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**added this morning  Hi friends, I have to say that my heart is heavy this morning as I along, with every other American grieve with the families and loved ones of the massacre in Pittsburgh yesterday. I try to see how/why could someone be so filled with hate to do what he did, yet there is no understanding, just fear for the direction our country is heading in. It a very frightening time and makes me tear up thinking of the world we are leaving to our children. I will keep all those who were in any way impacted by this tragedy in my thoughts and prayers and hope you will too. We can never give up hoping for a world that is once again filled with peace, hope and kindness. I will not stop believing we can get there.

Hello and happy Sunday morning friends! Well by the time you are reading this I should be happily settled into PB again and have my posts lined up this week so hopefully everything will happen on time.  I am looking forward to some time off spent with girlfriends, long overdue and celebrating a dear friends birthday. Prepared this in advance so hope it posts on time! Here we go-



1 A DUET MADE IN HEAVEN. We had the good fortune about 8 years ago of seeing Andrea Boccelli in concert, every song made the hair on my arms stand up, what a powerhouse. It was an incredible concert and amazing to be witness to a voice that can only be described as that of an angel.

When I though there was no way to top that, out comes this duet with his son, and it kind of left me speechless.  Talk about double the pleasure….they are simply amazing. If you haven’t seen/heard this you must!! Brings the best kinds of chills especially when Andrea joins in….can’t see this enough! Play it and enjoy the background music as you read the rest of my post:)

Is there anything Andrea cannot sing? I then found this duet with talented Ed Sheehan and wow another incredible duet! This is a very sweet video to watch-


2 A BABY NURSERY IN THE WORKS One of my design jobs we are working on is a nursery, and I am so excited!! I just love this part…is there anything sweeter than designing a nursery? And on top of that it’s a girls nursery, one thing I did not get to do with three boys:)

So we are having such fun…they wanted it originally to be gender neutral however we have slowly swayed towards making it more “girly” and why not, it’s such a special time and occasion to really make a beautiful room for a sweet baby girl. Here are a few of our concepts so far……we are just staring but loving the direction we are going in……




3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many good ones this week, a few that made. me literally laugh out loud and were just too good to not share!

But my fave this week has to be this one….a “useful” tip if at any point during the holidays you are feeling tired and need a break from your guests, NyQuil to the rescue haha too funny!


4 BEST FALL MOVIES. If you love fall as much as I do, then you know that feeling when you settle into a really great movie that happens to be filmed during the majestic season of fall.

Here are a few of my personal faves that showcase fall foliage at it’s best and incidentally are really good movies! Do you have a favorite movie that shows autumn in its most beautiful light? Please share, I can’t get enough of movies filmed in the fall!!


5. HAS ANYONE TRIED FILLERINA YET? I just ordered this at the suggestion of a friend who is really into skincare and is my personal “go to” person when I need to ask her just about anything about skincare. She said this is the next best thing to going to a dermatologist and getting botox. I. knew it was a matter of time before things like fillers, and those with hydraulic acids would make their way into products you can buy and do at home vs having to go to a dermatologist.

Since I am a scaredy cat at trying botox however tempted I might be, this is very appealing. I called Neiman Marcus first and was told if it did not agree with my skin or I didn’t like it I could return it so I went for it. Hopefully will have it in a week or so, will be sure to update you. Curious if anyone else has tried it? Definitely looks promising and I promise after I have used it for the 14 day period, I will be reporting back! Click. here for more info. (I got the grade 3 FYI)


6. A BLACKBERRY FARM DREAM FAMILY RETREAT! I can’t believe I still have not been here!! I am dying to go and hopefully will in the next year, wish it was easier to get to:) But anyone I do know who has been said it does not disappoint and is a dreamy place to get away and unplug (also added it has my name all over it) 🙂

Probably similar to the way I feel about PB, this is Tennessee’s  answer to that increasing need to get away and decompress. This family retreat is about as pretty as a family retreat can get…gorgeous! Click here to see the rest at Traditional Home.




7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY The other day I got not one but two beautifully written thank you cards and that little gesture. made me so happy. I was happy to see that that time honored art is not totally gone, and in a world of texting and communication via our devices, it was a such a treat to see the personal touch of a handwritten correspondence.

I still do this myself, maybe not as punctually as I once did but I still take great pleasure in sitting down and getting out my beautiful stationery and expressing my thoughts. And you? Do you still or have you ever handwritten thank you’s or do you prefer the more modern way of email or text?



That wraps things up for this Sunday. Love hearing from you so let me know if anything got your attention this Sunday. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and a great and relaxing end to your weekend. Until next time…….

