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Hello!  First order of business is to announce the winner of the Scout tote. Congratulations goes to-

#100 SHERRY B.

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Well,  it is officially fall  and I am utterly thrilled about it and you? Just bought my first two cashmere pieces of the season:)  We have had a string of some beautiful  fall like days and I say bring it on! In fact last night when we went out, I grabbed a little sweater and it was symbolic to me that my favorite season is one to be cherished every day. LOVE fall and even did my obligatory “mini cry” as I drove past a high school football game in progress, still gets to me, what can I say:)

Today is a little overcast and is a perfect day to have a chill morning  at home until later when I will start preparing for a small dinner party we are having having tonight. In fact we might make it a fall alfresco dinner weather is cool just how I like it.

Hope whatever you are up to is enjoyable and you are finding time to relax. Onwards to my Seven on Sunday-




1 ONE BEAUTIFUL HOME Love finding and studying beautiful interiors. It gives me new, fresh ideas and sometimes even something small and subtle can inspire me to change something I already own around a bit.

One can never ever stop learning and I am all ears always:) I thought this home was so well done, as sophisticated as it is still welcoming. All photography by Emily Jenkins Followhill. Click here to see the entire article on this beautiful home over at Traditional Home.


2 A LEMONADE WE ALL NEED IN OUR KITCHENS! And yes, even if we never drink these gorgeous bottles but just stare at how pretty they are:) The minute I saw this stunning bottle of this sparkling lemonade it was love at first sight. No,  it is not cheap. For 24 bottles its $65.00 however for a party, a luncheon a lemon themed table….this is a  must have.

I think I may just have to plan for a lemon themed table in my future:) It looked for it at Dean and Deluca but could not find it so good ol Amazon to the rescue!  Click here for the official site (where you can purchase it) or  Click here to buy on Amazon (I Have a feeling it will come a  lot quicker via Amazon)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a gorgeous roundup this weekend, I say it every weekend because I take my job of finding Instagram’s’ best very seriously:) This is a true mix of the seasons, a little bit of summer and a bit more of fall. Here we go with this weeks picks-


4 MY SUPER TALENTED CUSTOMERS I love sharing pictures I receive from my uber talented customers. I just get such a thrill getting your pictures in and seeing how you use my products. The creativity and talent is most  impressive! Here are a recent batch.

And do not forget the newest Enchanted Home Love contest was just announced yesterday and any of these beauties would make incredible entries so do send them in (send pictures to and click here for the post to read about the contest.

Floored over how my customer used my chinoiserie wrapping paper to create these incredible pumpkins, assuming it was some kind of decoupage, incredible!

5. TWO FILMS THAT YOU MUST SEE. Wow, talk about a surprise! Fred Rogers is so much  more than that tall lanky, goofy guy with his own kids show. In truth, once you hear this story you will see what a pioneer and visionary he really was. It will bring you to tears,  the happy and the moving kind and will highlight how ahead of the game he was in how he communicated with children.  To get a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and the non stop rave reviews this has gotten is really saying something. A big and pleasant surprise!

And this documentary behind Coco Chanel is such a fascinating story, I was spellbound, what a dynamo she was . Also if you never saw the movie, Coco before Chanel you must- it’s incredible, have seen it three times, so good!

6. SAY HELLO TO THE FIRST PRIVATE CITIZEN GOING TO THE MOON! Well this is not something you hear about/read about everyday! The first man (private citizan) scheduled to  go to the moon via wonder boy Elon Musk,  is a Japanese billionaire tycoon and he is going with a rather unconventional group, artists.

The project called “Dear Moon” is said to cost somewhere about 5 billion dollars, no chunk change even for a billionaire. I find the story fascinating and of course it will be groundbreaking when it happens. Click here to read the entire article over at the NY Times. Stay tuned, am sure we will start hearing a lot more about this, thought it is not going to happen for while.



7. SUNDAYS SURVEY. Are you one to hear a radio ad and if its so annoying or ridiculous, decide then and there no matter what they are selling, you refuse to buy it? I admit I do this. There are some seriously annoying radio ads out there and I hear them over and over…and over. I am in my car quite a bit and my radio is always on and there are at least 3 ad that comes to mind that I immediately turn off when they come on. I was laughing with a friend over this and she said she too cannot stand those particular ads.

