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Good Sunday morning to you! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Here going well, been a busy one and today hoping to head towards northern CT for some long awaited fall foliage viewing. The weather has finally started getting much cooler and I am loving it, any excuse to start wearing my favorite sweaters, vest and boots:) And today might even call for a jacket on top of all that, it is coooold (high in high 40’s)!

A reminder that 10% off all shop sales from Oct 1-Oct 15th are going to BCRF in honor or National Breast Cancer Awareness month and 10% of sales from Oct. 15-Oct 31 will go to Matthew25: Ministries to help the victims from Hurricane Michael.

And last day today to take advantage of all porcelains at 20% off (lots of new added pieces) Click here to see the porcelains and use code “fall”. Let’s get going with this weeks Seven on Sunday-



1. A GREAT WAY TO GET THE NEWS. I found out about “The Week” via my dad who is a serial news buff and a walking encyclopedia:) I love the concept behind this weekly mailer, they recap all the news highlights FROM BOTH SIDES and send it your way, they call themselves a magazine with a “center bias”. Smart!

You can subscribe and get their magazine delivered right to your home or go online.  I like that you are informed from two perspectives then can decipher it as you wish. I think this is a great idea. A few excerpts from their website are below. I like that they have speed reads and 5 things you need to. know now, especially when you want to stay informed but are limited on time.  Click here to see more about The Week.   (Thanks Dad)


2. NEW BOOTS THAT ARE NEW FAVES! I am loving that it’s boot season, we have already had some really chilly days here, 50’s three days in a row, so yes that is when the boots come out of hibernation for me. I need good looking meets comfort. I found both!

Was so excited to find these first pair that I have bought before on a major sale!!! I love boots from La Canadienne, they have kept my toes warm for years. One pair,  I have worn to death and sadly had to part with them end of last season, knowing I wold buy the exact same pair this year.

They run between $235-320 depending on where you get them and for some reason are rarely on sale. Somehow I stumbled across them online at Lord and Taylor where they are almost 50% off !!! I couldn’t believe it, I had to tell you about this deal immediately just in case its a typo, I checked out with two pair faster than you can say ginger jar!:) The warm shearling interior I wear folded down, but they can be worn either way, the lightweight lug sole makes them super light and soooo comfortable.

These are perfect daytime casual boots for the cold months ahead, trust me after wearing them for years, I know! They look nice with pants tucked in or out and are unbelievably warm. I give these an A+! Click here to see them, hope they have your size!


Then I found these beauties for evenings out, just adore them, that bow did me in!  I also like that they have a heel but it’s not too tall, and dressy enough for evenings out, could even see them with dark tights and a skirt,  they should be here by Monday.  Click here to find out more


3. MY PLEATED LAMPSHADE COLLECTION IS HAPPENING! I told you about this a few weeks ago and the response to this was a uniformed “yes”. I am so excited that my first shipment will be here within a few weeks. I am starting with a select number of patterns and colors and doing one size lampshade and one size sconce shade. I will expand with colors, styles and sizes as I “test” these but something tells me i will do really well with these. I know at least 6 will go straight to my house:) Stay tuned!

Here are some of the lampshades (wrapped in plastic) but you get the idea-

 And some of the sconce shades-


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty this weekend, lots of great fall inspiration that will make you fall in love with fall over again. And a few not so fall-ish  instagrams I just couldn’t resist sharing.  So many inspiring pics, such a  fun part of making these posts-


5. A FEW GREAT MOVIES TO TELL YOU ABOUT. The first one,  I just saw and absolutely loved (available to rent on Amazon Prime) and the other just came out and I am supposed to see it this week with a friend. I think Kiera Knightley is so talented and I think the second one looks like a really promising, plus it’s based on a true story about a female entrepreneur way before it was even known what that word meant:)

The first Always at the Carlyle,  I just loved! This incredible and super fascinating documentary about life behind the scenes at the iconic Carlyle Hotel, the one and only. I liked it so much, I watched it twice! Loved the music too, what a great throwback to  much more sophisticated and civilized times. Haven’t enjoyed a documentary this much in a long time.


And this movie,  Collette is my kind of story, I cannot wait to see it, right up my alley in terms of my favorite movie genre (next to documentaries)-


6.  NEW WALLPAPER DISCOVERIES. I love Thibaut and in looking for a new paper for an edesign customer, inadvertently found a few I might like for myself:) Check out these new discoveries below. She loves the combination of greens and blues so we narrowed it down to the batch below.

This first one, I am in love with and have ordered a sample, I love the combination of mossy green with the blue and white….fabulous! Has me dreaming of doing a little “redecorating”. Click here to be wowed by all Thibaut has to offer.

Then she thought she wanted it to feel a little “lighter” so we. have come up with these four finalists which are all stunning but I must say I am still in love with the one above but could easily and happily use any of these five papers to add a special something to a room.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So speaking of wallpaper and decor in general, what do you think is a reasonable amount of time to have decor and/or wallpaper before you think about changing it again? Seven years? Ten? Two, LOL. Curious about what you think, does seven years sound about right?