PS Last day to take 20% off all silver and that includes all our new arrivals and restocking of some of our best selling pieces! Great timing as the holiday season is not so far away. Click here to see the silver.

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Bajangirl on

Simply wonderful duet..

Amanda on

Too much to comment on! I loved the singing videos- both we saw Ed Sheehan in concert about 2 years ago, not only a great singer but seems like such a grounded person. Love your nursery designs! Makes me wish I was having another baby haha.

Tina I also love fall movies and When Harry met Sally might be my all time favorite, such a classic! Thank you acknowledging the victims from the synagogue shooing. The is a time for our country to unite and put our differences aside. What a sad day it was.

Carol on

Another perfect Sunday post. So much better than any magazine or newspaper! Thank you for this, always the highlight of my Sunday mornings.

Peggy on

What a great Seven on Sunday today. I can’t wait to take my granddaughters to see Nutcracker, The Four Realms and hear the song, Fall On Me. What a beautiful song and who doesn’t love Andrea Bocceilli’s wonderful voice? And, it was so interesting to watch the video with Ed Sheeran and the Bocceilli family. The love in that room for each other and the music was so powerful.

The Instagram pics were beautiful, but the best was the NyQuil being poured into the cherry pie. Too funny! I wonder if that really works?

Have a great week with your girlfriends in PB; how could you not? Hopefully, you will still see some beautiful foliage and just decompress from your super busy life. Enjoy!

Sharon Simms on

Thank you for sharing these incredibly beautiful music videos!

Kem Moran on

Good morning! I miss receiving Tina’s wonderful blog. Could you please add my email to the list again. I goggled to find it this past week. Many thanks!!!

Elizabeth Jones on

HI: Ordinary People is a great Fall movie!

JK on

Lovely post as always. Always look forward to Seven on Sunday.
One thing tho….I believe Blackberry Farm is in East Tennessee. Would not matter where it is it is a fabulous place….

Deborah on

Just wanted to tell you that I saw your beautiful ad in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. It was outstanding!

Roxanne W on

Loved seeing in your poll that thank you notes are alive and well! I write them often and so enjoy receiving them!

Susan K too on

Great movies with Autumn scenes: Good Will Hunting, Scent of a Woman, You’ve Got Mail, and Big.

Jeannie on

So much good stuff today! Loved it all, except for the very sad news of yesterday. My favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail. It starts off in the fall, so that counts! Happy Sunday ?

Diane Devine on

I like your style so please put me on your list and subscribe me to receiving your blog . Thank you, Diane Devine

Donna Scully on

Buy beautiful Thank You notes as gifts to encourage people to send them……….

I personally love them and try to find hand made ones…………just that extra touch that melts my heart.

Deanna on

The duets with Andrea Boccelli are just WOW! Cried because they are so beautiful. Thank you. What a gift you gave me today….

Alice Genzlinger on

First let me say if you don’t belong to JESUS you’ll belong to anything.
Second, I look forward to your post knowing I will find something in it to excite me and to get my juices flowing.
Third, and knowing JESUS has to come first in my life, Andrea Bocellis’ singing makes me have chill bumps and I’m sure my hair stands on end. Maybe not but if it could it would. Thank you SOOO much for sharing. It’s a forever keeper.

Charlene on

I share your love of Andrea Bocceilli and Mateo, along with Ed Sheehan!
Blackberry Farm would be a welcome respite?I enjoyed all your posts this Sunday and am praying as well for the tragedy in PA???

Yolanda on

Very nice post as usual- especially appreciative of the duet! Sad time in our country” the land of the free…”

Elizabeth on

I love your designs for the nursery, especially the colorful toile wallpaper! The video with Andrea Bocelli is fabulous, I have seen hime on concert a few times and have loved him every time. I hope that you have a great time in PB.

Marge K. on

I absolutely loved everything in this post! It really made my day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I needed to tell you that!
Prayers and love to all the people in Pittsburgh and to all those who are hurting and need to feel loved. It begins with each of us.

Donna D on

Thank you for not making yet something else “gender neutral”. These days most people know if they are having a boy or girl well ahead of time. I am troubled by all this gender-neutral business. Specific genders are meant to complement one another and should not be viewed as something to be eradicated. We have one of each and believe me, there are differences that should not be suppressed with some new ideology of equality by neutrality. Bravo for going pink for girls!

Carol on

Loving the nursery! Video with Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran is one of my favorites. I have played over and over, still learning all of the words (Italian).

TheVelvetPug on

Blackberry Farm is perfection! It’s not hard to get to at all. Non-stop from Newark on United to Knoxville’s McGhee Tyson airport, which is only 30 minutes or so from BBF. They’ll even pick you up. Do go! You won’t be sorry.

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