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Hello! We are having the most beautiful fall weather here….finally! I LOVE fall:) Hope you are having a nice weekend, here  we yesterday,  had planned finally to go to northern CT for the fall foliage but the weather did not cooperate,  it was wet, raining and cold. So….hoping to go next weekend, Thankfully it has not peaked yet so I should be OK to wait a week.

Anyway it’s been a cold wet weekend so far but today is supposed to be a beauty. We will be in the city for a good part of it so looking forward to that. The porcelain container came in late Friday (so much beauty, it got my heart racing) we will be busy early this week getting all presale orders out and then will be starting our much anticipated ornament presale on Monday night/Tuesday morning, so be sure to check back! Onto this weeks Seven on Sunday…..



1 MAGNIFICENT MAGNOLIA! Few things say fall decorating as beautifully as magnolia does. And no one does magnolia like Weston Farms, the queen of magnolia. I love the quality of her product as much as I do her wonderful story.

If you are in the market for fresh magnolia, look no further than Weston Farms. Place your order and be assured your magnolia will be cut and sent fresh as is humanly possible.Her prices are amazing and you are getting the best magnolia possible. Love Erin and her wonderful company…tell her Tina sent you:)  Here is a peek as to how I styled mine and click here to visit Weston Farms.

And a beautiful magnolia wreath on my front door for a little touch of fall-



2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many beautiful Instagrams to share this weekend. Definitely one of my favorite parts of my Sunday posts is finding great Instagrams to share with you. This weeks round up definitely has  fall-ish flair and I am liking it!


3 WHITE BARN INN IN VERMONT. We were here years ago and it was such a special place, located in idyllic Kennebunkport, Maine, this is a beautiful inn/hotel particularly  in the fall. If by chance,  you are in the northeast and looking for a special secluded weekend in the country, White Barn Inn is a perfect choice.

I was really hoping to get up there this fall but with our crazy and very hectic schedules, it is not looking  good. I can’t think of a prettier place to get away for the weekend while taking in the majestic fall foliage. Since we are having a hard time finding a weekend where we could revisit White Barn Inn, maybe you can! The restaurant is very special and even if you don’t stay there, maybe consider dinner if you happen to be in that area, it is worth the trip!  Click here to find out more about the White Barn Inn.


4 NEW RECIPE ALERT! With our almost all plant based diet since spring, we are feeling so much healthier and the extra weight loss has been a wonderful perk. I have implemented all kinds of new meals into our eating and created lots of new eating habits.

Though at first, it was difficult to say goodbye to thinks like bread, my favorite snacks, cheese pasta and more I can honestly say I almost never think about nor crave those items. And trust me, coming from me, that is really saying something!

I am always looking out for great recipes that are really tasty and remind me that eating healthy does not mean having to give up good and flavorful foods. I made this and let me tell you this pesto zucchini with shrimp is GOOD. Super tasty and you surely don’t feel like you are depriving yourself.  Click here to visit Diet Hood and get the yummy recipe.


5. MY INCREDIBLE NEW SLAT AND PEPPER  LINE. Oh boy, I nearly fainted when I saw how beautiful these came out. I had this idea for awhile and it’s become a reality!

These beautiful porcelain salt and peppers will come in their own little Enchanted Home white gift box so just perfect for the holiday season and stocking stuffers. There are 2 styles of ginger jars which  will be here sometime around Nov. 22nd and the pagodas will be here mid Dec. They are soooo beautiful, with gorgeous attention to detail. These will surely “make” any table they are used on!!


6. A GREAT FALL/WINTER STAPLE Now that the weather is cooling off (which I love) I am doing a mini closet overhaul and trading my light cottony tops for my favorite sweaters and vests. Found this cashmere blend beauty and just had to treat myself, this is the kind of piece that will live in my closet for a long long time.

This is so up my alley, I wear pieces like this the way some wear coats. To me, this kind of an item is a must have as it is classically elegant, can be dressed up or down and can be layered to your hearts desire. Plus I loooove the color heather gray and the fact that it is “belted”. Click here to find out more.


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY  Today is all about Hurricane Michael. I cannot get over what a catastrophic event this was. It happened so fast it took even many of the residents by surprise as many could not even leave fast enough, cannot imagine that kind of terror and then you throw kids, elderly, pets into the mix and it is so so sad. I listen to the stories and they really weight heavily on you, just a loss that is hard to fully comprehend.

As the pictures, reports, and outright devastation continue to be revealed, my heart sinks a little lower every time. I almost cannot bring myself to see the pictures, it is truly unimaginable to experience that degree of loss. An entire city has been wiped off the map and while human life is really the only thing that truly matters in such cases, to lose everything you have ever owned has got to be unimaginably difficult.  look at the daunting rebuilding process and wonder where do they even start?

I have been turning in a lot lately because I want to help in some small way. I did make a personal donation but I want to do more. I had announced that 10% of this months sale would got BCRF in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month however I am designating the second half of this month to go to this cause as it is so incredibly dire. So here is what I am came up with-

Here is how you can help-

Starting today Oct14th through Oct 31st, I will donate 10% of all shop sales to Matthew 25:Ministries. I read about several organizations to donate to via Charity Navigator (my go to to see who and who not to donate to) and Matthew 25: Ministries is one organization who got 4 stars,  they put into action a very direct, immediate proactive mission and have already done so much in terms of bringing relief, food, necessities into the area. I like that they jumped into action and that 100% of the proceeds will go to that mission.

So whatever we sell  on our online shop for the rest of October, I will donate 10% of those sales to help the victims. To thank you for your support, every sale over $50.00 will get  a shop credit with The Enchanted Home for 10% of their purchase price. (you will get an email confirming your shop credit amount once your sale is received by our office)

This shop credit can be used for a future order/presale order, any kind of order you place with us. The more you spend, the more you will get and the more we will donate to this much needed cause. This is a win/win, we are all helping Florida and the victims and you are getting a little something extra too:) Thank you in advance for your help!

If you are one to help, and we all know even a few dollars can make a difference how do you generally make your donations?

I have since done my homework and went from almost always donating to The Red Cross to Americares, but in this case with a perfect rating for Matthew25: Ministries on Charity Navigator (who evaluates all of these charitable organizations) I deemed the money would best be used donating to them (see below).

As an aside, every time you donate to any organization you really should first visit Charity Navigator to see where your funds go, and how much of them go to the actual relief effort vs things like administrative expenses, you would be surprised. I want one where I know 100% of my money is going to helping the affected people directly and not to pay a secretaries salary.

The donation will be in the name of The Enchanted Home customers. I love that we can do this together!!


And that is a wrap. I appreciate you stopping by today and making TEH part of your Sunday morning routine. It’s like are having a little virtual coffee hour together from all across the world:) And with the way technology is moving at lighting speed, I think one day that just may just be possible:)  Wishing everyone a wonderful day and great end to your weekend, hope the sun is shining and you are enjoying gorgeous fall weather! Until next time………

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