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Hello hope your week has been a good one, not a bad way to end it with a giveaway!  Hard to believe it’s the last week of summer!!Lets soak up that fresh air and those feel good sun rays while we can. Last week was a really full week, we had a photo session which I cannot wait to show you pictures of.

I laughed because at one point I needed to transport a bunch of both big and small wrapped gifts for the photo shoot with literally not a second to spare,   and in a rush, I grabbed my huge Scout tote (the 4 boys tote)  and managed to put everything in there (see below). I am talking there were at least 14 gifts in this bag! Scout tote to the rescue!

I have to say I love my Scout Bags, own three and use them all the time. They are built to last, are literally destruction proof and are very sharp looking.  Margaret in my office made the good suggestion that they work well for the market and sure enough yesterday I took my other tote and everything fit beautifully into my Deano tote, and I looked quite stylist waltzing out of the market might I say:)

Today I have partnered with Scout to offer a BAG GIVEAWAY and a 15% DISCOUNT OFF OF ALL PURCHASES for my customers only! I think I will need to take advantage too:) With the holidays upcoming, these make fabulous gifts as well. Good looking, priced right, never gets dirty, doesn’t tear or rip, what more can you ask for!

So first lets take a look at a bunch of their bags, and you can choose your three faves. Then the details on the giveaway and discount below. Here we go……



CHOICE 1 The BJ bag, available in many prints and love the outer pockets for even more storage, click here

CHOICE 2 Where was Scout when my kids were younger and needed a spiffy LUNCH BOX like this? This is so great looking and you can choose from many prints, click here

CHOICE 3 The original Deano, this is one good looking tote. Click here

CHOICE 4 Really like and could use this large soft cooler tote, great concept! Click here

CHOICE 5 Love the idea of a reusable gift tote, in a bevy of beautiful patterns. Click here

CHOICE 6 This is a great getaway bag aptly named “getaway” perfect for weekends away, click here

CHOICE 7 I just got this tote called the 4 boys tote and literally I think 4 small boys could fit in this tote, it’s HUGE and this is the tote I filled with all those gifts, and then some:) It could even be used for moving, supermarket outings,etc… here

CHOICE 8 This is a great duffel bag, good for weekend outings and even for kids going to sporting events. Love the patterns too, click here

CHOICE 9 Love the idea of a foldable travel bag, such a smart idea and the fact that it’s also a crossbody is brilliant. Click here

CHOICE 10 Another great looking extra large tote, the 3 girls tote is roomy enough for all your outings, overnights and even the market. Click here

CHOICE 11 This was my first bag, the beach bag and I still adore it. I use it all the time, and often to and from work when I have everlasting from fabrics to sketches to papers galore, a practical bag in a wonderful assortment of color options, click here

CHOICE 12 The Pocket tote bag is a great bag for everyday, a great gym or tennis bag and love that it has room for water bottles or tennis balls. Great gift idea too! Click here

CHOICE 13 Love this market tote and think I need a few, perfect for your weekly trips to the market, and a great bag to keep in the car always. Very practical idea and I like the idea of giving a few as a gift as well:) Click here


CHOICE 14 This is such a great shape, I can think of so many uses for this bag aptly named “errand boy” the kind of bag you want to always have in the back of your car, click here


OK your turn to choose tour three faves, I could easily close my eyes and point and be thrilled with any of these. Scout Totes gets my unwavering loyalty as to some of if not the best totes out there, affordable, good looking and destruction proof…works for me!

Thanks to Scout Bags for offering all Enchanted Home readers an extra 15% off all orders use code “enchanted15” Not too soon to be thinking about the holidays. Click here to visit Scout Bags and take advantage of the discount.


One lucky winner will win one bag of their choice, any bag and any color! Just visit Scout Bags, take a look around (click here to visit their site online) and come back here to tell us your most favorite item or two. I will announce the winner on Sunday so do check back!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day and hope this last week of summer is a good one. Fall is almost here and I for one am thrilled!

PS Our flash sale on rockbottom pricing for the nickel/silver planters, trays and mint juleps is on, still a few pieces left (we opened 2 more boxes last night) going going gone! Click here to visit the sale

one! Until next time……

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Marcia Compton on

I love the 3 boys tote

mariae on

These bags are great! the foldable travel bag is a must, always ready should you need to carry extras on a weekend/trip

Fran W. on

Love the coolers and the big four-boys bag! So many cute items!

Aimee R on

My favorites are The beach bag, cooler bag and the original Deano. Love all the patterns and colors!

