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Hello and happy weekend! As we are all preparing for the very busy holiday season, I know many of us are already starting to panic a little over the quandary we face every holiday season…..the dreaded  “what do I get him/her”?  So I thought it might be fun and helpful to include some ideas that I have been tossing around about what to get certain people and even the pets in our lives.

From siblings to kids to parents and spouses, some of us only give to a chosen few and others have much longer lists. I am going to break this into parts with each part focusing on a different recipient. Today is all about adult kids, and some unique ideas on what to give. In today’s time, let’s face it- most of them are buying what they want when they want it. . It’s called instant gratification and it’s not always a great thing but it’s what it is and a part of the reality we live in (thank you internet). And no, they do not want ginger jars or pagodas for Christmas lol

So that is when to me, finding something really unusual/unique feels like a big victory and I have actually found a few really unique ideas. Since I know my boys do not read my blog (as in ever) I have no worries about letting out any secrets! So here are my ideas for adult children…….




1. Wine club- So this idea came about as my oldest son has gotten into wine. I love it because it’s a sure sign that he really is maturing and I love seeing him enjoying and tasting new wines, even “educating” my husband and I on certain vintages or new wineries that he has learned about. In fact when we go out to dinner as a family, he is our “go to” in house family wine connoisseur!

So……I was so excited when I thought of the idea of giving him a year of wine. I am gifting him a one year gift to a wine club, where he will receive a certain amount of bottles every three months. I chose the winery, Archery Summit (click here to see more) because he loves Cabernets and has raved on and on about what Oregon is doing, plus their cabs get super high marks as per a friend who is himself a pretty serious wine drinker.  I am so excited over this gift as I know he will be just thrilled. This is not only unique but something that will keep on giving throughout the year. He will be forced to think of his dear mom, who came up with such a clever gift idea:)


2. Photo art- We all have pictures we treasure. Whether its a group vacation shot, a picture with a loved one, maybe of a pet, there are certain pictures we just love and cherish. What could be cooler than having that treasured picture blown up into a huge gallery style piece of art. For my other son, who has an incredible picture of him skateboarding (taken professionally), this is going to be a hit. The picture itself is incredible so seeing it on a huge gallery canvas is going to be amazing. I am having that picture made into a piece of gallery art. I think he is, no make that, I know he is going to love it. It will surely put a smile on his face. There are many sites that do it but I am using Elephant Stock (click here)  as I love the five panel canvas art format and think the picture will work really well for this kind of layout. Can’t wait to get it back!


3. LessonsWe all no matter age have dreamed about maybe dancing, singing, tennis or some kind of lesson. You are never too old to learn. And whether it’s gifting a series of lessons or maybe even a class to a loved one, I think this is not only unique but a perfect excuse to actually get out there and try something instead of talking about it! All three of my boys will be the recipient of this gift. There are things that I. know they enjoy or have enjoyed, and the gift of lessons is going to give them that chance to rediscover something they loved or have been interested in!


4.- Food/meals gift club card- So it is safe to say nearly all adult children are either working or are in school. Most live on their own and we all know eating out can eventually get old and it is expensive. I love the idea of gifting them x amount of months to a food/meals kit club which happen to be really popular right now.  I have heard a lot of good things about Hello Fresh so am gifting my son who commutes from the city (and spends lots of time in traffic) a 3 month card of meals to Hello Fresh (click here to find out more).

I know he will love this, he likes going out on the weekends but prefers eating at home on weekdays. This will be a Godsend and so convenient. One less thing to thing about, plus he is getting a healthy, nutritious, thought out meal….I know it will be a hit! Maybe even next best thing to mom’s homemade cooking:)



So, what do you think? I am actually quite excited to have four gifts checked off my list and they are all things that I know they will enjoy and use, they are practical, unique and they will be forced to think of me all year long…! Next Saturday will be a gift post on what to give our parents, always tricky.