Maybe the seven year itch applies to decor too lol. Just wondering, had this conversation with someone the other day who wants to change out several things she did a few years ago and she asked me if it was too soon. It was a good question and one I had to really think about. I think there are circumstances that could change my answer largely dependent on a few factors- just how much you dislike what you are living with and of course budget!

I mean seriously life is too short to live with and in something you don’t love, after all a home should be our refuge. Then there is budget, is the change minor and is it doable financially? Is the change a trend or something more classic? Lots of factors I think go into deciding whether or not 7 years is too soon. Your turn to weigh in, this should be interesting!



Thank you for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday mornings, it is fun for me to sit down and work on putting these posts together and I love hearing from you. Wishing everyone a wonderful, relaxing, lazy Sunday (we need more lazy days in our lives with our crazy fast paced world that we live in). Until next time………………

PS Today is the last day to take advantage of 20% off all porcelains, great day to treat yourself to a piece you may have had your eye on! Use code “fall”. Click here for porcelains (subcategories are on left)

PPS Don’t forget to check out the Antica Farmacista flash sale, click here to visit.


  • Our much anticipated new 2018 holiday gift wrap collection will be on sale  along with ribbon and gift toppers, you don’t want to miss it!
  • Trimming the tree and a guideline
  • My first DIY project of the year
  • Which would you choose?




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Eve on

I haven’t gone to the movies in ages, but I think that will change after seeing the trailer for Collette.
I have lived with wallpaper and furnishings for a long time. Good taste never goes out of style. Have changed wallpaper and drapes in my dining room 3 times since 1971. and loved the latest one which I think I will keep forever. Added a lot of blue and white accessories–which look fabulous against the cream/taupe background.
Thank you for another fabulous Seven on Sunday!

Lisa on

Fun post Tina as always. I LOVE those lampshades, cannot wait till you have them for sale. I personally change my decor on a whim. As you said your home should be your refuge and I learned from my mom to make it as inviting and welcoming as possible.
I put up wallpaper in our guest powder room which I was hesitant on, thought it might be too busy. Well I was right and after trying to fall in love with it after a year, I finally had it replaced. It was a $2500 mistake but now I love what I have and do not regret my decision. Thanks for telling me about The Week, sounds like a great source for daily news. PS The bow boots are so beautiful!

Morgan on

Your blogs are so much better and way more uplifting that our local paper!!
Both movies look so good, thank you for the heads up. Lamp shades are great, think you will do very well with those.

Donna C on

Thank you for the movie trailers. Looking forward to seeing both. Can’t wait for the lamp/sconce shades to be available. Adore them!! And thhose wallpaper samples!

Kirsten Tadlaoui on

Hello Tina,

Just about every day I look forward to seeing what beautiful things you will be showing and also just about
every day I have a discussion with myself about the fact that I really should NOT buy any more blue and white or anything else for that matter! I have reached a stage in my life when I ought to start getting rid of stuff not the opposite.
Today I saw the adorable black suede booties with the crystal bow and I am so terribly tempted to get them so I am arguing the pro and cons – we shall see who wins…….
I also have been wanting to tell you how I admire your wonderful taste and energy – I am in awe. I send you all my best wishes for a continued long, healthy and happy blue/white life.
Kirsten T.

Katie Clooney on

OMG! OMG! OMG! Thank you so much, dear Tina, for the Instagram mention!! I am so flattered!!! I just got off the phone the phone with Sista. I told her about the Carlyle film. Her in-laws had an apartment steps away from it and spent lots of time there.
Collette looks like a great movie, as well. Hope you have lots of fun in Conn. doing some leaf peeping! Again, many thanks and have a fabulous week. xx

Barbara on

Three years ago I changed the decor in my living room and dining room which had been the same for about 20 years. Yellow silk curtains, yellow antiqued walls, chinoiserie chintz on a yellow ground and solid moss green upholstery. Changed to everything white linen, solid pale blue upholstery on several pieces and chocolate walls. After one year, hated it!!! Left the chocolate walls and white linen but added lots of blue/white in porcelain pieces, blue/white linen patterns for pillows and accents of pale blue in trims. Now I’m happy and discovered my husband hated it as well so he was also happy I changed it. Life is too short.

Phoebe S. on

The lamp shades are so beautiful. Cannot wait till they arrive, I have a few lamps that could use a makeover. I am all about loving where you live too so don’t think you should put a timetable on when to change things, as you said life is short, you need to enjoy and love the space that you share with your family. I am always editing and adding/taking away!

In love with the bow boots, may need to treat myself to an early birthday gift!

Diana on

Hi Tina
Being a long time follower of your blog, I just had to write and say thank you. Your current blogs have been invaluable , as we leave from Australia tomorrow for New York, you have given me an update on weather, restaurants ,(can’t wait to taste that artichoke salad from Cipriani !) shopping and what to do in NY. Your blogs read as if we are part of your family and I love your generosity of heart .

Katie Ann Alosi on

I love Seven on a Sunday! You have really outdone yourself this time! Thank you for all you share with us and thank your dad too!

Charlene on

I love finding your “Enchanted” site and look forward to enjoying more of your offerings?

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