Peggy Mae on

I really love all the totes. Thinking about the 4-boys in stripe for Christmas presents for my daughters. Great for the farmers market and when they come home and clean out my refrigerator to go back home.

Susan logan on

The rump roost makes a great storage container in your closets, garage, etc. Such a fun way to organize!

Susie on

I have the 4 boys tote and love it. It’s durable and good looking and fits a ton of stuff

Deborah on

Love the Scout bags! I think some would make wonderful bags for the grocery store, and then get rid of the tacky ones we use in place of the reusable grocery bags!

Trish Hertsgaard on

I think I would love the 4-boy tote. I packed up my 2 large labs last week and headed north, out of the way of Florence. I had to pack several small totes to get all of their items together and it was a pain when unloading. I love Scout bags but need to get a larger one.

Holly on

I love the Deano and the Bagette. And I would get them in some of the lovely blue and white patterns or stripes!

Deri Terry on

I love the BJ bag, and the pocket tote bag! I didn’t know anything about these bags until you brought them to my attention. Thank you for the information.

Meghan Oxenreiter on

I love the Original Deano in the “Hello Dotty” print! So adorable and can use it for EVERYTHING!!!

Bettina Woodring on

I have had a Scout bag for years!! Who couldn’t use another? Love Errand Boy & Uptown girl in Nantucket Navy & royal highness!

Dana on

I love the Deano in the Royal Highness print! absolutely adorable. The 4 small boy is also wonderful, I can’t seem to get a large enough tote. I seem to always need a good tote and I love knowing they are durable.

barbara m on

the overpacker would definitely be my choice, could use it for so many things….

Nancy Carter on

I am having a difficult time just choosing one! I love the market bags for shopping and the travel bags. All the prints are outstanding and the fact that they are foldable is an added plus. Thanks Tina, for always introducing us to wonderful additions to our lives.

Alison on

Love the totes and am tempted to try the cooler. We are farmers and I deliver dinner to the fields during harvest. This would be perfect!

Pam Flinchum on

I’m at the beach today using my Scout tote cooler. Love them all!!

Linda S. on

I’m planning a trip to Italy next April and the Daytripper bag looks perfect for my trip! I also like the 3 girls bag. Reasonable prices and darling patterns.

Paulette P. on

The Scout bags are amazing. The Uptown Girl in chalk black is one of my favorites. Also, The Pocket Rocket in Black Knight looks quite fetching. Thanks for sharing your great finds, Tina.

Eileen on

I love the larger totes, so perfect for groceries or anything.

Gina Penner on

BJ Bag! The size and the pockets make it for me!

Regina on

My favs are the BJ bag and Uptown Girl. These are great bags and been eating one or two!

Regina on

Yikes, meant “ wanting”

Dotti on

My faves are the Petite Baguette and the Backstory (for lugging essentials while at Walt Disney World!).

Peggy on

I love the original especially with the dots:)

Cristina on

The rump roost storage bin , in the royal highness print of course ! It’s an easy (and practical) and gorgeous way to bring blue and white into a bedroom closet !!! Yes, please !!!

Ann Anderson on

Hard to choose… but think favorites are the Uptown Girl and the Pocket Rocket. Love them all!

Darlene Phillips on

I like the original deano,and the bagette in royal highness, I can think of many ways this would be helpful in day to day use and so pretty!!

Deborah on

My favorite is the 3 girls tote. Very roomy and very handy!

Betsy on

I keep large Scout Bags in me car at all times. But, I really could use the Uptown Girl to go back & forth to my office.

Michelle B on

Hard to pick just one or two! I could see keeping the Errand Boy in the back of my car to keep purchases from sliding all over the place. One quick trip in with all your purchases 🙂

Liana on

Oh my how does one choose – I like the BJ Bag, the DJ Bag and Beach Bum. At this point I would be happy with any of them, they are all so lovely and colorful.

Mary Jo Miller on

Hi Tina
You always share such wonderful items. I would love the Rocket Pocket bag in the Royal Highness. Who doesn’t love a blue and white bag.

Nancy on

What fabulous options. I like the Plus1, Deano and Getaway. All very functional and love the patterns. Thank you!

Karen on

I really like the Deano and the4 boys tote. So practical!

Mary Parker on

The Errand Boy is my fav.

Mary on

#1 and #3 are my favorite… love the style, and the patterns offered

Dana Munoz on

I love Scout bags too! The Pocket Rocket and Petite Baguette for me!!

