:)

This 4″ candle is only $.99! Click here

This one is available in five sizes from 9″ -16″ and the 9.75″ candle is only $3.99 click here

SERVICE PLATES. I only bought service plates once, a manufacturer was going out of business and I bought 100 beautiful decorative plates and have used them so many times for larger groups. I recommended these to a friend and she got them and was so thankful.

They are real bone china, a simple elegant bone white with a gold rim and get this they are $3.50 a plate! Perfect if you are having a large party or need them for a buffet, plus they can easily mix and match with other patterns. Click here


OK there are only two answers to this post for me, either I have to threw way more parties to become a party planner in my spare time. Oh. Wait. I don’t have any spare time:) And you, any tips you have that you want to share? Please do, that is the beauty of all of us coming together via these posts to share and exchange ideas. Hope this helps someone out there with the holidays coming,I would imagine it will!

I am deciding whether to do a holiday party again this year. I loved what we did last year (click here if you missed it) and leaning towards doing one again. It just makes the holidays feel so merry!! Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a great Friday and end to your week. To everyone in the path for Florence, please be safe and vigilant. Safety first always! Until next time……

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Alice Genzlinger on

So glad to see your post today. TV coverage today is causing me to want to go help but can’t as I have family in NC. They are safe, thank you Lord.

I LOVE to plan and give parties but due to age and health issues they have become smaller and fewer. I love the cooking and the dressing of the home in preparation and having great conversations ( please no politics) they make great memories and great friends. I live in very liberal Boulder Co and I’m a very Southern girl with a great Southern heritage I would not change for anything. Makes for interesting conversation.

Courtney Howell on

You have to do a holiday party this year. I love the holiday party post!

Victoria Breen on

Tina, I have followed you for several years now. I have enjoyed watching you grow your business. I was a small retailer for many years, and I still love “stuff”! I love your taste, drive, and focus, and especially your parties and recipes. To top it off, you are so generous with all your sources! I am an “ole bat”, now, living in Savannah, but if you are in town, looking to “do lunch”, let me know! I have lived here for a year + ,and you probably know more than I ! I have been working part time, live with my sister,and time just seems to fly by! Your house in PB is a beauty! Best, Victoria Breen

Amber Cooley on

You are so amazing to always post your resources! Truly. I am so appreciative that you do that. I just ordered several linens from CV, thanks to you. I had been looking for a specific size and hadn’t been able to find it until I visited CV. Thank you so much! AND BTW, I also purchased the Palmetto Bluff bike rec from your blog! P.S. I LOVE TO PLAN AND HOST PARTIES. I get joy out of thinking about all my guests as I am considering every detail leading up to the event. 🙂

Meg on

AMAZING POST. I am bookmarking this since we too hold a big holiday party. I am especially excited for those chairs, what a bargain and the linens/flowers tip. If you recommend it, I know its great. I have been thrilled with anything you have recommended Tina and your parties are the prettiest.

Judy on

Hi Tina, there is not a link to click to view last year’s holiday party. Would you mind correcting that so I can check it out? Thanks!

Martha McC on

Thank you for the resources!

michelle l oleary on

Cannot believe the price on the chairs! I also have anxiety while shopping at Ikea so this is reassuring that it is not just me. Thanks for the tips and yes, you should have a holiday get together.

Cindi T on

Your Mexican fiesta theme party is one of my fav’s. “Borrowed” it for one of our own gatherings..what a hit!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

I lOVE the clear chairs! I have also purchased several of the bistro chairs and it’s important to price shop them. I believe I purchased mine from Wayfair during a sale for quite a bit less.
Lovely post! thank you for all the great ideas!

Mary on

Thank you for sharing your sources! I am throwing more and larger parties these days. I love it! Our younger daughter is getting married next month and we are ready to celebrate! I held their engagement party here last year and I needed some chafing dishes. I found very reasonable ones at They have everything!
I’m headed over to your source now. I need more napkins and chairs! We are keeping all in Flo’s path in our prayers.

Brie on

Another beautiful post and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your sources . Not everyone does so I want you to know that I appreciate it . I have only thrown one big party which was for my husband‘s 50th last year and even though I was a nervous maniac up until the day of the party it really did turn out beautiful . In fact I got many ideas from your blog ! I am still dreaming about the Christmas party you had last year and this year we decided to host a cocktail party, no doubt I will be again stealing some of your ideas . I absolutely love the clear chairs and may need to invest in some . Thank you!!

Gayle on

Watching Florence…while enjoying incredible weather in Tahoe!! Prayers got out to all that are back there experiencing all that hardship… I agree with you… keep your family safe… I met a woman on a ski slope who lost all her things in the Malibu fire… her advice to me stuck… “if it can’t cry over you… it’s not worth crying over”….so true….
Loved your party sources… just wanted to share that ikea has great folding garden chairs that are small and easy to stack… they are wood and iron and look like the French garden chairs… price 19.99 or less…

I am hosting a Birthday Party for all friends and acquaintances who were born in September.. all ages…( I’ll send pictures cuz half of the things I’m using are yours) …. another luncheon I gave was for moms and daughters…. my mom was no longer with us but most of the moms were in their 90’s and daughters in their 60-70.., I had personal questions and these lovely moms so inspired us… an incredible experience for all of us!!!

Needless to say I love parties and am always looking for clever ways to bring guests together…

Where did you get your Mexican hats and flowers?

Keep sending these wonderful pictures!!!!

Peggy on

You are a wealth of good information regarding throwing parties. I’d love to attend one of your parties, you really pay attention to every detail. Your Mexican-themed party was really pretty; loved all the festive colors! How clever attaching the hats to the back of the chairs.
Really hope that Palmetto Bluff is safe from the hurricane and that your home doesn’t get any damage from the wind-driven rain. Prayers are going out to everyone in Hurricane Florence’s path. I bet that you have been on pins and needles with worry. Please let us know how your home fared during the hurricane?
Enjoy your weekend and much needed “down time.”

Peggy Thal on

Great advice! I ha e all the tablecloths, napkins, plates, glasses, chargers, serving pieces ,etc. for at least 150 people. I find it easier than renting. My favorite parties are about 35. Seems to just work for me and I do not need to rent any seating or tables. Easier party. If I have 100 than I need to have it catered and hire help for. At and service. Your tables look beautiful and the long table is impressive.

Marie in AZ on

Love your parties, this one especially is a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing your resources. Don’t forget to take pictures of the food next time! Your food photos are so wonderful, and I just adore seeing the completed buffet table just before the guests arrive. Thanks!

Rebecca A on

Have honestly never managed to throw anything nearly so grand as your beautiful parties, as cooking for more than 8 guests makes me panic! However, your table settings and ideas are a real inspiration.

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