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Hi dear friends from all around the world and Happy Thanksgiving! We are doing things a bit differently this year and celebrating Thanksgiving coastal style in PB. I may not have all my beautiful accouterments to set the kind of table that I usually set but it will suffice and most important thing is that we will all be together! I actually winged this one very last minute including looking desperately for any flowers I could find the afternoon before Thanksgiving, nothing like working under pressure!

As we gather with our loved ones to celebrate this day of thanks, I have a special thank you to make and that is to you! So thank you to my friends from all corners of the earth, loyal readers and customers, my amazing blog friends, all of whom I would never have had the pleasure to meet without my blog, The Enchanted Home.

I want to say a special thank you to all of our service men and women and police officers who are keeping us safe today. The sacrifices they make are awe inspiring. They do not see their families for long periods of time, live in tight quarters, risk their lives on an hourly basis and to me deserve our utmost praise.Without them we would not get to enjoy the freedom and liberties that we do…..I feel they do not get the credit and praise they so deserve. So a huge thank you to every one of them on this day of thanks.

I am aware that with the recent fires in California,  many have lost loved ones or are displaced this Thanksgiving.  I say a special prayer for all who have been affected and of course include the heroism of the hundreds of fire fighters, the job they do is remarkable. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers and are honored to are able to donate a proceed of all my sales this week to the  CCF Wildfire Relief Fund. Click here to find out more about them.

It is quite remarkable how my blog has brought me the good fortune of bringing so many people together. I am so grateful for your friendship, support, kindness and for the joy you bring me literally on a daily basis… about a labor of love. I love what I do thanks to you, and really enjoy at least virtually getting to know so many of you.

I will really cherish this day of rest, great food and movie watching as we gear up for the busy holiday season knocking on our door. We are a small group this year, 9 and I am really look forward to a day of relaxation, togetherness, and great food! Here is my coastal/last minute version of a low country/coastal Thanksgiving table.



Brought all these mini blue and white vases I have had for some time to this house, they work much better here

My pierced chargers work well with the trellis simple white china, did not have an iron so just had to accept the wrinkles…small problem to have!

Love these pretty more transitional looking hurricanes

Filled the vases with Lillies, roses, tulips and any other flower I could find that would work!

Monogrammed linens always add such an elegant touch to any table

All done!


I had fun doing things differently this year, it’s a whole different vibe but I love that I feel so relaxed here and take on an “anything goes” frame of mind.It feels so good! We might just be starting a Thanksgiving tradition:) Wishing you a wonderful and mostly relaxing day, with the our frenetic pace of life these days, this is a day of rest I know we all need and deserve:) From my house to yours….Happy Thanksgiving!


PS Our offices will be closed Thursday, Nov 22nd and Friday, Nov 23rd but we will have a Black Friday sale so be ready! Seven on Sunday will post as usual….

Gone but never forgotten

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Ellie on

I like the more casual look of your table- white, neutrals are my favorites. One thought though- looks like a new tablecloth, so maybe iron out the folds and creases- for next time anyway. Enjoy your holiday.

Carol on

One word- gorgeous! I love your table and what a beautiful spot to celebrate Thanksgiving in. Enjoy the day Tina, and yes you are right we all need this day to just eat, laugh and kick back. I am so looking forward to it! HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Sophia on

Happy Thanksgiving, I want to say thank YOU for your blog, it is a gift that makes many peoples day just a little brighter, myself included.
Your table is just beautiful!

Karen Markovich on

Happy Thanksgiving To you Tina and your family!!

Thank you for bringing us such beautiful items for our homes and businesses during this past year.

Fran w. on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Fran W. on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Enjoy your beautiful PB home!!!

Mary Willis on

Happy Thanksgiving Tina to you & your family! Thank you for all your blog design inspiration & your fabulous Enchanted Home Shop!


Love the table, all my favorite colors, nicely done Tina. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Katherine on

Such a refreshing Thanksgiving table….just beautiful….enjoy each moment….I’m enjoying and am thankful for your fine taste and all the blue and white porcelain in my house…thanks to you!

Linda Rubin on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. What a great place to celebrate thankfulness. Your PB home is lovely and your table looks perfect.