Jennifer on

I am loving the Scout Divide and Conquer bag. This is perfect for spring summer tees, swim suits, and coverups. I also love their original Deano bag. You really can’t go wrong!

Sandy W on

The four boys tote looks like it could hold your whole house. May just have to order three for my daughters and daughter in law

Alissa S on

These are the best bags ever! I have several that I use all the time, and they are so functional, durable, and cute. For years I’ve used the BJ bag as our family beach bag, and it works perfectly. I’m eyeing the pocket rocket, plus 1, and a lunch tote to round out my collection.

Susan on

I think my favorite is the original Deano bag. I always make so many trips to my car, the bag would make me much more efficient. What a time saver!

Melissa on

Thank you for introducing us to Scout bags. I really like the Uptown Girl bag to use everyday as I run errands and take boys to sports.

Lisa P. on

I like the pocket tote. Love all the colors and patterns the bags are available in.

Linda on

Wonderful bags. I love the D J bag and the backpack. They are all so great.

Alicia on

Hi! I have my eye on the Duffy for quick weekend trips. It’s the perydize? And of course in Royal Highness blue and white!! I may need two…one for me and one for my college daughter for her short flights home!!!

Megan Bobbitt on

Love all bags!! So many fun patterns with a bag for any occasion!

Cindi T on

First time to see these bags but already planning on how many ways I will be using them.

Tommye on

Love the paw print!

Michele Klaiss on

I love all the bags!! My favorites are The BJ in Ren Roir, Large soft cooler tote in Chalk Board and the Duffle in Royal Highness. Great products!!

Linda C on

The pink stripes are my favorite very preppy

Donna Martin on

I was looking for a light travel bag for airplane travel. I like the crossbody bucket bag but wish It had an outside pocket for water.. otherwise perfect.

Tarey on

All of the bags would be useful. I particularly like the Nantucket Navy pattern perhaps on the “getaway” or BJ bag.

ML Coolidge on

Scout totes are really fabulous! Only problem is that my adult daughters keep “borrowing “ them.

Martha Q on

I love the BJ bag because of the exterior pockets for small or delicate items!

Courtney Howell on

I love the errand boy and the 4 boys bag. There are all so cute and functional!

Lynne on

I love all bags but think the uptown girl bag is the one I would like the most.
Have a good day.

Vickie H. on

Love Scout bags! Have several of them and now have my eye on the large soft cooler! Thanks for reminding me I need to order!

Maura White on

The bags are all fabulous but really love the 4 boys bag. I have three boys and two girls so my life is a continuous oversized bag affair. I can’t think of a more stylish way to travel.

Grace Williams on

I love them! I’m a teacher and this would really help carry all my stuff.

Claudia McCauley on

These are fabulous…thinking about ordering some as gifts for the holidays…ack, can’t believe I said that!!!

Mary T on

I love the Scout bags! So many versatile styles. My favorite is the “Getaway”’ what a great bag. I also love the DJ bag, I see so many uses for this and the beach bag is great!

Jill M on

I love the 3 girls bag! Perfect for packing summer picnic gear!

Pam on

I LOVE these totes. The Scout totes are great. The larger totes would be so great for those Target hauls!! I so look forward to reading your tips every week!!

Cheryl on

They have great styles and are so practical! Anyone would be a pleasure to own

Susan K too on

I love all the cute but practical travel items, especially the Over Packer bag.

Marci on

So hard to chose, but I must say The Original Deano bag or The Beach Bag in Royal Hyness is my absolute fave. I cant get enough blue and white and this print if fabulous. Thank you for this giveaway, so much fun picking!

Bonnie G. on

Three Girls tote is a perfect size and I would also find the Bagette extremely useful! Love the patterns.

Sherry S on

Love all the bags. I would choose the Taylor cross body bag for travel…black & white stripe.

Natalie on

I love the Scout totes too! I have two that I use all the time. They are durable and the patterns are so bright and fun!

Ann on

Tina love the totes
I particularly like the Errand Boy and 4 Boys Bag. We have a cabin in northern Michigan and these would be great to bring items back and forth from home.
My choice of patterns ares Press Paws and Nantucket Navy.

CorrieMae on

I love the scout bags!! Love the Uptown Girl in press paw and the Getaway in black knight. What a fun giveaway!

Donna A on

Love them all but would choose the new pattern BJ bag, the new patterned 3 Girls tote or the striped Duffy. Thanks for asking Tina 😉

Arlyn on

Hi Tina,

I adore the 4 boys tote!!! So handy to haul everything including the “kitchen sink”.

