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Hello! Getting back in the saddle after spending several wonderful days in PB. It was so nice but there was a lot waiting for me here and it’s back to work, rolling up my sleeves and getting ready to become a holiday elf in anticipation of the bustling holiday season!

It’s been a really chilly weekend but a good one mixed in with a fair amount of both work and play. Last night was super windy and in the 30’s, even my winter coat didn’t feel like enough and suddenly I am realizing I am not ready for winter afterall. Had a great day all to myself yesterday and it was sooooo relaxing. I don’t remember the last time I had a chunk of time like that to do as I please so I spent it sprucing things up around here, even baking my first mini apple pies (and this is me, so not a baker)!

I feel the ring of the holiday buzz getting louder and know there are many busy nonstop weeks ahead so savoring the down time on the weekends when I get it:) Hope you are having a great weekend, let’s get started with this weeks Seven on Sunday…..


1 PRECIOUS PET GIFT GIVING IDEAS! Need some holiday gift ideas for your beloved pet? Check out these stylish ideas. I will soon be starting a post once a week featuring gift guides for various people in our families leading up to the holidays, as much to help me as to hopefully help you:)

This darling blue and white pet bed is too cute. Perfect for any blue and white loving dog! Click here to see

My blue and white pagoda dog bowls, available in 2 sizes- what dog wouldn’t feel extra pampered getting his/her meals served on these! Click here for more info

If I had a dog, this is the first outfit I would buy! This is too cool and so stinking cute…what dog wouldn’t have a new pep in his step, click here for more info

And maybe saving the best for last! Our new pagoda dog beds *due here in about 2 weeks but they are now available for presale, click here to see!

2. NEW RECIPE ALERT! I ate a delicious Greek inspired quinoa salad while in PB and now that I have found this incredible recipe for a low fat/low carb version I was so excited. I tried it immediately and it was love at first bite. This will quickly become a weekly regular meal.

SO good and for those who would not deem this as a “meal” (such as my husband) it could be an excellent side dish with fish or chicken.  Click here to visit One Lovely Life for a how to video and more pictures…so good!

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever at a loss of a  plethora of gorgeous and inspiring Instagrams to share with you, here is this weeks round up, love bringing you the best of the best (in my eyes)-

4. A NEW COAT AND NEW BOOTS FOR A NEW SEASON Every year I but myself one or two jackets/ coats. Since winters are long here in NY and I believe in quality which lasts over the long haul, I have no problem getting something I love. A testament to this philosophy is my closet which has some coats as old as 15-20 years that I still love and thanks to my new healthier eating, can still fit into!

So I just ordered both of these items below. I got the boots which I love and will see how the coat fits though I am hopeful:) This first coat is such a classic and looks as warm as it does soft and cozy. Pus I love this color and length. Great collar too…this is a definite “me” coat! Click here to find out more

And how cute are these boots- I am generally shy about wearing leopard but like a small touch, so with an all black outfit I think these boots could be fun, and love the way they look with the coat. I don’t need you to tell you how many ways black boots can be worn! You know I love a bow accent, they add a feminine and elegant touch to anything they are used on in my opinion. Best part, they are on sale!

Click here for leopard and  click here for black

5. WHAT AN INSPIRING STORY! With such a divided nation, these are turbulent times for our country. It makes me sad to think about the world we are leaving behind for our children. I always say it, they will never know the innocence we knew and yes I am aware that there were other problems of a differnt sort in different eras but I can only speak to what I experienced growing up vs the way things are now.

I love inspiring stories and this one about how an immigrant in a southern town turned both people and his community around and is now a beloved community champion  put a smile on my face and if you read it, I think it will put one on yours too. I wish the news would spend more time sharing these kinds of stories, maybe we would all catch the “pay it forward” fever. Click here to read this heart warming story.

6. FALL AROUND HERE By now you know how much I love fall, by far my favorite season. However with Teddy gone, it definitely feels like something is missing. He was almost always present in my fall pictures and I miss him more than ever. His beautiful golden coat fit in beautifully with the backdrop of falls majestic colors. He is with me in spirit:) The foliage is past peak and cannot believe I missed it at peak while I was in PB.  Here are a few snapshots taken around the house and yard-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So most of you know I introduced my beautiful blue and white bunny collection a few months ago. They came in early summer, we missed the spring/Easter season but amazingly have still sold so many, proof that these can be year round!

I am considering adding two new bunnies to this collection and would love your opinion. The idea is to add one or two every spring, same idea as the pumpkins to add one or two new styles to the pumpkin family every fall. Would love your take!


That is it for this Sunday, anything here excite you or get your attention? Would love to hear about it. Wishing everyone a beautiful fall day and nice end to your weekend. Until next time……….

PS Many have emailed about our new ornaments and holiday giftwrap collection, they are now online to purchase and will be here in about 2-3 weeks. Click here to see all of the beautiful new items in this collection

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Leslie Huff on

Your posts just make me happy!!

