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Good Sunday morning to you!  The winner of the porcelain giveaway will be announced on Tuesday since the sale ends today. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Here it’s cold but no snow, so I am not going to complain:) The snow we got on Thursday was a doozy. Husband had a SEVEN HOUR COMMUTE home and it took my son almost FIVE hours to drive from Long Island to NYC (23 miles)!! It was total madness and hopefully not a sign of what is to come this winter!

Today headed into the city with my warmest winter coat and hitting a much anticipated Broadway show, American Son with Kerry Washington. Really looking forward to seeing it. Last show I saw was Dear Evan Hansen and it was unbelievable.

Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend. Can’t believe this week is Thanksgiving! I will be busy tomorrow preparing and getting things ready, I am sure with the rest of the world. Onward with my Seven on Sunday…….



1 A ROLLING PIN I NEED. I am admittedly so not a baker, first because that kind of access to decadent treats  would do me in and secondly we are lucky to have many wonderful bakeries within a few miles so when I do need dessert, its a hop and skip away however there really is something incredibly nostalgic about baking cookies over the holidays, don’t you think? When I saw this genius rolling pin, I knew I had to share it with you.

I actually ordered one for someone on my list who loves to bake and am patting myself on the back for finding this most unique gift, one of the few baking items I am quite sure she does not have it. Is this not the coolest thing!! Click here to find our more.

2. ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY. I have been a few times to Arlington National Cemetery and actually love DC (much to my sons dismay when he was in college there, I came up with all kinds of excuses to visit him:).  I am sure many of you  have been as well and there is no question it is what we would all agree to be “sacred ground” and a place to show respect to all the brave who have served our country.

The tomb of the unknown is especially meaningful but only until recently when I caught a part of a mini documentary on it did I fully understand exactly what happens there.

If our world could stand in one place at one time to come together this is one place that I think could unify us.  A place where politics and differences are put aside and humanity stands alone. The facts on this short video are truly amazing and awe inspiring, gives me a whole new understanding and respect for the job this men and women do.

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty to share with you via Instagram. Loving these especially with the magic of the holidays starting to show its way into so many peoples beautiful instagrams!

4. HOLIDAY FLORALS Very excited for our new holiday florals. These are super elegant and a sure way to bring beautiful holiday happiness into your home. . Have a favorite? Best part is today and tomorrow they are all 20% off!! Use code “holiday”. Click here to see all holiday florals.

This is a gorgeous no fuss way to add beautiful holiday cheer to your home that will always look perfectly fresh and ” in bloom”! Click here to see all holiday florals.

5. GET YOUR TICKET TO PROVENCE READY! This recently completed incredible home in my beloved Provence will sweep you off your feet and make you wish you were there right this very minute. I am love with every detail of this most amazing home in Provence……so beautifully done. Click here to read the entire article from Veranda Magazine.

6. THIS CHRISTMAS VIDEO MAKES ME SO HAPPY. This video is the stuff Christmas dreams are made of and to me, exactly what Christmas should look like I found this video and was in an instant,  put into the holiday spirit!

Nothing like a New England Christmas. From Boston to Maine to Vermont,  this is incredibly well done and just so beautiful. I could (and will) watch it over and over. Makes me want to go back in time, when life churned at a slower pace and people said hello to each other, etc…… so worth sharing because it just makes you feel good:)

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Imagine this, I was at the post office the other day and it was me and 3 other people in line. Suddenly this very LOUD lady waltzes in and lets it be known to the entire post office she has arrived. She was on her phone and was having a very “lively” conversation. We all tuned to stare, it was that loud. I was sure that the minute she got in line she would hang up but nooooo she kept right on talking so loud it was actually offensive. Laughing and carrying on about some nonsense, blah, blah blah.

The woman in front of her turns around and gives her a stare that could melt icebergs but did that stop her? Nope! She just kept going on and was oblivious to all around her. I could tell the person in front of her was just about to say something but then got called.  I normally don’t get that offended about things like that but even I was really getting annoyed, I was a second away from saying something but thankfully it was my turn. It was just so rude and inconsiderate to all around her.  How would you handle?


That’s a wrap for today. Anything here get your interest? Hope you enjoyed the post and hope you have a wonderful Sunday and end to your week. Is anyone else out there feeling like they cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week!  Oh boy, lots of work to do! Thanks for stopping in, until next time…….

PS Starting Monday afternoon, our amazing sample sale is beginning! You don’t want to miss this, click here to visit the sale!


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Joan on

Every 8th grader who is their ‘mandatory’ trip to DC should have to attend a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery – just maybe it will help them appreciate the sacrifices that are being made for them every day. Or perhaps a better way for these kids to spend their time might be to spend a morning helping to lay wreaths at Arlington in partnership with Wreaths Across America. Our family volunteered to do this one December when my hubby was working in DC, it’s a really great organization and has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning.

cheryl on

Thank you for sharing the Christmas video. It was magical!