Donna R on

I would love love love the Beach Bum bag or 3 Girls Bag. My daughters love theirs and I’ve wanted one for some time! Thank you for the opportunity Tina !

Trudi on

I would like the “icebreaker”. I like to keep coolers in my car so I can keep frozen foods cold on the trip home from the grocery store.

Sharon Ellis on

I love bags #6, 7 & 8. They would be perfect for my needs right now. With an empty nest, I now visit my triplets boys at their homes…..thank you.

San on

I love the picnic totes!! Great selection of colors!

Susan K. on

I like the classic uptown girl bags.

Vickie on

LOVE Scout and have been a fan for years now! Other than sensible reasons for their practical living bags…its the prints. So many awesome prints. And, of course the sweet mascot. IF I could I would have one of every bag they make…totes, weekender, picnic, and home storage bins. Rugs, and cooler bags are my fave. Like the Knotty by Nature, The Stiff One, Thelma and Louise, DJ Bag, Beano…so so so many. The challenge is the choosing of prints. 🙂 Thanks.

Mary Jane on

I’m taking advantage of the discount and free shipping today to start my Christmas shopping! The Pocket Rocket (great for bottles of wine) and Baguette bags would be great gifts for my daughter who lives in New York City and my other daughter who is just environmentally conscience. I may have to order a couple for me, too.

Dianne S Johnson on

I love Uptown Girl. Think I’ll order Christmas presents for all the ladies in my office.

Nancee on

It is very difficult to pick just one or two items from Scout to pick! But I love the storage items for home organization and I saw a file tote item under office management category, that I could easily use to carry/store my needlepoint projects-all in one spot and safe! I have to spend more time on this website!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

I am always in search of a great bag for hauling….I like Uptown Girl and Petit Baguette in Stripe Right. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful navy and white stripe. Thanks for sharing. I was unaware of this product until now.

dale on

I love them all but would use the travel crossbody immediately!

Hunter on

I’m always toting so much around these days and love the Scout bags that I do have. I would love to have a Deano bag and the 4 boys bag would be a Godsend for me!!!! Always love coming to your site to see more and more beautiful things!!!

Lori caldwell on

Thanks so smuch for introducing me to these great looking bags! I especially like the Three Girls Tote in the College Rule pattern.

Anne Nelson Morck on

I love these bags. Bought my first one years ago because I have a Doxie and loved the logo. The original Deano is one I’d love to have.

Lorrie Stovall on

Love “the errand boy”! I had the original & my daughter took that years ago when in college. Lol, lots of things have disappeared over the years.

judy on

I would LOVE to own the Errand Boy or the 4 boys tote…. I am always needing a large bag for something!

Kathy D. on

Love these bags! I’m eyeing up the Uptown Girl and the Beach Bum!

Eve B. on

My favorite is the Prep Cool. I love the different patterns it comes in.
Thanks for introducing us to Scout Bag.

Anita. on

I have the pocket tote in a blue/white pattern, of course. I enjoy using it for football tailgates. Others I could use are the errand boy and four boys. Thanks for sharing thoughts about these wonderful bags.

carole nadon on

I really love all the totes. so many to choose from but the 4 boys is the best

Judith Poremba on

I love the Hepburn bag and the large rugs! Will you be getting more of the ice buckets with the rattan handles? I love it and it’s sold out.

Carly Grossberg on

I love the Rocket Pocket the Best in Ren Noir

Melissa Marsden on

I like the BJ bag and uptown totes – it’s all about the outside pockets!

Judy on

Love them all. Every bag is practical and beautiful!

Sherry B on

Oh my goodness ! I love Scout bags and have bought them for gifts in the past, but never for myself. I did not know they had rugs and I would love to order some for my mudroom, pantry and kitchen. A new bag would make me happy happy !

April on

Great bags, ordered 4x deano. Thanks Tina.

Meg S on

How cute! I love the Duffy – how great for short trips!

Cindy on

I love the Getaway in East of Tweedon

Janice S on

I love the preps cool scout bag with outside pockets. So smart and handy for shopping!

Sara on

I love the duffel bag. It is perfect for weekend travel!!

Irene on

The big draw in ren noir is lo

Marilyn on

I like Tally girl. Thank You for the chance to win one of these totes.

Debbie H. on

Love them all but think the cooler bag is great!

Suzanne G on

Love the errand boy tote. Perfect for a picnic too!