Elizabeth Kelly on

Look forward to reading your entries. Calming time to read with a cup of tea… and white tea cup.🌷

Nancy on

Another beautiful post! Love your new pet bed and thanks for the quinoa recipe, may try it today. The story you shared was heartwarming and shows what makes America such a great country- very inspiring.

Lisa on

Love all your posts but my favorite is sitting down Sunday morning after my husband leaves with my kids for their games and reading every word. Love that you include a great mix of ideas,adore the boots and the owner of the falafel house story is touching and warms my heart!
Thanks for thinking about the pets,I know you miss sweet Teddy maybe one of those new pagoda beds is waiting for a new 🐶?

Celia Becker @ on

Happy Sunday! I always have trouble transitioning from Summer to Fall to Winter too. The fact that you live in such a beautiful place where fall is so stunning must help. Made your Caesar Salad Dressing two times this week to rave reviews. Thank you for a great addition to my recipe collection.

Julio S Muao on

Great post Tina! Love the ornaments and wrapping papers. Cannot wait to start Christmas decorating. Happy Veterans Day,

Grace on

Love you’re dog bowls💙 My dogs scoot the bowl around. Have you ever thought of doing them in melamine?

Lynn on

Hi, First, I love your blog and am a faithful reader. But you have touched on a topic I would like to comment upon. When you write about the innocence you knew as a child – I am older than you, but when I was in junior high/high school and later, these things happened: Our men (mainly teenagers) were dying in the Viet Nam war, the Bay of Pigs scare, John F. Kennedy was shot, Robert Kennedy was shot, James Brady was shot, President Reagan was shot, Parts of Washington, D.C., burned, Kent State shootings occurred, later John Lennon was shot. When I was about your age, the horrific 9/11 occurred. This is just off the top of my head, but I just don’t recall years of ‘innocence.’

Anyway, thank you for always delivering posts that are interesting and beautiful.

leigh on

Thank you SO MUCH Tina for highlighting Yassin’s story on your blog today. I am from Knoxville, TN and his story inspired our entire town as well as so many others in America! It is a story of great inspiration , love and generosity. He and his family are absolute gems! I love that he put his philosophy sign on his restaurant wall! It should be a motto for all of us!….Yassin’s Falafel House is Readers’s Digest’s Nicest Place in America….When you read it, you can see why….you will be inspired and hopeful for all of us as well! Thanks again so much for including him in your Seven On Sunday blog!!!

Cathy Rudd on

Gas lanterns would look lovely on either side of your gates!

Alice Genzlinger on

Loved the story. JESUS said “love one another”. Love will conquer hate when practiced. Wanted all of the Golden puppies. Glad I’m not in charge of your leaves as I was when I was a young adult at home.

Teresa Hatfield on

I love seeing the pictures of Teddy!
Everything is beautiful, as always.

Piper B on

Tomorrow I’m starting my second week of Fillerina with no noticeable change. I’m curious what your thoughts are so far, Tina? I’m calling Neimans tomorrow to see about a refund. Just alerting them to the chance I may be a very unsatisfied customer. For the same price, I should have gone for one Botox area. We’ll see.

Jo Shafer on

Ahhhhh…………beautiful fall!!!! I’m glad to see you’re not in a terrible rush to get rid of your fallen leaves. Last month, I hired a landscaping company to finish up end-of-season garden clean-up, never realizing this company’s view of mulching the beds with leaves was “not standard.” Horrors! Everything blown into tarps and hauled away before I could stop the workers. Oh, well.

Nancy Brantley on

Love seeing your Fall pictures with your Gorgeous home! Did you custom build/ plan your home? Would love seeing interior? Miss seeing Teddy also. I live in NC and don’t like cold weather either….can’t imagine living up north!

Ann Marie on

Your posts are always full of information on decorating and style. I enjoy them immensely.
You mentioned ‘turbulent times’. Well, history is full of turbulent times. This weekend we are commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI… So many families were affected by that war. WWII was a time in history when we (and much of the world) didn’t know whether we would be living in freedom or under the thumb of totalitarianism.. But they fought. They recognized what was at stake.
I fear many people today quickly back down against groups which would take their freedom away; a ‘peace at any cost’ mentality.
I read your blog to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day and to take a breather from the daily goings on in life… Thanks for all the effort you put into it.

Peggy Thal on

Great post! Recipe sounds so yummy. Still love seeing photos of your Teddy. He was a special guy. ❤️

Heather on

What a beautiful story on the falafel house. “When you break bread, you break hate.” Words to live by! Love seeing pics of the Goldens (miss your Teddy). We lost our boy on September 11 this year, the day we had to evacuate for Florence. Our younger Golden misses her big brother. Thanks for this post, it makes me happy!

PS, I ordered the Sofia coat several weeks ago. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down enough here in Wilmington so that I can wear it.

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