Cindy on

One of your best Sunday posts ever! Love the rolling pin, what a neat idea, my sister in law bakes as a hobby and that will be a great holiday something to bring her, thanks for sharing that.

That Christmas video was incredible. I wish I could jump in and experience a New England Christmas. Here in Florida its all sunshine and warmth (not a bad thing)! The home in Provence is so beautiful and Tina thank you for the video on Arlington National Cemetery, it is a national treasure and everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime.

Jacqueline on

Thank you for this lovely post! I love all things Christmas and this puts one right in the mood (I especially think those pine cone trees are beautiful).

I have been to Arlington several times and feel it is such an “important” place. Every American should experience it. I look forward to taking my 8 year old sons there in the near future.

kh on

My experience has been that, in EVERY post office, there is a sign that says “no cell phone use.” In our world today, rules are not enforced, and many laws are not enforced for fear of unjustified reprisal and name-calling. We have created this environment, and now we live it every day. Nonetheless, I commend you and the other patrons in line for ignoring her egregious behavior. Some people simply – and always – serve as bad examples. I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Leslie on

I love the cookie rolling pins and have collected a lot of them…the tricky part is making sure the dough is cold enough and doesn’t stick in the grooves. Learned the hard way and a good buttery recipe does just the trick so that the cookie browns enough to see the design well.

Peggy on

I so enjoyed this blog, Tina. That YouTube video really does get you in the mood for Christmas, snow, and warm fires. What beautiful scenes of snow and Christmas decorations. Speaking of decorations, your holiday florals are amazing. I especially like the artichoke/magnolia arrangement. It is so different from the typical Christmas arrangements.
The home in Provence and its grounds are so stately. The home is inpeccably furnished and looks so cozy and inviting. I would love to walk the grounds and home and just take everything in.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Judy on

Your post today and the Christmas video put me in the Christmas spirit. One of your best! Love the rolling pin.

Teresa Hatfield on

Loved the video, and Imam going to get this rolling pin!
Happy Sunday!

Celia Becker @ on

Good morning Tina and happy holidays! Thanks for all the holiday cheer, which has really helped to get me in the spirit! By the way, my son went to college in DC as well, and that’s when I too fell in love with our nation’s capital. When he left for college I knew he’d never return and sure enough, he graduated, started a company there and now lives in Georgetown. The good news is I get to visit my favorite city often.

Perfect offering on

A response to the loud woman on the phone in the post office. I encountered a woman in the grocery store, whose cell phone voice could be heard from the cucumbers to toilet tissue display; I walked up to her, and put my finger to my lips and shushed her. Suddenly, her voice dropped!

Jo Shafer on

Oh, my goodness! This particular “Seven on Sunday” post beats out all your others. I’m saving it to relish again later today. Thank you, Tina. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Yolanda on

Thanks for sharing the video, sets the mood for the holidays!

Nancy on

What a great Sunday post with such moving videos too.
Totally agree with your take on the loud cell phone lady- my pet peave are those who carry on loud personal phone chats at nail salons! I want to relax and not listen to their drama. Phone etiquette please!

Fran W. on

Great post! Love the Provence home! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Karen on

I loved your blog! You have such an incredible eye for beauty and special things to share (Arlington and the Christmas video). I am traveling but cannot wait to return home to start the Christmas decorating (even though it is a difficult time for us in california, I think Christmas cheer will help). Thank you!

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

Sooo much to be THANKFUL here…….reminders of how BEAUTIFUL Iife can be…….HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

wendy on

I think I would turn around and exit the post office! I would be that annoyed.

Ann Marie on

I live in NH. Tina: you said: “life churned at a slower pace, people said hello to each other, etc…” referring to the past.
Well, let me tell you.. It still is that way up here.. People do say hello or good morning, even if they don’t know each other. It is a slower pace, the towns are more friendly, people go out of their way to help each other out. I had a 10 minute conversation with a person I didn’t know in grocery store the other day. It was great.
I grew up in NJ, on the Palisades outside Manhattan.. I can never go home again; it’s changed so much.
I love New England.. It’s a different lifestyle. The people are not like those of other areas of the country. Of course we have those who decide to come up here supposedly for the lifestyle then try to change it to where they lived earlier. It doesn’t go over well, believe me. If you want to live up here, you have to want to LIVE up here..
Thanks for the good mention about New England.

Dianne D on

Thank you so much for the
New England Christmas video….
What a treat ….the neighborhood looked like a set from
Mary Poppins 🎄🎄

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