Jennifer S on

The beach bag is wonderful and useful for so many things!

Linda Martin on

I can’t make a choice between Uptown girl or Three girl bag. I have a small cooloer and LOVE it! Such good quality.

Miriam M. on

My daughter and I both love Scout bags! The BJ bag looks perfect for many uses.
Thank You!

Janet Cole on

I own 2 Pocket Scout totes (#12) and I adore them…would love to add one more to my collection!

Patti on

like the beach bag and the cooler bags!

Jana Rinehart on

I love the 4 boys bags!!!

Annette on

I like the 3 girls bag.

Brenda M on

Love the 4 boys tote. Great size and quite versatile! Thank you for introducing us to Scout Bags!

ayra on

Hi Tina, as always bringing beutiful things. But….definitely 3 girls tote….

Marge on

Hi I like the duffel bag in the lovely blue and white pattern! So nice all of them! Great gift idea!

Sandy R. on

I love “the stiff one” cooler that I saw on the Scout website. I am always looking for something attractive to carry to the warehouse store (Costco, Sams, BJ’s) to keep my frozen and cold foods at a safe temperature on the way home. I also pack cold foods to serve my grandkids every Friday when I babysit and a Scout cooler would be perfect!

Donna on

Really like the extra large tote because I can use to carry food to my customers at work !

Karen C on

Love the pocket fronts and the weekend style.

Ellen V on

I love the weekender bag!

Nancy Griffiths on

Love the 4 Boys Bag…just what I need for my upcoming trip cross county…and one of the coolers would be great for the car!

Cathy Perry on

LOVE the getaway in Black Knight!

Mary Joy W on

I have a lot of totes, but there are some practical ones here I am missing.

Rene on

Love the Black Knight Getaway!

Rosalie on

The winner is the Nooner Lunch Box!

Christine on

I love the look of the weekender in cinamon stix??very nice bags.

Mary Baker on

I own several Scout Bags and use them all year long. I really like the Uptown Girl in Pocket Tote in Ren Noir or Fleetwood Black and the Fit Kit Gym Bag in Oxford Blue. These would be great additions to m collection. Thanks for sharing.

ML on

Love the BJ Scout with pockets to use as a portable office!



Deb Harris on

Love the soft sided travel bags. They look very easy, comfortable and stylish.

Denise P on

Love the Scout storage boxes in a playroom to store children’s toys or used as storage for dorm rooms. The classic totes are always useful for everyday trips to the grocery store, organizing small items in your vehicle or a trip to the beach.

Esmeralda Morales on

Love the style of these bags, so many ways I can think of in using them. They’ll definitely come in handy.

Ashley on

I need a 4-boy tote to keep up with my 3 kids and 3 dogs! Love the stripes 🙂

leigh on

These look like great bags The big 4 boys bag is great! Size and extra pockets are perfect…

Molly on

Where can I get that wrapping paper?!

Sharon on

Wow – just visited the Scout site and I’m getting too many ideas! I may have to start with the BJ bag, but definitely need that errand boy in the back of my car!

Brenda Bethany on

My friend uses a Scout bag as her tennis bag. It works perfectly!

Laura on

Absolutely love the duffle bag!

Terri on

Their coolers totes are so wonderful.

Donna C on

Scout Bags have been on my wish list for months! Thank you for the reminder and an opportunity to win one.

Julie L on

All the totes are cute and so useful! Love the wine bag.

Dianne Kropp on

I’m in love with the cooler tote! Ingenious! How did we live without this lightweight, easy to store and attractive item?

Mary L. on

Would love the Deano and the 3 boys tote!

Theresia on

I need the overpacker and want the uptown girl but can’t decide on a pattern. All so cute!

Carolyn Smith on

I would normally not post any comments, but just have to let you how much I love your blog and also absolutely love Scouts totes

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

What precious and practical gifts these Scout Bags would be! I especially like the BJ, Four Boys, and Uptown Girl bags…….anything in blue!

Sheryl Souders on

I would love the uptown girl or the deano bag. Thank you for such a great give away!

Fernanda Clifford on

My favorite is Deano in one of the blue and white patterns.

Lenice maher on

Scout looks like a great dog and my standard poodle would love to run with scout. Dogs are so great. I live near ocean and scout and my dog, Thomas Jefferson, would be in heaven. Come on up to cape cod and bring the beautiful bags. Love them

Chris Ann on

I love all the bags and the Rump Roost LG & the idkase

Yolanda on

Love all the prints and patterns.

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