But my theme,  if there is one this year, is unique but utilitarian. I am determined to make it happen and figured it might be fun to do this together! Welcome to your ideas too……knowledge is power.  One of the many things I love about the blogging community is the sharing of information, it is amazing to be able to share ideas and resources on such a vast level. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and great weekend. Until next time…..

PS Reminder the incredible mega porcelain pre sale is on (arriving first week of Dec) perfect timing for holiday gift giving. The sale ends tomorrow and be sure to throw your name in the hat for a wonderful porcelain giveaway (announcing winner tomorrow). Click here to visit



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Fran W. on

I always worry over what to give my adult son and his girlfriend. Now, I have some wonderful ideas!

Peggy Mae on

My daughter who is single loves Hello Fresh. After a long day of teaching 9th grade history she loves to come home and have a home cooked meal that is quick and easy to put together and she has leftovers for lunch.

Katherine on

Just an idea…as I’m an older adult, married with 4 children and 10 “grands,” gifts hubs and I like are books and good restaurant gift cards. Sometimes the kids get clues from me like a certain brand of cosmetic….or cooking specialties like a fine balsamic vinegar or olive oil. Hope this helps some of you for “parent ideas”

Jane on

These are fabulous ideas, and thank you so much!! One of my favorite posts ever!!

Ann on

Love this!! What a good idea for a post. Thank you Tina. You just saved me! My daughter would LOVE both the wine club idea (she works in hospitality and also has developed an interest in wine) and the photo canvas idea. She just got engaged and one of her engagement pictures would be so beautiful on one of those. THANK YOU!!

LISA G. on

Such excellent ideas and way better than a sweater or scarf haha

JoAnn on

I’ve given my adult children tickets to the theatre for a play they would like to see. As my son told me – gifts should be consumable not “things.”

Phyllis on

Great ideas. I am in such a rut about many people on my list. I look forward to the rest of your posts. Love especially the lessons idea and food club ideas. My son just graduated and working his first “adult” job in San Francisco, he comes home exhausted and sometimes eats a bowl of cereal. The Hello Fresh idea is fantastic! I am going to copy you, thank you Tina.

Deanna on

Great ideas, Tina! I think I’ll give Hello Fresh to my daughter who is expecting a baby on Christmas Eve. I usually have the adult kids go online and pick things they want and I choose from their online shopping carts, so they know they’re getting something they want, but don’t know what it is until Christmas Day.

Diane Grandinetti on

Love the list!! Have 2 sons, one in college and one just graduated. Totally relate to you! Thank you for giving me a smile today.

Donna Scully on

Love your gift ideas! Wouldn’t it be hilarious…………if you wrapped, just one, in Sunday comic papers! hidden under the tree skirt in the back. Now that would be the biggest surprise of all………..Mom breaking out of her blue and white comfort zone!

Maria on

Older son is 29 and has been living with his girlfriend for five years. Younger son is 26 and got married last year. We’re getting them estate planning for Christmas. Wills, trusts, POAs, healthcare POAs, whatever instruments they’d need to make a crisis or tragedy easier to handle the way they would want. Hard to wrap, but we thought of getting a gigantic cardboard cutout of our attorney for each of them. 🙂

And LOL Donna Scully about the Sunday comics as Tina’s wrapping paper!

Elaine on

My son has been receiving Hello Fresh for some time and just loves it. He is constantly telling me how great it is and the fact that he has lost eleven pounds since starting it. It really forces you to eat healthy.

Kristin on

These are great ideas! I like the meal subscription idea a lot – I have a son in college and that would make a great gift once he gets his first apartment.

Please do a parent gift idea list! My parents have everything they need! I usually split a nice restaurant gift card with my brother, but I could use some ideas!

Corinne on

Hello Fresh is a great idea for my adult children! Thank you for that! I’m going to do it.

Mary Alice Taylor on

Great holiday gift ideas . I sl

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