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Hello friends, hope you are having a great weekend! First I want to announce the official winner of my recent Enchanted Home Love contest. Once again a big thanks to everyone for sending in your pictures and to everyone else for voting. My next contest will be Holiday Love so get ready:) Congratulations goes to-

Pippa with this beautiful winning picture-

Please contact us at [email protected] to provide your shipping address so the first of your three monthly prizes can be on it’s way- congratulations again!


Hope you are having a great weekend. I am getting back in the saddle now that I am in NY after spending the week in PB. Where the pace is decidedly slower and more relaxing (much needed)! I do miss my afternoon leisurely bike rides and sitting out on that porch but look forward to my next visit.

As the days get much busier over here with the looming holiday season, i will appreciate those little breaks when I get them more than ever. Having a great weekend though.

We saw the queen of music, Diana Ross last night with a group of some of our oldest friends (from when we moved from the city). It was such a fun night and she still very much has it all going on,her voice, stage presence and energy are spellbinding. I forgot just how many mega hits she really had and we sung along and danced to nearly every one of them, she is some entertainer! If that is what 74 can look like, it proves age is really just a number.  Onto Seven on Sunday…




1 THE CUTEST DOG  BIRTHDAY PARTY I HAVE EVER SEEN! If you don’t follow Five Fabulous Frenches, you should be! No matter what kind of day I am having, I can always count on this Instagram account to bring a smile to my face. In my next life, I wouldn’t mind coming back as one of the “fabulous five”!!

Not to mention they are the best behaved pack of dogs I have ever seen!! Their posing talents rival that of any supermodel, in every season. Love seeing them in all their various “outfits” whatever the occasion may be:) Just look at how Olive got to celebrate her 7th birthday, lucky dog:) Click here to follow the fabulous account of Five Fabulous Frenchies.

And finally Holly, the birthday girl gets to indulge in your almost too pretty to eat cake!!


2 WARREN BUFFETT, I have always been so fascinated by this man. Read a book on him,  and watched I think every documentary made on him and he really is someone to be admired not only for his unbelievable business acumen but his humility is inspiring.

I think this should be shown in every school, proof that hard work and mostly how perseverance  can go a long long way. And the life lessons are priceless, he still lives in his $32,000 home, didn’t buy his kids a car, sent them to public schools and so much more. Truly one of the most impressive people I have learned more about, super inspiring!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty this week with a few newly discovered accounts which is always fun. Here is this weeks roundup-


4 TWO MOST AMAZING FOLLOWERS/CUSTOMERS. I love as you know,  by now getting in your pictures of how you use my products. I get such a thrill! Well you can imagine how wowed I was by getting these two batches of pictures from two incredible style makers. If you don’t follow them on Instagram you should, their daily dose of eye candy is always worth the click!

How gorgeous is this fall setting from talented Kelli of KD Hamptons? What a way to welcome fall! Click here to follow Kelli on Instagram-

And then look how stylish Airica styled this ginger jar in so many beautiful ways and hosted a most stylish derby themed birthday party…she gave even me, a ginger jar veteran some new ideas:) Click here to follow Airica on Instagram.


5 ARIANA GRANDE AND HER IMPRESSIONS. There is no denying that this pint sized pop superstar is gifted with an incredible voice. However the fact that she can not only sing alongside the best divas of all time but can actually impersonate to perfection each and every one of them is on a whole other level. I was obsessed watching these!! How can such a huge voice come from this tiny dynamo? AMAZING!

These look like the same video but they are not-  the first one has several imitations that both she and Jimmy Fallon both do (Hysterical) and listen to the end to their “duet”!



6. ANOTHER VEST TO ADD TO MY COLLECTION. I am a vest person have dozens in my closet to prove it.  To me, they are the best layering piece and look equally good with pans, jeans or even a long skirt and boots. I love them over a chunky sweater, a turtleneck or even a blouse.

I just got this one from Barbour and liked it so  much ended up getting the olive green too. Really good looking, reasonable and practical as our weather beings the change from hot summer temps into cooler fall weather. Also available in three great colors.  Click here for more info


7  SUNDAYS SURVEY. So……holidays are really not so far away. When do you actually start your plotting and planning? I typically do not until early-mid Dec. but know that many start much sooner than that. With my growing business, granted I am starting earlier and earlier but it somehow does not feel so natural to me.

