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Hi friends! You can thank me later for this introduction. I have a great new resource for perfumes and gifts and what makes them really special is their significantly discounted prices on all your favorite name brands of perfumes, mens and women. . I have bought from them several times and it’s been a flawless experience each time.

With the holidays just around the corner, this is the perfect time of year to get to know Maxaroma. I already am working on a potential gift list myself and always find that when in doubt, give perfume or cologne:) Who doesn’t love getting a new fragrance! I have included a few of my personal favorites that are perfumes I use regularly as well as a few I would love to try. Your turn to choose your three faves-




CHOICE 1 LOVE this fragrance and have worn it for years. The soft scent of roses mixed with a powdery blend is sublime. I always get compliments when I wear it….a really beautiful fragrance that has staying power. Click here

CHOICE 2 They even have Creed fragrances which are really special and are an amazing gift idea. My husband wears this cologne on occasion, it is very masculine with cedarwood notes, a beautiful mens fragrance that is discounted about 40% click here


CHOICE 3 This was “my fragrance” for years and years. In fact doing this post I decided to order myself a bottle, this one really agrees with me, it is a soft floral and powdery. A very feminine fragrance, bringing back a blast from my past. I remember really liking this because it lasted morning to night. Click here

CHOICE 4 Gave this scent a few years ago to my dad for Christmas and he loved it and has worn it since. Cinnamon, tobacco and mandarin make up this really woodsy/masculine scent. Great gift box for holiday giving. Click here

CHOICE 5 I just got a sample of this and it is so my kind of fragrance, it has a musky fruity scent and is really beautiful. I am definitely ordering this as a fall scent, click here

CHOICE 6  If you like a really musky/powdery scent this is for you. I actually won this as part of a gift basket years ago and have to say I actually really liked it. I love powdery/,musky scents, this one is also super reasonable (extra points for pretty bottle)! Click here

CHOICE 7 A beautiful gift set for the upcoming holidays, all gift sets are discounted considerably, click here

CHOICE 8 I have not tried this but a good friend wears this as her “signature fragrance” and it smells sooo good on her, I associate her with this loverly scent, click here

CHOICE 9 And because we are not forgetting about the men in our lives, how about this wonderful gift box of one of my husbands favorite fragrances! Click here

CHOICE 10 I know someone who will be getting this favorite fragrance of theirs under the tree, click here

CHOICE 11 This brings back good memories I wore this incredible scent for many many years, it is heavenly! Click here

CHOICE 12  Carolina Herrera makes great scents, and I think particularly her mens fragrances are especially nice,  this is a wonderful musky masculine scent, click here

CHOICE 13 This is a beautiful mens fragrance, very masculine and unmistakable. I think any men would love to receive a bottle of this elegant fragrance this holiday season. Click here

CHOICE 14 They are more than just fragrance! They have skincare and makeup too. I was thrilled to see my all time most favorite body lotion from L’Occitane is there and greatly discounted too! LOVE this product. Click here



One lucky reader will win a bottle of perfume or cologne! Just visit Maxaroma by clicking here, come back and tell us a fragrance you would love to try.

Also for all Enchanted Home readers, Maxaroma has offered a discount code,  to get an extra 10% off of their already discounted prices off any purchase,  it’s a win/win! Use code “enchantedhome10” . Click here to visit Maxaroma

PS Through Sat. ALL colored ornaments (red, green and gold) ornaments are a whopping 35% off. Click here to see all ornaments (they are divided by categories on the left).




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Sandy W on

There are lots of fragrances to choose from, but there a a couple of Vera Wang ones that look nice.

Eileen A on

You are making me rethink fragrances. I tend not to wear fragrances because of being in exercise classes and not wanting to offend anyone. Beautiful items!

Kelli Williams on

I have a Creed fragrance I wear now. I’d love to try Creed Blanc! The name sounds crisp and clean.

Melissa Marsden on

Yvette Saint Laurent’s Black Opium is my favorite.

Susan K on

I would like to try the velvet rose fragrance by dolce and gabbana.

Deri on

I am going to order Jessica McClintock and Happy (Clinique) for women. Thank you for letting us know about this website!

Franki on

I’m a “Cashmere Mist” kinda gal…traditional and mysterious. franki

Sherry S on

Valentino for sure.

Laurene P. on

I wore the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist for years, so soft and feminine! Would love to try the Prada fragrance!

Kathy on

Hi Tina! I have never tried it, but trust your judgment, so I would give Splendida a try. I’m ready for a new fragrance! Have a great day!

Gay Dean Lundin on

What a way to try more higher end scents, you are always thinking of us!

Alissa S on

I was excited to see they have my favorite fragrance by Annick Goutal, and it would also be nice to find a new fragrance for my husband-maybe one of he Aqua di Parma scents.

Elizabeth on

Love Coco by Chanel. But, really would love to try Bvlgari. Sounds like it is a gorgeous fragrance.

Lynne on

That is a great site to know about for future gifts. I love that they carry Narciso Rodriguez.
Maybe Santa is listening.

Joy Searles on

They carry my all-time favorite, Burberry London. Think I’ll treat myself today!