Donna DeMarino on

Happy Thanksgiving Tina. Have a wonderful day with your family and friends. The table looks beautiful. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Charlene on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. So blessed to be celebrating this day with family.
Love the mini blue and white vases.

Ann Marie on

A beautifully set table! But what’s more important is the family members who surround it… Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family… And I thank YOU for your creativity, sharing your home, and bringing so much to the blog ‘table’.

Marguerite on

Happy Thanksgiving! I say the relaxed version in a beautiful relaxing place is a very inviting tradition to begin. BTW, i always put my cloths in my washer on the “STEAM” setting and poof ! no more ironing! (It’s an LG, but most new front loaders have a steam setting either in their washer or dryer).

pBradyb on

One comment suggested you “iron your tablecloth”. I have to say I am proud of you for relaxing and NOT ironing! Truly laid back which is probably not in your “wheelhouse” (nor mine) & obviously I noticed too so…….you can toss a new table cloth into the dryer with a clean WET towel and often the wrinkles will diminish. EVEN BETTER- after you rest up and enjoy the holiday, PLEASE use your network to find us all a source of basic tablecloths that don’t crease! They are out there as I have some navy blue ones that I found years ago for tailgating.

Sandy R. on

Beautiful table, beautiful sentiments for everyone. Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you and all of the wonderful inspiration you give us all year long!

Sandy W on

Looks beautiful. I love the white dishes. What kind are they? Have a wonderful holiday with your family in your new southern home.

Eve on

Wishing you and yours a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving.
Thank you to all the men & women who serve and protect. God Bless all of you!

Amalia V. Azanza on

Happy Thanksgiving!

T. on

Tina, I may love this post more than any of your perfect table posts!!! Sooo love seeing your tablecloth with “have no iron” comment and the lower key, yet still lovely, holiday table. Kudos for showing your human side. We too, are just finishing our project by the sea in southwestern Florida and have a more low key approach to the holiday this year. It’s very freeing and I’ll bet your family is enjoying the relaxed vibe as much as mine is. Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to many more posts from EH!

Deanna on

Happy Thanksgiving Tina! Your table looks great and yes, the most important thing is the people who are gathered around your gorgeous table. Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. Enjoy…

Judy Walters on

I am thankful for the cheer you bring into my life and for sharing so much of your life with me.
Loving the PB Thanksgiving table and the hurricane candles are so fitting for being on the coast, and made me relax to realize it doesn’t have to be perfect (like not having an iron for that new tablecloth) to be beautiful, inviting, and definitely memorable! Happy Day to you and yours.

anitapelayorivera on

Dearest Tina, HELLO! Happy Thanksgiving in your beautiful waterfront home! Many wishes to you and yours for a lovely celebration and many more memories ahead of you. LOVE! Anita

Peggy on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Mary on

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Ruth drummond on

I’ve noticed in some “high-end” blogs (Vicki Archer and Sharon Santoni) which I would include yours with, that they don’t iron their beautiful French linens. For the table or bed coverings. I say amen to that👏🏻👏🏻

Randie Miller on

Beautiful understated table that would work anytime.

Donna Scully on

Tina…… have nailed it with this Thanksgiving PB table arrangement……….
I like your take on transitional chic styling…………..amazing how relaxed and enjoyable it feels.
God bless.

Elizabeth on

Enjoy and a very happy Thanksgiving to you Tina! So thankful to have met you through our blogs.

Nancy Brantley on

Perfection! Thankful to have a home to be in, a table to eat from with family……and food to eat! Thank you GOD! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Sally on

Dearest Tina

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day.
I have been with you for many years now, originally through our shared love of blue and white, flowers, taste and style .. I am following along with my heart full of pride, admiration and love for everything you do and all you have shared with me. It truly means so much.

You are a true inspiration my dear friend, and a kind and beautiful person.
I am sending my thanks to you….across the miles from England
and my fond love as always
Sally xx

Charlene on

Your table is beautiful and I especially like your Thanksgiving thoughts toward rest, as it should be.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours🙏

Maureen on

What a beautiful table. I love the light and airy look with the beautiful composition of flowers, what a nice idea to use all those mind bud vases! I may need to do the same for my Christmas table with reds and whites. I love all your ideas and no matter what style, you always nail it. Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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