I like to celebrate and savor each season, so right now I am just getting into a fall theme of mind, then it will be Thanksgiving and finally Christmas. I love the holiday sand the unmistakable magic around them but sometimes to me, there is such a thing as too early. Wondering what things look like over on your end-


Well friends, that is it for this week. Thanks as always for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday morning routine. Super busy week ahead, porcelain container coming in mid week plus making room for so many other incredible exciting things all coming in within the next 3-4 weeks.

Will have a Enchanted Home shop update post this coming week, where I will discuss the timeline for things like ornaments, gift wrap,etc…..(holiday) as many of you have been asking and more. Trust me, they are very worth the wait!! Wishing you a great day and end to your weekend, until next time……………

PS A reminder that for the month of October which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Enchanted Home will donate 10% off all shop sales to BCRF!! I love that this is a way we can all support much needed research of a disease that has touched so many lives. And love this watercolor done by super talented Ginny Moon in honor of the partnership between Charmasjesty Linens, myself and a few other companies…..beautiful!

The entire home page of my blog features all pink items in honor of this special month!

Click here to visit my shop

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Gail Hayes on

Lovely 7 on Sunday. I am sure you know it’s Warren Buffet — my go to financial wizard.

Ellen on

Love your Sunday posts. That dog party is so precious, what lucky dogs! Love your beautiful lines of products and got my order last week, it was even prettier in person!
My son worked for Berkshire Hathaway before going off on his own so we are all huge fans of Warren Buffett. He is a financial icon.
Love all the Instagram you choose too, I have found many great new accounts because of your Sunday posts!

Michelle on

Tina i am not a planner but start to do things early Dec. I think doing it sooner is ridiculous because if you are focusing on Christmas in Nov, then it takes away from the beautiful holiday of Thanksgiving. Three years ago we started a tradition of hosting a holiday party where we also trim our tree normally around Dec. 10th. But as far as gifts I pick things up whenever I find something I think would be perfect, we both come from large families so it’s not unusual for me to have 40+ people to buy for!

Loved your instagrams and all the other beauty you shared, thank you for bringing some much needed beauty to our world!

April on

Perfect post…covered many interesting topics. Thanks Tina.

Peggy on

I always enjoy Seven on Sunday with my morning coffee. You always bring us beauty, laughs, and information. I loved the Instagram about the tacos; I laughed out loud and had to repeat it to my husband. And then, I shared with my husband the video about Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon doing impressions, which was terrific.

I love vests too! Thursday I wore a vest that has a combination of purple, black, and white as its print. I had to laugh because I received three different compliments on it that day. I guess that I will wear that one more frequently!

Can’t wait for the new Christmas ornaments to become available. So glad you had a restful time in PB. With your busy life, you need time to recharge.

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

Bobette Lerner on

Oh I just love your love for your doggies ❤️❤️❤️❤️. My doggies are truly my life. Spell “DOG” backwards, and what do you get???????.

I also love your gift paper of pink and blue… I have the paper and would LOVE to know how to get the wax seal and the matching blue and white string as the final touch!!!???
Thank you for all of your time and efforts in making all of your ideas, pictures and purchasable items! Love it all❤️❤️❤️❤️

Susan K too on

As a breast cancer survivor, I want to sincerely thank you so much for supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I just know we are going to beat this awful disease!

Dominique B on

Tina! I cannot believe that I just spent the weekend with my nephew playing with his new French bull dog puppy and now I’m reading your fabulous blog learning about the Five Frenchie’s! They are absolutely adorable! Too cute for words!

Lucie on

Beautiful as always! And congratulations to Pippa – what a stunning mantle she created with your beautiful pieces!

Jennifer on

Maybe call your winners fans or readers? And not followers? I’m not sure anyone wants to be a follower but we all love to be inspired:). And you do a great job at that!

FiveFabulousFrenchies on

Thank you so much for the lovely mention! You made our happy day even sweeter!?

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