Eve on

Thank you for introducing to Maxaroma. I would love to try L’Occitare

Rachel on

Hi Tina! I am always on the hunt for a new perfume I have not found the one yet! Maybe I never will I love trying new scents. I currently wear L’heure Blue by Guerlain it is so interesting something vintage but modern at the same time. It has a suntan lotion smell that I love to it. Prada La Femme is something I will like I am sure also. I also heard that Egoiste is divine on women. Thanks Tina, you are great!

Linda on

Cashmere Mist is a wonderful fragrance and one I would order.
Linda O.

d gray on

I would buy Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea!!!

Pat Burdette on

Would like to try Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty. Sounds lite and clean.

Regina on

I would get my fav, original Bvlgari. But would love to try the Spendida.

Susan Pavone on

Woman by Ralph Lauren is calling my name! Love your website!

Dana Munoz on

Creed Green Irish Tweed for my husband’s birthday! ❤️

Megan Bobbitt on

Thank you for introducing us to this great site! Would love to purchase one of the gift sets.

Tim on

The Acquaintance Di Parma (#9) looks great.

marica on

What a great way to find some of my favorites! the Ange ou Demon le Secret by Givenchy is an absolute favorite of mine!

Ann K. on

Great prices! I see my favorite, Poison by Dior.

Linda S. on

Joy from John Patou has always been my favorite. It’s good to see they have the perfume along with the eau de toilette spray.

Charlene on

Would love to try this lovely lotion💙

Brenda on

I have worn Cashmere Mist for many years! So soft and delicate! I would love to try the Valentino! Thanks for introducing us to this website!

Tempie on

I wore My Sin by Lanvin until it was no longer available. I have one of the small spray bottles still. It is in a beautiful black leather box and I use as pars of a display along with a small French dictionary. Also love Cashmere.

Mary T on

So many lovely fragrances, I would love to try Tory Burch

Lisa S on

I would love to try Gucci Bamboo for women.

Rachael W on

I would love to try Gucci Bloom. I am a big fan of white floral fragrances!

Sally Bremer on

If I were to order one it would definitely be the Nuits de Noho by Bond no 9. I have worn it before and it is luscious. I always got compliments and it has great staying power. Thanks for all you do for us Tina!

Susan K too on

I used to wear Herrera by Carolina Herrera and should really start wearing it again – very feminine and light, lovely all day or night!



Janet Masterson on

I have been using Creed Love in White for years. But there are so many others whose fragrances appeal to me.

Jennifer S on

I would like to try the L’Occitane body lotion. With winter approaching, I may need this!

Bonnie G. on

The choices are overwhelming but I would like to try Lolita Lempika. Years ago I used Hermes Caleche so I would like to try that once more! Thank you for sharing.

Donna A. on

Would like to try Cafe Rose by Tom Ford. The fragrance notes sound right up my alley.

Anne on

I would like to try Modern Princess by Lanvin.

Gayle Eales on

I like Issey Miyake…it is light and I can’t wear heavy perfumes… Thanks for the website!!!

Anne on

After I made my earlier comment, I went back to the site and did more exploring. One item I regularly buy was a full $30 cheaper than what I normally pay. Thank you so much for showing us this website! Great prices and the website was easy to navigate. I had already made a purchase. Thank you!

Vivian walker on

Love getting my son a new perfume every year

Riva Grant on

I would like to try the L”Occitane body lotion because it is toxin free.

Barbara Morris on

Chanel No 5 anything, and especially love the body cream……just wonderful.

Jeanne on

I would love to try Item 1 Splendida and L’Occitone

Dotti on

I like Modern Princess by Lanvin and their prices look good!

Ayesha on

I would like to try Le Jardin De Monsieur Li by Hermes. I have another perfume by Hermes and love it!

Natalie H on

Would love BonBon but Viktor & Rolf

Marilyn on

I love the Jean Nate After Body Splash. Thank You for the giveaway.

Ccchintz on

WHAt no Chanel! Actually I adore French fragrance, period. I take my perfume seriously never an after thought

pBradyB on

I’d love to try the L’Occitane lotion!

Ayra on


Tina O on

I would love to try Hermès Twilly!!

Peggy Bryant on

HI Tina, I would try Poison but Dior.

Debbie on

Cashmere Mist sounds intriguing! Love to try it.

Emily Capps on

I would love to try the Prada. Sounds great!

Mary Lu Belote on

I am really drawn to the Bvlgari Spendida Rose Rose that you have worn and love. Thanks for the discount code!!

Suzan Seamans on

I would love to try Lilac Love by Amouage! The floral notes combined with cacao and vanilla sound devine!

Arlyn on

Oh I would love to try a new scent! The Bulgari Splendida sounds right up my alley. People always comment on my perfume. Just about out of my favorites and could use a new bottle!!!! Thanks for the new resource Tina!

Tameka on

Byredo Gypsy Water

Leslie Rainer on

I see my favorite, Aromatics Elixir. I have loved it for 30+ years!❤️❤️

cheryl on

Quite a website! so much more than fragrances! I would like to try a bulgari fragrance

Randi J Cook on

Light Blue Dolce & Gabanna

Peggy on

I have never worn Chanel No. 5 and would love to try it. Love this website and their prices.

Leanne on

Jardins de Bagatelle!

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