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Hello, hope this finds you doing well, so happy it’s Friday and the weekend. We are busy with our porcelain presale that is arriving in just about 10 days, almost instant gratification! Click here to visit the sale plus be sure to enter the giveaway (winner to be announced on Sunday)-


Busy busy days over here as we slowly are preparing for the holiday rush and my NYC design job is in full swing which involves many trips to the city. Traffic when the UN is in session is a nightmare of epic proportions (think 3 hours each way).  On a lighter note, we have so many beautiful things in the works, just cannot wait to share it all with you. Tons of great presales coming up as well so stay tuned!

I started a series, Design details a few weeks ago to tackle a specific design detail and study it. Today it’s all about one of my most favorite subjects, pillows. I swear if I was going to a remote island and could only take a few key things, pillows would only come second next to my ginger jars! I LOVE pillows.

Few things can so easily change up a room as pillows can. I love changing things around and pillows always seem to do the trick. I just got some new ones in and I am already thinking about how and where I can use them, I am hopelessly addicted to pillows! So let’s take a look at some incredible interiors where pillows are front and center-


How unbelievably cozy does this look? Love the soft soothing color palette too, Mitchel Gold

This is my kind of bed, all white with an elegant monogrammed shams, Ashley Goforth

Always loved the look of a cozy banquette loaded with squishy pillows, Waterleaf Designs

I like how Mary McDonald added solid pillows to her monogrammed bedding design, lovely combination!

Adore everything about this fun kids space, Ana Cordeiro

Always like seeing new ideas for pillow configurations for beds, and this one is beautiful. Love that long neckroll, a very pretty set up. Kate Marker

I practice what I preach and have plenty of pillows for my outdoor spaces… spending time out there (even sometimes taking a little siesta)

Pillows have gotten simpler but I cannot lie, I do love trim on my pillows and this gorgeous green with that Greek key is a stunner! Charm Home Design

When it comes to monogrammed pillows on a bead, I do like the idea of a solid or patterned pillow to break it up such as was done here, Katie by Design

Sometimes all you need is one pillow with the wow factor such as this zebra pillows, imagine this space with and without, big difference! Katie Kim Design

Never met a window seat bench I didn’t just love. This is very pretty, an assortment of soft toned pillows in different prints, Nightingale Design

Also l like the idea of carrying over a chair fabric onto a few accent pillows on the bed, creates a very cohesive look Glam Pad

This is pillow prettiness at its finest, Panageries

Stunning tonal setting, love the tone on tone look and they took it to the next level with pretty wooly textured pillows, Jenny Wolf Interiors

On a different level what are your thoughts on mixing and matching colors and patterns as is done a lot today,  Elizabeth Stamos Design

Always enjoyed the look of neckrolls on a bed and if in velvet even better!  In fact,  a pair for my own master bedroom, Jennifer Worts

How about this look? Two colors in an assortment of prints, very pretty and a more dramatic look, Jenny Wolf

A very pretty example of how something as simple as a pair of patterned colored pillows can add that extra need little pop, lovely foyer.Thornton Designs

Sometimes with a simple white palette, all you need is a subtle print on 2 pillows to add a little something extra,  Stephanie Jean Design

A simple yet elegant approach, all white bedding, buffalo check pillows accented with velvet squares, a “sure thing” formula Susan B. Long

I think KD Hamptons got her pillow configuration just right!

Isn’t this fun? I love all the vibrant colors and patterns on this adorable window bench, a window bench is a great place to mix and match designs. Elizabeth Brook Design

Love everything about this, two chairs facing each other in front of a fireplace and long neckrolls for comfort, well done! Fiorella Design

Always liked this look, two bolsters at end with square in the middle,I have this very configuration in my own window seat,  a favorite. Amie Corley

My outdoor setting, love a monogrammed pillow flanking other patterns

Love this beautiful bed and pillow arrangement by Ashley Goforth, elegant yet current

Beautiful bedroom. Too many pillows or just right? William Eubanks

And sometimes you just need a beautiful tonal look such as was done here on this lovely Palmetto Bluff porch, by Leah Bailey


A few favorite trim sources-

Samuel and Son

Clarence House



So many beautiful looks to love and covet. Have a favorite? Do you like your pillows with or without trims? I appreciate both but it depends on the house/room. For PB used minimal trim whereas my house in NY has trim on almost every pillow.

Pillows make me happy and to me are a necessary ingredient in virtually every room that has seating. Anyway as always love to know your thoughts too so please chime in with your ideas on how and where you like to use pillows! Until next time……..


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JoAnne on

Tina, this was a great post! Thank you. I am a pillow addict as well. As a designer I use pillows on every job. I don’t use trim as much as I used to. I often use a small flange gathered in the corners. I love a neutral room where the pillows are the accent and can easily be changed.

Elizabeth on

Good morning Tina! I too love pillows! I think it is an easy way to change up your decor for the seasons and the holidays. Have a great weekend.

Kim on

Love all the pillow “scenarios” with the exception of the beige tonal sitting room. Even the wooly beige pillows cannot save it from looking like a big bowl of oatmeal.

Millie Drehmel on

Millennials say Baby Boomers decorate with WAY too many pillows leaving no room to sit! Too bad cause this Baby Boomer loves what a good pillow arrangement adds to a room! Love the elaborate trims on plain velvet.

Peggy Wilkins on

I love pillows, but am so over the “karate chop” look on pillows. Pillows don’t need that look, they’re just lovely the way they are, in my humble opinion. 🙂

Barb Moreau on

Love pillows also – much easier to change your pillows than your sofa fabric‼️

Eve on

I have many beautiful pillows my late mother made for me. Every time I look at them, I think of her.
Thank you for this lovely post on this very dreary day!
I must agree with Peggy, not a fan of the karate chop.

JoAnn on

I love pillows! However, I want some kind of a trim – at the very least, cording around the seams. Otherwise, they look cheap and unfinished to me.

Vivian walker on

When we go to home goods , my husband always says , back away from the pillows ! I would love a closet to use just for pillows

Marcia Moorhead on

For me pillows are a great way to have designer fabric.

Janice S on

Pillows do lend a wonderful look! But too often, people must remove the pillows on a chair or sofa just to be able to sit down. The long bolster pillows on chairs, for example, make quite a statement, but no one could actually sit comfortably on the chairs.

Elizabeth on

gorgeous post and I too am a pillow nut, and have them everywhere. I can’t help myself and after seeing this post realize I need some monogrammed pillows on our beds! You give me such great ideas?

Sandy R. on

I agree about pillows-they make the difference and add that final touch. Love all of the pictures you featured!

Peggy Thal on

Love all the pillows. Always have gone overboard with them. Monogram ones are my favorite.

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