I wonder who thinks of this stuff? And the truth is it does the opposite of what they are hoping it will. In fact one of the ads for a snoring device, now has the doctor that invented it doing the ads not the bozo who was doing it before, but his voice still is alive in my head every time that ad comes on:) If anything, silly ads   make me lose total faith in whatever they are selling. Just curious if I have company out there or am I just hopelessly picky?




And that’s it for this Sunday’s seven, hope you enjoyed it. Anything here in particular interest you? I do hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and find time to recharge before the week ahead. Thank you as always for stopping by and making TEH part of your Sunday, always love to hear from you. Until next time……….

PS Don’t forget just announced a a new contest “Enchanted Home Love” yesterday. Already started getting in your entries and all I can say is WOW! Click here to read the post and how to enter your winning picture!

PPS A new porcelain presale is starting this week and all I can say is it’s going to be good🙂

PS As of Monday morning our tabletop best sellers just all came back in stock are up for a flash sale, click here to visit the sale!

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Eve on

Fabulous as always! Must try the lemonade. The bottles are beautiful!

Eileen A on

There’s an ad where a grown son is in a shopping cart with his legs dangling down like a little kid and the smarmy mother is just disgusting. I think It’s for a grocery store, Aldis or something like that.

Another pet peeve is when there is some sort of demand to “share” on Facebook or an implied threat if you don’t. Like chain letters used to be.

Other than that, Happy Autumn!!

Elizabeth on

IT is not feeling like Fall here yet but I am looking forward to it and anticipation I too purchased a few cashmere sweaters. Looking forward to checking out your instagram links, I love discovering new ones. I too loved that South Carolina house! Beautiful design.

Kerry on

Back in 1956 when I was 10, my parents and I were at a hotel in Switzerland with a gorgeous view of the Matterhorn. A man was tinkering around on a piano in the lounge and we could tell he was American. My parents struck up a conversation and introductions were made–it was Fred Rogers and his wife, but of course he wasn’t famous back then. My mother asked him what tunes were currently popular in the US (we had been living in Greece for 2 years). He played the theme from Moulin Rouge and I still remember looking out at the view while listening to that beautiful piece of music.

Kay Rike on

I subscribe to XM radio for just the reason you spoke about. No commercials at all!!

susan logan on

The Coco Chanel video was so interesting, but so very sad at the same time. Thank you for sharing!

Chris on

Read Chanel’s biography years ago . Really enjoyed this piece on her
Thank you

Paulette P. on

Tina, you always find us such special items. The sparkling lemonade bottles are a found treasure to be beautifully displayed on ones kitchen counter or butler’s pantry. As always, thank you for sharing with your followers since you find us such unique items.

Carolyn on

So much to comment on-
love the lemonade bottles and getting them, even if I don’t allow anyone to drink them haha!
Lover your customer pictures and will enter the contest, hopefully with my Provence planters
Saw the Fred Rogers piece and you are so right, such an unexpected surprise, well worth the watch.
Lastly, i am with you on the commercials= Zyppah is the worst! The other one about allstate I think for the “she shed” (commerical) makes me want to cancel our policy with them! So funny you brought this up, we are always discussing how downright dumb most ads have become! Hope you too have a relaxing Sunday Tina.

Peggy on

I so enjoyed the documentary on Coco Chanel, thank you for bringing it to Seven on Sunday. Besides being a fashion icon, she was a thoroughly modern woman for her era. I never knew that she was a Nazi collaborator or used men to further her couture empire.
As for commercials on the radio, I very seldom listen to the radio in the car. I either enjoy the silence or listen to a favorite CD. Television commercials are what annoy me! When watching live television, I “mute” the sound and turn it back on when the program resumes. Usually I watch pre-recorded shows and just “zip” through the commercials.
The home featured in Traditional Home Magazine was stately and elegant. It combined new design in an older home. It looked so cozy and comfortable.
Have a good week.

Linda Murray on

So thrilled to see the Instagram photo from Sprout Gallery! Michelle’s prints are a must have for any blue and white lover! I have been collecting her pieces and I am always so empressed at her attention to detail. While she is in Australia I can promise you her pieces are worth waiting just a few extra days for. Go to her shop at Sprout Gallery to see all her pieces. You will be able to resist!

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